1. Science/Biology

    Pick the BEST answer: A)Which Of The Following Is An "Excitable Cell"? <4>1) Neuron <3>2) Electron <4>3) Hormone <3>4) Both 1 & 2 <4>5) All Of The Above B)What Is The Popular Molecule That Energizes Many Activities In Cells?
  2. Calculus

    *Optimization problem* I'm okay at some optimization problems, but this one has me stumped. You work for a company that manufactures circular cylindrical steel drums that can be used to transport various petroleum products. Your assignment is to determine
  3. Chemistry

    Can someone please help me answer these questions? Is additional information other than what is given needed to solve? Thanks in advance. 1) Calculate the PH of a buffer containing 0.100 M propanoic acid, HC3H5O2 and .100 M NaC3H502 after the following
  4. communication

    I need to check and see if this sentence is : Inclusive language- making language nonsexist. Sentence: The minister joined the couple together as man and wife. Is this sentence language nonsexist if so, how can I change it? I so not sound right if I change
  5. algebra

    The manager of the school cafeteria is planning a plate lunch. She can spend no more than $2.00 per lunch and can choose servings from selections A and B. The table indicates the cost and the quantity of sugar and protein (in grams) per serving of each
  6. college physics

    In the figure below, two particles, each with mass m = 0.82 kg, are fastened to each other, and to a rotation axis at O, by two thin rods, each with length d = 10 cm and mass M = 2.0 kg. The combination rotates around the rotation axis with angular speed

    Please give me a score of 1-6 (one being poor and six being excellent). Also, please give me some feedback! Thank you in advance! Essay prompt: What motivates people to change? Essay: Many people know that eating junk food is unhealthy. Yet, they keep
  8. SAT Writing

    Please give me a score of 1-6 (one being poor and six being excellent). Also, please give me some feedback! Thank you in advance! Essay prompt: What motivates people to change? Essay: Many people know that eating junk food is unhealthy. Yet, they keep
  9. physics

    thus far in the course we have ignored that on the earths surface an object must have a slightly unbalanced force to rotate with the earth, pretending that the normal force precisely balances the objects weight. A student with a mass of 65.0kg stands at
  10. History hellp pleasse

    Hi please help with my question Even if you didn't mind the consequences , why would you still be very unwilling to speak out against hitler and the Nazi ? Please help That is obviously a personal opinion you need to decide on and then be able to explain.
  11. Chemistry

    Assuming the dissolution of borax in water is a spontaneous reaction, do you expect the change in enthalpy to be positive or negative or are both signs possible? Explain your answer A. Neither, enthalpy does not change, the positive entropy for the
  12. Solid Mensuration

    Find the lengths of the sides of the cylcic quadrilateral if one diagonal coincides with a diameter of a circle whose area is 36pi cm squared. The other diagonal measures 8 cm meets the fist diagonal at right angles.
  13. calculus

    The mechanics at lincoln automotive are reboring a 6-in. deep cylinder to fit a new piston. The machine they are using increases the cylinder's radius 0.02 inches each second. How rapidly is the cylinder volume increasing when the bore (diameter) is 3.8
  14. Math

    A cylindrical water tank is 70cm in diameter to begin with it is full of water a leak starts in the bottom so that it looses 10 litres every 1 hour how long will it take for the water level to fall by 20cm.
  15. Physics

    A weight of 40N was attached to the end of a wire during modulus experiment, if the length of the wire is 4m and the diameter is 0.44mm and the extension recorded is 0.30mm. calculate the stress and strain of the wire?. take[Pi=3.142
  16. Help Math One Queation

    A cone-shaped container has a height of 9 in. and diameter of 2 in. It is filled with a liquid that is worth $2 per cubic inch. What is the total value of the liquid in the container? Use 3.14 for π . Anyone who knows the answer are just willing to help
  17. Trig

    Use linear velocity to find out how many miles per hour Jethro's truck is going. In 15 seconds, Jethro's truck's 24-inch diameter tires rotated 101 times.
  18. physics

    A wire is made of a material with a resistivity of 4.85109 × 10−8 Ω · m . It has length 5.57436 m and diameter 0.36396 mm . What is the resistance of the wire? Answer in units of Ω
  19. math

    A Turbine 14 feet in diameter spins at 2,100 rotations a minute. How fast is a spot on the edge of the turbine going per minute? Using 22/7 for pi My answer is 92,400ft per min is this correct?
  20. Calculus

