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  1. Physics

    please check my answers, they are Capitalized 1. the SI base unite used to measure mass is the a. meter b. second. C. kilogram d. liter 2. how does a scientist reudce the frequency of human error and minimize a lack of accuracy? a. take repeated
  2. English

    I was given an excerpt from Gilgamesh to read and then this question on my open book test I was hoping you could check for me. The relationship between Gilgamesh and Enkidu can best be described as: a. father and son who can't communicate with each other.

    I think its B only Which statements are true about the agricultural revolution? Choose all answers that are correct. A. It occurred at different times in different places over many years. B. It changed people's lives because they now had nearly complete
  4. Grammar

    Can you please check these? Thanks. Vowel Pairs: freezing rain sleet beat gray streets blue play Kay raisin feel easy Vowel Digraphs: looked said caught headline said school because heavy weather good sleigh said could neighbor bread instead
  5. dog behavior

    please check my answer thanks In Pavlov's experiment with the bell and the food, what is the dependent variable A. Pairing the food and the bell B. giving the food C. ringing of the bell D. salivation I picked B
  6. English

    Thank you very, very much for your corrections. Here are the last sentences for you to check. 1) What does Portia take from Antonio? 2) What does Graziano try to convince Nerissa of? He tries to convince Nerissa that he gave the ring to a clerk. 3) What
  7. Grammar

    I want to give my Algebra teacher a letter to show how much her effort on helping me learn made me appreciate her and I just want to know if this sounds okay. Dear (my teacher's name), I just wanted to take some time to express how much I enjoyed being in
  8. U.S History (Please Check)

    Which factor contributed most to the increased importance of literature in American culture during the 19th century? The success of major social-reform movements***** The spread of utopian communities throughout the nation The migration of European
  9. Foreign languages

    Writeacher, can you please check these sentences? 1) Joyce's Dubliners focus (or focuses/focusses??) on two recurrent themes:... 2) The epiphany is caused by a trivial gesture, an external event, or a bad situation, (is the comma necessary?) which leads
  10. Technology

    Correct me if I'm wrong!! Ken Has Dipped Many Dark Chocolate Marshmallows (which helps you remember the metric system distance units in decreasing order: Kilometer, Hectometer, Decameter, Meter, Decimeter, Centimeter, Millimeter) is an example of which
  11. English

    I left out the questionnaire I really need you to check. I have to refer to what happens in America. 1)You can get a part-time job when you are..You can ride a 50cc moped when you are......You can't leave school until you are......You must be join
  12. cultural diversity

    1. Asian emphasis on the value of filial piety may be noted in: A. A family's reluctance to disagree with an early childhood professional. B. Encouragement of interaction between adults and children. C. Strict adherence to Buddhist teachings. D. A mother's
  13. U.S.History

    please check Quakers believed that a. the King of England was a God b. non-Christian should be killed c. all people were equal d. the Church should be purified C Johnson freely gave a. money to wealthy planters b. white-owned land to African Americans c.

    The slash (/) line represents that the number is a fraction. divide: sqrt45 / sqrt81 = simplify: 7sqrt3 / sqrt5 = Multiply: sqrt7/sqrt8 X sqrt24/sqrt49 = Thanks for the advice regarding how to show square root symbol. Also thank for taking the time to help
  15. algebra can somecheck my answers

    please check my answer thank you Write the phrase “the quotient of 3 more than a number, and 3 less than that same number. “ (x+3/(x-3) . It is estimated that the Earth is losing 4000 species of plants and animals every year. If S represents the number
  16. English

    How does business writing differ from academic writing? What qualities make any form of written communication effective? Check out this site. There are several types of writing: Personal and fictional

    My questions are: why are variables useful in algebra? Also, what makes the use of variables difficult to understand? Variables are things that change or vary. Depending on which variables concern you, you might want to be able to predict just how they
  18. Algebra II

    Hello. I'm in Algebra II and I'm having trouble with this "math project." The idea was to make a piece of "art" and you have to write the equation for each line. I made a rocket because it looked like something and has all the functions we had to use. The
  19. Pre Calculas

    True or false (logx)^2=2logx True or false in56/in7=in8 i got true for the first one and false on the second im sorry for posting today but i just need someone to check
  20. Literature

    12. When does the Narrative of Sojourner Truth take place? A. Before the Civil War* B. Right after the Emancipation Proclamation C. After the Civil War D. During the Civil War I think I got the answer - can you double check for me? Thanks!
  21. DR BOB help plz ?

