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  1. To Sam: Penn Foster answers

    Please do not post any more answers. Jiskha is not a repository for any exam answers. In addition, we have no idea what the questions are. If you want to post a couple of your exam questions along with your answers, we'll be glad to check them for you.
  2. biology

    if an alien entered your house what would you do to see if it was alive if it entered the house on its own I'd assume it was alive? tha alien was inside a spaceship. describe what you would do to see if it was alive. check for a pulse considering it has
  3. Bio-100

    I need someone to check my assignment to see if I have the correct answers. What are 10 Characteristics of Living Organisms? 1. Composed of one or more cells 2. May evolve into a new type of organism 3. Carries out and controls a variety of chemical
  4. English

    Can you check if these sentences are OK please? I forgot to include them before. 1) The first three questions are questions on the revision and must be answered by all those students with low marks. 2)The British Museum is such a fantastic place to visit.
  5. Physics

    Please check these answers[my letter choice is in CAPS]: 1. In the steps of the scientific method, what is the next step after formulating and objectively testing hypotheses? A. interpreting results b. stating conclusions c. conducting experiments d.
  6. English

    I don't exactly know if my answers are correct, but can you please check? 1.) Which of the following could you reveal? A.) your age B.) your date of birth C.) your thoughts D.) your plans for the future I think it's a,b,c, and d. 2.)which of the following
  7. Finance Math

    Rhonda Brennan found her first job after graduating from college through the classifieds of the Miami Herald. She was delighted when the offer came through at $22.00 per hour. She completed her W-4 stating that she is married with a child and claims an
  8. algebra

    Please check A number m decreases by 4 m-4 A number d divided by k,minus 6 D/k-6 A number b less 8 B-8 The sum of a number m and 10 M+10 18 divided by a number r 18/r 32 decreased by a number n 32-n A number k increased by itself K+k
  9. algebra

    can you check my answers please? What are the first three terms of the sequence: a1 = 3 and an = 2(an1)2? 2, 8, 18 3, 18, 648 --3, 32, 50 2, 6, 12, 24 What is the 14th term in the sequence: an = 4n + 13? -43 43 __> -69 69 What is the recursive rule for the
  10. Mathematics

    A lot which is 3 feet times as long as it is wide is enclosed by a walk 10 feet wide. The area of the lot is 1200 square feet more than that of the walk. Find the dimensions of the lot. PLZ help and give a check if possible!
  11. English

    Let's play the word game with slides. This is Team 1 and this is Team two. You should pick an item and I will click on the picture. Then you have to solve the problem. According to the score with the problem, you will get the point. I will give you a small
  12. English

    I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you. 1) I sort my rubbish into three separate containers at home. One is for paper; one is for plastic and one is for regular kitchen rubbish. 2) Then, I put my sorted rubbish (litter/trash) into the
  13. U.S. History

    What exactly were the colonists' reactions after the King issued the Proclamation of 1763? I know "shocked" and "feeling like they can't doing anything without England stepping in" are the obvious ones, but was there anything really specific? On the
  14. chemistry

    Write the balanced net ionic equation for each of the following: 1) The reaction of dilute nitric acid with solid aluminum oxide. 2) The reaction of nitrous acid (HNO2) with potassium permanganate to produce nitrate and Mn(II) ions. Thanks for any help.
  15. medical insurance forms

    please check my answer thanks When should you submit a cliam to a secondary insurance company ? A when a primary insurance company returns a cliam for correction B when the patient says it is ok C At the smae time you sumbit the claim to the primary
  16. Intermidiate Algebra

    Andrew factored the expression -12x^3-28x^2-3x as -4x (3x^2-7x+9). But when Melissa applied the distributive law and multiplied out -4x (3x^2-7x+9), she got -12x^3+28x^2-36x; thus, Andrew’s solution does not appear to check. Why is that? Please help
  17. English

    1. Make sure you go to bed early. 2. Make sure you play ping-pong with him. 3. Make sure you talk with the person. 4. Make sure you go back home early. 5. Make sure you call your mother. 6. Make sure you send the money to him. 7. Make sure you take a taxi.
  18. Physical Science

