7th grade math please help Ms. Sue ASAP

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  1. ms.sue

    i am sorry i need the help can you correct the rest of them for me i feel pestfull correct;Everyone agreed that sally and i would attend the conference.
  2. MATHS

    ms.sue can you practice me in maths for s.e.a like give me sites to do test then you will correct when i post the answers
  3. Media (Ms.Sue or Writeteacher)

    Who are the stakeholders in media? once you have helped me with this question, I will post my answer. Please check it thanks
  4. English - ms. sue

    in what way the madness in this story be a kind of trip, an inner trip instead of trad itional voyage? i not get this one.
  5. English

    Thank You Ms. Sue College English is harder then I thought and haven't had to ask just a few questions and I am running a 98 average
  6. math

    4 numbers are placed in a bag. two are removed and total 2.4. The numbers are returned to the bag and the process is repeated 4 more times. The totals are 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 and 2.8. What are the 4 numbers in the bag? please let me know how you arrived at the
  7. Math help asap!!!

    5(x – 9) = 5x no solution one solution infinite solutions –2(x – 1) = 2x – 2 infinite solutions one solution no solution
  8. english

    Please help me. I wanna make sure if all corrects this. Thanks. Some people are so (1)ominous to living near a nuclear plant that they want the plant’s license to be (2)nullify. They say the plant infringes on every homeowner’s right to safety. Shannon
  9. Samples and Predictions Math

    Help please I really don't understand this! 1)Janine wishes to conduct a poll to predict how many students will vote for her for class president. Which polling methods are likely to be biased? Choose all answers that are correct. A. Five people in each of
  10. Math. Plz walk me though

    A picture of the Sun has 12 identically matched points. Suppose you line up two suns directly on top of each other. What is the least number of degrees that you can rotate the top sun so that so the two Suns are perfectly aligned again. Can someone please
  11. Math

    Can someone check my answers for a couple questions in my test I can't get help because my dad isnt here and my mom can't do math. 3.Write the ratio as a percent In the seventh Grade class, 19/25 students voted in favor of having a class picnic. A.76% --
  12. What does the question in my post mean?

    What does the following question mean? -- How can you live within a democracy that expects you to participate, to hold an opinion and vote and thereby control and be responsible for your society—but at the same time, you must surrender and follow the
  13. south carolina history help me ASAP PLZZZZZ

    _______ established a lower house, an upper house, and a president who could not be elected. declaration of independence treaty of paris south carolina constitution of 1776 townshend acts
  14. language arts

    Johnny Tremain Which of the following is a theme the author explores in Johnny Tremain? select all that apply. Friends and Family The costs of war Fear of failure coming of age they all seem to apply but i assume i can only pick two. which ones? help asap?
  15. Elementary Statistics need help ASAP

    2. A research team studied the ages of patients who had heart attacks caused by smoking. The ages of 34 patients who suffered a heart attack were as follows. 29 30 36 41 45 50 57 61 28 50 66 58 60 38 36 47 40 32 58 46 61 40 55 32 61 56 45 46 62 66 38 40 40
  16. Science, please check my answer Ms Sue!

    How does a hurricane form? a.)It forms over a warm ocean water as a low-pressure area*** b.) it forms over a warm ocean as a high-pressure area. c.) it forms over cool ocean water as a low-pressure area d.) it forms over a cool ocean water as a
  17. Grade 12 Data Management math

    I'm doing math through correspondence so material is not explained very well. I would appreciate if someone could explain this to me. This lesson is review of set theory and first degree equations. Indicate whether each of the following statements is true
  18. math

    investigate the economics of using a higher grade of plywood for the facing when using timber fromwork . a fromwork system which is being used for concreting operations consumes the following labour and materials over 12 months : labour:6043 hours at
  19. physics b

    If heat Q is required to increase the temperature of a metal object from 4°C to 6°C, the amount of heat necessary to increase its temperature from 6°C to 12°C is A Q B 2 Q C 3 Q D 4Q please help me asap
  20. statistics

    this is a problem in my statistics class, and I am lost to me, it is confusing or missing something here is the problem please help grade points are assignede as follows: a=4,b=3,c=2,d=1,f=0. grades are weighted according to credit hours. if a student
  21. math

    what if there is no common denomintor, or is there a such thing as no common denomintor, this is 5th grade math.plz help
  22. English-Ms. Sue

