1. Math

    Using the numbers 2, 5, 10 , 50 solve the following equation to make the number sentence true... ? - ? Divided by ? + ? equals 50
  2. English

    Hello. I'll really appreciate some help. Do you think it's possible (and natural) to use "declaim" in the sentence "Thousands of people were declaiming in support of the incumbent president"? Thank you.
  3. English

    e.g. I want to find out more about the smart phone. (In this sentence, what is the part of speech of 'more' Is 'more a noun, a pronoun or an adverb?)
  4. grammar

    5.After lengthy discussion, it was decided the patient would continue to be treated in the hospital. Is there any conjuction in this sentence.
  5. english

    What are the nouns and verbs in this sentence? Life is full of choices, so I must learn to make good ones.
  6. English

    The men blow up some houses but they are very near to the fire. 'It is no good,' says Pepys to the soldiers. ============== In the second sentence, what does 'it' refer to?
  7. english

    identify the verb,subject in the sentence.a cloud of fruit flies hovered over the banana
  8. English

    Hello. Will you please check the sentence for me? Is the second part of it natural, maybe it needs the article? "Many people have died since the time of (the?) occupation". Thank you for all your help.
  9. English

    Is this sentence written properly? "Think about it," Link began, "Didn't you realize how much trash there was as the water came?"
  10. math

    represent the number 24 by making equal groups (write the multiplication and addition sentence for each)
  11. Grammar

    Today painful and swollen such that he cannot fish. A) complete sentence B) fragment C) run-on I answered b
  12. English

    is the following sentence biased? Our new district attorney, a Cuban American, is making a speech on Saturday.
  13. C.C. English

    We have to rewrite this sentence to remove wordiness and jargon: Have you ever been accused of flagellating a deceased equine? What does this even mean?
  14. English

    Is this sentence in past progressive tense? The freshman math classes were already behind schedule by three weeks.
  15. spanish

    How do I use the cue to write sentence with the ver gustar for: Roberto/los libros de misterio/no
  16. english

    Is this sentence correct? To truly help a patient, I should allow them decide their own choice by letting them hear different life stories.
  17. grammar

    Explain what is wrong with the following sentence and make any corrections if necessary: “Neither the mouse nor the rats could find its way through the maze
  18. english

    What verb tense would this sentence be? I am learning so much about financial planning in my personal finance class.
  19. Language Arts

    What are the appositives in this sentence:Football, a game loved by millions of people, is becoming even more popular.
  20. English

    Is their anything wrong with this sentence, like grammatical errors? Veterinary technicians role is challenging as well as satisfying.
  21. Math

    Using the numbers 2, 5, 10 , 50 solve the following equation to make the number sentence true... ? - ? Divided by ? + ? equals 50
  22. spanish2

    what is the correct form of verb in this sentence " Hola, Carlos, que (hacer) esta tarde?
  23. language arts

    how do you diagram this sentence.. Monica,my best friend laughed with delight at my funny joke.
  24. english

    Hey how can I say the sentence: "If you hadn't helped me, I would have made a complete mess of this." With the same meaning beginning with "But"??
  25. 5th grade Math

    Insert parentheses in the false number sentence to make it true. -3+5*2-(-6)=37
  26. English

    Hello. Will you please check the sentence for me? "The two sides have conducted negotiations and reached a compromise." Is it grammatically correct? Thank you very much for help.
  27. english

    write a sentence about a desert animal. use the past tense of an irregular verb. underline it.
  28. Grammar

    Sometimes the only way to tell if a possessive word is singular or plural is by the context of the sentence. A) True B) False Answer: A
  29. English

    Bill didn't wear gloves as he made a snowman. => His hands got very cold. ------------------------------ In the first sentence, what does 'as' mean? Does 'as' mean 'when' or 'because'?
  30. writing

    How can I change this sentence to Indirect speech. Our neighbor told us,"I can't help you move because we"ll be out of town next weekend.
  31. business communication

    It is the case that good communicators advance more quickly in the company." Which of the following would be the best revision of this sentence?
  32. math

    the record hight temperature for a date is 100.5 degrees above zero what is the correponding number of the sentence
  33. grammar

    My sister and I share a three year age gap as she is twenty one while I am eighteen. how to improve this sentence
  34. English

