1. english

    In the following sentence, what is the subject complement? My neighbor is a newspaper reporter.
  2. english

    Fredericksburg use to be in Comanche territory. Is the verb "use" used correctly in this sentence?
  3. Math

    Look at the following division sentence: 6 divided by 0 = : Explain what rule you would use to complete it.
  4. English

    Identify subordinate conjunction in the following sentence. What rakesh said was not clear.
  5. correct a sentence

    I asked Shirley If she would ever have any problems, she would call us imediently
  6. UOP

    how do I punctuate this sentence? The goose bit the mailman on the leg.
  7. English

    Rewrite the sentence without changing the meaning. It doesn't matter
  8. English

    1. The food is thought to be made from eggs. (Is this sentence grammatical?)
  9. English

    work at start had been very strenuous.(turn into negative sentence)
  10. Reading/language arts

    I need help. Can someone help me to make a sentence for DIMWITTED and NEARSIGHTEDLY.
  11. english

    could you pl correct the following sentence : nobody is understanding what is the problem our teacher has just explained
  12. Reading/language arts

    I need help. Can someone help me to make a sentence for DIMWITTED and NEARSIGHTEDLY.
  13. English

    please tell me how can we Use of get + past participle and identify in sentence? I got injured. He will get married. Please tell me by example.
  14. english

    can i construct the sentence in this way by using two continunses along with while : while i am playing my sis is cooking
  15. grammar

    complete the sentence..Athens is the ----capital. I'm looking at a map and i see it;s in Greece
  16. comm/215

    what type of sentence is this: I don't know what you want me to do, the directions are not clear.
  17. english

    is this sentence correct? There are quite a few reasons for me taking a break during this period.
  18. grammar

    I cannot think of a sentence using the word littler properly. This is a second grade assignment. Can someone please help?
  19. english

    what does perpective means? and what do you have to answer when someone asks what perspective is being described in a sentence?
  20. English

    What is the subject complement in this sentence? Painting is one of the oldest arts.
  21. English

    What part of speech is "being" in the following sentence: I was surprised at John's being absent.
  22. spanish

    The first sentence was Manolo Leticia, que tienas? Te sientes mal?
  23. Language Art

    How to write goalie in a possesive form sentence
  24. grammar

    This insect ia s small durable beast. Is this an adjective in the above sentence?
  25. english

    what is the adverb in the sentence: kevin seemed unusually excited at the party.
  26. 6th grade English

    Need help writing a sentence using the word lateral in it.
  27. language arts

    What is the subject in this sentence? "The mean boy tricked the little girl."
  28. Spanish

    How do I say in sentence form my favorite holiday is christmas and the date.
  29. English

    I need help diagramming the sentence "There were ten visitors here yesterday", especially the word there.
  30. writing

    how to write a full-sentence outline on teen violence cause
  31. English

    I almost cried with joy. ------------------------- Does 'cry' mean 'weep' or 'shout' in the sentence?
  32. math

    how to do you do missing digits to make each number sentence true
  33. english

    What is the subject a d verb of this sentence...The rest of the story was never told.
  34. language arts

    What is it called when there are four periods at the end of a sentence? I know what it means but...
  35. english

    can you give me a good sentence using the word biology and biography
  36. vocab

    i need hel because i don't know how to use indignation in a sentence and it make sense!
  37. Language Arts

    In the sentence, "If you keep talking to me, I can't finish." would "to me" be a prepositional phrase? Thanks...
  38. English

    How is the word brusque used in a complex sentence? please give examples.
  39. grammar

    What is the predicate of this sentence? The dog plays with the children at the playground?
  40. english

    the trees are long and their branches are tall. sentence fragment anywhere?
  41. History

    What is a good first sentence of my homework paper its about the 1992 L.A. Riots.??
  42. Science

    I have to use the terms hypothesis, controlled experiment, and variable in the same sentence.
  43. Math

    Write a function rule that represents the sentence. C is 8 more than half of n. c=8+n/2****** c+8=n/2 c+8=1/2+n c=n/2-8
  44. language arts

    Can you give a GOOD sentence using the word betray
  45. grammar

    How do I diagram the sentence "There were ten visitors here yesterday", especially the word "there"
  46. English

    How can I rewrite this sentence: A boy and his bog sat by a house?
  47. English Language

    Is this sentence a declarative or interrogative? "I wonder if all mammals have fur"
  48. English

    What is the verb in this sentence I was dehydrated after my long jog in the park.
  49. english

    How do I fix this sentence? My patient replied back to me, “I am good now and Thank You very much.”
  50. englis

    What is the simple predicate in this sentence: Two children are wandering in the woods
  51. Math

