1. Music

    I need to know the difference between rhythm, beat and pitch in the song Amazing Grace
  2. Diddle....

    My teacher says that I "diddled" on last week's exam, and so he is taking away half of my points. What is "diddle?" In this case, "diddled" probably means that you wasted time or cheated on the exam. Because this word has many different meanings, please
  3. math

    : Fractions are an important part of your daily lives. Describe some practical applications for fractions in your daily life and some challenges that you have experienced regarding the use of fractions.
  4. university studies

    How have you used these actions to solve problems in your daily life? How are critical thinking skills in your daily life and in your academic life similar? How are they different?
  5. statistics

    The daily sales of a retail store are normally distributed with a standard deviation of $500. If the probability that sales will be less than $10,000 in any one day is 40%, what are the mean daily sales?
  6. Statistics

    The daily sales of a retail store are normally distributed with a standard deviation of $500. If the probability that sales will be less than $10,000 in any one day is 40%, what are the mean daily sales?
  7. physics

    In a long jump, an athlete leaves the ground with an initial angular momentum that tends to rotate his body forward, threatening to ruin his landing. To counter this tendency, he rotates his outstretched arms to "take up" the angular momentum. In 0.393 s,
  8. english

    I need to identify the author's purpose in writing a book, it is a fiction book called "Dear Dumb Diary" by Jim Benton. After reading the book, ask yourself what you think he was trying to prove and to whom. =)
  9. math

    Bob is reading a 300-page book. After one hour, he had finished 8% of the book. Assuming that he reads at a constant rate, how many more hours will it take him to read the rest of the book?
  10. Physics

    A physics book slides off a horizontal table top with a speed of 1.30 m/s . It strikes the floor after a time of 0.380s . Ignore air resistance. Find the height of the table top above the floor. Find the horizontal distance from the edge of the table to
  11. writing skills

    Sentence 8: Supporters claim that under the no-fault plan fewer disputes and delays occur. If you rewrote sentence 8 beginning with Under the no fault the next words should be 1. plan that supporters claim fewer 2. plan, when supporters are claiming fewer
  12. english

    What is the participial phrase in the sentence? They heard the gilr crying softly in the restaurant? a. they heard b. the girl c. crying softly d. in the restaurant Mike was running quickly. Mike won the race. Which sentence best combines the two sentences
  13. @Patrick

    Please do NOT put any tutor's name in the space for your name. --------------- I have to write about Summer Fun in third person point of view. Would this be okay: Summer, a perfect season of the year to spend time outdoors, spend time with family, and go
  14. physics to be solved ..easy !!

    A shot putter launches a 6.910 kg shot by pushing it along a straight line of length 1.650 m and at an angle of 33.80° from the horizontal, accelerating the shot to the launch speed from its initial speed of 2.500 m/s (which is due to the athlete's
  15. Statistics. I Need Help Please

    George scored a 62 on his AP World History test and had a z-score of -3.75. Julie is also in the class with George and scored an 83 on the same test, with a z-score of 1.5. From this information, FIND THE CLASS mean and standard deviation.
  16. math

    To figure out the cost to ship a package, George has a chart with pounds and ounces. Kai wanted to ship a 90 ounce package. For how many pounds must George charge Kai?
  17. Physics again.

    In the study of a double slit diffraction pattern it is noted that the 5th double slit nodal line corresponds exactly with the 1st nodal line of the overlapping single slit pattern. The double slits used are 0.25mm apart. What is the width of each single
  18. basic Integration

    I have three questions which I apparently have 'wrong' according to the book, but I've done lots of other questions which I've gotten right using the same method and I have triple checked these answers for these three questions so I was wondering if

    Which choice best describes the underlined word or words in the sentence? Could the Polynesian Islanders really have found their way across the Pacific Ocean? Underlined is: Could ________ have found A- simple predicate B- complete predicate C- compound
  20. math

    List the terms that complete a possible pattern in each of the following and state whether the pattern is arithmetic, geometric, or neither: (a) 38, 33, 28, 23, 18, … (b) 640, 320, 160, 80, … (e) 1, ___, ___, ___ 25, 36, 49
  21. Language Arts

    Im not really sure about these. But i just put what i think, correct if im wrong? (Stretching for 210 miles,) the Thames is in England. a. Prepositional phrase b. gerund phrase c. participial phrase <--- d. appositive phrase (Singing loudly in the
  22. history--search for earlier post

    i wrote a history question a few days back, i think Ms.Sue gave me a link for it..i need that link, so can someone find that question for me..? the question is: Discuss the several plans for reconstruction and explain one success and one failure of
  23. ENGLISH!! HELP!!!

