1. Chemistry

    12.00 g of sugar is dissolved in some water in a cylinder of diameter 7.00 cm. To what height should the cylinder be filled (with more water) to produce a solution with concentration 11.00 g/dm^3?
  2. Physics

    A water tank is20m deep if the water barometer reads10m at that place then what is the pressure at the bottom of the tank in atmosphere
  3. 3rd grade math

    water makes up 7/10 of your body. Is more than 1/2 of your body water? write a number sentence to compare 7/10 and 1/2. Explain
  4. Chemistry

    The balanced equation for the synthesis of water is: 2H2 + O2 > 2H2O If I have 5.5 grams of water, at least how many grams of Oxygen gas was needed?
  5. chemistry

    How much ice (in grams) would have to melt to lower the temperature of 355mL of water from 26∘C to 6∘C? (Assume the density of water is 1.0 g/mL.)
  6. chemistry

    when it absorbed energy from a 79.4 g sample of water whose initial temperature was 70.1 °C. What is the specific heat of the metal in J/g·°C? How do i get the final temperature of water
  7. Chemistry

    How much heat in kJ is required to melt 54 grams of ice at 0 degrees C into water at 0 degrees C if delta Hvap for water = 6.01 kJ/mol?
  8. Math palette of problems

    If 2/9 gallon of water fills a bucket 3/5 full, how many gallons of water are needed to fill the bucket?
  9. Physics

    What would the gauge pressure be on a diver in atmospheres if she could dive to a depth of one km in sea water? One atmosphere is 1.01 X 10^5 N/m2. The density of sea water is 1.03 X 10^3 kg/m3.
  10. science

    The solubility of NaCl in water at 100 degrees celsius is 39.1 g/100 g water. Calculate the boiling point of this solution?
  11. physics

    Water is lifted out of a well 38.0m deep by a motor rated at 1.00hp. assuming70% efficiency, how many kilograms of water can be lifted in 1 min?
  12. math

    A tank is full in 60 min with water.If amount of water is doble in 1min then in what time the half tank is fill.
  13. physics (easy)

    Will a 7.25 kg ball with a diamter of 22 cm float in water? I know that the radius is 11 cm and that the density of water is 1000kg/m^3 and I got that it will float but it just doesn't sound right. Could anyone help please?
  14. college

    a 200 L electric water heater uses 15 kW of electric power. If the herter is 90% efficient, how long does it take to heat the water in the tank from 16 C to 61 C?
  15. Physics

    An outdoor swimming pool contains 100000 kilogram of water how much energy is needed yo heat water from 15 celius to 20 celius
  16. chemistry

    dissolving 4.022 g of a salt in 100 mL of water changes temperature by -1.2^oC: what is the heat absorbed? The specific heat of water is 4.184 J/(g*C)
  17. Physics

    A 755 N diver is standing on a platform 10.0 m above the surface of the water. What is the diver's speed when he hits the water? (disregard friction)
  18. Math

    These review questions are stumping me. How much water must be added to 50 ML of a 35% acid solution to produce a mixture that is 20% acid. Could it be as simple as 15% water?
  19. science

    an object was placed into a container of water. the arrow shows that thermal energy is flowing from the water to the object. what is a valid conclusion
  20. Math

    write an inequality representing the temperature t of the ocean water during the formation of the hurricane if the ocean water is above 80 degrees farenheit
  21. science

    Water is useful for reducing friction between objects. However you also learned that (due to friction) moving water causes rough rocks to become smooth. How can this be?
  22. Chemistry

    what occurs when sugar is added to water.... It dissolves? the freezing point of the water will decrease and the boiling point will increase Thanks for your help i think i get it better now That't right.
  23. physics

    Phy 124 – Chapter 22 Problems 1. Consider the following. A spot on a boat is 2.5 m above the water, and the light strikes the water at a point that is 8.0 m horizontally displaced from the spotlight. The depth of the water is 4.0 m. Determine the
  24. pls help me science

    A cloud forms around 45° south latitude and is carried through the atmosphere on the Westerlies. As the water molecules in the cloud move through the atmosphere, which step in the water cycle is most likely to happen next? The molecules cool and
  25. Chemistry

    A gas has a volume of 1,400 milliliters at a temperature of 20.0 K and a pressure of 101.3 kPa. What will be the volume when the temperature is changed to 40.0 K and the pressure is changed to 50.65 kPa?
  26. math: advanced geometry

    if the surface area of a sphere equals the surface area of a cube, what is the ratio of the volume of the sphere to the volume of the cube?
  27. college