    Where do I insert parentheses to make this number sentence true: 6 X 4 - 2 x 5 + 6 / 2 =16
  52. math

    Which equivalent fraction makes this number sentence true? 2/3=4/6=? a. 5/7 b. 8/12 c. 6/12 d. 10/5
  53. writing

    properly composed APA sentence. It is I, It is me, It is him or It is he that threw the first pitch?
  54. Math

    Write the word sentence as an equation. The product of a number n and 2 is 2.
  55. math

    Which sign goes in the box to make the number sentence true? 7/8 ? 1 a. = b. + c. > d. <
  56. English

    We laughed at the colorful ball. Is this sentence structurally ambiguous?
  57. world history

    give and example and a sentence of thr word chivalry
  58. English

    Please expedite in providing all necessary documents. Is this sentence grammatically correct?
  59. Grammar

    Can you put (grin) in a sentence where it acts as direct object?
  60. Language Arts

    What is the topic sentence of this paragraph from life without gravity?
  61. english

    after the rain ended, the sky became blue --is this a complex sentence?
  62. English

    What is the linking verb in the sentence: I am fond of both kinds of comics.
  63. english

    how many adjectives are in this sentence? two large oaks covered your evergreens.
  64. Science

    Translate into a sentence: 2NaHCO3 --> Na2CO3+H2O+CO2
  65. Meaning of Sentence

    Artillery fire which pounded down on your position ^^ Does that mean that you got hit by it?
  66. Science

    Translate into a sentence: 2NaHCO3 --> Na2CO3+H2O+CO2
  67. English

    You will see what kinds of things you can do in each city. ------------------------- Does 'see' mean 'understand' or 'take a look at with eyes' in this sentence?
  68. algebra

    Insert <, >, or = to make the sentence true. SQR3 SQR7 A. > B. < C. = C?
  69. grammar

    what is the adverb and verb for the sentence The players spent all day there.
  70. English

    What is the subject in this sentence Each family of potters has it's own special designs.
  71. 1st grade

    how i am going to fix this sentence. i go to scott elementary school
  72. English

    Fill in the blanks below in the words in the box. (Is this sentence grammatical?)
  73. english

    does this sentence show antithesis The humor almost always proves painful
  74. Algebra

    Translate the sentence into an algebraic expression. ”One more than three times a number.”
  75. English

    With the election so near, the mayor became RETICENT about..... what could i write to finish the sentence?
  76. Stevens

    How do you analyze this sentence: 'When the rain began, we were playing soccer.'
  77. vocab for cultures * dev

    sentence with the word & meaning with commune
  78. vocab cultures & dev

    sentence with the word cultural diffusion in it
  79. english

    The plane came down later than expected. In this sentence ,what part of speech is the word down?
  80. English

    The case of a pronoun is determined by how it is used in a sentence. A)true B)false i think it is (b)
  81. english

    what tense is the verb in the following sentence? What are you wearing to school tomorrow?
  82. I love math science

    Label all the part of speech in the sentence
  83. English

    Franscisco thanked to the driver to get work. (Is this a correct sentence?)
  84. english

    In the sentence "What made you angry?" what part of speech is the word "you"?
  85. language arts

    What adjective could i use for the following sentence? What a_______ maps this atlas has!
  86. 6th grade

    what is topic sentence, and what are words theycan not start with
  87. english

    is this sentence correct What did the philosopher Aristotle mean when he said "To perceive is to suffer"?
  88. English

    what is the simple predicate in the sentence, I could hear the wind blow through.
  89. Science

    Unscramble these letters to make a sentence about stress. Eeoiieooaelnfrntssrsszrtgngcs

    In the following sentence, what is the subject complement? My neighbor is a newspaper reporter.
  91. English

    True or False There could be a noun, a verb and an adjective in one sentence.
  92. english

    what is the simple subject to this sentence Does the map show this PLace?
  93. English

    What is the adverbial in the following sentence: Dionne collected shells from the beach
  94. english

    state the error and rewrite the sentence.who did max always want you to meet
  95. Math

    Translate this sentence into an equation. The product of Vidya's score and 2 is 22
  96. english

    what are the nouns in this sentence? There was a sharp, explosive crackle that startled him.
  97. English

    What does this sentence mean? It was a rainy season which caused the river to be swollen.
  98. grammar

    In the sentence: At first, Bill mainly wrote fiction, what are the adverbs and what do they modify?
  99. Grammar

    Calipers were set and verified at 5 mm. Question: what are all the verbs in the sentence?
  100. English

    My shoes are the same as yours. ================ What is the part of speech of 'same' in the sentence? Is 'same' an adjective or an pronoun?