    Methyl violet is an indicator that changes color over a range from PH = 0 to PH= 1.6. What is K(a) of methyl violet? ----------------------------------- i tried 10^-0.8 = 0.16 but thts not right .. can u plz chk ... Feedback Very close. Check the rounding
  22. math(urgent)

    $1000 was invested for two years at 10% simple interest .calculate the effective rate was earned. pls check my solve (1+0.1/2)^2-1 = 0.1025 but the true answer is 9.54% pls help me to get the formula of effective rate
  23. Business Finance

    I came up with 4.80 per share for the question. A mutual fund has total assets of $57,000,000 and liablities of $8,550,000. If $15,960,000 shares outstanding, what is the net asset value of the fund? Please check my answer.
  24. geography

    Can you check these for me? 1. What is the name of the country completely surrounded by South Africa? My answer is Lesotho. 2. Which state capital is farther north, Utah's or Illinois? How do you know? My answer is Illinois's, because it is above the 40
  25. English

    1. My class are very humorous. 2. My class is composed of 26 students. 3. My team are eating lunch together. 4. My team is about to leave for Chicago. 5. The crowd are walking fast on the sidewalk. 6. The crowd seems to be angry lions.
  26. pre calculous

    solve each equation algebraically and check it by substituing into the orignall equation. 50e^0.035x=200 3LN(x-3)+4=5 Method of your choice by solving. logx^2=6 Logx^4=2 2x-2^-x/2=4 e^x+e^-x/2=4 500/1+25e^.3x=200
  27. Please check my maths answer?

    This is the question: The straight line y=2p+1 intersects the curve y= x+ (p^2/x) at two distinct points. Find the range of values of p. this is what i did: 2p +1 = x + p^2/x simplify.... x^2 + (2p+1)x + p^2 = 0 b^2-4ac > 0 (-2p-1)^2 - 4(p^2) > 0
  28. Please check my answers

    Patient motion may create artifact that looks like an atrial arrhythmia? True or False. True The ECG tracing represents a 3 dimensional view of the heart's electric activity? True or False. True
  29. business math- check my answers please

    A share of perpetual preferred stock pays an annual dividend of $6 per share. If the investors require a 12% rate of return, what should be the price of this preferred stock? a. $57.25, b. $50.00, c. $62.38, $46.75, e. $41.64. I chose b. $50 because $50 x
  30. math check

    A sample of 30 of 178 funded projects revealed that 12 were valued at $17,360 each and 18 were valued at $20,280 each. From the sample data, estimate the total value of the funding for all the projects. (Enter your answers to two decimal places.) $ 35.60
  31. Chemistry (check formula please)

    how much energy (in kJ) is required to change the temp of 1.00 kg of Fe from 25.0 degrees celsius to 1515 degrees celsius? the specific heat capacity of iron is 0.449 J/g*K. this is the answer i got. q=(.449)(1.00)(1490)= 669.01 kJ
  32. Chemistry

    A silicon chip is used in an integrated circuit of a microcomputer has a mass of 5.68 mg. How many Si Atoms are present in this chip. Okay here is how I worked it. Can someone please tell me if its right? 1 mole of Si = 28.086g = 6.022 x 10^23 5.68mg of Si
  33. math 012 double check me please

    9x+3(x-4)=10(x-5)+7 9x+3x-12=10x-50+7 12x-12=10x-43 subtract -12 from both sides and that leaves -12=-2x-43 add 43 to both sides and that leaves 31=2x then the answer is x=31/2 (a fraction) im so confused and its even harder trying to type it out and not
  34. government

    Name and explain 3 problems of the Articles of Confederation. How can I answer that question? You'll need to check your textbook to find the parts of the Articles of Confederation that were not included in the Constitution. Look for things like states'
  35. math

    Wondering the answers to these: Find the value of each of the following. Leave your answers as fractions where appropriate. [I did these myself but need to answer-check] a) log[base4](1/8) b) 10^(-10log3) c) 2log[base3](9) d) log[base3](3)^(2x) ans: a)
  36. Calculus (check my answer)

    The measurement of the edge of a cube is found to be 15 inches, with a possible error of 0.03 inch. Use differentials to approximate the maximum possible propagated error in computing the surface area of the cube. I got 5.4 inches squared. Is this right?
  37. Math