    A tank in the shape of a right circular cylinder is filled with water (62.5 lb/ft3). It has a height of 8 ft and a diameter of 10 ft. How much work is required to pump all the water to a spout that is 3 ft above the top of the tank?
  21. calculus

    A tank in the shape of a right circular cylinder is filled with water (62.5 lb/ft3). It has a height of 8 ft and a diameter of 10 ft. How much work is required to pump all the water to a spout that is 3 ft above the top of the tank?
  22. geometry

    A hot air balloon is in the shape of a sphere. Approximately how much fabric was used to construct the balloon if its diameter is 32 feet? Use 3.14 for . Round to the nearest hundred square feet.
  23. physics

    A 6.6 diameter horizontal pipe gradually narrows to 3.6 . When water flows through this pipe at a certain rate, the gauge pressure in these two sections is 30.0 and 26.0 , respectively. What is the volume rate of flow? Answer in m^3/s
  24. solid mechanics

    A round bar 40 mm diameter was found to be 0.000775 mm. Find the Poisson's ratio and Young's Modulus for the material of the bar. Take value of shear modulus as 40 kN/mm square.
  25. Algebra

    A circular aboveground pool has a diameter of 8ft and stands 5.5ft off the ground. If the pool company charges an installation fee of $11 per square ft, how much will the installation cost?
  26. geometry

    A ball of diameter 20 cm fits exactly inside a cylindrical container. The maximum volume of liquid which can be poured into the cylindrical container when empty is ________ cm3. [π=3.14]
  27. computers

    1. Water at a pressure of 3.00 x 10 5th Pa flows through a horizontal pipe at a speed of 1.00 m/s. The pipe narrows to one-fourth its original diameter. What is the speed of the flow in the narrow section?
  28. chemistry

    There is a ball with a mass of 1000 lbs. It's turned into wire with a diameter of 3.12 x 10^-1 How long is the wire? This is my crazy chemistry teacher's idea of a test...and I don't even think there's a solution. HELP ME
  29. physics

    A compact disk, which has a diameter of 12.0 cm, speeds up uniformly from zero to 4.40 rev/s in 3.20 s. What is the tangential acceleration of a point on the outer rim of the disk at the moment when its angular speed is 2.00(rev/s)?
  30. Physics

    A laser beam is directed at the Moon, 380,000 km from Earth. The beam diverges at an angle of 4.6×10−5 rad. 1. What diameter spot will it make on the Moon?
  31. mathematics

    A can of aerosol deodorant has a cylindrical shape with a hemisphere on top. The diameter of the cylinder is 6cm and the height of the cylinder is 17cm.Calculate the total volume of the can of deodorant?
  32. math 15

    find the minimum height above the surface of the earth so that the pilot at point a can see an object on the horizon at c 125 miles away. assume the diameter of the earth to be 8000 miles.
  33. calculus

    a circle, with a diameter 48 cm is cut into 12 equal sectors. a square, with a side length 41cm, is cut into 16 equal squares. wich has the greatesst area? how much greater is it
  34. science

    A Molecule of H2 Can travel an average distance of 92 nm before it collides with another H2 molecule in a 2.09 L container that has 0.87 mol of H2 (g) with a total pressure of 0.98 atm. What is the temperature of the container in K? Assume the diameter of
  35. math

    Water flows through a pipe with the inner diameter of 20cm at a speed of 1m/s. How long does it take for the water flowing out from the pipe to fill a cylindrical tank with the base radius of 0.8m and the height of 0.5m?
  36. Physics

    Please how do i get an answer to this answer that goes like this a wire of length 5.0m and diameter 2.0cm extends by 0.25mm when a force of 50n was used on its end. Calculate (i) stress (ii) strain in the wire (pi=3.142)
  37. Math

    A traditional Haida hand drum has a diameter of 14 7/8 in. and is 3 in deep. What is the minimum amount of hide used to make the drum if the hide covers only the top and lateral surfaces? PLEASE HELP!! Thank you
  38. Calculus

    water drips into an upside down cone, whose diameter at the base is 10 cm , and whose height is 15 cm. If the water is dripping int a rate of 2cm^3 per minute, how fast is the height rising.
  39. physics

    I am having a bit of trouble with this one. A safety harness is connected to a cable with a report breaking stress of 800MNm-2. What mass could be hung from a harness if the diameter of the cable was 6mm?
  40. Math ( Palette of Problem)s)