  24. Chemistry

    A 260-ml flask contains pure helium at a pressure of 756torr . A second flask with a volume of 470ml contains pure argon at a pressure of 717 torr . A)If the two flasks are connected through a stopcock and the stopcock is opened, what is the partial
  25. physics

    A 5.0 kg book is sitting on a table. Which describes the force acting on the book a. there are no forces acting on the book b. the force of the table upward is greater than the force of gravity downward c. the net force on the book is zero d. kinetic
  26. History

    I am reading the Jungle and have not yet finished reading it I still have a long way to go and its due next week. I am reading this because a have to do a book review and one thing I must include in my assignment is an analysis of the strengths and
  27. Nouns

    Our son's 3rd grade teacher gave out a homework assignment which had the students make a sentence for each of their spelling words and then circle the "noun" in the sentence. We received his homework back from the teacher with the words, "I, you, He",
  28. Help Mrs.Sue plz

    Which sentence uses italics, quotation marks, and punctuation correctly? (1 point) The article called “A Persistent Rebel” in American History magazine told about Elizabeth Blackwell. The article called A Persistent Rebel in American History magazine
  29. algebra

    If the pattern below follows the rule "add 6 to the previous number and then multiply the result by 3" what is the third number in the pattern, based on the initial number 1? 1, __, Δ, .....
  30. Early Childhood

    When reading aloud to a group of toddlers at the beginning of the year, why would the teacher choose to read a book that students may have already heard at home? A. The teacher wants the students to feel comfortable and it will help create a rapport. B.
  31. Gym

    Does anybody know anything about Tim Tebow? I have to write an essay on him.
  32. Economics

    How guitar is an elastic product
  33. Music

    What does the G/B chord mean, on guitar? Why is it called G/B?
  34. MATH

    Write a mathematical sentence to compare each pair of measures. GB and GF Please help. I don't understand. I don't understand either. You'll need to supply more details. Ordinarily, a measure is any function that assigns non-negative values to objects,
  35. English

    Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 10:49pm. Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 10:00pm. 1. Tell me more about rice cake. 2. Tell me a lot about rice cake. (What is the part of speech of 'more'? A noun or an adverb? Are both
  36. English

    I'm not sure if this paragraph is right. In the last sentence you have to say how the non-fiction text displays the concept of intolerance. Also, if there is a problem in how the quote/example I used just let me know + if there's a better way of writing
  37. Grammar

    Rewrite each of these sentences, correcting any errors in subject-verb agreement. If the subject and verb, write Correct. 1. No one of Columbus' sailors are in good health. A: Correct? 2. Neither success nor victory comfort the dying soldier. A: Neither
  38. daily balances

    manuel has a revolving credit account that uses the average daily balance to calculate finance charges. During april 2007( amonth with 30 days) he had an unpaid balance of $445.12 for 18 days and an unpaid balance of $221.38 for 12 days. what would his
  39. English

    Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 6:56am. a statement about what will happen in the future (What is the part of speech of 'what'? Is 'what' an interrogative pronoun or a relative pronoun?) English - Writeacher, Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at
  40. help asap statistic

    I need someone to check a statistic test can anyone help me. Unit 4 Test Multiple Choice 1. Which choices listed below indicate that a linear model is not the best fit for a dataset? Choose all that apply. (3 points) • Scatterplot shows a strong linear
  41. English

    1. If you are driving your car now, come here immediately and give me a ride home. ( Is this one correct? In this sentence, the driver is in the middle of driving his car. Is that right?) 2. If you are driving your car after work, give me a ride home. ( In
  42. Physics

    A guitar string is .75m and has a mass of .005kg. A standing wave is produced when the string is plucked. a) what is the fifth harmonic if the tension in the string is 90N? v=sqrt(F_t/mass density)= 116m/s f1=v/2L = 116m/s/(2*.75m) =77.3Hz fn=n*f1
  43. english help

    I need help with these questions. The first question I have to make the language nonsexist for inclusive language. Question is The directors and their wives met the stockholders for a night on the town. Second question is making language nonsexist Question
  44. English

    .the subject of the sentence is first person, then the verb must be in what form? third person second person fourth person first person Question 2 Verbs indicate what? location punctuation history time Question 3 Verbs may also indicate what? use date
  45. vocabulary

    I need the word stratify in a sentence for a 7th grader
  46. English

    In this sentences I just want to know whether this sentence is correct. Natalia is a better cook that I or me. I have I
  47. rela

    what can i write for a closing sentence for masquerades and how they are in out society
  48. frenche