    I need someone to check my answer, can someone please help me? Here is the problem: Business and finance. In a bottling company, a machine can fill a 2-liter (L)bottle in 0.5 second (s) and move the next bottle into place in 0.1 s. How many2-L bottles can
  38. Econ check my work

    Consider the following data: 23 17 20 29 21 14 19 24 Develop and test a hypothesis to determine if the variance is greater than 4. Use the critical value approach and α = 0.05. So I did my work and the variance I calculated is 18.3593 which is greater
  39. MATH

    A salesperson makes a flat fee of $20 per day plus $8per hour. Which equation or inequality can be used to find h, the number of hours the salesperson will have to work to make more than $60 for a day's work? F. 20h + 8 = 80 G. 8h + 20 < 60 H. 8h + 20 =
  40. geography

    Can you check my answers please? 1. Which country has the largest land area in the world? The U.S.A. 2. Which ocean is larger, the Arctic or the Indian? The Indian Ocean 3. Beijing is to China as Washington D.C. is to the Inited States. We had to fill in
  41. chemistry problem

    A carbon nucleus has six protons and six neutrons. How many electrons would it take to equal the mass of a carbon nucleus? ok. i think theres some type of formula or some trick to figure this one out but i don't know what it is. If you guys know how to
  42. Math

    Check answer PLEASE!! Kevin wants to calculate the value of the expression below. -17 + 3 Which shows an equivalent way kevin could write this expression? (A.) -(17 + 3) B. -(17 - 3) C. (-3 + 17) D. (-3 - 17) Please help as soon as possible!! I have no one
  43. math

    Generalize this to fine a formula for the integral: sin(ax)cos(bx)dx Could someone tell me what they got for an answer so I can check it to see if my answer is right. My answer: -1/2sinasinbx^2-1/3acosaxcosbx^3+ integral 1/3 a^2cosbx^3sinax..I'm not sure
  44. homework

    Airline work: Topic: Philippines 1. Does Philippine Airlines check your ticket before take off or when your in the sky? (there is a posiblitiy that they could do both or none at all) 2.Did Philippine Airlines change there seat and improve there seats to
  45. Medicare Part B

    Please check my answer True or False Medicare part B involves supplemental medical insurance I said True
  46. Science check

    Water in the upper zones of the ocean will have more oxygen than water in deeper zones. true or false i think true.
  47. math simultaneous equation with surds

    ive got quite far but im stuck, can you go through each stage so i can check. simultaneous equation with surds 5x-3y=41 (7root2)x+(4root2)y=82 thanks for the help
  48. English

    1. You can link the website address on your website. 2. I will paste the link on the messanger, and will send you the address. (Are the sentences above grammatical? Would you check them? Thank you.)
  49. Math - Answer Check

    Prove that circle A with center (–1, 1) and radius 1 is similar to circle B with center (–3, 2) and radius 2. From A to B: (x - 2, y + 1), scale factor 2?
  50. Improving Vocabulary Skills

    Can you help me with the ten words to fill in each blank on Improving Vocabulary Skills Chapter 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 for the Final Check 2?
  51. Spanish-Please check my answers

    ¿Cuenta en español? Si, yo cuento en español. ¿Puedes contar en francés? No, no puedo contar en francés.
  52. Math 7 - HW Question Check (Q2)

    12. Which number is an irrational number? a) square root 2 b) - 4/3 c) 1.8 (there is a line above 8) d) - square root 8 Answer- D Am I correct ?
  53. L.A. Check answer

    Identify the direct object in the following sentence. Aunt Donna made a sandwich for you. a. Donna b. made c. Sandwich d. You***
  54. question repost damon

    Since some tutors don't check back, i want to repost this to damon: what percent more than 1/3 is 3/5? It said 3/5 was wrong, and I tried but i don't know what happend
  55. Econ check my work

    Is there any way or formula to find SSE with using SSR and SST? because i only have data for my ssr and sst and I need to know my sse or mse?
  56. alg2 check?

    solve 3(8x-2)=46-2(12x+1) 24x-6=46-24x+2 24x-6=48-24x 48x-6=48 48x=42 x=42/48 or 7/8 what where the two mistakes made in the problem? I said the 46 going to 48 and subtracting the 6 from 48?
  57. Chemistry(Please check)

    1)For an atom of carbon how many valence electrons are "s" electrons? 2 2) How many are "p" electrons? 4 3)How many (total) electrons in carbon are paired? 2 4) How many are unpaired? 1 Are these correct.
  58. English

