1. Philosophy( Please Help Me))

    Hi, I would appreciate if someone can let me know what they think about the answer that I choose for these questions? Mortimer argues that right actions are the ones that: a.We believe to be right. b.Are culturally valid. c.God commands us to perform.
  2. English

    Hello. I'll be very grateful if you help me with a few questions. 1)Would you use the article in the context: "he became (the?)French president", "he became (the?) president of France"? 2)Which preposition is correct in the following context: "England
  3. math

    suppose a bag contains three orange marbles and two blue marbles. you are to choose a marble, return it to the bag, and then choose again and suppose you do this 50 times what is chance of getting 2 marbles of the same color.
  4. English

    Choose the option that corrects the error in the underlined portion. If no error exists, choose "No change is necessary." When the body needs to fight infectious diseases it increases the number of white blood cells. a) diseases, it b) diseases. It c)
  5. Math

    25% of 5th graders would choose to have music instead of art. If there are 60 5th graders, how many of them choose?
  6. Thermodynamics

    Consider a system consisting of two glass bulbs, each with volume V, and each containing n moles of gas. Bulb A contains nA moles of A and bulb B contains nB moles of B (a different gas), nA = nB. The bulbs are connected by a closed stopcock. The stopcock
  7. GRAMMAR HELP plz check ;-;

    Which sentence contains an item that is either incorrectly in quotation marks or that should be in quotation marks? A.Read the chapter titled The Hidden Life of Molecules. B.Why did you call the painting Wildlife Number 57? C.A busload of children was
  8. Hum/176

    • Choose a form of popular media that you are passionate about. The media may be music, a book, or a movie. I advise you to choose a specific media. For example, rather than choosing film as a category, please select a specific film like "The Hurt
  9. Lang. Arts

    Rewrite sentence using commas. To be a good skater you have to follow safety rules. I wrote... To be a good skater, you have to follow safety rules.
  10. English help

    Identify the infinitive phrase in the following sentence. Too many people drive to work when it would be just as easy for them to ride the bus. A. drive to work B. it would be C. just as easy D. to ride the bus I think it is A??
  11. English

    Can you help me identify the subordinate clause in the sentence The camel is the only pack animal that can stand the test of the Sahara. Would the subordinate clause be "than can stand the test of the Sahara?"
  12. Lang. Arts

    Rewrite the sentence using commas. Pushing up against the skateboard the ground also acts as a force. I wrote... Pushing up against the skateboard, the ground also acts as a force.
  13. Language Art's HELP ASAP!

    14.) What is the prepositional phrase in this sentence? "Late last night there was a loud knock at the door" A.)Late last night B.)There was C.)A loud knock D.)At the door I believe it's "A", However i also think might be "D"
  14. Lang. Arts

    Rewrite the sentence using commas. Pushing up against the skateboard the ground also acts as a force. I wrote... Pushing up against the skateboard, the ground also acts as a force.
  15. english

    Select the sentence that has correct pronoun usage. Julie plans to travel this summer with Oscar and me. Julie plans to travel this summer with Oscar and I.
  16. Math ms sue please help!!!!!!

    Simple probability You have 20 crayons to choose from : 5 are blue, 3 are green, 8 are red and 4 are orange. If you randomly choose one crayon, what is the probability you will get armed crayon? P(red)= I put 8 to 20= I put 80% but my friend said 40% who's
  17. spanish

    When one is referencing mood, I know estar is generally used because states of mood are temporary. In the following sentence, though, it seems like ser might be more appropriate, at least for the first part, because "siempre" indicates the mood is
  18. SPANISH one more ??

    in the following sentence I am to cirle the indirect object pronouns and draw an arrow to the direct object they stand for. A mi me gusta ir de compras. Es muy divertido comprar regalos para mi famililia y mis amigos. MY ANSWSER is this correct. ** cirled
  19. English

