9th grade

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  1. math

    50 students took a test. 24 received a better than average grade. What percent scored above the average?

    asked by mary d. on February 25, 2014
  2. Life science, history, accounting

    I chose these subjects for grade 10, but I don't know what I'm going to do with them when I reach university or what career I could have with these subjects. Please help.

    asked by Seipelo on January 3, 2016
  3. ms.sue 3 grade english


    asked by dw on March 26, 2012
  4. math

    write the ratio as a percent: in a seventh grade class, 19/25 students voted of having a class picnic

    asked by Shannon on January 9, 2018
  5. social studies

    Does anyone know of some good websites that I could find how to build a medieval castle for my grade four project on medieval times.

    asked by sammi on April 7, 2009
  6. math

    I'm in grade 5 and I have a area and perimeter question. The area is 300mm2 and the width is 15mm, I need to know what the length is. Thanks for your time.:-)

    asked by Rebecca on February 10, 2015
  7. math

    A mean average of 60 on 6 exams is needed to pass a class my scores are 50, 71,76,57, 66 what grade must I make on the last exam to pass the course

    asked by anna on October 5, 2018
  8. English

    Can you please help express the concept below? Thank you, Writeacher. I was last proud of myself when I got an A in maths/when I got a 7 and a half (according to the Italian grade system) in maths.

    asked by Mike1 on April 24, 2012
  9. Math

    ted needs an average of at least 70 on his 3 history tests. he has already scored 85 and 60 on 2 of them. what is the minimum grade ted need on his 3rd test?

    asked by The doctor on February 13, 2014
  10. 8th grade

    im in advanced math so i do 8th grade math and i don't understand how too gragh the fractions in equations like y=2/3x+1

    asked by jazmine on November 29, 2009
  11. English

    Here is another approach .. Can someone tell me a book that you can read during the 8th grade unit? Example: The Maze Runner. What is another book we got to choose ?

    asked by Lexi on September 22, 2016
  12. science

    ive been trying to find a report for 5th grade greenhouse effect science. how can i type it to find it?

    asked by molly on December 9, 2010
  13. math

    hi, how are you i am in 5th grade and i want to ask you how i do this listen: matt had $40. he spent $10 on books and $14 on markers.what fraction of his money did he spent?

    asked by angela on January 12, 2010
  14. math

    the ratio of the following is 2:5 of peter to jane ... jane gave all of her money ehich is $ 75 so how much is 1 block???? help me i am in 1 grade idgt???

    asked by Sasy on November 11, 2013
  15. Math

    Determine the coordinates of the endpoint of a segment CE with one endpoint at C(3,10) and a midpoint at (-1,-6). Disclaimer: This is 10th grade geometry.

    asked by Sahana E. on September 29, 2011
  16. Math

    Kody has currently has an average of 80 in his math class. What must he make on his midterm, that counts 20% of his grade, to maintain a 70 or above average?

    asked by Anonymous on September 29, 2016
  17. Convert fraction decimal and percent

    On Friday math test. will missed 5 problems out of 25. If each problem was equally weighted, what was will's grade on the test? A. 20% b. 75% c. 80% d. 85%

    asked by Anonymous on March 25, 2014
  18. math

    To obtain a final average of 80 % in a certain subject, what grade must a student earn in a test after having an average of 77.5 % in four examinations ?

    asked by vincent on August 3, 2013
  19. willowmead sec school

    I am in grade 10 and am doing economics and business studies and tourism and maths lit so I want to know what carees I can take and that carees must have money

    asked by noluthando on November 24, 2015
  20. TO MS. SUE


    asked by Need an A on October 10, 2010
  21. Math

    Ok so my tx book says explain the dirrrefence between a unit rate and a rate in in the 6th grade and it's my first week hhheeelllppp

    asked by Class rep on August 29, 2012
  22. Biology

    I'm in 4th grade to i need to write a hypothesis on "why do some people have similar dominant traits? i don't know how to write that either?

    asked by Michael on January 12, 2014
  23. business studies, tourism, history, mathematical literacy

