1. math

    how to do you do missing digits to make each number sentence true

    asked by desmiyoung on August 21, 2013
  2. 1st grade

    What did that boy asked him and John? is that a sentence also how many syllables in grandmother

    asked by John on May 18, 2009
  3. French

    Please check this sentence. Elle adore voyager en avion.

    asked by Anonymous on November 10, 2014
  4. English

    Is this sentence correct? The woman for whom we gave the party was delighted.

    asked by Iman on February 25, 2014
  5. Grammar

    Why is the sentence below incorrect? The mailman came at a time when it was impossible for me to get the mail.

    asked by Anonymous on August 25, 2013
  6. English

    When you use the word physical therapy in a sentence does it have to be capaitalized and When you say Mr. Edwards does the s need an '?

    asked by Monica on February 23, 2009
  7. essex couty college

    translate this sentence into an equation rita's score decreased by 16 is 61

    asked by rosa arias on December 15, 2014
  8. English

    He died when he was eighteen. That's only one year older than me. ----------------------------- What does 'That' refer to in the second sentence?

    asked by rfvv on December 6, 2013
  9. English

    In the sentence They are not nuts. They is the subject Are is the verb What is the predicate word?

    asked by Kelly on November 12, 2013
  10. Science

    Translate into a sentence: 2NaHCO3 --> Na2CO3+H2O+CO2

    asked by Miroslava on January 6, 2014
  11. english

    Hawaii is one of the most beatiful places on earht. what are the verbs in the sentence

    asked by lily on August 2, 2011
  12. 4th grade-english

    "It's a tuba toothpaste." he grined. Did I use the correct punctuation in the sentence?

    asked by Chris on April 2, 2009
  13. inequalities (math)

    write an inequality for this sentence the roller coaster is less than 3 minutes

    asked by angelina on February 19, 2015
  14. English

    What is the adverb in this sentence? The seeds were planted at about four inch intervals.

    asked by irene on January 10, 2012
  15. Pre algebra

    translate the following sentence into math symbols. then solve the problem. y more than 4 is -36

    asked by Axiel on February 6, 2019
  16. English

    The first sentence restate the question/prompt and give the answer to iy

    asked by Granpa on November 7, 2014
  17. language

    Is this punctuation correct for this sentence ? " Here's a hard one , " taunted Wilma .

    asked by Gabe on December 6, 2013
  18. english

    after the rain ended, the sky became blue --is this a complex sentence?

    asked by jacob on March 14, 2010
  19. grammar

    what is the adverb and verb for the sentence The players spent all day there.

    asked by jessica on December 1, 2011
  20. practical english

    In the following sentence, what is the subject complement ? My neighbor is a newspaper reporter?

    asked by dorian on December 19, 2014
  21. spelling!!

    What is a good sentence to make with the word cyphering and copybook.

    asked by abc123 on May 11, 2009
  22. 4th grade english

    I'm having trouble writing a sentence using a metaphor "a full moon".

    asked by Chris on February 10, 2009
  23. grammar

    In the sentence: At first, Bill mainly wrote fiction, what are the adverbs and what do they modify?

    asked by tim on May 7, 2009
  24. english-sentence

    is this sentence correct? I have a loving two year old son, whom can sometimes be a handful.

    asked by sara on August 29, 2018
  25. English

    work at start had been very strenuous.(turn into negative sentence)

    asked by pulak on October 29, 2011
  26. english

    I need to add modifiers to this sentence A dog barked and ran.

    asked by gaby on April 27, 2010
  27. english6

    use DEFIANTLY in a sentence and it means to be bodly resistant or challenging

    asked by i got adicted to twilight on March 16, 2009
  28. English

    In the following sentence, which word is a preposition? I am going to the store. A. I B. am C. to D. the I believe the answer is C, do you agree?

    asked by Annie on November 28, 2014
  29. English

    Do I need the second comma in this sentence? I said I was puzzled by the dream, but in reality, I believe that dreams mean nothing.

    asked by Anonymous on March 8, 2015


    asked by Anonymous on November 21, 2011
  31. algebra

    Insert , or = to make the sentence true. SQR3 SQR7 A. > B. < C. = C?

    asked by Ciaria on March 15, 2015
  32. MATH ASAP~

    Write an inequality for this sentence: The height h is greater than 15 feet.

    asked by Anonymous on October 23, 2014
  33. COM 220

    Can some one please help me come up with an full sentence outline on same sex marriage (opposing it)

    asked by Tom on April 29, 2010
  34. Chemistry

    write a sentence for the following reaction PCl5(s)=PCl3(s)+Cl2(g)

    asked by Janile on February 17, 2014
  35. English

    How to use a Buffer in a sentence, foe delivering bad news?