    You transfer a sample of gas at 17 degrees celsius for a volume of 5.86 L and 1.10 atm to a container at 37 degrees celsius that has a pressure of 1.10 atm. what is the new volume of gas?
  28. Math

    You arrive home to find that your 45 foot by 20 foot basement has 3 inches of water in it. A) If 1 cubic foot of water is about 7.48 gallons, how much water will you be pumping out of your basement? Express your answer rounded to the nearest tenth of a
  29. calculus

    water is being siphoned from a cylindrical tank of radius 10m into a rectangular tank whose base measures 20m by 15m. if the depth of the water in the cylindrical tank in decreasing at a rate of 2m/s, at what rate is the depth of the water increasing in
  30. chem

    the solubility of lead(II) chloride, PbCl2, in water at 20 degrees Celcius is 1.00 g PbCl2/100 g of water. if you stirred 7.50 g PbCl2 in 400 g of water at 20 degrees Celcius, what mass of lead (II) chloride would remain undissolved?
  31. Math

    How many cubic kilometers of water reside within groundwater? How many more times abundant is groundwater than water on land? These are the figures. Groundwater = 8.4 (Each unit is one million cubic kilometers x 1,000,000 km3) Water on land = 0.2
  32. Chemistry AP

    I'm using Zumdahl 7th Edition Chemistry Book and I'm having trouble with some practice problems in the first chapter. Here are a few: 87: Sterling silver is a solid solution of silver and copper. If a piece of a sterling silver necklace has a mass of 105.0
  33. Chem

    Water was decomposed by the following reactions. Calculate the mass of HCl produced from 50.0 mL water assuming the following yields H2O=H2+O2 90% H2+Cl2=HCl
  34. Science

    Why do you think the Celsius temperature scale is sometimes call the centigrade scale? It is divided into 100 units from water freezing to water boiling.
  35. chemistry help ?!

    Which of the following is an exothermic reaction? sugar dissolving in water <<my choice an explosion tea dissolving in water the cooling of an ice pack
  36. science

    For BOD5 test 1) Why water samples needed dilution? 2)How to check the test accuracy? 3)Under what conditions, the water sample needs "seed"? anyone can help?please.
  37. Physics

    Let's say I put a very hot 100o C, 41 g cube of aluminum in 71 ml water at room temperature (20o C). What is the temperature of the water after equilibrium occurs
  38. math

    the water tank begins full.create a scatter plot to represent the amount of water in the tank over a 24-hours period
  39. Mathematics

    a cylindrical water tank has a height of 20cm and a radius of 14cm.if it is filled to 2\5 of its capacity. calculate the quantity of water in the tank.
  40. Physics Help!!!

    The water in your bathtub is getting cold. You currently have 36 liters at 31°C. What is the new temperature after you add 10 liters of 70°C hot water? Degrees Celsius are entered as degC.
  41. physics

    a motor pumps water from a depth 0f 6meters. f it pumps 100kg of water in one minute with a velocity of 10m/s. calculate the work done
  42. Math -Calculus

    A cylinder with radius of 20 ft is being filled with water at a rate of 2000 ft^3/hour. Find the rate at which the height of the water is increasing.
  43. Physics

    Supose the water flows out from a pipe at 3 kg/s & its velocity changs from 5 to 0 on striking wall then the force exrted by water on wall wil be?
  44. physics

    Heat totaling 2700.0 J leaves a glass of water at 75.0 C to bring it to room temperature (20.0 C). What is the mass of the water in g (ignore the glass)?
  45. Chem Apps

    The solubility of sugar (surcose) in water is 4.0 g/mL at room temperature, what is the maximum amount of sugar that will dissolve in 850 mL of water?
  46. Physics

    A jet of water squirts out horizontally from a hole near the bottom of the tank, Assume that y = 1.19 m and x = 0.544 m. What is the speed of the water coming out of the hole?
  47. physics

    A Student drops a rock from a bridge to the water 14.7m below. with what speed does the rock strike the water? the acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. andswer in units of m/s.
  48. Chemistry

    a mixture of 4.00 moles of hydrogen and 3.00 moles of oxygen is ignited, forming water. what is the maximum amount of water in grams that can be formed?
  49. General Science

