1. English

    1. Read the following sentence from "The Swimming Contest." "When he saw me coming up the officer said, 'We've lost that information, dang it! They've killed that Arab of yours.' 'We've lost it,' I said. I went over to Abdul-Karim's body and turned it
  2. English

    Write a speech in the following situation- You are the leading actor in a school play It is the interval in the play. The first half was dreadful, with actors forgetting their lines, props falling over and the audience laughing for the wrong
  3. Language Arts

    Can someone check my answers? Quick please, I need this done soon. (* are the ones I chose) 14. What is the prepositional phrase in this sentence? Late last night there was a loud knock at the door A. Late last night B. There was C. A loud knock D. At the
  4. English

    Choose the term that describes the type of sentence shown. If you are in line early, you'll be sure to get the best tickets. A.) compound-complex B.) complex C.) compound D.) simple I think it is C? John was late to dinner and I was late to the movies. A.)
  5. Punctuating Sentences

    Without a doubt, cramming for the test. This is not a complete sentence. The phrase "cramming for the test" is either a gerund or praticipial phrase, but there's no subject or verb here. When you decide how you'll make this into a complete sentence, please
  6. Chemistry

    A cement compound CaO.Al2O3.10H2O gives certain peaks when using the powder diffraction method. The compound now increases its water of crystallization to become CaO.Al2O3.11H2O.Will the diffraction pattern obtained be basically the same as the former,
  7. Chem

    Give the number of unpaired electrons present in a ground-state atom of Tl. I got 5, which isn't right. ndicate which species in each pair has the higher ionization energy. Choose at least one answer. a. Between K and I, I b. Between K and I, K c. Between
  8. language arts

    which sentence uses the future tense of the verb to go correctly? a) she has gone to Paris only once. b) she is going to Paris this season c) she will go to Paris next autumn. d) she´s been going to Paris for years. which of the following words or phrases
  9. Grammar

    1. A complex sentence is: A) Difficult to understand. B) One or more incomplete thoughts. C) One complete thought and at least one incomplete thought. D) One complete thought and more than two incomplete thoughts. 2.Select the sentence which is correctly
  10. 3 grade english

    write each sentence. use the past form of the verb in () to complete each sentence. we have (saw,seen) many creatures in the desert. my son wrote- we have seen many creatures in the desert. the gila monster (gone,went) toward the catus. my son wrote- the
  11. english

    What is the correct punctuation for this sentence? Free of the restrictions of the real world,her characters reveal theirselves like they truly are. That punctuation is correct. Although the punctuation is correct, there are errors in the sentence. It

    1. Which one of the following sentences is punctuated correctly? A. The sea calmed; but no boats, left shore. B. The sea calmed, but no boats left shore. C. The sea, calmed, but no boats, left shore. D. The sea calmed but no boats left shore. B? 2. Which
  13. grammar

    How would I correct this sentence if it is a fused sentence: The creature sat upright and tugged at the shackles binding his ankles, Frakenstein uttered a piercing scream The creature sat upright and tugged at the shackles binding his ankles, and uttered a
  14. english

    1. The rules for lighting are not always this simple, but the possibilities are endless. 2. The secret to taking beautiful photographs is an understanding of composition and lighting. 3. When both composition and lighting are well considered, a fantastic
  15. English

    I left out two sentences. Thank you. I included many alternatives you can choose from. Thank you. 1) Your paragraphs lack cohesion since you failed to use appropriate sentence connectors. 2) How can you express the fact that the student failed to include
  16. 5th grade math

    How many verticles does a cube and pyramid have? do they both have eight. also if you have a pattern that starts with one block and is increased by three cubes each time what is the tenth term in this pattern? 28 or 31
  17. grammar(correct version

    Choose the correct version of the sentence. The bird naive but curios-flew straight towards the cat.(my choice) The bird-naive but curious-flew straight towards the cat. Can someone please check for me
  18. Statistics/Social Psychology

    I have collected ssps data and am having trouble taking the data and putting it into a coherent sentence. I can't paste the chart but here is what I have. An independent-samples t-test was conducted to compare the length of jail sentence given based on the
  19. english

    Please make a question 1. In 1982 it was a fishing village with two main roads, fields, and a population of 3 million. It is growing at an incredible speed (make a question with sentence "it is growing at an incredible speed ") 2. China is changing. It is
  20. English

    1. Click the sentence in which the subject and action verb have been underlined, and all prepositional phrases are in parentheses. A. (During the Flood), the Ark floated (over the water). B. During the Flood, (the Ark) floated (over the water). C. (During
  21. English expression