    1. Junhee, doesn't "dangeun" mean a carrot? 2. Yes, A carrot is "dangeun" in Korean. 3. I'm confused. I asked my friend, Bora, if she liked spicy food, she said, "dangeuniji." 4. What did she mean by that? 5. Oh, she meant "Of course." It's Korean slang.
  20. English

    1. There are many ways to help you healthy. (Is this a correct sentence?) 2. How do you feel when you see green colors? I feel happy. I feel calm. It make me feel happy. It makes me happy. 3. Which season do you like the most? Why? I like summer and winter
  21. english

    4. Shenzhen is a shoking place, like nowhere elseon earth that i have ever seen. (make a question with sentence " i have ever seen") 5. The new Hopewell Highway runs from Shenzhen to Guangzhou. (make a question with " where question") 6. So the traffic
  22. basic english makeup

    PLEASE HELP ME THESE THE ONLY ONES I COULDNT FIND THANK U SO MUCH 1.Which of the following is not a key consideration when developing a piece of writing? A.The timeliness of the message B.The purpose of the message C.The intended audience D.The format of
  23. Discrete mathematics

    I need help solving this problem, I have followed the sequence forward and backwards but can't seem to find the solution. I believe it's the pigeon hole theorem. Here's the problem; Let A be any set of twenty integers chosen from the arithmetic progression
  24. ELA

    Which sentence is written in the subjunctive mood? A) Win the lottery, please! B) I won the lottery and donated half of it to charity. C) When I win the lottery, I will donate half of it to charity. D) I might win the lottery one day if I'm really lucky. I
  25. Language Arts

    Can someone tell me what the simple subject and simple predicates are in this sentence? Thanks Sports fans trade baseball, football, or basketball cards. a. sport fans/trade b. fans/or c. baseball/or d. fans/trade
  26. English please help!

    I really need someone to answer check my answers. If my answers are wrong please tell me what I did wrong. Cross out any prepositional phrases. Underline the subject once and the verb/verb phrase twice. 1.) After class give the teacher your paper.
  27. English

    1. The next few years, you are growing in and out. 2. During the next few years, you are growing in and out. 3. In the next few years, you are growing in and out. (Which does #1 mean, #2 or #3?) Responses English - GuruBlue, Tuesday, June 9, 2009 at 4:36pm
  28. English redo

    Ok, for my first question Flying over the oak tree,the farmer saw the flock of birds that had damaged his crops. I revised to: The farmer saw the flock of birds, flying over the oak tree that had damaged his crops. Second sentence: Ironing out all
  29. Grammar

    1.The _____ live next door. A) Smith's B) Smiths I answered B 2.Select the sentence which is correctly punctuated: A) The diagnosis was "gastroenteritis acute." B) The diagnosis was "gastroenteritis, acute." C) The diagnosis was "gastroenteritis, acute". I
  30. english

    Can someone check my sentences to see if they need change or no change when it falls under the rule of Predication: 1.Our resolutions should begin at midnight on January 1. 2. The reason for the cat's illness is because she was allergic to the dog. 3.A
  31. Speech

    Please help me write an eight sentence paragraph that fully develops the topic. 1. Getting along with other people is important in my work. What exactly does "getting along" involve? What goals would "getting along" help you to meet your work goals? How
  32. Philosophy(Having Problems)

    Hi, I would appreciate if someone can let me know what they think about the answer that I choose for these questions? Mortimer argues that right actions are the ones that: a.We believe to be right. b.Are culturally valid. c.God commands us to perform.
  33. Math

    Suppose you have a bag containing two red marbles, two blue marbles, and two white marbles. You choose two marbles without looking. a. What is the probability that you will choose a red marble and then a blue marble without replacing the red one? b. What
  34. consumer math

    Jim opened an account with $400. The account pays three percent quarterly. How much is in the account at the end of two years? Round to the nearest dollar.
  35. english

    Please help me with my thesis. i have to write a thesis statement in the topic topic "Poverty in USA". like i had lots but my teacher didn't agree with those. can anyone please give me idea what to write. by starting the sentence with " Poverty in USA
  36. Spanish