    Would you expect to find more dissolved oxygen in ocean water around the North Pole or in ocean water nearer the equator?Why?
  50. physics

    A plastic tube allows a flow of 11.4 cm3/s of water through it. How long will it take to fill a 212 cm3 bottle with water? Answer in units of s
  51. Chemistry

    Calculate the amount of heat (in kJ) required to convert 87.5 g of water to steam at 100°C. (The molar heat of vaporizaion of water is 40.79 kJ/mol.)
  52. science

    List at least three physical properties of water which contain numerical values. Describe a chemical proterty of water which involves a chemical reaction.
  53. Physics

    A pump of 200 W power is lifting 2 kg water from an average depth of 10 meters per second. Find the velocity of water delivered by the pump?
  54. physics

    water heated to 50 degrees celsius is poured on our body during bathing what is equilibrium temperature of our body.spesific heat of water is 1.
  55. Physics

    A student drops a rock from a bridge to the water 10.1 m below. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. With what speed does the rock strike the water? Answer in units of m/s.
  56. p.s

    calculate the mass of ice required to lower the temperature of 300 gm of water at 40degree celcius to water at0 degree celcius.
  57. chemistry!

    The standard molar heat of vaporization for water is 40.79 kJ/mol. How much energy would be required to vaporize 4.00 mol of water? Answer in units of kJ
  58. Physics

    You are lying on the bottom of a swimming pool filled 15 ft deep with water (ftwater = 1.33). What is the diameter of the "hole” at the water surface through which you can see out of the pool?
  59. math

    a steamboat goes 24 miles upstream, the trip takes six hours. the water flows at three miles per hour. what is the speed of the boat in still water?
  60. physics

    Water is flowing at 3 m/s in a circular pipe. If the diameter of the pipe decreases to four-ninth its former value, what is the velocity of the water downstream? Answer in units of m/s.
  61. chemistry

    Explain the difference between the enthalpies of formation of gaseous water and liquid water which are respectively, -242 and -286 kj/mol at 298 K.... Explain Please!
  62. Physics

    A watertight car is submerged under water. What force is required to open a door of area 1.12 m2 if the average depth of water at the door is 1.50 m?
  63. Chemistry

    Calculate the change in enthalpy produced by dissolving 14.3 g of NaOH in 65.0 g of water if the temperature increases 49.1°C and the specific heat of water is 4.18 J/g°C Do I have to use the 14.3g of NaOH?
  64. Science

    For a BOD5 Test: 1) why water samples needed dilution 2) How to check the test accuracy 3) Under what conditions, the water sample needs"seed"? anyone can help, please.

    A BOAT WHICH HAS A SPEED IS 5 Km/Hr IN STILL WATER CROSSES A RIVER OF WIDTH 1 Km along the shortest possible path in 15 minutes. find velocity of the river water.
  66. chemistry

    how many holecules are in 1 L of water (assume that the density of water is 1g/ml. I think 1000g/2*1.01 + 16.00g/mol =55.5 mol =55.5moles * 6.02*10^23molecules/mole =3.34 * 10^25 molecules
  67. Physics

    Water flows at a rate of 8.0 L/s through an opening at the bottom of a tank that has a diameter of 4.0 cm. How high is the water level of this open- top tank?
  68. physical science

    a ball dropped off a cliff and took 3.59s to fall to the water below. neglecting air resistance how far in meters did it fall how far is it down to water
  69. Environmental Science

    Earth's surface water is found in a.lakes b.rivers c.streams d.all of the above I picked d. because that's where SURFACE water is at right? yup ditto.....
  70. physics

    a 450 cm^3 of aluminum (D = 2.7 g/cm^3) is lowered carefully into a completely full beaker of water? what is the weight of the water, in newtons, that spills out of the beaker?
  71. Physics

    A watertight car is submerged under water. What force is required to open a door of area 1.04 m2 if the average depth of water at the door is 1.56 m?
  72. Chemistry

    The distance between the first and fourth crest of water is 10.9 m. A crest appears every 0.435 minutes, at a point along the wave. What is the speed (m/s) of the water waves?
  73. chemistry

    The Henry’s Law constant for N2 in water at 30 oC is 6.0 x 10-4 M/atm, calculate the solubility of nitrogen gas in water at a partial pressure of 2.5 atm
  74. Physics