    Look at the bingo board. There are nine sentences in nine boxes. Look at the small bingo board over the big one. There are three sentences having shortened words in three boxes. You should write down six more senetnces containing contractions in the six
  22. English/reporting

    I need this paragraph proofread To test Erdman’s statement, Deja Guinn, a Christian and senior at WMU decided to join the SSA group. Guinn says unlike most of the group members, who are atheist agnostic, she is a Christian and believes in how Jesus
  23. English-Ms. Sue

    Ms. Sue the A-z story I did on the Ugly duckling was a rough draft. Now I have to polish it, and these are the postive and negative comments I received from some classmates. Postive ones: -Cute -Descriptive -Good ending -Good grammar Negative ones: -No

    I AM DOING A FALLIACIE ASSIGMENT WHAT TYPE OF SENTENCE IS THIS. Letter to the editor: “Andrea Keene’s selective morality is once again showing through in her July 15 letter. This time she expresses her abhorrence of abortion. But how we see only what
  25. English

    ) (4) Her carpets were planned for, so not woven, until she knew the size of the room in her new home in which it was to be used. Read the passage. Look at the underlined section marked number 4. There may be a mistake in the way the sentence is written.
  26. Communication/English

    Rewrite the sentences focusing on grammar: Inclusive Language—Quoting from Biased Material Back in the 1400s, the laws governing the people were quite specific: “All men shall tithe 10% to the church and pay taxes every six months. All men can attend
  27. developmental reading

    Please explain to me the ff: 1. Main idea that is directly stated in the fisrt sentence. 2. Main idea that is stated in the last sentence. 3. Main idea that is stated in part of one sentence. 4. Where two sentences are used to express main idea. 5. Main

    Carmen is tall,slender,and a woman of great beauty. A. PROPERLY CONSTRUCTED SENTENCE B. DANGLER C. COMMA SPLICE D. LACKS PARALLEL PARTS (A) PROPERLY CONSTRUCTED SENTENCE AM I CORRECT? Actually, I believe this lacks parallel parts. It would be more correct
  29. Grammar

    Choose the best answer. 1. Histologic sections of the appendix (show, shows, showing) acute and chronic periappendicitis charaterized by a mixed acute and chronic inflammatory infiltrate on the serosal surface associated with hemorrhage, vascular
  30. english

    9. How is a compound sentence formed? A. By joining a simple sentence with a dependent clause B. By joining a dependent and independent clause with a conjunction [C. By joining two independent clauses and one dependent clause] D. By joining two simple
  31. english

    One of the two passages below follows the old-new contract. Identify it. I think it is passage one can anyone help verify if I am correct 1. The old/new contract is another principle for writing clear closed-form prose. Beginning your sentences with
  32. english

    which sentence contains a predicate noun? Hoover will lead the group hike on sunday He plans to leave Lookout Point He is an expert on the plants of the region He tells hikers about animals too To have a predicate noun in a sentence, you must also have a
  33. Lnguage Arts

    There is a paragragh and I have to circle dependent clauses an underline independent clauses. The paragraph is as follows: Although some people are afraid of ninjas, since they kill tons of people, I think they're cool. Because Ninjas have so many enemies,
  34. English

    Choose the sentence that is written in active voice. A. The prognosis was given by Dr. House. B. The patient was given a prognosis by Dr. House. C. Dr. House gave the prognosis to the patient. D. The prognosis was given a prognosis by Dr. House to the
  35. european history

    hi. I was wondering if this is a good concrete detail. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the leaders of 11 of the 15 constituent republics of the Soviet Union met in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, and signed the Charter of the Commonwealth of Independent States,
  36. math dealing with varibles

    solve this problem S-46=14 is it... a)34 b)31 c)32 d)none of the above do you know how to solve for S? You want all of the variables (in this case S) on one side and the numbers on the other. We have S on the left side; we leave it there. We need to move
  37. english

    Each of the following exercises shows the original source, and then a student’s sentence and/or citation about that source. Each sentence and each citation has at least one thing wrong with it (most have more than one). Each of the following exercises
  38. Grammar

    I'm having trouble with these sentences. The focus is on modifers, shifts and parallel constructions. Thank you for the help. 1. We are not only what we eat but also the thoughts we think. 2. According to legend, Schopenhauer believed women were weak in
  39. English

    1. I was late for the meeting thanks to the rain. 2. I was late for the meeting owing to the rain. (Can we use 'thanks to' in Sentence 1? And Sentence 2 has no problem, doesn't it?) 3. The boy went to the teacher's room to be disciplined by his homeroom
  40. English

    choose the phrase in which commas are used correctly to complete the sentence. The Internet allows Frank to ________. A.play games, send e-mail, and browse Internet sites. B.play, games, send e-mail, browse Internet sites. I think it is A
  41. Shakespaere 2