    Each sentence needs to follow the structure: subject pronoun + verb in the present tense. ¿Que hacen Mary y Lisa? ¿Que hace Lola? ¿Que hace Carlos y Sam? Mary y Lisa are singing together Lola is studying Carlos y Sam are on the phone together
  37. English

    Identify each sentence as declarative, imperative, interrogative or exclamatory. Add the proper punctuation. 1. Try to name another American inventor. I added a period and called it imperative. Is this correct? 2. Imagine the traffic problems we'd have
  38. English

    Hello, can someone please check my answer? Which sentence best expresses the meaning of the following aphorism? Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread. - Alexander Pope A. Angels and fools are never seen together. B. When angels know to stay clear, fools
  39. English

    Thank you for your help. I have one more similar set related to 'a long way' and 'far.' Which one do you use frequently?In a grammar book here, #2 and #4 are regarded as incorrect sentences because 'far' is used in a positive sentence. Is that explanation
  40. communication

    Which sentence presents an alternative in appropriate way? "The 11:00 a.m. flight is completely sold out, so I booked you on the 2:00 p.m. flight. Hopefully that will work for you." "We are out the red units, so we went ahead and shipped you 12 green ones
  41. English - check my answer, please.

    "The study will be conducted with all haste by the Office of Public Mendacity; nevertheless, the Office will fail to blame the culpable." This statement: includes a shift in tense. *** includes a passive construction-one in which the subject receives the
  42. Science help please

    My homework asks of me to write a sentence for each word reflecting the scientific meaning and showing how I understand what the word means. I am so puzzled and stuck. I have figured out the definition for the words, but I don't know how to write the
  43. Language Arts

    2) Which of the following phrases is not an adverbial phrase in the sentence below? For family fun, you can go on a treasure hunt in the United States. (1point) For family fun*** In the United States On a treasure hunt You can go 3) Which of the following
  44. english

    Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. In this sentence i need to know what part of speech these words or phrases are:
  45. Math. Check my answers

    1. What is the solution to 89+k=-42? a. K = 131 b. K = 47 c. K = -47 d. K = -131** 2. What is the additive inverse of -7? a. -7 b. 7** c. -|-7| d. -(-(-7)) 3. What is the solution to y-7=-7? a. y=14 b. y=7 c. y=0** d. y=-7 4. What is the value of
  46. English

    Identify the correct sentence. A. Fighting on school grounds are a serious offence. B. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets are a good movie. C. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is a good movie. D. A new Boys and Girls Club are keeping many
  47. Stress

    In a sentence or two, describe each of your own top three stressors. 1. Time. ~ I get a lot of homework and I try to use my time well to finish it all, but with distractions in the way it's not possible. 2. Health. ~ I am very conscious about my health, so
  48. English - punctuation

    which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly? A. The horse rode to our house, the beach, and around the church, before he started to tire. B. The strong heavyset fighter won his first fight, and he was featured in the newspaper. C. The ladies's
  49. English

    According to her parents, the book that I found was her’s. She told me, however, that she didn’t want it back. 1. Which of the following is an error in the sentence above? A. Improper use of commas around “however” B. Improper use of a comma after
  50. English

    7. Which sentence contains italicized words that are used as an infinitive phrase? A. Tom went there for some flour. B. Kelly went to the grocery store. C. Mark wanted to go, but not today. D. Jane parked her car behind a truck. These words are
  51. English

    I urgently need you to check this rephrase.I added another sentence. "The ice did split with a thunder-fit; The helmsman steered us through." 1) The ice split as (?) the sound of the thunder and the helmsman steered them through. 2) The white Moon
  52. social studies

    Which of the following was the greatest short-term effect of Spanish colonization on American Indians? A. It sharply decreased their population. B. It opened them to European ideas. C. It gave them new crops to grow. D. It led to their disappearance from
  53. economics