    Have you ever seen the movie, "The Mighty", some people refer to it as "Freak the Mighty". I have a few questions on it, but before I post them here, I'd like to know if you've ever watched it. Thanks
  23. English - ms. sue

    WFE chapt 14/15 in chapt 14 end wat do mrlena say w/o verbally saying it? that be she love jcob?
  24. Health

    Ms.Sue would you mind looking over the questions for Health at the bottom of page one.I know Brady answered but I just like to hear your okay correct on everything. :-)
  25. ms.sue

    Can i bother again to see if you can help me set up my paper so i can know what i should talk about in each paragraph so i do not loose myself. And hints towards what to talk about. In the previous postage.
  26. Intermediate Algebra

    Ms Sue I thought this site is for HOMEWORK HELP SPECIFICALLY,if it is not ,this site is strictly false advertising
  27. Health (Ms. Sue)

    Your friend tells you, "My boyfriend is a star athlete. He couldn't be infected with HIV." What could you tell your friend?
  28. To:Ms.Sue

    Would it be correct if I use "Everyone in life" instead of "Everyone in their life"? Would this still make "everyone" mean each and every individual?In addition, do you have any suggestion or ideas on how I should start the essay? Thanks
  29. science

    what the heck ms.sue you literally skipped over my question. i've been next to my computer screen waiting for you to answer my question.
  30. music

    I am still on to the four seasons oh by the way thanks to miss sue your a star!But I have a lot of infomation on vivaldi not the 4 seasons,and thanks for taking the time to help!
  31. english MS.sue help please

    In a short story, the problem that moves the action of the story forward is known as the them conflict *** protagonist am i right
  32. Social Studies (Ms. Sue)

    What are two inventions that made modern city life possible? I know one of the inventions are skyscrapers but I am not certain of the answer to the other one.
  33. TO MS.SUE

  34. to Ms. Sue

    This is what I have x=1st interger 17-x= 2nd interger equation: x(x-17)=66 x^2-17x-66 then I have to factor it but I don't know the factors that is what I need help with finding that
  35. Health (Ms. Sue)

    Explain why it is important to have an efficient public health system if an outbreak of a disease occurs.
  36. Algebra

    Sue can shovel snow from her driveway in 45 minutes. Jim can do the same job in 55 minutes. How long would it take them if they worked together?
  37. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    How might the overall population densities of the Latin America's landmass and population to those of the United States compare?
  38. to ms.sue project

    i just searched my house and went to the store but there is no white construction paper that is 8 1/2 by 11 inch. is it ok if i just use copy paper?
  39. Ms.sue

    Is there anyway i can possibly be allowed to post links? I think it would help me out a lot, i could also cite my sources a lot better. Please delete this when were done conversing.
  40. to ms.sue

    i gave a girl my password on babydow. but now since she's being mean, she can go to my acccount and read my messages. what should I do? i don't know how to change my password.
  41. English

    ms. sue i wrote out this story i read in class in word document u please read it and help with questions? if only you not mind.
  42. Grammar (Ms. Sue) or (Writeacher)

    Which sentence is correct? 1. There is certainly even more things we can do to help. (or) 2. There are certainly even more things we can do to help.
  43. Language Arts

    Why is Ms. Sue so rude. We come on here to ask for her help and she either says something rude or something helpful. All we want is your help not criticism.
  44. To Ms. Sue

    I am so glad you're back, can you please have a moment to look back at my previous posts.
  45. to ms.sue

    tommorow my ar points are in and i still need 6 more points, what should i do. there is a book i have but its 230 pages
  46. To:Ms.Sue

    Yes sorry, I kind of exaggerate when I write. May I ask how is "Everyone" a singular? Don't singular mean one only? Thanks
  47. to ms.sue

    on your last post you said move two decimal places to the right.2 places to the right is 0.06 not 0.063
  48. Algebra 2 (Please help Ms. Sue!)

