1. math

    whch division sentence will give an answer that is not in equal groups? 26/4 35/7 42/6 or 45/5
  2. 3rd grade math II

    I need to write a sentence for the following Reasoning: How can counting by 10's help you multiply by 10's?
  3. english

    Explain how a word can be a morphemic noun and a syntactic adverb in the same sentence
  4. english

    Does this sentence sound awkward she almost committed suicide had her brother not stopping her.
  5. Diagram sentence

    Jason had a birthday party at his favorite Mexican resturant.
  6. math

    Please explain how you would use a mathematical property to make the following number sentence always true: a x 9 = a x 7 + 2
  7. History

    If you could summarize the fighting in the Soviet Union between 1941 and 1944 into one sentence what would you say??
  8. 2nd grade math

    Which number sentence completes this fact family? 3+2=5 2+3=5 5-2=3 is it 5+2=7, 5+3=8, 5-1=4 or 5-3=2?
  9. 6th grade grammar

    What is the question answer flow for an exclamatory sentence
  10. English - Native speakers

    Hello! Can you improve this sentence please "She didn't ask her supervisor days-off."
  11. french

    Do this sentence is direct or indirect je vais voir mes cousins
  12. English

    What literary device does the following sentence use? "a world ruled by judging eyes"
  13. english

    Whats another way to say "no human rights.." My sentence is starting with "In order to solve.."
  14. writing

    my little brother always whine my farther always gets lost ?is a fragment or a run-on sentence
  15. English

    Which word below is the subject of the sentence: A)the ball B) the quarterback threw C)the field D)down
  16. Spanish

    How do i sue hace in the following sentence I have been enjoying music and movies for over five years
  17. Grammar

    What is the simple subject of this sentence "Behind the curtains, Devon was hiding from his sisters"
  18. English

    Paper Bags — A Great Choice Am I supposed to use an em dash for the sentence above?
  19. English

    What is the noun clause in the following sentence? I heard that the book is set to release soon.
  20. english

    Which one would be correct in the following sentence. What is the (affect or effect) of freezing temperature on water?
  21. Grammar and Composition

    How can I use labile in a sentence? And would 'transform' be a good synonym of this word? Thanks
  22. English

    Is this sentence grammatically correct? I would someday like to be half the man my father is.
  23. English 12

    Explain how a word can be a morphemic noun and a syntactic adverb in the same sentence.
  24. grammar

    The dock is on Fish Lane. CAPITALIZE the proper nouns in the sentence.
  25. english

    please help classify each word in this sentence: Several children played on the swings during recess.
  26. English

    1. Mr. Perez said we had to find a way to cover both topics. 1. Is we a subject pronoun in this sentence? Yes
  27. Grammar and Composition

    What could be a sentence using the word: boor (a rude, unmannerly person)
  28. math

    Place >, <, or = between each of the following pairs to make true sentence (a) 4/5 and 120/150 (b) -6/5 and -7/6 (c) -4/20 and 4/-20
  29. English

    Which pronoun correctly completes the sentence? Please send __________ the directions when you can. A. she and I B. she and me C. her and me D. her and I I know its either C or D
  30. english

    could you please correct the given sentence : There is not much fish in the pond RS Telagathoty edlapadu india
  31. reading

    Which one of the following words or phrases may be a clue that a sentence is inferring cause and effect? A. Before B. On the other hand C. Consequently D. Instead of
  32. english

    "we finished the homework very fast". how to convert this sentence into a passive voice?
  33. com155

    Is the use of the pronoun correct in this sentence? 1. The kitten used its claws to shred the curtains.
  34. english

    what is the adverb in the sentence Women bought out gardening tools and baskets.
  35. English

    Becoming a doctor is potentially one of my careers. Does this sentence sound awkward? If so, how else can I write it?
  36. English-Native speakers

    What is the passive of the following sentence? We expected him to bring the drinks
  37. la

    what is the adjective of the sentence The boys on the soccer team will go across the street, through the alley, and into the park.
  38. french

    how would i use "battre" in a sentence. does it mean to fight with someone- so you would use it with avec or does it meanlike someone beat a disease?
  39. English

    I have a question about quoting. If I have a sentence like: Something something something something "something". Do I quote it this way? "Something something something something "something"". Actually what confuses me is the 2 apostrophes at the end.Is
  40. Agricultural Science

    In Three sentence state or explain how weathering is affected by climate
  41. English

    Tom's school will have a parade for its anniversary celebration. ----------------- Is this sentence grammatical? Thank you.
  42. English

    What is the proper grammar for the sentence..the empty lot separated the river from (us,we).
  43. English

    Is the word me in the following sentence subjective or objective: Between you and me, I know the company will lay off more employees.
  44. English

    Is there a website that you can type in a sentence and it will give you the parts of speech of that sentance?
  45. French

    I have to complete the sentence with the appropriate preposition. Laure est(blank) Adrien. Please help!!:(
  46. Middle School

    I need help diagraming this sentence. The old grey horse ran into the fence.
  47. french

    Answer the question in a complete sentence: Est-ce que vas au theatre?
  48. English

    Ravit and his friends won the match yesterday.rewrite the sentence
  49. Math

    1+1+1=3 cannot be written as a muliplication sentence because there is no equal groups. Do you agree? Explain.
  50. English