    Suppose two competitors, Coa, Inc., and Han, Inc., are locked in a bitter pricing struggle in the aluminum industry. In the limit pricing payoff matrix, Coa can choose a given row of outcomes by offering a limit price ("up") or monopoly price ("down"). Han
  54. check geo

    in the 1800s ___________ opened up the western united states to immagration and buisness. A. The transcontinental railroad B. The underground railroad C.Route 66 D.Cattle farming .The answer I chose was B .
  55. Grammar and capitalization

    Select the sentence with the correct capitalization. A) She had cushingoid features. B) She had Cushingoid features. C) She had Cushingoid Features. I answered B
  56. english

    The store will stay open later during the holiday season. The store will stock a variety of seasonal merchandise. The store will have many discounts available for holiday shoppers. 22. When revising the paragraph above, the writer should address which of
  57. L.A.Help!!!!!!

    Which sentence is a main idea of "Why Leaves Turn Color in the Fall"? A. Leaves stop making chlorophyll add summer ends. B. Leaves reflect the colors of corn, pumpkins, and cranberries in the fall. C. Photosynthesis begins in the fall. D. Longer days and
  58. English

    Which sentence uses the underlined homonym correctly? fireflies danced in the knight ( Knight is underlined) I do knot know him at all ( Knot is underlined) Janine's baby weighs eight pounds (Weights is underlined) how do I love you; let me count the
  59. Social Studies-Great Depression

    2. Which of the following were efforts to help struggling Americans? (choose all that apply 3 points) a Hoover's strong policies for economic reform and government restructure b breadlines ** c campaigns to raise money** d assistance from private
  60. algebra

    The temperature F, in degrees Fahrenheit, that corresponds to a temperature C, in degrees Celsius, is given by the equation F = (9/5)C + 32. If you graph this equation for 0 < (the sign has a _ below it to mean or equal to) C < (the sign has a _
  61. English

    Identify the direct object in each sentence. 1. Maria watched a deer walk across the street. A. walking B. deer **** 2. Jennifer touched the tarantula at the museum. A. tarantula **** B. museum 3. Jonathan baked the cake in the oven. A. oven B. cake ****
  62. english

    Combine the sentences by changing the italicized word group to an infinitive or infinitive phrase. Then write the complete sentence in the paragraph box. The journalist took a job in the hotel. This way he would get facts for an article. I got it wrong. I
  63. English

    The is the sentence I'm uncertain about: These old journals are wonderful to learn what life was like a century ago. I know the infinitive is 'to learn.' I think it is being used as an adverb. It's modifying the adjective 'wonderful.' It's not a noun used
  64. English

    1. Research projects that have won Ig Nobel Prizes are real, scientific work. (have won) 2. Here are some of the most interesting projects that have received the prizes so far. (have received) (Question: What is the use of the present perfect in each
  65. Language Arts

    In the sentence: My plans for vacation include redecorating my room. I know the gerund phrase is redecorating my room, but is include a action verb or linking verb? I need to be able to tell if the gerund phrase is used as a direct object or predicate
  66. English

    Please please please check my answers and explain to me why they are right or wrong!!! 24.) Choose the correct voice of the underlined verb. (1 point) The pitcher THREW the ball to the catcher. a.) active** b.) passive 25.) Choose the correct voice of the
  67. fundamental of organizational communication

    can some assist me with this assignment? It is time to choose an organizational communication scenario to use as the case study for your final project. Most learners choose a problem or issue they are experiencing at their current workplace, but you may
  68. English

    State the meaning of the word expedite as it is used in the following sentence. Then, identify the context clue that you used to understand the meaning: definition clue, synonym, example clue, contrast clue, or inference clue. The majority of the elected
  69. Englis

    Use a joining word to combine the simple sentences to make a compound sentence. 1/ Jack and the Beanstalk" is a fable. It is very famous. 2/ the beanstalk grew into the sky . Jack climbed it anyway. 3/ Jack climbed the beanstalk . He found a pot of gold.
  70. Math (Probability)