    Does this make sense? If not fix it please. If so add on to make it better. Thank-You Intro: You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time. Therefore, the
  42. physics

    Which of the following conditions is not necessary to observe an interference pattern between two sets of waves? Choose one answer. a. The waves must have the same wavelength. b. The waves must have a constant phase difference. c. The waves must have the
  43. French-Mme SraJMcGin

    Bonjour, I just want to make absolutely sure that I now properly understand this: I know how to use negation in a simple sentence. No problem. I still am a bit shaky on sentences with two verbs; if I understood you correctly, then when a negative sentence
  44. Englisg

    1) Using a single formatting _____ helps to make reading researched information easier;it lets the reader know what to expect. A. Citation B. Text C. Style D. Website My answer was B I got it wrong 2) when creating a writing plan,which of the following
  45. Spelling

    What the heck is the V/CV pattern and VC/V pattern?!?!?. Please tell me!!!! -Thanks, Danielle
  46. math/pattern

    what it the eighth term in this pattern? -4,-1,2,5,...
  47. math

    90,40,15. What is the next number in the pattern and what is the rule for the pattern
  48. find a pattern

    2 6 4 12 10 30 28 if the pattern continues, what is the next number likely to be?
  49. math

    75,74,72,69, 65 what is the pattern? waht are the next two numbers in pattern?
  50. Sentence skills

    Which one of these sentences contains a prepositional phrase? A. You may think otherwise, but what I tell you is true. B. Where did you find the papers that I lost? C. To be, or not to be: that is the question. (D. Trolls live under bridges; elves do not.)
  51. Social Studies

    Part 3: Write. 1. Write a persuasive argument explaining why you think this innovation is the most important development of ancient China. 2. Your argument should include the following: a. Begin with an opening sentence, introducing your argument. b. Add
  52. English

    Complete each sentence with a / ch/ word spelled ch or tch . Write the word on the line . See the word box if you need help. 1/ something you wear on your wrist that tells time....... ..................... 2/ if you have a group of more than one young
  53. grammar - conjanction

    Choose the following words to combine these sentence. words: after and till because as but for if when since so though unless until while or 1) The children went home. It was getting dark. 2) The boys were allowed to read books. The teacher was absent. 3)
  54. English

    1. What are people in the Netherlands hoping for? 2. What are people of the Netherlands hoping for? -They are hoping for another cold weather. -------------------- Which is right, 'in' or 'of' before the Netherlands? 3. How long didn't the race take place?
  55. writing skills

    You think using a dictionary is hard, _____________________________________ imagine ________ how difficult it was to compile the first dictionary of English. Which of the following is the best way to write the underlined portion of this sentence? If you
  56. Grammar

    Choose the sentence that is written and punctuated correctly. 1. She reported that her boss's secretary called 9-1-1 when she fainted, she has no recollection of the ambulance arriving. 2. She reported that her boss's secretary called 9-1-1 when she
  57. english

    Below is a list of facts and statistics that can be used to support a topic sentence. Use the list to complete the following unfinished paragraph given below. It already has a topic sentence. Facts and Statistics: 980,299 registered purebred dogs; does not
  58. English

    1: Which sentence is punctuated correctly? A: I didn't know, what the package was where it came from, or when it arrived. B: I didn't know, what the package was, where it came from, or when it arrived.*** C: I didn't know what the package was, where it
  59. Math

    Poor Delbert has been asked to do some tiling at home. He doesn't really understand the pattern. Can you help? How many black tiles to white?(1 to every 2) What is the proportion of black tiles to the whole pattern(1/3) What is the proportion of white
  60. Punctuating Sentences check please

    The rainbow stretched across the sky from the ice cream truck to the house down the lane. Between the sixth and seventh floors of the building in the stairwell over in the corner. Punctuating Sentences I am not sure if I did them correctily would someone
  61. Language arts 8th grade.