    I'm in grade 10 and I still don't know what career I full under I'm stressed I need help asap ...time is ticking! help please. what career can I choose?

    asked by vanessa tsubella on October 19, 2014
  24. Chemistry

    How is Surface catalyst(heterogeneous) and homogeneous catalyst different? I'm in 10th grade chemistry and I don't understand it.

    asked by Kat on May 24, 2011
  25. english

    What does frivolity mean in this sentence After a year of serious work, Mr. David's grade 8 class enjoyed the frivolity of a party.

    asked by sarah on September 13, 2015
  26. Writing

    I need to write the top ten reasons I am happy to be back in school. (6th grade). What would you write?

    asked by Mike on August 7, 2012
  27. physics

    suppose your car is on a 5% grade,if your car weighs 15,000N what is the component of its weight parallel to the road?

    asked by Chad on July 7, 2012
  28. Tourism Life Science History Maths Literacy

    I'm doing this subject but in the mean time I want to go to Collage and right now I don't know what to choose time is running out becouse I'm in Grade Eleven

    asked by Thando on October 3, 2015
  29. social studies

    Would you please show me a website that shows an actual answer to a dbq? I would like to see a model answer. I am in eigth grade. Thank you.

    asked by rochelle on October 28, 2009
  30. Math


    asked by Isabella on June 4, 2016
  31. Harcourt Trophies Practice Book

    I don't have my 5th grade harcourt trophies book with me. I need the pages 88 and 89. Is there a website I can use to print out the pages?

    asked by Celest on March 20, 2013
  32. math grade 9

    can someone check over my answers and correct them? *over means fraction 1) What would the slope be for a road that has a rise of 11m and a run of 100m? a. 22 over 100 b. 11 over 100 (THS ONE) c. 15 over 100 d. 30 over 100 2) What would the slope be for a

    asked by john on May 26, 2016
  33. French #2

    Can someone check over my short paragraph thing please? Voici mon poster. C'est importante pour moi parceque il (reminds) moi de mon livre favorite dans (grade 5). Je (got it as a prize) de la chance de draw). Heres the english: This is my poster. It is

    asked by Larry on May 22, 2009
  34. Math

    Write the ratio as a percent. In the seventh grade class, 19/25 students voted in favor of having a class picnic. a. 76% *** b. 78% c. 72% d. 95%

    asked by Cadence on February 3, 2016
  35. Math

    The grade of a highway up a hill is 50%. How much change in horizontal distance is there if the vertical height of the hill is 175 feet?

    asked by Anon on December 3, 2012
  36. chemistry

    where can i find printable worksheets from prentice hall for chemistry? I looked, but could not find any from PH online for any grade level. nor did I.

    asked by lily on May 7, 2007
  37. Math

    K-4 1st-11 2nd- __ 3rd-30 4th-25 5th-10 6- 1 BEST prediction for the number of days testing, for 2nd grade? 15 20

    asked by Jocie on October 1, 2015
  38. Algebra

    The grade of a highway up a hill is 50%. How much change in horizontal distance is there if the vertical height of the hill is 175 feet?

    asked by Chris on December 3, 2012
  39. U.S history connections academy

    does anyone know what pages to go to in the text book to find the answers for the 8th grade civics unit test? or the answers \_(-_-)_/ jk

    asked by dude on November 13, 2016
  40. New here

    Hi, I'm in 7th grade and I am new to this site. Could someone please tell me how this site works and also, how do I find out if someone posted an answer to the question I asked? Thank You! Rayne

    asked by Rayne on November 2, 2017
  41. math

    how would you teach 3rd grade how to do reasonable range on this 22-35 pages per day about how many days willit take to read 90 pages

    asked by Anonymous on March 28, 2012
  42. Math

    I am doing a scavenger hunt assigned by my sixth grade teacher and the beginning problem is 7

    asked by Racheal on January 3, 2008
  43. Math

    I'm a seventh grade student, I'm having a hard time trying to understand how to do nth term, where n represents the position of the term?

