1. math

    Estimate the instantaneous rate of change at the point indicated. y(t) = sqrt(3t+1) t=1
  2. physics

    How does a vaccum flask minimize heat change with surrounding
  3. biology

    How has climate change impacted the biodiversity around coral reefs?
  4. math

    change -312 degrees to radian measure in terms of pi
  5. Astronomy

    How did the voyager mission change our preconception of Jupiter and its moons
  6. history

    why did south african government change racial policy?
  7. computer please hurry!

    How to change marquee background color one by one automatically.
  8. answer

    Sharon's share for lunch is $8. If she pays with a $20 bill, how much change should she get?
  9. chemistry

    How many grams of HCl are needed to change 1000 L of water with a pH of 11 to a pH of 5.5?
  10. History8

    In general, how did the Revolutionary War change attitudes among women?
  11. wvuit

    calculate the enthalpy change for the reaction n2h4(l) + 02(g) --> n2(g) + 2h20(l)
  12. Socioloy

    Why is the 1970s considered to be a decade of change for the American media?
  13. college algebra

    for the function f(x)=7/x+6, find the average rate of change of f from 1 to x.
  14. science

    name the physical quantity that corresponds to the rate of change of velocity?
  15. physics

    what is the refrevtion of waves? And what are the laws'of refraction? Also about phase change.
  16. science

    Does the mass of tap water change when salt is added.
  17. English Help

    To what extent can goals and behaviors change as a result of learning
  18. physics

    if the distance between two bodies is increased by 25% then % change in the gravitational force is
  19. physics

    How will the weight of an 20kg object change if it was in a lift that accelerates downwards at 4m.s-1
  20. 2nd grade

    change one letter to make the opposite of quiet
  21. art

    Why did ancient stlye not change much over it 3,000 year existance?
  22. Chemistry :)

    How does intermolecular force of attraction is responsible for a change of state?
  23. physics

    how did nikola tesla change the world? and why students do not know about him and his inventions?
  24. chemistry

    How change in humidity and temperature effects the rate of evaporation
  25. arithmetic

    What is the percentage change in the volume of a sphere if its radius increases by 20%?
  26. Math One question! Help!

    find the rate of change for 5 + 3y = -2 Help! Please not webstites or links! thanks!
  27. mgt 435

    What can leaders do to be more prepared for employee reactions to change?
  28. science

    A variable is _____________ to change the outcome or the result of the experiment.
  29. Communications

    Techniques for Creating Behavior Change in a Staff Member

    find the average rate of change between f(-4) and f(-1) in the function f(x)= x^2+2x-8
  31. Statistics

    As N increases, how does the size of SEM change (assuming the s stays the same)?
  32. Algebra

    If you have a rectangle and increase the length by 20% while decreasing the with by 20% what is the change equated at?
  33. social studies

    how did the wright brothers invention change the world?
  34. 12th grade economics

    what factors change in supply and demand
  35. science

    if we didn't have chemical energy what would change in our everyday life?
  36. English

    A 600 word essay about 3 things in your society that you could change and how
  37. Language arts draft

    How do animals change in Familiar stories?
  38. Math

    I need help with this problem. It says What is the reciprocal of 0.06? Would I change 0.06 to a fraction which is 6/100 and flip it over?
  39. English

    rose asked katie do you know how to change a flat tire
  40. Physics

    What is the change in velocity (in m/s) if an impulse of 225 N acts on a 4.5 kg mass for 3.0 s?
  41. US History

    How did progressivism change American beliefs about the federal government?
  42. calculus

    find the rate of change of f(x)=x^2+4 a. from -2 to 0 b. from 1 to 3 c. from -2 to 1 pllease show work
  43. Math

    Jake says that adding 0 does not change a sum. Is he correct? explain.
  44. math

    how do you change a linear equation to make the graph steeper?
  45. calculus

    evaluate the limit using change of variable x--> 27 27-x _________ x^1/3 -3 (answer is 1/12)
  46. 6th grade

  47. Readings

    Has anyone ever read Native Speaker by Change Rae Lee.
  48. math 1-2

    how do you change a linear equation to make the graph steeper?
  49. Science

    what are some possible effects of climate change resulting from a warmer earth?
  50. calculus-can someone please help me with this ques

    find the rate of change of f(x)=x^2+4 a. from -2 to 0 b. from 1 to 3 c. from -2 to 1 please show work
  51. esl

    change the underlined nouns to pronouns. We well give it to our childern.
  52. History