    Where should commas be added in the following sentence? “Three Skeleton Key” got its name as the narrator tells us from three escaped convicts. A. after got and us B. after name and us C. after as D. after three I know it's not A. and D.
  35. english

    the subject and verb to the sentence "the sharp edge of a book page slit my finger."
  36. English Launguage Arts 6th feet

    In this sentence what is the prepositional phrase: Kelly asked about you Thanks, M.P.L
  37. Grammar

    A sentence will still make sense if you leave out an essential phrase. A) True B) False I answered B
  38. Grammar

    A preposition links a noun or verb to other words in a sentence. A) True B) False I answered B
  39. science

    changes in the positions of the continents may affect global climates by affecting...? finish the sentence. thx
  40. language arts

    in this sentence what is the contrast " Water like fat raindrops that fall from skinny trees "
  41. English

    What is the significance of the exclamation mark at "And 'barn' is only a noun-no verb or subject has entered into the sentence yet!"
  42. English

    Confused a little is verb correct in following sentence? Not only the newspaper, but also the radio warns of the approaching crisis.
  43. english

    Identify the indirect object in the following sentence: Fernando read Miguel a bedtime story.
  44. english/grammar

    what are the adjectives and adverbs in this sentence. The lazy dog became angry and called the police
  45. grammar

    Most moviegoers like to bring their own snacks to save money. Does this sentence have a pronoun antecedent error?
  46. Grammar and Composition

    I'm having trouble writing a sentence using the word accentuate It means to give emphasis to something
  47. English

    What type of clause or phrase is italicized in the sentence below? The play, a three-act farce, amused everyone.
  48. English

    Can you help me remove the "to be" verbs in this sentence? I need to take out the are, have been, and to be some how. Some of the characters in the book are no exception and they have been brought up since birth to be very reserved.
  49. college

    How does commas change the meaning of a sentence? How can I ensure that my comma usage helps me communicate clearly?
  50. language

    Which strategy helps you identify the adverb in the sentence ? The race was completed quickly. a) where? b) when? c) how? d) to what extent?
  51. spanish

    Form complete sentence using the imperfect: Cada semana/yo/asistir a/escuela primaria
  52. english

    help diagram sentence: Sandra and I are planning to go to the mall tomorrow, but today I am working on my paper.
  53. English

    Which question help the reader indetify the verb modifiers in a simple sentence? a.which,what kind of ,how many,how much b.how,when,where,why,to what degree,how often c.what, whom d. to whom, for whom I am think a
  54. english

    There should be commas around “however” in the following sentence: “Dwayne had planned to take the last flight out to Chicago. It was cancelled, however, because of bad weather.”
  55. Geometry

    Write a mathematical sentence to compare each pair of measures. 32. GB and GF 34. AC and AD Coordinates: G(10, -1) B(5, -1) F(3, 5) A(2, 3) C(-3, -3) D(-2, 4) I don't understand. Please help!!
  56. English

    He seemed embarrassed at first, but he overcame it quickly and held her fingers with his left hand. ------------------- In this sentence what does 'it' refer to?
  57. english

    should there be commas around however in this sentence. He ahd planned to take the last flight out to Chicago.It was cancelled,"however", because of bad weather.
  58. english

    how do i make this sentence parrallele.......We should either visit the art museum or attend a concert this weekend.
  59. English

    A: Well, I can't exchange goods without a receipt. B: Look -- this is the right box but the wrong CD. All I want is the right CD. ---------------- What is the function (role) of the dash(--) in the sentence?
  60. english

    What grammatical structure is the italicized portion of the sentence? Although her personality had not changed at all, Megan looked quite different.
  61. English

    Write a sentence about what the future holds using 1 subject pronoun 2 adjectives 1 proper noun
  62. English

    write aa sentence about what the future holds using 1 possessive pronoun 2 adverbs and 1 compound predicate
  63. Language Arts

    Need help figuring out which word goes in the blank out of this, that, these, or those. The sentence is: "Let's exchange __________ bread for these crackers." I know it is not these or those but not sure between this or that. Thanks...
  64. Grammar

    Sentence: I tried all of the natural remedies, such as dishwashing liquid, but the ants kept coming back. Is there a comma before "such as"
  65. English

    what is the adverb clause in the sentence: Dad takes Ryan to the zoo every Wednesday, unless it is raining
  66. Algebra

    I've been stuck on this for a while. State whether the equation is true false or an open sentence. Show your work. 3(4+-5)=3(-6-2)
  67. Algebra