    asked by Jay on November 7, 2010
  44. pre-algebra

    I am actually in 6th grade but I really want to learn more about pre algebra. I was given a task to solve the question of y=9x+3*7 and i don't get what to do. Should I graph? Or solve for y?

    asked by Kendrick on January 12, 2017
  45. statistics

    The distribution of grades of 50 students in a certain subject is normally distributed with a mean of 86 and a standard deviation of 12. 6. 7. If the passing grade is 75, how many failed in the subject?

    asked by Anonymous on December 9, 2017
  46. science

    Can you tell about velocity, accelration, motion, position, friction, gravity, weight and gravitation. i mean 4th grade velocity.

    asked by Anonymous on November 16, 2009
  47. geometry

    a Street in san franscico has a 20% grade-that is it rises 20' for every 100' horizontally. Find the angle of elevation of the street?

    asked by jerry on September 3, 2012
  48. regents

    I have to take the Regents exam, but there are a great number of math regents exams. If I am in 11th grade,which one should I take??plz help , this is urgent! !😣

    asked by Paul on June 8, 2016
  49. Reading & Math

    My daughter is in the third grade and she is reading on a level of 20 she should be at level 34. Please help they are threating to retain her and I don't want that. I need suggestions, desperate mom.

    asked by Sherri Kearney on February 18, 2014
  50. Science

    I need to observe and identify variables and I'm in 6th grade!!! Help, this work is killing me....It's scenario 1-4 and I have Mr Jones plz help plz

    asked by Destiny on August 31, 2012
  51. science is hardddd!!!!

    Can I Have An Example Of A Closed System?? Please use easy words that I can understand, Im not that smart and i'm only in 7th grade. Also can you give me an example of an Open System?? Thank You.

    asked by PLEASEEEE on January 24, 2013
  52. Social Studies

    Explain the argument between the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church. What were its origins? PLEASE HELP ME I HAVE A BAD GRADE AND AM BEHIND.

    asked by Just some one that needs help on May 17, 2018
  53. Muscular Energy

    I am working on a project on energy and I can not find a definition of muscular energy. I am in the 4th grade. Can you help? i need the ans htht

    asked by Jen on February 18, 2007
  54. social studies

    my daughter is in the 5th grade and needs help on reading a fiction book and on making a biographical friend and a presentation on the book.

    asked by jasmine Gutierres on December 13, 2009
  55. tourism,history,geography and maths lit.

    im doing grade 11...im confused...which career is possible for me to persue when doing these subjects..or which jobs are available with these subjects

    asked by Tinah Masiana on April 15, 2016
  56. Chemistry

    What property must a substance have if u want to use the substance to make an aqueous solution? Grade- 9

    asked by Seastone on October 21, 2012
  57. american legion award???

    What is american legion award??? My mom got that award when she was in 8th grade.

    asked by Laruen on August 21, 2012
  58. business

    what studies should i take if i pass my business studies with higher marks?...(I'm in grade 12)

    asked by paballo on April 11, 2013
  59. math

    what is 6/12 the same as? 4/5, 1/2, or 4/7? find the equivalent fraction. 1/2 = 6/? six-twelfths is what fraction? ??i am only in sixth grade

    asked by bobpursley on November 8, 2006
  60. Math

    Is this an example of two-variable data? Data Management Marks: 74,81,66,53,92,45,80 Grade 12 Average: 77,87,68,67,85,55,76 i think it is..

    asked by Rose on May 16, 2016
  61. Math

    One road has a grade of 20% and the other has an elevation of 15 degrees. Which road would be steeper? How do i figure this out?

    asked by Aj on September 13, 2012
  62. grade 10 career studies

    I have to hand in an assignment called WHO AM I? for my grade 10 career studies course, i just need to no what to hand in exactly

    asked by jack on April 16, 2010
  63. math

    Lucas' last 4 test scores were 88, 95, 92 and 81. 90% or better is an A. What would he have to get on his fifth math test to pull up his grade to a 90?

    asked by tina on October 27, 2015
  64. Geometry

    A road climbs at an 8 degree angle with the horizontal. What is the grade of the Road.

    asked by Rose on February 10, 2011
  65. Anthropology

    What age grade (age set) do you find in the United States? Are there more than one?