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 5. If the volume of a cylinder is reduced from 8.0 liters to 4.0 liters, the pressure of the gas in the cylinder will change from 70 kilopascals to (1 point) a) 35 kilopascals. b) 105 kilopascals. c) 140
  19. Language Arts (ASAP)

    3. In "All Together Now," Jordan uses appeals to emotion and appeals to reason to try to persuade her readers that her views are important. In a paragraph, cite one example of each kind of appeal in her work. Then, explain whether you find Jordan's appeals
  20. world history

    Why did the Reformation begin? The Reformation was the result of hundreds of years of conflict for power between European emperors and the Roman Catholic Pope. Add to that some corrupt Church officials and its inability to meet the needs of the common
  21. algebra

    solve for "x": 0.75(8x-24)-4x=-182 6x-18-4x=-182 2x=-182+18 2x=-200 x=-100 Check: 0.75(8x-24)-4x=-182 0.75(-800-24)-400=-182 0.75 (-824)-400=-182 -618-400=-182? What is wrong?
  22. Language Arts

    Circle the correct form of the pronoun. 7. Both John and Jim said (he, they) were not exercising regularly. Circle they 8. The jury was asked to return to (its, their) seats. Circle their 9. Please remind each student to bring (his or her, their) homework
  23. Physics

    A gps tracker at their base camp shows the location of the first team as 38 km away, 23° north of west, and the second team as 34 km away, 31° east of north. When the first team uses its gps to check the position of the second team, what does it give for
  24. Science

    Hi. Could you Please check my answers? I just want to make sure they are correct. Thanks for the help in advance :). True or false: All matter on Earth contains energy- true? True or false: the molecules in frozen water are in motion- true? True or false:
  25. Grammar and Composition

    please help me with this && check what i have: List 10 verbs for the word "said" that make it more specific. 1. supposed 2. whispered 3. told 4. spoke 5. believed 6. announced 7. claimed 8. conveyed 9. mentioned 10. told List 10 nouns for the word
  26. Spanish-8th grade

    I'm having a problem answering some questions we're learning about shopping and stuff like that so could someone check these please. 1. ¿Qué buscas cuando vas te compras? Busco variedad de cosas cuando voy me compro. 2. ¿Quien es la persona mas de moda
  27. math

    So I think I have got these down I just really want to double check the answers to these two word questions. Thanks How long will it take for $9500 to grow to $36,300 at an interest rate of 12.4% if the interest is compounded continuously? Round the number
  28. rounding to sig figs

    round the following to THREE significant figures: i tried some of them...please check to see if i did them right...thank you a) 356,309 a. Answer: 356,000 b) 0.05738949 a. Answer: 0.0574 c) 0.05999999 a. Answer: 0.0510 d) 583,689 a. Answer: 584,000 e)
  29. chemistry

    nitric acid is composed of HNO3 molecule.A sample of 4.50 g was obtained. calculate the number of oxygen atom in the sample. this is what i do .can u check if i am wrong or miss something answer : mole HNO3 = 4.50g/63 = 0.07 mol mole : no of particle/NA =
  30. Child Care

    Increasing numbers of communities are addressing the need for out-of-school care due to the relationship between A. teen pregnancy and inadequate care of infants. B. inadequate supervision of teens and teen pregnancy. C. working mothers and juvenile
  31. chem

    The molar concentrations for the reactants and products at equilibrium are found to be [HCl] = 0.80 M, [O2] = 0.20 M, [Cl2] = 3.0 M, and H2O = 3.0 M. What is the value of the equilibrium constant for this reaction? the complete reaction is
  32. computer science

    a bank charges $10 per month plus the following check fees for a commercial checking account: $.10 each for fewer than 20 checks $.08 each for 20-39 checks $.06 each for 40-59 checks &.04 each for 60 or more checks write a program that asks for the number
  33. chemistry

    Can you please check if I came up with the right answer for this please. A 4.30L container had 55.10 moles of N2O4 added to it. When equilibrium was established the concentration of N2O4 was found to be 1.69M.What is the Kc for the following reaction?
  34. Bio