    asked by Linda on June 22, 2013
  36. Grammar

    I need a help to correct this sentence if it is right or not. Must live with a soccer ball since the age of 4?

    asked by Cathy on October 17, 2009
  37. math 2nd grade

    Write a sentence using words that compares the crayons in the two boxes

    asked by Anonymous on January 25, 2015
  38. Science

    Unscramble these letters to make a sentence about stress. Eeoiieooaelnfrntssrsszrtgngcs

    asked by Royce on January 26, 2014
  39. vocab

    i need hel because i don't know how to use indignation in a sentence and it make sense!

    asked by christine on August 21, 2011
  40. english

    Is The economy in Nevada has faltered into a situation. a proper sentence? If not why not.

    asked by mom on October 27, 2011
  41. COM/170

    Is this sentence correct? An evening out can be a great way to clear one’s mind.

    asked by dena on May 26, 2011
  42. com

    what would a full sentence outline be for year-round school

    asked by may on October 15, 2009
  43. science

    The moving water causes sediments to abrade against each other. Explain this sentence.

    asked by Anonymous on March 18, 2009
  44. grammar

    Is the grammar in the following sentence ok? For, surely, the paintings were created by people who were not so different than myself.

    asked by Helen on January 1, 2010
  45. English

    Is The dog followed the rabbit when it jumped into the bushes. a compound sentence?

    asked by Cherokee on June 14, 2013
  46. English

    what is the adjective in sentence "Sam sees a yellow bus"

    asked by Natalia on September 27, 2011
  47. language

    What is the simple predicate for the sentence, The history of these pests may surprise you.

    asked by dakota on September 21, 2011

    The road leading to the Mall of Asia. Is this a fragment or sentence?

    asked by Nicee on November 27, 2014
  49. English

    what is the simple subject in the sentence my first dog was afraid of thunderstorms.

    asked by Steve on November 11, 2013
  50. Grammar and Composition

    How can I use labile in a sentence? And would 'transform' be a good synonym of this word? Thanks

    asked by y912f on December 28, 2009

    Motivation is poor. complete sentence fragment run-on

    asked by MICHELLE on October 9, 2014
  52. english

    The plane came down later than expected. In this sentence ,what part of speech is the word down?

    asked by jackie on January 17, 2014
  53. English

    Write a sentence using the word: programme to show the meaning.

    asked by chris on March 24, 2018
  54. english

    how do i correct this sentence "I am both a quick worker and careful." to be a parallel

    asked by ashley on January 10, 2012
  55. Algebra

    How do you translate this sentence into an equation, The sum of 17 and Janelle's age is 41 ?

    asked by Catlyian on December 2, 2018
  56. Grammar

    Because subtle changes can reveal future abnormalities. Is this a sentence fragment?

    asked by Sue on November 23, 2011
  57. English

    Fill in the blanks below in the words in the box. (Is this sentence grammatical?)

    asked by John on May 5, 2009
  58. grammar

    does this sentence need a comma? "next time you see a bat don't be afaird.

    asked by lil on March 26, 2009
  59. english

    In 1999, I went to Disney World for vacation. What are the verbs in this sentence

    asked by Sarah on August 8, 2011
  60. algebra

    Which inequality represent the following eight fewer than a number is at least sentence 20 answers are. X-8>20. 8-X>20, x+8

    asked by Molly on February 21, 2014
  61. Grammar and Composition

    What could be a sentence using the word: boor (a rude, unmannerly person)

    asked by y912f on April 22, 2010
  62. Language Arts

    In which sentence about Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is immensely used correctly?

    asked by just helping on September 16, 2018
  63. english

    What is the adverb(s) in the sentence "Lacrosse is a game that is still frequently played by many"?

    asked by Anonymous on February 24, 2014
  64. english

    What is the object of the preposition in sentence? He will walk alone from his office. 1)alone 2)children 3)under 4)the I say (1) alone

    asked by kayla on March 25, 2018
  65. English

    Is the following sentence a transitive verb? The strawberries contained vitamin c?

    asked by Shan on December 1, 2014
  66. Science

    I have to use the terms hypothesis, controlled experiment, and variable in the same sentence.

    asked by Hayley on August 17, 2011
  67. professional communication

    explain the importance of five sentence starters that you can use in a professional presentation?

    asked by martha on August 24, 2011
  68. english

    In the sentence "What made you angry?" what part of speech is the word "you"?