    Please Help. How did the Islamic Slave Trade change the existing system?
  53. Marketing

    How does the promotional mix change over the product life cycle?
  54. GED

    2.) Sharon's share for lunch is $8. If she pays with a $20 bill, how much change should she get?
  55. Algebra

    Find the average rate of change of f(x) 3x^2-4x from x=3 to x=6 . Simplify your answer as much as possible.
  56. history

    Before the change to a site on the potomac the was the proposed capitol philadelphia?
  57. math

    Jake says adding 0 does not change a number. Is he correct? Explain
  58. Science

    If a car accelerate at 10m/s for 5 mins what is the is the change in speed
  59. physics

    i was just wondering what approx is the change in PE in J when standing up from your chair and the KE when walking in J.
  60. pre algebra

    a $98 dress is marked down to $64.68. find the percent of change.
  61. science

    is it possible for an object's weight to change while it's mass remains constant?
  62. science

    What moves and picks up rocks and is one slow change to the earth?
  63. math

    Sharon's share for lunch is $8. If she pays with a $20 bill, how much change should she get?
  64. math

    why do oyu change the last two signs when subtracting two negative numbers?
  65. grammar

    how to change "i hope it doesnot rain" to indirect speech
  66. science

    if dna sequence is altered how will protein made change?
  67. Chemistry

    How does intermolecular force of attraction is responsible for a change of state?
  68. URGENT math rate of change

    The points (-1,2) & (4,y) have a slope of -4/5. What is the y coordinate for (4,y).?
  69. math rate of change

    The points (-1,2) and (4,y) have a slope of -4/5. What is the y- coordinate of the point (4,y)?
  70. physics

    Discribe the phase change that took place in the solid between the time t1 and t2?
  71. Science

    gasline burns in a car engine is a phyical change?
  72. Intro to computers

    How do you change between worksheets inside an Excel Workbook?
  73. Math Help!

    Find the percent of change when the price of a radio changes from $40.00 to $44.00. A, 12% B. 10% C. 36.4% D. 40% Is the answer B? Thank you
  74. grammar

    Do you change them to the or those? I think it is the, but I am not sure. Later we cooked them fish and talked about the excitement of the day.
  75. history

    Why did ancient style not change much over it's 3,000 year existance?
  76. Math

    For the function, find the average rate of change of f from 1 to x:f(x)-f(1)/x-1 x does not equal 1 f(x) = x3 + x

    If that charge is 3.7 μC , by what percentage does the mass of a 31 g comb change during charging?
  78. health care

    What are the stages of change in the Trans-theoretical model?
  79. Cemistry

    Can an object experience both a physical and chemical change at the same time?
  80. MATH

    jake says adding 0 does not change a number. Is he correct? Explain.
  81. College Chemistry

    A plant grows. Is that a chemical or physical change?
  82. Government

    does Congress have ability to change the structure and jurisdiction of the Court
  83. Chemistry

    If 56 j of heat is added to an aluminum can with a mass of 19.6 g, what is its temperature change?
  84. math

    Calculate the average rate of change over the given interval of the given function. f (x) = x3, from x = 8 to x = 9
  85. Phy. Sci

    A phase change form a gas to a soild?
  86. Calc

    How do you find the avarage rate of change for f(x)=1+sin(x) in the interval [0,pi/2]?
  87. College Algebra

    Change the equation 5x+3y=60 to slope-intercept form.
  88. chemistry

    As AgNO3 dissolves, what change occurs in the temperature of the solution?
  89. Hist;ory

    whin octavian took control of rome what did he change his name to?
  90. social studies

    what is one example of cultural change during the settlement of north america?
  91. science

    In the second stage, some animals just grow large. Ohters change in -----------
  92. Chemistry

    why would a molecule change color under acidic or basic conditions?
  93. Chemistry

    which compound shows small change in solubility from 0°C to 100°C?
  94. human services

    techniques for creating behavior change outline
  95. history help

    How did the civil rights movement change America in a positive way?
  96. Chemistry

    For the following fusion reaction, calculate the change in energy per mole. 2/1 H + 3/2 He -> 4/2 He + 1/1 H
  97. Biology - genetics

    How does crossing over change the combination of alleles in gametes? Thanks :)
  98. Math-Algebra

    If a varies inversely as b, and b is increased by 50%, what is the percentage of change in a?
  99. History

    How did the Spanish change the way that the Pre-Colombian people lived?
  100. english

    could you pl change the sentence in indirect speech : He said,'why don't you get vaccinated ?