    The binding of alanine to tRNAala is mediated by the enzyme...... a. aminoacyle-tRAN SYNTHSE b. amino-tRAN SYNTHSE c. aminoacyle-tRAN synhetase d. amino-tRAN syntase I think the right answer is c, but not sure. Please check
  35. Maths Algebra

    A steamer goes downstream and covers the distance between two ports in 4 hours while it covers the same distance upstream in 5 hours.If the speed of the stream is 2 km/h.Find the speed of steamer in still water.Check your solution.
  36. grammar(correct version

    Choose the correct version of the sentence. The bird naive but curios-flew straight towards the cat.(my choice) The bird-naive but curious-flew straight towards the cat. Can someone please check for me
  37. Math

    Write the algebraic expressions for the following. Please check and correct me if I'm wrong!! 1. 3 less than 5 times a number. Answer: 5x-3 2. 18 fewer than half a number. Answer: 1/2x-18 3. 3 more than the quotient of a number and 2. Answer: x/2+3 4. 4
  38. chemistry

    Boron, germanium, aluminum, silicon and antimony are all semimetals right? or am i wrong on this? i don't think aluminum. Antimony, aresenic, boron, germanium, selenium, silicon, tellurium. double check though.
  39. History

    Compose a brief essay between 400 and 600 words (not including your references list) in which you answer the following question, referring to and critiquing relevant ideas from at least three of the Week 2 readings as you develop your thoughts: QUESTION:
  40. american government

    The Framers' most significant modification of the traditional doctrine of the separation powers? A)include a two-chamber legislature. B)define legislative power precisely, while defining executive and judicial power only in general terms. C)ensure that the
  41. FRENCH!

    Can someone check if my sentences for my story are written correctly.. (punctuation, word placings. everything..) 1. Cette semaine, j'ai regarde deux films. (This week, I watched two films.) 2.) L'un des films s'appelle Insurgent. (One of the film is
  42. English

    Hi! 3. Choose the answer that best matches the word in quotation marks. John offered his wife a red rose as a sign of "appeasement" for their earlier disagreement. This means he wants (1 point) a) to demonstrate the disagreement is unresolved. b) to please
  43. math

    The two cereal boxes shown have corresponding edges in a ratio of 2:3.If the smaller box sells for $2.50 and the larger box for $4.00, which is the better buy? Why? What assumption(s) do you have to make when solving the problem? Estimate, then check. I
  44. chemistry

    thanks DrB I got AgCl also Could you check this problem as well? If you start with .500 moles of NaF, how many moles of CaF will form? I got .250 that is correct as far as i know i got the same thing That's correct. Your answer is right. I can only assume
  45. 6th grade math

    Can you check #18 and explain how to do #15 please? 15. Sue ordered 4 pizzas for 6 dollars each and 2 twelve packs of coke for x amount. Use the distributive property to create an equivalent expression. Ans: not sure-seems like they're not related.
  46. chemistry

    Select the appropriate electron domain arrangement for ICl3 If you are using electron pairs in your structure, they can be noted with (ep). > I choose trigonal-bipyramidal What is the atomic geometry of this molecule? > I think this only wants the atoms
  47. English

    Could you please check the following sentences for me? Thank you. 1) She delayed taking a shower. 2) She was caught cheating (by a teacher). 3) Sha saw him chatting up a girl. He was seen to chat up a girl. 4) An animal's reaction to a drug is different
  48. Science

    10. How can serveying reading material improve your comprehension? (1 point) > Knowing the main ideas ahead of time helps you know where to focus your attention**** > Reciting the answers to questions out loud will help you remember them > Reading your

    5. Regarding the Ottoman territories during the period immediately following World War I, which of the following statements is false? A. In 1919, Mustafa Kemal began organizing Turkish resistance. B. In 1921, Greek forces advanced almost to Ankara. C.
  50. Spanish

    I am working on the challenge of "if . . . then" statements, and after some work feel I am getting it. But when trying to put in objects with them I feel unsure. I am hoping someone can check these: Le presté a mi hermana dinero. Si no hubiera sabido sus
  51. Accounting