    asked by Casey on February 12, 2015
  66. Math

    2nd grade number patterns Number Series I am having problems with these 2 3 2 6 4 9 6 12 8 (what should be next?) 3 6 9 12 9 6 3 6 (what should be next?)

    asked by Bianca on October 23, 2007
  67. life science,history,6eography,and maths lit

    im in grade 12 and i dn't no wht job must i take so can you plz tell me wht kind of jobs is available

    asked by nkululo nqophiso on December 7, 2013
  68. Math

    Karen has an 86% average after 4 grades, what grade does she need to get in order to bringer average up to an 88%?

    asked by Caitlyn on November 27, 2011
  69. geometry

    A road climbs at an 8 degree angle with the horizontal. What is the grade of the road?

    asked by Anonymous on February 12, 2011
  70. math

    if I am at 94.44 in my class and I have a paper that is worth 10% if I don't do the paper what would it pull my grade down to

    asked by Anonymous on December 9, 2013
  71. History

    8th Grade History; where is massachusetts bay located? what is the purpose of its discovery? advantage, and disadvantage. relationship with the local indian tribes. and 1 interesting fact. i cant find ANY of this. help?

    asked by Cheyenne on September 30, 2010
  72. social studies

    I have two questions for grade 7 social studies people. They are both outcomes and one is What are the reasons Louis Riel became a leader? All of them! And Appreciate the challenges that communities and individuals face when confronted with rapid change?

    asked by Nicolas MacLeod on May 26, 2008
  73. social studys

    Hi! please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a quiz due today my grandma was in the hospital and I couldn't do school! I promise on my life that that is the case....here is the question : WHY DID BUDDHISM BECOME POPULAR IN INDIA?: its 28 percent of my grade plz

    asked by purple star on November 30, 2017
  74. literature

    Can you please help me make new words from the following: views, player, remote, exits, lacees and newer. I had fifty and just can't figure these out. Thank You...........Destiny 5th grade See answer above -- same question posted by Anonymous! =)

    asked by Destiny on February 7, 2007
  75. computer history

    History,business study,tourism,zulu,maths literacy,english and life orientation. Am doing those subject and am in grade 11 I don't knw what career must I take anybody can help me my digit please 0724306682

    asked by Anonymous on August 4, 2014
  76. Math

    6th grade math book #2 pg. 438: 17. Suppose the population of the United States is about 230 billion. Is this number closer to 10 to the seventh or 10 to the eighth? Explain your reasoning.

    asked by Ginevra on November 30, 2017
  77. Psychology

    Jennifer reads books recommended by her history teacher even though there is no grade given for reading them. Which of these applies? Functional fixedness Intrinsic motivation Inductive reasoning Incubation Heuristics

    asked by Jerk on November 1, 2012
  78. Math

    the following stem-and-leaf plot shows the number of books checked out from the school library by each studentin Mrs. Donham's fourth-grade class 0/6 1/1 3 8 2/2 2 3 7 8 3/0 0 0 1 2 4 4 5 6 9 9 4/1 2 5 which interval had the most students a-30-39 b-20-29

    asked by Phyllis on April 25, 2011
  79. Math

    Mr. Niles has a box of accessories for clarinets. He has a total of 42 objects. He has 12 mouthpieces. He has four times as many reeds as neck straps. How many of each object does he have? I tried so hard but I just didn't understand it and I am in fifth

    asked by Marie on November 3, 2015
  80. mathematics (percentages)

    math problem: pedro wants to calculate his gpa. he has the lab grades:90/100,98/100,90/100,94/100,90/100,90/100,95/100,98/100. Labs are worth 20%. He has the test grades: 9/10,6/10,10/10,10/10,5/10,7/10,7/10,7/10,10/10,10/10,8/10,10/10. Homework is worth

    asked by day on December 5, 2006
  81. trigonometry - maths

    The difference between the two acute angles of a right angled triangle is 2pie /5 radians . Express the angle of the triangle in degree and grade .