    asked by amy on January 30, 2014
  69. English

    What is the verb in this sentence I was dehydrated after my long jog in the park.

    asked by Tasha on October 25, 2011
  70. English

    How is the word brusque used in a complex sentence? please give examples.

    asked by William on October 28, 2014
  71. Help

    Do this sentence have the correct pronoun usage Natalia is a better cook than me

    asked by Anonymous on June 30, 2013
  72. Grammar

    Is the sentence below correct? “What edition is your Calculus For Dummies textbook?” Do I use “what” or “which”?

    asked by Natasha on August 3, 2018
  73. Art

    What are 3 facts to why N.C. Wyeth painted? (Each sentence must be at least 10 words long)

    asked by Barry Vacker on January 17, 2019
  74. Middle School

    I need help diagraming this sentence. The old grey horse ran into the fence.

    asked by Dimitri on August 9, 2011
  75. spanish

    what does Cuando es la fiesta de Arturo mean? and how do you answer it in a complete sentence.

    asked by brooke on January 25, 2010
  76. English

    Write two possible interpretations of this sentence: Fish makes best sandwiches !

    asked by girl analyser on March 17, 2018
  77. English

    1. Paris is the capital of France. 2. Paris is a capital of France. ------------------------------- Sentence 1 is right. Sentence 2 is wrong. By the way, why do we have to use 'the' before 'capital'? Is that because 'the capital of France ' is the only one

    asked by rfvv on October 24, 2016
  78. Math

    What grouping symbols make this number sentence true 50/10+ 10/2=5

    asked by Angelo on November 29, 2016
  79. 4th grade English

    Gorillas are shy Most of them never fight. How would you combine this sentence using a conjunction. Would it be but or so?

    asked by Hayley on September 25, 2008
  80. computer packages

    describe the following in not less than five sentence with examples. (1) rational database (2) schema

    asked by Joanna on March 16, 2012
  81. vocab. sentence

    can u pls give me a sentence with these words ambulate and amorphous

    asked by alanaR. on August 30, 2010
  82. Math

    Translate this sentence into an equation. The product of Vidya's score and 2 is 22

    asked by Gia on December 12, 2016
  83. english

    state the error and rewrite the sentence.who did max always want you to meet

    asked by rasheda on March 15, 2012
  84. English

    What is wrong with the sentence below? Not only the landlady, but also her children acts unfriendly to us.

    asked by Bernie B on March 6, 2013
  85. english

    need a sentence with Categorize, and Element ,Motives and ,Aspect thax u

    asked by shaniqua on October 2, 2008
  86. English

    I always have trouble writing the first sentence of a paragraph and was wondering if i could get some tips :)

    asked by KK on December 16, 2016
  87. English

    what is wrong with the following sentence. "A glove and ball is the required gear.”

    asked by Bernie B on March 8, 2013
  88. 7th grade science

    how do you change the question do you want to know about heat transfer into a regular sentence?

    asked by jamzin on November 22, 2009
  89. English

    Franscisco thanked to the driver to get work. (Is this a correct sentence?)

    asked by rfvv on November 15, 2010
  90. English

    ' I am giving this information to the best of my knowledge '. Is this sentence grammatically correct ?

    asked by Rupa on September 21, 2015
  91. English

    what is the simple predicate in the sentence, I could hear the wind blow through.

    asked by Sandra on April 18, 2011
  92. Stevens

    How do you analyze this sentence: 'When the rain began, we were playing soccer.'

    asked by Lauren on September 22, 2008
  93. english

    what type of sentence is I hereby declare Tuesday Shakespeare Day.

    asked by Stacie on August 20, 2012
  94. 1st grade

    What is a sentence a 1st grader can write using the word "past"?

    asked by philesha on November 8, 2010
  95. English

    please tell me how can we Use of get + past participle and identify in sentence? I got injured. He will get married. Please tell me by example.

    asked by Nida on November 1, 2016
  96. english

    what is the adverb in the sentence: kevin seemed unusually excited at the party.

    asked by bobby on April 3, 2012
  97. english

    what are the nouns in this sentence? There was a sharp, explosive crackle that startled him.

    asked by anonymous on September 10, 2007
  98. english

    what is the subject pronoun for this sentence if_____ went to flatland, you would be very confused.

    asked by kim on April 11, 2011
  99. English

    Balancing a sentence through using words or phrases that have the same grammatical structure is known as

    asked by Joann on November 11, 2016
  100. english

    'why don't you get intoxicated', he said will you please change the above sentence into reported speech

    asked by R S Telagathoty on August 21, 2012