    Best Answer - Chosen by Asker PE ratios are on starting place -- how is the price of the stock compared to its earnings? Growth and profitability rates are also important, as fast growing highly profitable companies are worth a lot more than slow growing
  52. English

    this is a paragraph for a paper can someone please check the grammar? Only a small portion of the population in the United States are attending schools, and that small portion are people who really want to stand out and have a life full of joys and
  53. Chemistry

    I am pretty good at balancing oxidation reduction problems, but I can't do this one: HIO3 + FeI2 + HCL -> FeCl3 + ICl + HOH 5HIO3 + 4FeI2 + 25HCl -> 4FeCl3 + 13ICl + 15HOH I separated the three redox equations, added the two oxidation reactions together,
  54. Quick English help

    Please check each of my answers from these short stories in "The House On Mango Street". Please correct me if I'm wrong! "Our Good Day" 1. How does Cisneros use a simile on the first page of this vignette? A. To highlight the difference between cathys
  55. English

    1. After school, I go to an academy and learn 5 subjects. On the midterm exam in the second semester, I can get a better grade. 2. I go back home as soon as I can, and I watch educational programs on EBS. I can study math and English effectivelt. 3. I like
  56. English

    I had to choose exaggeration and irony examples from The Rape of the Lock I wanted someone to check to make sure I am right ! Are these quotes exaggeration? " Then flashed the living lightning from her eyes." "And swells her breast with conquests yet to
  57. Physics

    A gymnast is performing a floor routine. In a tumbling run she spins through the air, increasing her angular velocity from 3.00 to 5.75 rev/s while rotating through one-half of a revolution. How much time does this maneuver take? Divide 0.5 revolutions by
  58. physics - unowen

    You posted a question about having two cannon balls strike the same target simultaneously, with a time delay between shots: I have had some time to think about it, and have come up with the following ideas.
  59. behavior problem (dogs)

    please check my answer thanks Your friend owns a young Beagle. Her complaint is that the dog is a slave to his nose and he rarely pays attention to anything other than following a scent. She would like your help in obedience training and behavior
  60. English

    Could you please check my sentences? Thank you. 1) What organization does the interviewee work for? 2) Why do endangered species serve as umbrella species? What poses the most serious hazard for the North Atlantic whales? 3) Which is the most successful
  61. circular (trigonometric) functions

    hi, i need help solving this trigonometric equation: sinx+3cosx=0 i don't know what to do as i can't just diviide the two to create tanx which is what i have been doing in previous questions... yes, you are on the right track sinx = -3cosx sinx/cosx = -3
  62. dog behavior

    please check my answer thanks so much :) Which one of the following statements is accurate for the heeling command? A. The instructor should hold the leash taut in his or her right hand. B. Conduct your first lesson in a place where the dog won't be
  63. Algebra 1 Check

    Hi! Can someone check this and see if they are correct? Thanks! 1.) Which value of x should the expression be further simplified? √(21)x a.) 5 B.) 6 c.) 11 D. 55 My answer: a 2.) 2√43x is show: Which value of x makes the expression equivalent to
  64. Math Check

    Hi! Can someone check this and see if they are correct? Thanks! 1.) Which value of x should the expression be further simplified? √(21)x a.) 5 B.) 6 c.) 11 D. 55 My answer: a 2.) 2√43x is show: Which value of x makes the expression equivalent to
  65. English

    Writeacher, can you please check this email, as I need to send it right now. Thank you very much. 1) I've just read your last email, informing me about our French partner's decision to vary the title of the project. 2) As I have already told you once, we
  66. Social Studies

    What negative impact did gold and silver mining have in the south? a)Tent cities near the mines fostered criminals as long term residents b)Ghost towns were left behind after the mines stopped producing c)Mining camps were sources of many contagious
  67. English

    Writeacher, can you please check this email, as I need to send it right now. Thank you very much. 1) I've just read your last email, informing me about our French partner's decision to vary the title of the project. 2) As I have already told you once, we
  68. FRENCH --Venir

    Based on the illustrations, write sentences with VENIR DE to tell what everyone has just done. 1. Nous venons de faire du shopping. 2. Je viens de manger mon sandwich au jambon. 3. Ils viennent de téléphoner. 4. Tu viens de préparer une tarte. 5. Elle
  69. English