    Write an inequality for this sentence: The height h is greater than 15 feet. MY ANSWER h>15ft Is this correct?
  68. english

    Is this sentence correct. While at home, I regretted the expensive purchase,I vowed to return one of the sweaters.
  69. capitalization

    i have a doubt if "the" should be capitalized in this sentence: Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence for our country.
  70. English

    In this sentence Most of my time at the party were/was spent playing two games. Should we pick was since the pronoun is singular
  71. ENG095

    Explain what is wrong with the following sentence and make any corrections if necessary: “Neither the mouse nor the rats could find its way through the maze.”
  72. Language arts

    Einstein was however also publishing papers in physics. How To create this sentence? a.was, however, also b.was however, also c. was, however also d.no error I chose b
  73. English

    The team ______ won the game is my favorite. which word correctly completes the sentence above? a. which b.whom c. who d. that
  74. English

    What is an example of a sentence using the following pair of antonyms. 1, deficiency and surplus 2. replenished and emptied 3. alleviate and increase
  75. English

    A rain forest is always green many plants grow there. Is this a fragment, run-on or complete sentence?
  76. English

    in the sentence Mary Titcomb was a librarian from Maryland. What is the prepositional phrase and the word it modifies?
  77. english

    Is the following a sentence fragment or an independent statement? Explain how you know. “Knowing only that I was asked to show up at noon
  78. english

    Using plurals and possessives. How can you write a sentence about storing financial information effectively and efficiently.
  79. Writing

    I need help with unscrambling this sentence - a the absorbs upper rays uv beneficial of layer atmosphere, ozone
  80. History

    Anti-catholic sentence erupted in Maryland when in 1689, news arrived of the deposition of
  81. 6th Grade Grammar

    Underline the form of to do or to have in the sentence. Today, many do their best to learn about Einstein's work. Also, what does the "to do" and the "to have" mean?
  82. 5th grade

    What is the adverb and verb it describes in this sentence?-"Jason walked to the table and stood there.
  83. English

    In the sentence below, I'm confused about the word 'about'. I'm not sure whether it's a preposition or an adverb. The theater seats 'about' four thousand people.
  84. English-Commas.

    This sentence is so confusing. For the life of me I couldn't find the thermos. Is it incorrect or correct?
  85. english

    I have to classify this sentence: Wow!(I) I(sn)/saw(v) a(a) falling(adj) meteor(do) clearly(adv) during(p) the(a) night(op). Is this correct?
  86. english

    Is this sentence a personification? Buddy enters many contests but knows that his cousin's friendship is his real fortune.
  87. english

    How do you classify the sentence: The hunting dog tracked the raccoon through the brush. A adj n/v a DO (p a op) Is this correct?
  88. 11th grade

    Is this sentence punctuated correctly. My garden is full of water, because of yesterday's rain
  89. English

    Does this sentence need any other puncation than a period at the end. Fred said the distributor cap on my car is cracked.
  90. English

    What are the nouns and verbs in the sentence. Life is full of choices, so I must learn to make good ones.
  91. statistic

    For the following dataset, describe in a sentence or two the transformation necessary to linearize the data. Be sure to convince your teacher that you understand X Y 1 0.7 2 1.3 3 1.8 4 2.1 5 2.3
  92. Completing the sentence

    Since I'm afraid of the heights, I usually -------- at the idea of sitting in the first row of the topmost balcony in a theater.
  93. Math

    Dwayne passes the 0 point running 4 meters per second to the right.Where is he 5 seconds later?Write a number sentence.
  94. English

    We were asked to find how many times you can write 1 word in the same sentence and still let it make sense. I got this Or, or or or, or? Name, This or That, Name. HELP PLOX!
  95. English

    Is this a run-on sentence? "It continued to rain until the river overflowed many people had to be evacuated from their homes.
  96. language arts

    It also affects the way in which one family relates to another, to the neighborhood, and to the community. What correction should be made to this sentence?
  97. basic english

    Dolly must clean up her room before she goes out. In this sentence, what word begins the subordinate clause?
  98. langue arts

    some one gave me a paper with these letters on it ikydimsgcjgcocsy and its suppose to make a sentence i cant figure it out please help me
  99. English

    Were are the nouns in this sentence? Today.in the united states, cell phones are a very popular item.
  100. English

    What is the transitive verb and direct object in the following sentence? Felicia flew home from Arizona.