    A cone shaped paper cup has a height of 7 inches and a diameter of 5 inches. What is the volume of the cone round your answer to the nearest hundredth.
  41. Rate measure

    A balloon in the form of a right cone surmiunted by a hemispere,having a diameter equal to height of the cone,is being inflated.how fast is its volume changing w.r.t its total height 'h' when h
  42. math

    the cost of painting the circular traffic sign shown below is $3.50 per square foot.how much,to the nearest dollar,will it cost to paint the sign if its diameter measures 36 inches?
  43. physics

    A fish tank has dimensions 36 cm wide by 1.0 m long by 0.60 m high. If the filter should process all the water in the tank once every 4.0 h, what should the flow speed be in the 3.0-cm-diameter input tube for the filter?
  44. math

    Midson draws a cone shape paper with height of 9 centimeters and a volume of 48 pi centimeters. What is the diameter of Midsons paper cup plz show all work
  45. physics

    A child looks at his reflection in a spherical tree ornament 12 cm in diameter, and sees an image of his face that is reduced by one-fourth. How far is his face from the ornament? I don't know what I would do with the given information. I know that M=-q/p
  46. maths

    A copper solid cylinder of radius 14 cm and height 10cm is meter and recast into cylindrical wire of diameter 4mm.find the length of copper wire?
  47. Physics

    The coil used to measure the movements of a blowfly as described having a diameter of 2 mm, in addition the blowfly is immersed in a magnetic field of magnitude .15 mT. Find the maximum magnetic flux of one of the coils?
  48. Calculus

    An inverted cone has a diameter of 42 in and a height of 15in. If the water flowing out of the container is 35pi in^3/sec , how fast is the depth of the water dropping when the height is 5in?

    For oil (SG =0.86 and μ = 0.025 Ns/m2) flow of 0.5 m3/s through a round pipe with diameter of 500 mm, determine the Reynolds Number. Determine also whether the flow is laminar or turbulent.
  50. math

    What is the Surface area of a glass bead that has the diameter of 11m? Express your answer to the nearest square mm. A glass bead would be a sphere. So the formula for that is--> SA = 4ðr^2 = 4ð(5.5^2) = 380mm^2
  51. calculus

    Suppose that 404 ft of fencing are used to enclose a corral in the shape of a rectangle with a semicircle whose diameter is a side of the rectangle. Find the dimensions of the corral with maximum area. x=........ft Y=......ft
  52. Physics

    Water at a pressure of 400,000Pa flows through a horizontal pipe at a speed of 1.50 m/s. The pipe narrows to 1/8 its original diameter. What is the flow speed through the narrow section?

    A FORCE OF 40N IS Applied at the end of wire 4m long and produced an extention of 0.24mm if the diameter of wire is 2.00mm.calculate stress on wire and strain in the wire
  54. Calculus

    A tank in the shape of a right circular cylinder is filled with water (62.5 lb/ft3). It has a height of 8 ft and a diameter of 10 ft. How much work is required to pump all the water to a spout that is 3 ft above the top of the tank?
  55. Math

    A hemispherical tank has a diameter 10cm is fixed by water issuing from a pipe of radius 20cm at 2m per second. Calculate currently to 3.s.f the time in mind Tessa it take to fixed the tank.
  56. Physics

    A 1.5 kg block is connected by a rope across a 50-cm-diameter, 2.0 kg, frictionless pulley. A constant 10 N tension is applied to the other end of the rope. Starting from rest, how long does it take the block to move 30 cm?
  57. Physics 212

    Two copper wires have equal lengths, but the diameter of one is three times that of the other. a) The resistance of the thinner wire is _____ times that of the thicker wire: (Prove your work) 1) 3 2) 1/3 3) 9 4) 1/4
  58. chemistry

    a very small gas bubble seen in a microscope has a diameter of 1 micrometer. If the pressure is one bar and the temperature is 25 degrees celsius calculate the number of gas molecules in the bubble
  59. physics

    An undersea research chamber is spherical with an external diameter of 3.70 m. The mass of the chamber, when occupied, is 26000 kg. It is anchored to the sea bottom by a cable. What is the tension in the cable?
  60. Physics

    A closed organ pipe 0.8 m long has a diameter of 7.0 cm. The air in the church is 15oC. What is the fundamental frequency? If the heat is turned up to 20oC, what is the new fundamental frequency? - HELPHELPHELP<3
  61. Physics