    A survey showed that 30% of students choose blue as their favorite color; 40% chose pink; and the other 30% chose green. If you survey 30 students from the same group, how many do you think will choose pink? 25 20 150 12 ***
  71. English

    1. Soy, kimchi, olive oil, lentils and yogurt are the world's five healthiest foods. (Is this statement right in meaning and diction? What is 'soy'? Is 'soy' soy sauce or soybean in the sentence?) 2. Today lunch is free in this restaurant. 3. Today lunch
  72. Chemistry

    Hey; I'm currently in a kinetics class and I am trying to do a prelab for a lab that we haven't learned the material for yet and I'm really stuck, and we unfortunately don't have a textbook for the class so I was hoping someone could help. We have the
  73. maths

    The number of vehicles entering each of 15 junctions from a motorway during a 20-minute period on a Sunday morning is given below. 7 26 30 26 19 22 12 30 8 28 8 15 26 32 4 1 Choose the option that gives the median number of vehicles entering a junction.
  74. English

    I need help on this essay it has to be 600-900 words and 2-3 pages long. The Theme About Invictus So far i have: In my essay there will be focus on the poem “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley. This essay will be focusing on the theme of how much pain
  75. math-patterns

    what is the next number in the pattern 6,38,932,1087,12437
  76. math

    Make a conjecture and give a general term for this pattern
  77. math

    look at the table of 9s facts. Is there another number pattern in the multiples of 9? Explain
  78. math problem

    1/3, 3/5,5/7,7/9,9/11,....If the pattern continues ,what is the 100th fraction in the sequence?
  79. math

    Write a number pattern for 8 star fish if each has 5 arms
  80. Math

    Identify a pattern and write the next three terms. 600, 300, __, 30, 6, __
  81. math 4th grade

    I have to follow the pattern .125, .25, .375, .5 ?
  82. American History

    How did the pattern of European immigration shift in 1890?
  83. space

    what do the pattern of lines in a star's absorption spectrum represent?
  84. Physics

    why doesn't the light from the headlights of your car cause an interference pattern?
  85. Math

    I need to figure out a pattern (using an algebraic expression) that will get me from: 1 to .01, 2 to .02, 3 to .04, 4 to .08, etc. all the way to 25 to 153,948.16! HELP
  86. algebra

    Use inductive reasoning to predict the next complete line in the pattern. 10 × 12 = 11 × 13 - 23 12 × 14 = 13 × 15 - 27 14 × 16 = 15 × 17 - 31
  87. Math

    Here is a number pattern: 1/2, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, 1/10. Write an expression for the nth term
  88. World History

    What is the pattern that 20th century revolutions typically followed?
  89. Math

    If the pattern of the first letters of MATHMATHMATH……continues to the right, the 1989th letter would be?
  90. 4th grade

    Write a number pattern for 8 starfish if each had 5 arms.
  91. math

    complete the pattern starts at 0.22 _ _ _ ends at 0.84 fill in the blanks
  92. Math

    How many ways can you use pattern blocks to make a parallelogram? Explain.
  93. english

    How do we know if the writer followed introduction body conclusion organizational pattern?
  94. help

    Now that Mrs. Shotto has lost weight, what pattern size would be a better fit.?
  95. Math

    Describe a pattern in the sequence 4, 6.5, 9, 11.5 & find the next two terms of the difference.
  96. MATH

  97. Math

    -800,400,-200,100,..... What's the next two numbers in this pattern?
  98. Maths

    Four numbers 2, -3, 5 and -7 are arranged in a pattern as shown. 2, -3, 5, -7, 2, -3, 5, -7, 2, -3 .......... what is the 2005 number?
  99. 4th grade math

    explain what do you need to do to extend number pattern?
  100. 8th grade math

    I need the equation for these numbers: 3, 9, 19, 33, 51 I see that the pattern goes up by 6, then 10, then 14, then 18 (4 more each time)