    I was wondering if this is the right way to state this sentence When is it right to have of a partial-birth abortion preformed?
  51. math

    i need to find a multiplication sentence with a 3 digit number that does not require regrouping....
  52. english

    Can you begin a sentence like so.. Well dressed John was smart, funny, and everyone loved him.
  53. Language Arts

    How do I write a sentence using the word Parliament in a dialogue? I am confused.
  54. Math

    Insert grouping symbols to make the following sentence true: 160 = 8 * 16 + 12 - 4 / 2
  55. Topic sentence and supporting details

    Hilda take an enormous amount of space

  57. English

    1. The staff meeting will be held next Tuesday. 2. The staff meeting will be taken next Tuesday. 3. The staff meeting will be got next Tuesday. 4. The staff meeting will be finished next Tuesday. (#1 is grammatical, right? What about the others from
  58. English

    Bid and buy wonderful prizes from around the world. Does this sentence need a comma?
  59. english

    dissect sentence To sail around the world has always been my life-long dream
  60. reading

    shoud i add a predicate or a subject to this sentence this baseball team.
  61. language

    How do you diagram this sentence? People still make potato flour today.
  62. English

    Is this a run on sentence It's cold today remember to bring your jacket.
  63. Math

    Reasoning What property of addition is shown in the following number sentence? Explain. 7 + (3 + 5) = (7 + 3) + 5
  64. language

    In the sentence, People still make potato flour today. What is the verb
  65. reading

    what sentence can I write using the words pageant and restless?It also has to make sense.
  66. algebra

    During a game, a person won 500 points. What is the corresponding number for this sentence?
  67. english

    Does this sentence have three prepositions in it? Jane crept down the stairs, through the hall, and into the kitchen.
  68. English

    It took me a while to meet my communication goals, because Mrs. step was not their for a while. Does this sentence need the comma before because?
  69. math

    what square number is less than 64 but greater than 36? write a multilication sentence to solve.
  70. math

    1+1+1=3 cannot be written as a multiplication sentence because there are no equal groups do you agree? Explain
  71. Math 3 grade

    wright a true number sentence using all of the given numbers and symbols 6,9,7,5,3,=,+,+,
  72. college

    what is the proper verb tense in the sentence below? With an education i will be able to find a better job?
  73. English

    What is the predicate in this sentence? The wiskers on my kitten twitch when I rub its back.
  74. English

    I finally got on the school soccer team. (In this sentence, what is the meaning of 'got on'? What other expressions can we use?)
  75. english

    Is this sentence correct? After listening to Kirsten’s advice, Shirley was less worried than before
  76. English

    Short story about African politician and underline the topic sentence.
  77. English

    is this a run-on sentence? Niabi play both the oboe and the piano and plays them well.
  78. 5th grade

    What is subject and verb of this sentence...The rest of story was never told.
  79. 4th grade

    i have a question on my son homework explain why 36/9 is not a number sentence.
  80. Grammar

    Is this a compound sentence?? But proof has mounted, and many people now accept these claims. -MC
  81. english

    What are the nouns in this sentence? In 1999, John went to Disney World for vacation.
  82. Grammar

    Does this sentence make sense, if not how do you write it correctly Never give up to your dreams? Thank you!
  83. English

    I left out the following sentence. Complete the following fill-in-the-blank activity using as many synonyms as possible.
  84. English

    Change this sentence to subject agreement,tenses and fragment, I can't believe, Indeed I made it.
  85. english

    what are the adjectives in this sentence. it was a wild, dangerous ride down the rapids in an old canoe.
  86. Writing

    Hello, I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what comes after the topic sentence in a paragraph and how specific it has to be.
  87. grammar

    Benjamin Franklin was both a statesman and an inventor. what is the correct way to parallel this sentence?
  88. english

    how do I punctuate this sentence ? What did the philosopher Aristotle mean when he said "To perceive is to suffer"? or is this correct?
  89. grammar

    what are the parts of speech in this sentence, "they decided the hedge needed a trim."
  90. English

    Could you please tell me if this sentence is grammatically correct? 1) Macbeth observes how much of a man she is compared with himself.
  91. spanish

    Please translate these words into a sentence. bebur, manuel, debe, aqua
  92. 5th grade

    write a sentence about report cards using the word "lows" in it.
  93. 1st grade

    What did that boy asked him and John? is that a sentence also how many syllables in grandmother
  94. Grammar

    Is this sentence grammatically correct? If not how can i fix it? Those who do have what they want crave for more; they want love and affection.
  95. Grammar

    what is the agreement error in the following sentence: One of the options concerning his future surgeries were discussed with him.
  96. english

    what is the adverb in the following sentence. These birds swoop down to catch fish scraps.
  97. al faisal international school

    how to make a good sentence of the word(wheeled)
  98. math

    Write the set of integers that satisfy the sentence: I had 10 question for this,anybody can show this one how to do it. 4 > n > 0
  99. math

    directions: rewrite each sentence using parentheses to make it true. 1.) 4x6+2-6=26
  100. English-Ms.Sue

    The weight of the rider is one force and gravity is another. Do I need a comma in this sentence? If so, why?