    Which sentence contains a predicate pronoun as a subject complement? 1) The best person for the job is she. 2) The ground is sloping and uneven.* 3) We wondered what happened to him. 4) Amy is employee of the week. Identify the capital portion of the
  62. English

    posted by rfvv yesterday at 5:17pm. posted by rfvv today at 8:58am. 1. You need not have done it. 2. You need have done it. -------------------------- Are they all grammatical? • Engish - Writeacher today at 9:05am 1 is okay, but 2 is not. 2 could be
  63. English

    1. WPM=130 means 130 words a minute. This is the similar reading speed of the listening test for first graders in middle school. 2. Write the second sentence in Number 2 in Italic script. 2-1. Write the second sentence in Number 2 in cursive type. 3.
  64. English

    Posted by rfvv on Sunday, May 2, 2010 at 10:33pm. 1. Are you finished cleaning? 2. Are you finished with cleaning? (Which one is correct?) English - SraJMcGin, Sunday, May 2, 2010 at 11:09pm 1. Are you finished cleaning.= correct 2. I'd use the noun
  65. English

    Is this a good outline for now? for my book Down and Out in Paris and London I. Introduction A. Catch Sentence: Why did George Orwell have such a suffering experiences in his life? B. General Information: George Orwell’s pen name of Eric Blair was born
  66. Discrete Math

    Pattern Matching 6. Build the Boyer-Moore last table for the following pattern/alphabet pairs. (a) “giggling”’ {g, I, l, n} (b) “mimimi” , {i, m} (b) ANSWER: i m 6 5 14. Search for the pattern “pie” in the text “pickled peppers”. Create a
  67. help please

    19. Identify the statement that is a verifiable fact. (1 point) Kids need to avoid excessive time in front of a computer. Laptop computers outsell desktop computers in retail sales. Most computer applications are designed for learning purposes. The elderly
  68. Spanish

    Which word best completes the sentence? _______chica es muy reservada. A. El B. La **** C. Ella D. Èl Which word best completes the sentence? Carolina es_______ amiga simpática. A. una **** B. ella C. un D. el 3. What type of islands are the Galápagos
  69. Grammar

    Is "because" a subordinate conjunction? Could you please give me a sentence in which I can identify the subordinate conjuntion. Is a subordinate clause introduced by a subordinate conjunctin? Here is a site on subordinate conjunctions... Sentences: The
  70. ELa

    Choose the meaning that best matches the word in parentheses . After disturbing the wasp's nest, the girl began (flailing) her arms in an attempt to swat away the swarming insects. 1.thrashing wildly 2.beating in time 3.moving in a pattern 4.flapping up
  71. English

    I have more than three smart phones. This smart phone service has been opened. However the other smart phones services have not been opened. They are juse second-hand smart phones. With the phones, I can take photos and make videos a lot. ==============
  72. Pre Calculus

    The number of new accounts opened at a credit union in the years 2001 to 2006 can be approximated by the model N(t)= -80.6t^2+2100t+12000, where 11 <= t <= 16, with t = 11 corresponding to 2001. Using this model and your graphing calculator,
  73. english

    Need Help.Please and Thanks. Read each of the following topic sentences, create your own topic sentence that expresses something about your particular opinion on the subject. Example: Topic sentence provided: When I have free time, I like to relax with a
  74. Spanish

    Can someone check my answers to this? I'm really confused on these practice problems. Thanks! Directions: Using informal, formal, plural and nosotros commands (use Dop's/Iop's if needed) to correctly answer the questions. The names in parathenisis are what
  75. english

    The following sentence illustrate several kinds of nonparallel constuction. Rewrite the sentence to achieve parallelism. If you insist on reading the Old Testament all the way through and to do the same with the New Testament, you are in for some big
  76. grammar

    In the sentence - "Tom could see the anger in Mr. Adams' face." is "Mr. Adams' face" a compound noun? I know Mr. Adams' is a possessive noun and face is a common noun but I am supposed to list compound nouns. Same with the sentence "The Team lost their
  77. Grammar (Ms. Sue)

    Complete each sentence below, using an objective pronoun. Then, tell how each pronoun is used in the sentence. 1). Skipping rope is a good form of exercise. Some athletes use (?) in their jumping. 2). My sister loves to jump rope. It gives (?) a chance to
  78. English

    On the far side of the burial room is an open door and a third room. ------------------------- Does the sentence mean that the burial room has a door which is open? Or does the sentence meant that the burial room doesn't have a door?