    I need help on verb and how to right the sentence in the way that it is sapousto be spelled pls help me
  49. ELA

    In the sentence Some only have two legs and some are legless. What would the subject and verb be ?
  50. Social Studies

    Hi. Can you please write a sentence for the word: tariff.
  51. english

    what is the question and answer flow for an exclamatory sentence?
  52. Writing

    can anyboody give me a sentence with the word desperate
  53. grammar

    Is this sentence correct? The show is great but it is much less than expected.
  54. English

    Sentence with: Locomotive revolting caricaturist contraband
  55. english

    Seek his will in all you do and he will direct your paths. What are the nouns in this sentence?
  56. grammar

    what is the quantity adjective in this sentence.( There are three boys in the room.)
  57. eng

    I have to write a full sentence outline and can not figure out how to do it
  58. English (again O.o)

    How would one use.... *abreast *gaily in a sentence? (separate sentences, not together)
  59. English

    Would this sentence be correct when asked as a question? "Is what important?"
  60. COM 220

  61. english

    What is the verb tense for the following sentence? Where are you going after school today?
  62. English

    1. The storm drove the ship off of its course. ============ Is this sentence grammatical?
  63. english

    i'm having trouble with coming up with a topic sentence about death.
  64. English

    She gets ready hard for an exam. [Is this sentence grammatical?]
  65. english

    Is down a PREPOSITION IN THIS SENTENCE? The dog looked down and saw its shadow.
  66. Grammar

    What's wrong with the following sentence? He was in trouble for acting like a tomfoolery.
  67. English

    What is the simple subject of the sentence? 1. The first ones on the scene were our neighbors and they. ones
  68. english

    How do I re word a sentence that is the main idea in a paragraph
  69. com220

    I need help with my research paper. I do not know how to do a full sentence outline
  70. Grammar

    What does the following sentence mean?- Begin with a restatement of the lesson learned.
  71. math

    Translate the sentence into an inequality. Twice the difference of a number and 4 is at most 21
  72. English

    It smells like something is burning. (Is this sentence correct? What does 'It' refer to?)
  73. Technical writing

    Always use a comma before somebody's name in a sentence. A.true B.false B
  74. 4t Grade Math

    Please help me write a multiplication sentence for 3X9=
  75. English

    1. Blue helps with headaches. (What is the meaning of 'with' in this sentence?)
  76. english

    Diagram this sentence Pastors do Gods work
  77. english

    in this sentence is on a verb (new sleds raced on the hill.)
  78. writing

    I need help rewording a sentence: "Robotics is a broad field"
  79. Help

    Do this sentence have the correct pronoun usage Natalia is a better cook than me
  80. English

    Can you help me complete the sentence? I'm worried about Brian's +ing Thank you.
  81. English

    I can stand that much to help the environment. --------------------------- What is the part of speech of 'that much' in the sentence?
  82. English

    The best way to get there is to take the bus. In this sentence is the infinitive phrase "to take" an adjective?
  83. science

    I'm trying to unscramble the following letters to make a sentence. Help! ipsoosousceeeuysethsumtatdoyngc
  84. reading

    what sentence can i write using the words audience and menorah
  85. math

    What is one fourth of a number is less than ten a mathamatical sentence
  86. English

    the skill of a painter,complete or incomplete sentence
  87. Grammar

    Yes, and the sentence is exactly as written. I'm just supposed to chose. That is why it is confusing.
  88. LA

    What two idioms would you use for this sentence? She bought a present before being invited to the party.
  89. social studies

    What concept is best described by the first sentence the Declaration of Independence?
  90. English

    The skaters must finish the race in two days. (What does 'in' mean in this sentence? Does 'in' mean 'after' or 'within'?)
  91. math

    What property of addition is shown in the following number sentence? why?
  92. english

    the present is ________________ finish the sentence with metaphor ..
  93. english

    can you please check if this sentence is grammatically correct? "This is rather interesting."
  94. grammar

    In the sentence...Each bike has ten gears. is "has" the verb?
  95. language arts

    I need a sentence using the word motorcycle and nonagon, please.
  96. english

    why do the word (be)be in brackets when trying to put a verb in a sentence?
  97. Grammar

    "They have lived in what is now Ghana for many centuries," she went on. Does this sentence need quotations
  98. English

    Should the sentence say her and i or she and me? Next season we are determined to earn at least one place between[she,her]and[I,me].
  99. english

    what is the adjective in the sentence She brought an apple for snack
  100. Math

    What division sentence means the same as the following subtraction sentences? 12- 4 = 8 8-4=4 4-4=0