    A 30.0 ball rolls around a 50.0 -diameter L-shaped track, shown in the figure, at 60.0 . What is the magnitude of the net force that the track exerts on the ball? Rolling friction can be neglected.
  62. math

    The diameter of a sphere is 10 centimeters. What is the volume of the sphere? Use 3.14 for pi. Enter your answer, as a decimal, in the box. Round only your final answer to the nearest tenth. *i got 523.3 repeating**
  63. Physics Help

    Two compressible solids are formed into spheres of the same size. The bulk modulus of sphere two is twice as large as the bulk modulus of sphere one. You now increase the pressure on both spheres by the same amount. As a result of the increased pressure,
  64. science

    how the earth rotates by itself? Momentum imparted to it million of years ago when the solar system formed. One theory involves glancing collision with a large asteroid millions of years ago that also broke off material that eventually developed into the
  65. Geometry/math

    a cylinder has a base diameter of 14 inches and a height of 18 inches . what is the volume of the cylinder
  66. volume

    During play, a ball with a diameter of 3.00 inches splits exactly in half. What is the volume of each portion of the ball?
  67. physics

    Two 10-cm-diameter charged rings face each other, 24.0 cm apart. Both rings are charged to + 50.0 . What is the electric field strength nC
  68. math

    how many balls with a diameter of 6 cm. each can a square box hold if the box has a measure of 36 square cm. on each side?
  69. Geometry

    Which is the equation of a 20 cm diameter circle with its center at (3, -6)? (x+3)^2+(y-6)^2=100 (x-3)^2+(y+6)^2=400 (x-3)^2+(y+6)^2=100 <my choice (x+3)^2+(y-6)^2=400
  70. Algebra 2

    If a light has a diameter of 36 inches at its opening, what is the depth of the light if a lightbulb is 6 inches from the vertex.
  71. geometry

    A sphere has a surface area of 32in².If the diameter is halved, find the surface area.
  72. math

    An automobile tire has a diameter of 63 cm. What is the circumference of the​ tire? (Use pi equals3.14 as an approximate​ value.)
  73. math

    cylindrical tank of radius 4m and 7m high.if poured into the tank of 6m diameter .how high is the water?
  74. Maths

    In a circle of diameter 40 cm the length of a chord is 20 cm find length of minor arc of chord
  75. Physics =(

    How do you calculate the uncertainty for the average diameter? I have 3 different diamters, and its average! but i am struggling in calculating its uncertainty. Thanks
  76. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please

    1. The price of a radio changes from $40.00 to $44.00. (1 point) 10% decrease 10% increase 36.4% decrease 40% increase 2. The price of an oven changes from $450 to $396. (1 point) 13.6% increase 13.6% decrease 12% increase 12% decrease 3. The top
  77. microeconomics

    Just when you really, really want an ice cream cone, the price is rising. But it isn't summertime gouging by manfacturers. The cost of milk fat, the principal ingredient in ice cream, jumped 71% druing the past 6 months to 2.22 at the end of June. As a
  78. operating system

    Problem 3- A block of mass m1 = 4 kg moves from rest under the influence of a varying force F(x) = 4x + 38, where F is in newton and x is in meters, on a rough horizontal surface having a coefficient of kinetic friction of 0.2. The block is connected by a
  79. physics

    A granite column in a building is 8.50 m high and has a mass of 2.16 multiplied by 104 kg. (a) How much heat (J) is needed to increase its temperature by 10.5°C, given its specific heat is 0.200 kcal/kg·°C? (b) What is its change in length (m) if its
  80. physicss please help

    Calculate the terminal velocity for a baseball. A baseball's diameter is approximately d = 0.073 m, and its mass is m = 0.146 kg. Express your answer in meters per second and miles per hour. (Assume a drag coefficient of 1 and air density of 1.3 kg/m3.) __
  81. Physics

    An electron beam of a TV picture tube is accelerated through a potential difference of 2.00 kV. It then passes into a magnetic field perpendicular to its path, where it moves in a circular diameter of .360 m. What is the magnitude of the field? I am lost.
  82. science

    if a scale of the solar system was built where 1mm equaled 1 mile, could the model be practically built in a city? yes or no I suppose the answer would be no because that is a really small diameter is 742 billion mm I just wanted to check with someone
  83. college algebra