    Working at a nursing home. I have volunteered at a nursing home. There were some work to do. I talked and listened to elderly people. I also cleaned the rooms at the nursing home. I was glad because I could help elderly people. (Would you like to check the
  70. Calculus

    Find the limit. lim 5-x/(x^2-25) x-->5 Here is the work I have so far: lim 5-x/(x^2-25) = lim 5-x/(x-5)(x+5) x-->5 x-->5 lim (1/x+5) = lim 1/10 x-->5 x-->5 I just wanted to double check with someone and see if the answer is supposed to be positive or
  71. testing and selection of dogs

    Please check this for me thanks A dog with strong nerves or good nerve strength is one that A. doesn't show fear reactions to unexpected noises, sights, or events. B. doesn't have a high-strung, nervous disposition. C. is extremely nervous all the time and
  72. Algebra 2

    Can someone check my answers. Write the following equations in standard form. 1) x^2 - 2x + y^2 + 4y = 11 answer: (x-1)^2 + (y+2)^2 = 16 2) 4x^2 + 24x - y + 34 = 0 answer: y = 4(x-3)^2 + 2 3) The graph of which equation is a circle? A. 5x^2 + 10x = 9 +
  73. English

    Can you please check these short conversations? Thank you. 1.Doctors have to wash their hands and put their gloves on before operating on patients. 2.Safety guards make sure that no-one enters the hospital without permission. 3. He was operated on his
  74. English

    Can someone check of this email is grammatically correct? Thank you. How are things? 1) I’ve been on holiday in England and I’ve been attending an English summer course for two weeks. 2) I’ve met an interesting girl from London, Mary, at a party
  75. Math

    Hi! Okay so I started to attempt this math problem; 3cot^2x-1=0. However, I'm a little stuck. My teacher wants me to find the Location on The Unit Circle, Period, and General Solution. Can someone check what I have and help me with the rest? 3cot^2x-1=0
  76. math - standard form

    please could you check the first 2 then explain the method on the other 2 1)5.2x10^6 + 3x10^5 5200000+300000=5500000 5.5x10^6 2)4.2x10^5 + 1.28x10^6 420000+1280000=1700000 1.7x10^6 method please 3)6.5x10^-3 - 3.5x10^-9 0.065-0.000000035=0.064999965 how do
  77. Chemistry

    'What is the pH of 0.083 M C5H5N if the Kb value for C5H5N is 2.9 x 10^-9?' I wrote the equation as C5H5N + H2O --> C5H6N^+ + OH^-. Then, I set up Kb = ([C5H6N^+][OH^-])/[C5H5N] Next I substituted the numbers in: (2.9 x 10^-9) = (x^2)/0.083 , which makes x
  78. American government

    which of the following was one compromise related to the declaration of independence that was agreed to by the delegates to the second continental congress? A. language condemning he slave trade was removed B. language criticizing the english people was
  79. Child Care

    Increasing numbers of communities are addressing the need for out-of-school care due to the relationship between A. teen pregnancy and inadequate care of infants. B. inadequate supervision of teens and teen pregnancy. C. working mothers and juvenile
  80. office practices/ medical

    please check my answer thank you for all of your help in advance. If you know of any web-sites that may be helpful that would be great. True or False When medical records are moved forward to the most recent assigned medical record number a gap is
  81. English

    Could you check this exercise? thanks Six sentences have been removed from the text. Choose from the sentences A-F. A. Get into writing B. Can’t settle on C. Go through D. Can get into E. Get on this F. To get down to details. I think I’ll really (1)
  82. Science

    I have a Science fair project. This is the Science Fair Quetsion: Which brand of soda retains its gas the longest? My Problem is that I don't know how to measure gas. Can some one who knows please help me. open the bottles of soda at the same time and
  83. Chemistry

    Arrange each group of compounds/ions in order of increasing pH. 1. Li2CO3 , OH^- , NH4Br , NaCl 2. CH4 , HBr , H2O , F^- Lastly, I'd like to check if my answers for the following three questions were listed correctly in order of pH levels increasing. 3.
  84. Pre-Calculus

