1. english

    can you pls give ma a sentence for the word jaded?
  2. grammar

    What part of speech is the word "below "used in this sentence. From the ledge can you see below?
  3. english

    What is a good thesis sentence for fishing camp
  4. English

    need to unscramble these letters and make a sentence: hinhakinyteftiditelt
  5. vocab cultures & dev

    a sentence with the word communist in it
  6. english

    can someone help me for free to put the word abstract in a sentence?
  7. english

    which word is the noun in the sentence,"I like to horseback ride."
  8. grammar tenses

    What does it mean to have a sentence in "present perfect tense"?
  9. com220

    I need help with my research paper. I do not know how to do a full sentence outline
  10. English

    theme of the story "And Of Clay Are We Created" in one sentence?
  11. com 220

    full sentence outline on legalization of drugs
  12. english

    How would i write a thesis sentence for a biography on C.S. Lewis?
  13. English

    Could someone please clarify this sentence for me, thanks. I ain't so sure I wasn't better off in the old days.
  14. Math

    Insert parentheses to make each sentence true. 32/8/2+6=14
  15. English

    It smells like something is burning. (Is this sentence correct? What does 'It' refer to?)
  16. English

    How do you use Treachery in a compound sentence using independent clauses.
  17. Grammar

    What's wrong with the following sentence? He was in trouble for acting like a tomfoolery.
  18. math

    the quotient of n and 5 is 4 times n. Write each sentence as an equation
  19. algebra

    How would I write this sentence as an equation in two variables? The-value is 5 more than 3 times the x-value
  20. grammar

    Is this sentence correct? The show is great but it is much less than expected.
  21. MATH

    Where would I place the praentheses to make this sentence ture....10+5×4^2÷2^3
  22. Astronomy

    Describe in one sentence the rotations and revolutions of the planets.
  23. Algebra

    Translate the sentence into an inequality The quotient of w and 4 is greater than −18
  24. Algebra

    A number b increased by 9 is at most 30 Translate the sentence into an inequality
  25. grammar

    " This had never happened before. Usually he would be the one who wakes up the earliest. " Is there anything wrong in this sentence?
  26. english

    how did the cat catch the mice? isn't that a sentence?
  27. Grammar

    Do I use to or too in the following sentence? Rita and I are picky who we give compliments to or too?
  28. algebra

    what is a good number sentence to show that 5 is a factor of 35?
  29. English

    1.He is also worried about his health. 2. He also didn't go there. ========= Can we use 'also' in a negative sentence?
  30. English

    I'm terribly sorry. I included that sentence again by mistake. Thank you very much for your corrections!
  31. English

    In this sentences I just want to know whether this sentence is correct. Natalia is a better cook that I or me. I have I
  32. English

    How to write a topic sentence paragraph about education
  33. writing

    write a paragraph about this sentence . i`m a busy person
  34. English

    Can anyone help me figure out what's wrong with this sentence? "The lighthouse is further away than it first appeared."
  35. 5th grade

    looking for a number sentence the same when you read it from either direction
  36. English

    What are all of the verbs in the following sentence? Calipers were set and verified at 5 mm.
  37. algebra

    Insert<,>or=to make the sentence true -1/3-2/5 answers are. = < >
  38. English

    Can you give me a sentence about Halloween with the use of each relative pronouns who, what,whose, which & that?
  39. English

    She gets ready hard for an exam. [Is this sentence grammatical?]
  40. english

    can you please check if this sentence is grammatically correct? "This is rather interesting."
  41. ALGEBRA 2

    Insert <,>,or = to make the sentence true. -1/3 ___ -2/5
  42. writing

    when you write a sentence, how do you know what a verb, adj.or conjuction is?
  43. Help

    Do this sentence have the correct pronoun usage Natalia is a better cook than me
  44. Ela

    What figurative language is this sentence "you dived to deep"
  45. eng

    I have to write a full sentence outline and can not figure out how to do it
  46. english

    write one sentence using the words ambush and bulletin
  47. COM 220

  48. English

    How do you change the sentence "Muscle relaxation can help you." to a question?
  49. english plz help

    how do we find a theme in a sentence. can anyone give me one example????
  50. geometry

    What inequality represents the sentence below? The product of a number and 5 is no more than 8. A. 5n < 8 B. 5n > 8 C. 5n>8 D.5n<8
  51. math

    write a four sentence paragraph about how you do a algorithm problem
  52. grammar

    Is the following an interrogative of declaritive sentence Guess who we saw today
  53. writing a paper

    Can you start a sentence of with the word at. for example At the same time
  54. english

    I identify noun in the following sentence They worked for months together
  55. math

    Write a number sentence using all of the given numbers and symbols. 6,9,7,5,3,=,+,+,-
  56. English

    If the subject of the sentence is first person, then the verb must be in what form?