    In a certain gear, a bicycle tire with a diameter of 27 inches makes 3 complete revolution of the pedal.If a cyclist is pedaling at a rate of 100 revolutions per minute, find the speed of the bicycle in miles per hour?
  84. calculus

    A uniform thin sheet of metal is cut in the shape of a semicircle of radius R and lies in the xy plane with its center at the origin and diameter lying along the x axis. Find the position of the Center of Mass using polar coordinates.
  85. Geometry

    40. Find the surface area of a conical grain storage tank that has a height of 42 meters and a diameter of 20 meters. Round the answer to the nearest square meter. (1 point) 3,028 m2 3,971 m2 1,357 m2 1,671 m2
  86. physics

    a current of 10A flows into a parallel plate capacitor with square plates with area .5m^2 how do you find the dE/dt between the plates? what is the line integral B.dl around a circular closed contour with a diameter of 10cm perpendicular to the electric
  87. trig

    an electric hoist is used to life a piece of equipment y = 2.6 feet. the diameter on the hoist is x = 12 inches. find the number of degrees through which the drum must rotate (round to the nearest integer). *I do apologize, there is a figure in my
  88. calculus

    Hi, I'm having trouble with this problem... "If the strength of a rectangular beam of wood varies as its breadth and the square of its depth, find the dimensions of the strongest beam that can be cut out of a round log, diameter d. " I can't come up with
  89. physics

    An evacuated spherical diving bell containing a camera is in the ocean at a depth of 107 m. It has a flat, transparent, circular port with a diameter of 10.5 cm. Find the magnitude of the total force on the port. For the density of seawater use 1025 kg/m3.
  90. CHECK my answers Physical science

    1. which of the following should be classified as a suspension? A. soda** B. sand in water C. glass D. milk 2. Which of the following is an of example of a chemical property? A. density B. flammability C. hardness** D. melting point 3. Which state of
  91. Physics

    The artist Anya Calderona constructs the mobile shown in the figure.(Figure 1) In the illustrated configuration, the mobile is perfectly balanced. Assume the strings and crossbars are massless. If Anya decides to make the star twice as massive, and not
  92. Physics

    A thin uniform cylindrical turntable of radius 2.1 m and mass 18 kg rotates in a horizontal plane with an initial angular speed of 8 rad/s. The turntable bearing is frictionless. A clump of clay of mass 5.5 kg is dropped onto the turntable and sticks at a
  93. chemistry

    Consider a sample containing 2.00 mol of a monatomic ideal gas that undergoes the following changes from State A to State D: State A PA=10.5atm, VA=10.00L State B PB=10.5atm, VB=5.00L State C PC=24.5atm, VC=5.00L State D PD=24.5atm, VD=22.00L Assume that
  94. Statistics

    9 trucks arrive per hour. It takes 6 minutes after reaching the loading station. Two alternatives to modify the situation. One is to change the trucks and add a helper at the loading station at a cost of 50,0000. This would change the arrival time of the
  95. Concepts in organizational behavior

    What is the most important element in an organizational analysis and why? I have the elements; organizational change & organizational development; I just can't find why? Any help would be appreciated. The elements you list in the analysis are not what I
  96. Chemistry

    Given the equilibrium reaction N2(g) + 3 H2(g) <---> 2NH3(g) + heat, an increase in temperature will: a) Increase the value of K b) Decrease the value of K c) Increase or decrease the value of K depending upon the concentration of reactants d) Will
  97. calculus

    I have the following problem on a takehome assignment and am stuck. A particular stock has value V(t) at time t where V(t)=Ke^(1/2) where K>0. Assume that alternative investments grow in value to e^(rt). Calculate the instantaneous rate of change in the
  98. U.S. History

    1. How did the desire to expand into new markets help push the United States to extend its influence into the Pacific? A: The desire for new markets led to trade with Japan and the annexation of Hawaii. 2. How did Americans' opinions on overseas expansion
  99. Math

    in the back stockroom at the wheel shop, the number of seats and horns equaled the number of wheels. the number of seats and handlebars equaled the number of horns. twice the number of wheels is equal to 3 times number of handlebars. Determine the
  100. Please Help Me

    Use the equation for the synthesis of hydrogen to answer the following. C (s) + H2O (l) -> CO (g) + H2 (g) deltaH = + 31.3 kcal/mol carbon deltaS = +32 cal/(mol•K) Calculate the energy change (deltaH) when 5.00 g of carbon is consumed. Calculate the