    Could someone check my answers? 25. 32^(2x-3)=2 Answer- x= 8/5 26. 9^(2x+1)=81 Answer- x= 1/2 27. 1/4=2^3x Answer- x= -2/3 28. 1/27=3^2x Answer- x= -3/2 29. 9^x=27 Answer- x= 3/2 30. 32^x=4 Answer- x= 2/5 31. 27^(x+1)=9 Answer- x= 1/2 32. 125^(x-2)=25
  85. cultural diversity

    1. Advocates of social skills building and role modeling would not be inclined to choose a Western style of play because Western play: A. Has a people focus, not an object focus B. Is impossible for many non-mainstream children to master C. Lacks a
  86. Social Studies

    Why was inflation a problem after World War II? A)Many people went into debt buying on credit without the income to pay in cash. B)Many men came home from the war without being able to get a job. C)Government controls ended,and prices of goods rose without
  87. History

    How did slavery in Louisiana change under Spanish control? Check all that apply. The number of enslaved people increased rapidly. Those enslaved were encouraged to get a formal education and learn a skill. The trade of enslaved American Indians was
  88. History

    Could someone please find me a website that has great information on Business enterprise in America so I can make a timeline on it. Specific dates that I need are 1906, 1913, 1914 , 1930, 1939. I would greatly appreciate it. This site seems to have the
  89. English

    Can you please check these few sentences? Thank you. 1)I insert a 50-cent coin into the trolley and I do my shopping. 2)I need to buy 200 grammes cooked ham and 150 grammes of raw ham. 3)Then I need to go to the counter of sliced meats and salami and then
  90. calculus-domain

    Hello, I would greatly appreciate your input. I just need some reassurance that I'm going about this question the right way. I am to find out where h(x)=x*(x-1)^(1/3)is increasing and decreasing. so after I did some solving I found my critical points to be
  91. Physics

    The Victoria Falls is the tallest waterfall on Earth measuring 108 meters at its highest point. How long will it take for a single drop of water to fall over its edge into the chasm below? Please check answer, if I am doing it incorrectly help me set it
  92. English

    Can you please check these sentences for me please? Thank you. 1 Puritans was the name given to the more (most?) extreme Protestants within the Church of England. 2)Charles I's reign was characterized by the continuous conflict with the Parliament.
  93. L.A the book "The Giver"

    In what ways do people in the community lack emotion and emotional connections to others. select all that apply A. the community does not recognize death and thus "releases" old people B. the community holds ceremonies during an annual two-day holiday C.
  94. IT

    could someone please explain to me a how a business would benefit from Expert systems or even an example would help Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. In any business organization and efficiency are important. Check these sites for
  95. Chemistry

    Hello! I was working on my Chemistry HW about metric conversion. Can you please check to see if my answers are correct? I was having a hard time converting, and I think I finally figured it out. 1 microliter= 0.000001 liters 1 mL= 1,000 microliters 100mL=
  96. English

    Read the thesis statement that follows. Identify why it is a good thesis statement. Government should provide health insurance because the costs of uninsured people damage the economy. A.It is interesting B.Everyone already knows it’s true. C.It mentions
  97. snow

    What are some behavioral characteristics northern mammals have developed to deep snow? Please check the Web sites that Lance and I posted in response to Help's last question about northern animals. (Broken Link Removed)
  98. Math- Check over please

    A ball is dropped from a height of 3m and bounces on the ground. At the top of each bounce, the ball reaches 60% of it's previous height. Calculate the total distance travelled by the ball when it hits the ground the fifth time. Could you please check over
  99. Calculus

    Hello. I would appreciate it if someone could check my answers. I'm sorry it is so long. 1.) Let R denote the region between the curves y=x^-1 and y=x^-2 over the interval 1
  100. dog behavior

    please check my answer thanks :) If you're going to be teaching a dog a lot of different basic commands, what would be best to use as a treat? A. Small scoops of canned dog food B. Small pieces of rawhide C. Half of an ordinary dog biscuit D. An extra