  58. English

    1. Blue helps with headaches. (What is the meaning of 'with' in this sentence?)
  59. algebra

    what inequality represents the sentence below? The product of a number and 5 is no more than 8.
  60. 3rd

    what is a good number sentence with two expressions that equal each other?
  61. Math

    Write a comparison sentence yo represent this equation. 6×7=42
  62. algebra

    Tanslate this sentence into an equation. " 48 is 4/9 of Malik's height"
  63. english

    what is the grammar point of the sentence "none of us are free when one of us is chained"
  64. vocabulary

    can u give me a sentence with the words indifferent & heartily?
  65. spelling

    form a sentence with the 2 conjunction words she's and cann't
  66. english

    What are the adjectives in this sentence? A giant sequoyia is ancient.
  67. Grammar

    Is this sentence correct? The shampoo was concentrated, therefore I only used a little bit.
  68. Diagram sentence

    Sandy's throw to first base was short
  69. engish

    what is a concuding sentence for the story "The scarlet Ibis".
  70. English (again O.o)

    How would one use.... *abreast *gaily in a sentence? (separate sentences, not together)
  71. 1st grade

    Is this sentence correct Breakfast Is Served Between 6:30 AM & 10:30 AM
  72. spell

    i need to think of a sentence using bankrupt but using two singular possessive nouns help
  73. English

    the skill of a painter,complete or incomplete sentence
  74. english

    Diagram this sentence Pastors do Gods work
  75. Linguistics/English

    I have an assignment about sentence diagramming. I need help. Any example given will be great.
  76. english

    What is the verb tense for the following sentence? Where are you going after school today?
  77. science

    I'm trying to unscramble the following letters to make a sentence. Help! ipsoosousceeeuysethsumtatdoyngc
  78. Writing

    can anyboody give me a sentence with the word desperate
  79. english

    Seek his will in all you do and he will direct your paths. What are the nouns in this sentence?
  80. com

    what would a full sentence outline be for year-round school
  81. English

    can you write a sentence using the words: bicycle's wheel? thank you.
  82. english

    what is the noun in the sentence, As he turned to go, he spat speculatively.
  83. Math

    Is that there a preposition in the sentence I don't know but it's hanging by it's feet
  84. grammar

    I will be so offended if someone mistaken as an American. is this sentence correct?
  85. english

    sara and saira's grandfather correct the sentence
  86. English

    1. Everyone wants to be in good health. 2. Everyone wants to be very healthy. --------------------- Does #1 mean #2? What other expressions can we use instead of Sentence 1?
  87. English

    can you write a sentence using the words snails' shells?
  88. Spainish

    I need help coganting the verb ir.Please can some give me examples of how it is used in a sentence.
  89. grammar

    Is this sentence proper? They had swum across the lake several times.
  90. Math

    What division sentence means the same as the following subtraction sentences? 12- 4 = 8 8-4=4 4-4=0
  91. Grammar

    "They have lived in what is now Ghana for many centuries," she went on. Does this sentence need quotations
  92. music

    I cant seem to think of any words to complete this sentence: The woodwind section is like because
  93. reading

    what sentence can i write using the words audience and menorah
  94. Crt205

    10) Sentence 5 supports the author’s argument primarily by
  95. math

    What property of addition is shown in the following number sentence? why?
  96. grammar

    what is the simple predicate in the sentence... They will use a compass on the hike.
  97. language

    How do you diagram this sentence. Don't fall off the bench.
  98. Language

    Will someone please give me a fact sentence using the word "peace"?
  99. english

    please,help me find mistake in the following sentence she is very hardworking so not very imaginative
  100. grammar

    In the sentence...Each bike has ten gears. is "has" the verb?