    Please check my answer There was one student still taking the exam when the bell rang. Student is the subject and exam is the simple subject.
  59. science

    How many mililiters are in 3.5 KL. There are a thousand ml per liter, and a thousand liters per Kilo liter. 3.5*1000*1000 ml in 3.5 KL check my thinking. 30500
  60. bio check

    in human (2n=46) mitosis result 2 cell with 23 chromoses and meosis result in (n=23) 4 cell with 46 chromoses... is this statment true ? please help me ....
  61. Economics (attempted as suggested by economyst)

    Posted by eStone on Sunday, March 29, 2009 at 5:47pm. Suppose that a firm is currently employing 30 workers, the only variable input, at a wage rate of $60. The average product of labor is 30, the last worker added 12 units to total output, and total fixed
  62. How dogs learn

    please check my answer thanks The laws of learning are important because they A. combine learning theory with other sciences B.make learning more interesting to study C. help scientists predict and control behavior D give mathemathical certainty to
  63. about jiskha/ math

    I had a dumb question awhile ago I had submitted a question ( Ted bought four lawn chairs for $ 22 each a pinic table for $ 212 and an umbrella for $85) etc anyways I had wanted someone to check my answer which they did , however I lost my paper Is there
  64. English

    Ms Sue, can you please check these two sentences, I need to include in an email? Thank you. 1) Sorry, for disturbing you. We have received email (emails) from four of your students, namely ..... 2) Could you please let me have your list of students before
  65. health

    thank ya!! i have to write an essay about depression...... help?!?!?!?! Read up on the first and second linked topics here. One or both will be what you're looking for. At the bottom of each webpage there will be
  66. movement and music

    A lesson plan consisting of ______themes might focus on body-part identification, one element of movement, one lcocmotor skill, and one non-locomotor skill. A)classroom B)unit C) weekly D) multiple movement Just to check to make sure my answer is right. I
  67. CHECK my answer in American government

    ** by my answer 4. In which way does a dictatorship differ from a democracy? (1 point) In a dictatorship, the power is held by one person and political party. Leaders in a dictatorship are always democratically elected. Dictatorships have short-term limits
  68. English

    Question 1- Neither the fracture nor the lacerations __________ surgery. A) require B) requires Question 2- The nurse asked the patient and _________ to leave the room. A) I B) me C) myself Question 3- Sam could not remember __________ medications he has
  69. Applied Dog Behavior

    Please check my answer thanks 6. An owner who doles out rewards and punishments at random is likely to create a A. happy working dog. B. dog who pays close attention. C. state of learned helplessness. D. state of aggression. I picked C
  70. Calculus Help and Check

    The marginal cost of manufacturing x yards of a certain fabric is C'(x) = 3 − 0.01x + 0.000012x2 (in dollars per yard). Find the increase in cost if the production level is raised from 2000 yards to 4000 yards. $186,000
  71. physics (mechanics)

    find the constant force necessary to accelerate a car of mass 1000kg from 15m/s to 20m/s in 10s against resistance of 270N ? pls show work (answer is 770N just in case to check) ive been asking this question 4 times still no one answer . someone pls do .
  72. Calculus II

    Hello! I have a problem on volumes but I am having trouble visualizing the object. y=ln(x), y=1, y=2, x=0, about the y-axis For the graph, I graphed y=ln(x), then I have from 1 to 2. Is this one with a washer where I have integral fom 1 to 2 of pi*ln(x)^2
  73. social studies

    I need help on this problem: Cash crops raised on Southern plantations included _____________, rice and indigo. Please check: Eliza Pinckey is known for developing a type of [indigo] for dyeing cloth. The [Southern] English Colonies were located along the
  74. law

    Revise and edit the following run-on sentence: Data in computerized form is discoverable, even if paper "hard copies" of the information have been produced, the producing party can be required to design a computer program to extract the data from its
  75. Womens History

    Royalist wives were generally treated _________ by the revolutionary soldiers. potential converts to the cause B.well C.with distant respect D.badly If you post your answer, we'll be glad to check it for you. im guessing "with distant respect" but
  76. science review

    since tomorrow is my test. Please check: seed coat- skin covering the seed to protect the inner parts Hilum- ? cotyledon- where nutritient is stored inside the seed embryo- part of a seed that grows into a plant. it include roots, leaves, and stem?
  77. English

    1. It is getting hotter. 2. He grew taller. 3. The leaves turned brown. 4. He fell asleep. 5. The bird came alive. 6. The man has gone blind. 7. You should stay healthy. 8. She remained unmarried all her life. 9. He became rich. 10. She appeared rich. 11.
  78. Math