    asked by devi on July 10, 2017
  82. Math

    0.9 of the 6th grade graders at Sellers brought cans for the canned food drive. What % of students did not bring cans 90 10 9 1 Im not sure on this one but I think its 90

    asked by Jerald on October 17, 2012
  83. Science

    Is the meaning of an application in science 'how is it used in the real world'? Yes or No. If no, please write what the real definition is, in 6th grade language for me to understand.

    asked by Sarah on January 24, 2012
  84. Maths lit,Geography,Tourism,Dramatic Arts,Isizulu,L.O and English

    M doing grade 12 this year and i still don't know what do with these subjects so i want to know if there is any good career path that i can take,if so can you please give me some few examples of careers based on these subjects

    asked by Noxolo Mkhize on January 8, 2016
  85. Science-English

    Can you just tell me your opinion on this paper on tundra climate? Can you also check spelling and grammar? One last thing, I would appreciate it if you told me what grade level this paper should be.

    asked by Sam on April 6, 2009
  86. history

    1. How does their sovereign status as nations affect how Native American tribes make treaties? plz help this is the only grade I have an F on so PLZ

    asked by khao on May 11, 2017
  87. social studies

    my daghter is in 4th grade and has a test on universal address and she has to study words for it and i don't know how to help cause i don't unterstand how she is going to be tested

    asked by kim on September 18, 2009
  88. science

    What is science is the question and btw Im in grade 8 so could u plz give an answer according to that like explain what is science first and then wht r its branches plzzz!!!

    asked by Daisy on September 4, 2013
  89. Math?

    I have to do this portfolio and I have read back and can’t find what I am suppose to be writing or doing help!! Misleading Media Watchdog Portfolio 6th grade

    asked by Angie on September 6, 2018
  90. Jiskha in General

    Are some of the people on this site teachers? How do they have time to answer our questions? Don't they have to grade papers and such? I'm just curious and grateful that some people are willing to always be on here.

    asked by Ben on February 15, 2009
  91. algebra

    can someone show me how to solve this the instructions are for me to solve by the quadriatic formula is this really 8 grade math im confused im trying to help my daughter tammi and i have never run across this before X^2 + 9=0

    asked by tammi on October 7, 2013
  92. math

    Find the area of each figure with the given dimensions Trapeziod: b1 = 6,b2=10, h=5 Trapeziod: b1= 4.5, b2= 8, h=6.7 I wasn't in school the day we studied this, and i am only in 7th grade!

    asked by Danielle on December 2, 2010
  93. Math

    Of the 6 grade students surveyed, 12% bring their lunch. SUppose 24 six graders do this, how many six graders are there. I would like you to show me how to do this, (Mom) so that I can explain to my son. Thanks.

    asked by Bob on May 8, 2008
  94. Math-Corrections

    Based on the survey,the librarian predicts that about two-thirds of the students in seventh grade will not like the new encyclopedia.Is this answer reasonable? Answer i got:yes

    asked by Zoe on March 27, 2012
  95. Writing

    can you check my grammar and spelling? and does it look better? Erin Oldham Calvin Brown 20 March 2013 ASL 2 ASL 2 Research paper I am writing about interviewing three Deaf Persons for my ASL research paper. The first person I interviewed is Christian

    asked by Erin on May 18, 2013
  96. Math

    Need to find equation for 1250=1200+4-375. Is this possible or impossible. Need to find how to figure these type of questions. This is 3rd grade homework

    asked by Justin on April 24, 2012
  97. Kopanang Senior Secondary school

    Am in grade 10 am doing maths literac,geograph,life science,life orientation,consumer studies,english an spedi which carrer must I take?

    asked by Pretty Molapo on November 11, 2015
  98. Math

    I am in 6th grade and have a math problem that I need help with. How can you use four rods that measure 2cm, 5cm, 7cm and 9cm to measure a length of 1cm?

    asked by Bee on August 30, 2011
  99. Algebra 2

    A teacher announces that exams count 20% of the 1st quarter's average. If a student has a 75 average, what must he get on his exam in order to bring his grade to at least to an 82?

    asked by Catilyn on February 7, 2013


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