    A water tank is 20 metre Doon Ek Baar water barometer is estimated that Palace then what is the pressure at the bottom of the tank in atmosphere
  75. physics

    A plastic tube allows a flow of 11.3 cm3 /s of water through it. How long will it take to fill a 245 cm3 bottle with water? Answer in units of s
  76. physics

    A plastic tube allows a flow of 14 cm3/s of water through it. How long will it take to fill a 240 cm3 bottle with water? Answer in units of s
  77. Science

    A small rock with a mass of 6g is dropped into a graduated cylinder with 20ml of water. The water rises to 23ml. What is the density of the rock?
  78. Physics

    A point source is 1.20m below the surface of a body of water. Find the diameter of the circle at the surface through which light emerges from the water.
  79. physics

    A pipe carrying 20°C water has a diameter of 3.9 cm. Estimate the maximum flow speed if the flow must be streamline. (The density of water is 1.00 ✕ 10^3 kg/m3.) ans in cm/s
  80. science

    An irregularly shaped object has a mass of 67.5 If it is places into a graduated cylinder containing 50.0 ml water and the water level rises to 75.0 ml,what is the density of the object?
  81. Physics

    When a load of 0.89 106 N is placed on a battleship, the ship sinks only 1.9 cm in the water. Estimate the cross-sectional area of the ship at water level.
  82. physics

    Water flows through a 1.2 cm diameter pipe into a 155 L bathtub, which it fills in 8 min.What is the speed of the water in the pipe?
  83. physics

    Water flows through a 1.2 cm diameter pipe into a 155 L bathtub, which it fills in 8 min.What is the speed of the water in the pipe?
  84. math

    i have a gallon of paint that contains 35% solids and 65% water.if i add 5% 6.4 more ounces of water to it what will the solids content be.can you show to figure this out thank you
  85. chemistry

    What can we use to put out a fire that involves sodium or any alkali metals. I know we can't use water as sodium reacts violently with water, then what else can we use?
  86. Science

    Well water in karst areas is often very hard. What is the role of chemical weathering in producing hard water in aquifers?
  87. Stoichiometry

    Determine the mass % (m/m) of a NaCl solution if 58.5 grams of NaCl was dissolved in 50 ml of water (assume the density of water to be 1.0 g/ml).
  88. chem

    what are the normal freezing points and boiling points of the following solutions: a. 21.1g NaCl in 135mL of water b. 15.4g urea in 66.7 mL water?
  89. chem

    How much energy (in Joules) is required to heat 13.48 g of water from 10.5 oC to 46.2 oC ? Use 4.184 J/goC as the specific heat capacity of water.
  90. Chemistry

    A swimming pool, 10.0 m by 4.0 m, is filled with water to a depth of 3.0 m at a temperature of 20.2°C. How much energy is required to raise the temperature of the water to 24.0°C?
  91. math

    Water makes up 7/10 of your body. Is more than 1/2 of your body water? Write a number sentence to compare 7/10 and 1/2. Explain your work
  92. math

    25% of water is evaporated from 10 litres of water containing 150 gm of common salt, the % of salt in remaining solution is increased by how much?
  93. chemistry

    If 80.6 pounds of alcohol are mixed with 42.7 pounds of water, what is the percent of water (by weight) in the mixture? Answer in units of %

    A bottle containing 4 kgof water at a temperature of 15°Cis placed in a refrigerator where the temperature is kept at 2°C.How much heat is transferred from the water to cool it to 2°C?
  95. Math

    How would you prepare 500 mL of 5% dextrose added to water from a 50% stock solution? _________ mL 50% dextrose + ________mL water
  96. Chemistry

    The partial pressure of water above a solution of water and a nonvolatile solute at 25oC is 18.6 mm Hg. What is the mole fraction of the solute?
  97. Chemistry

    How would I calculate this? 30.0 mL of pure water at 280. K is mixed with 50.0 mL of pure water at 307 K. What is the final temperature of the mixture?
  98. chemistry

    When reacting 100 mL of 2 M HCl with 100 mL of 2 M NaOH, how many milliliters of water should be produced? (REM: Density of Water)
  99. Chemistry

    If 1.20g of steam at 100.0 celcius condenses into 38.5 g of water, initially at 27 celcius what is final temperature of water
  100. science

    If 1600cals of heat are added to 50g of water initally at a temperature of 10c what is the final temperature of the water?