    Could someone check over these for me? Thank you soooooooo much! 1.Maria earns $14/hr. Last week she worked 7 hour days for 4 days. What was her gross pay? $392 2.Arrange the given fractions from smallest to largest. 3/10,1/9,1/12 1/12,3/10,1/9 3.write the
  79. dog behavior

    Please check my answer thanks Which of the following conditions is an example of an intervening variable ? A painful stimulation applied just after the independent variable B. A loud noise causing a startle reponse C. Deperiving a subject of water 12 hours
  80. government

    the legislative branch can check the power of both the executive and judical branches by: A)passing writs of assistance for arrest of criminals B)declare executive and judical actions unconstitutional , C)giving itself a pay increase D) removal of judges
  81. SS CHECK

    2. What is the purpose of the separation of powers? A) to keep ordinary citizens involved in politics B) to prevent any branch from dominating the government C) to distribute work between state and federal levels of government D) to ensure that every

    If the sun is directly overhead at 12 noon at your location and GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is 10:00pm, what is your approximate longitude? Check this site to see what place is 10 hours behind London and the GMT. (Broken Link Removed) Then, you can use a map
  83. Social Studies

    Why did Thutmose III try to get rid of everything that had to do with Queen Hatshepsut? Because he envied her and hated her and stuff, and because he wanted to be the only ruler, not to rule aside Queen Hatshepsut. I looked it up in a book. You should too!
  84. Maths test

    A store gives a staff discount of one fifth. How much would a member of staff pay for: a) a camera with a retail price of £215? just do 215 divided by 1/5 (0.20) and you'll have the amount in "pounds" (i think that's what that sign stands for)....if you
  85. Grammar

    Please check my answers, they have a (*) next to the ones I chose. Thanks! 1. I ran into a door [see the bump on my head]? Correct *Incorrect 2. Several children (that is, five) came down with chicken pox. Correct *Incorrect 3. Several students—twenty in
  86. MAth answer check

    One solution of kx^2 +6x-k=0 is -3. Find the other solution I have the answer as -1/3 is this right?
  87. precalculus

    hello there! i wanted to check my answer. is: 2(x-y) / (radical x- radical y) = 2 radical x + 2 radical y? thanks so much for your help!
  88. Math Check

    the angle with 60 degrees has a reference angle of 60 degrees?
  89. To: SraJMcGin stay online

    Please stay online I have another thing for u to check
  90. Calculus (check)

    Evaluate ç dx/sqrt9-8x-x^2 A.sin^-1 (x + 4/5) + C B.sin^-1 (x - 4/5) + C C.Ln Sqrt9-8x-x^2 + C D.Ln (-8 - 2x) + C B or C ?
  91. variable dependence

    what does it mean when a question asks you to check the dependence on the variable ?
  92. check my work

    Of the two fractions 15/21 and 19/17 which is smaller? I think 19/17 is smaller.Pleasecheckmy work
  93. Math-Median check answer

    Find the median of 5, 8, 8, 9, 15, 18, 18, 18 Is the answer 12 ?
  94. Math check

    The problem is solve x= sqrt10x-4-2 So it would be x=sqrt10x-6 right then how would I solve for x
  95. Math check

    Give (a) the opposite and (b) the absolute value. 28 (a)what is the opposite? -28 (b) what is the absolute value? 20
  96. Reverse Equations

    a four-component mixture was extracted. In the mixture was R-phenol, RCOOH, RNH2 and R-(C=O)-R in solution with ether and aqueous NaHCO3. RCOO-NA+ was separated out on the water layer. Aq. NaOH was added to the ether layer and R-benzene-O-Na+ was separated
  97. math urgent urgent urgent

    1)let f(x) be a polynomial function explian how to use the factor theorem to check if (x-c) is a factor of F(x) 2) use synthetic division to factor X^2-2x^2-9x+18 completly
  98. Math

    please check my answer thanks :) The sales tax is 7% The purchase including sales tax is $676.24 what was tha total amount of sales tax ? I got $47.34
  99. Math check

    write the decimal as a fraction or a mixed number in simplest form 5.705 5.705/1× 1000/1000 5 705/1000
  100. Chemistry: please check

    At which electrode does oxidation occur in a voltaic cell? anode only cathode only *both anode and cathode either anode or cathode, depending on the metal Thank You.