    Half the apples_________ on the floor, but some of them ________ on the table. are, are is is is are, are is We could neet the man who _________ all loans if the manager _________ here. approves, was approve, were approve, was approves, were Half the
  80. English

    Can someone please confirm that my answers are correct? Choose the correct pronoun to fit the context of the sentence. 1. The dog chewed ________ leash apart. A. its B. his or her C. it’s D. their E. its’ I think it's C 2. Is technology with all
  81. Language Arts

    I need Help finding in understanding to get correct answer Before we buy our tickets. (1 point) Before we buy or tickets tomorrow. Before we buy our tickets, we should check the weather. We buy our tickets before. This is a complete sentence. No correction
  82. Grammar

    Need help with these two questions....I just need to know if I'm right or wrong- Choose the subject of the sentence: 1.Tuesday morning, the RWGC will open. A.morning B.Tuesday morning C.RWGC D.Center C? 2.Last year, wasn't Carson City in Nevada near our
  83. English

    Choose the sentence that is written in active voice. A. The book will be published next year. B. Next year the book will be published. C. Pearson will publish the book next year. D. Published next year will be the book by Pearson. C
  84. English

    I urgently need to check some paragraphs with you. I hope you can help me. I repeated the same sentence many times to see all the possible variations. Thank you very much. 1)Defoe's novels are fcitional and retrospective autobiographies always pretending
  85. English/ Help

    Choose the sentence that does not include a usage error. A) Because the student did not see any author information on the website, he incorrectly implied that he did not need to credit the source in his assignment. B) Because the student did not see any

    Can anyone help me or help me get started please? ASSIGNMENTS 1. CheckPoint: Full-Sentence Outline • Resources: Organizing Your Research Paper & Bias, Rhetorical Devices, and Argumentation • Due Date: Day 4 [Individual forum] • Review the criteria

    Can anyone help me or help me get started please? ASSIGNMENTS 1. CheckPoint: Full-Sentence Outline • Resources: Organizing Your Research Paper & Bias, Rhetorical Devices, and Argumentation • Due Date: Day 4 [Individual forum] • Review the criteria
  88. grammar help /;-;/ plz check

    Which sentence contains an error in the use of end marks or commas? A.In the garden were rows, and rows of peas, beans, carrots and radishes. B.A wind, nervous colt was bucking and refusing to enter the trailer. C.The book, in my humble opinion, seemed a
  89. Language Art's

    Choose the sentence that uses the word "cultivate" as is used in the sentence from the novel below "novel is Johnny Tremain" 1. As soon as Johnny began to cultivate Dove, he was surprised at the response. A. The farmer sought to cultivate a garden of
  90. math

    Simon must choose one fiction book and one biography for a reading project. he has 6 different fiction books to choose and 7 different biographies to choose. write an equation to show how many different ways he can choose one of each type of book?
  91. Grammar (Ms. Sue)

    Complete each sentence below, using an objective pronoun. Then, tell how each pronoun is used in the sentence. 1). Skipping rope is a good form of exercise. Some athletes use (?) in their training. 2). My sister loves to jump rope. It gives (?) a chance to
  92. english

    i was wondering if i did this correct Each of the following exercises shows the original source, and then a student’s sentence and/or citation about that source. Each sentence and each citation has at least one thing wrong with it (most have more than
  93. English

    I appreciate your help. 1. We are going to hold a farewell party for him. 2. We are going to hold the farewell party for him. ================================ The difference between the two sentence is the article. The prepositional phrase can be an adverb
  94. English

    1. You should wear a swimming cap in the swimming pool. 2. You should wear a swimming cap at the swimming pool. (Which preposition should we use? Are both OK?) 3. What is your number? - My number is 22. 4. May I have your number? - My number is 22. 5. What
  95. Lanuage. Please Help !!!

    1.)what is the prepositional phrase in this sentence? Late last night their was aloud knock at the door a.)Late last night b.)there was c.)a loud knock d.)at the door 2.) what is the participle phrase in this sentence? Living in New York, he went to many
  96. english

    Please check grammar correctint comma splice sentences and need to use more the 1 method. Original sentence: Unfortunately Anthony did not live to see the 1920 passage of the Nineteenth Amendment giving women the right to vote,she died in 1906. My
  97. English

    Thank you for your help. 1. Monday is the day when I am the busiest. 2. Monday is the day when I am busiest. 3. Monday is the day I am the busiest. 4. Monday is when I am the busiest. 5. Monday is the day that I am the busiest. 6. Monday is that I am the
  98. English

    Read the following sentence: We should probably call the neighbors about that barking dog running through their yard. Which of the following correctly describes the verbal and its function in this sentence? Barking is a present participle describing the
  99. algebra

    a salesperson who must decide between two monthly income options: Option A: Salary of $1642 per month, plus 8% of monthly sales or Option B: Salary of $1900 per month, plus 6.5% of monthly sales For what amount of monthly sales is Option A the better
  100. English

    1. Paris is the capital of France. 2. Paris is a capital of France. ------------------------------- Sentence 1 is right. Sentence 2 is wrong. By the way, why do we have to use 'the' before 'capital'? Is that because 'the capital of France ' is the only one