    Use the Remainder Theorem to find the remainder when P(x)=x^4-9x^3-5x^2-3x+4 is divided by x+3. How do I do this?
  49. social studies

    What was the compromise made in the Missouri Compromise? Please help Ms. Sue.
  50. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    Is there more trade within the EU or between the EU and non-members countries? Explain? A: There is more trade within the EU because ?
  51. Science

    Ms. Sue this is Ava will you please check my science answers that i posted
  52. algebra 1

    Hi Ms. Sue can you tell me how you got 2/10 in the equation that I submited a few min. ago the equation was, x + 7/10 = - 1/5
  53. to ms.sue- project

    can you help me with my project now. I need to finish my writing but I don't know how to end it
  54. Math

    Bill plays ball for 9 hours each week. His friend Mark spends as much time playing ball. Who plays more ball? I think I have to divide. So I think Mark plays more ball by 10 4/5 hours. Is this correct? Thank you so very much for your help Ms. Sue.
  55. chem help ASAP!!!!

    What ions are very important for the proper fuctioning of biological systems such as nerves and cells? A)alkali earth metals B)hydrogen ions C)oxygen ions D)nitride ions E)alkali metal ions my choice is A or C can anyone help?
  56. Math 6th Grade, Help me!

    If the original bill is $15.50, what will be the final bill after paying a 15% tip? Round to the nearest cent. A. $2.33 B. $17.83 C. $30.50 D. $232.50

    Make a tree diagram for rolling die first followed by spinner. Don't tell the answer, but can you tell me how to find the answer.
  58. 5th grade math equation

    I have tried everything to help my son and I can't figure it out. I am trying to get an end result of 38 out of the following equation. We have to add parentheses to make it equal 38 any help !!! 3+6*5+4/2-7
  59. 6th grade math

    how many 3 3/4 inch wires can be cut from a spool of wire that is 100 inches long will there be any wire left over? if so how much?
  60. 5th grade math

    julie spends 3/4 hr studying on mon, 1/6 hr on tuesday and 2/3 hr on wednesday. how many hours does julie study on those 3 days?
  61. Math patterns and rules unit test

    I am in connexus and was wondering if anyone has got the answers to this test, please help me I am felling really bad and this is the only way I could bring my grade up. Ty!!
  62. math grade 11

    I need help with this question determine the values in k for which the function f(x)= 4x^2-3x+2kx+1 has two zeros. Check these values in the original equation. i don't get how to do it please help me.
  63. 5th Grade Math

    About 7/10 of the U.S population in 1991 believed saying look before you leap to be true (175,104,000). What was the total population?
  64. Grade 10 Math

    A student can walk 30ft in 10s. Hiw far could she walk in 1 hour? Write the answer in miles and yards.
  65. Math #rd grade

    Bryan has 3 nickels, 3 dimes, and 2 quarters. What fraction of the coins is either a dime or a quarter? There is a space for only 1 fraction answer.
  66. math grade 11

    I need help with this question determine the values in k for which the function f(x)= 4x^2-3x+2kx+1 has two zeros. Check these values in the original equation. i don't get how to do it please help me.
  67. 9th grade math

    suppose you invested $1200 for four years. you earned $312 in simple interest. what is the interest rate?
  68. 6th grade math

    if the area of a rectangle is 20 square units and the length of the base to the height are in a ratio of 5:1 what is the perimeter of the rectangle ?
  69. math 8th grade

    One of a pentagon's sides is 3 feet longer than the other. If the perimeter of the pentagon is 128m, how long is the longest side?
  70. 2nd grade math

    take a shape with 4 sides. draw a line between two vertices that do not share a side. how many shapes does that make? how many sides do they have
  71. 5th grade math

    Form a equivalent problem for 4 1/2 divided by 1/2 by doubling both the dividend and divisor. Then find the quiotent. Would that be 9 divided by 1 =9
  72. Grade 10 Math

    I've missed quite alot of school because I was sick and when I get back I have a test right away. The only problem is I have a worksheet and no answers, I really would appreciate help! I can't tell if I'm in the right direction or not for this test! Thank
  73. 8th grade math

    The perimeter of a square with a side length of s is given by the expression 4s, what is the permiter of the square shown? and on one of the sides it says 7.5m How would I answer this?
  74. 8th grade math

    The two boxes are similar rectangular prisms. what is the height of box B. I figured out the volume of the smaller box first now what do I do?
  75. Math riddles for 4th grade

    divide me by 10 and 3 remians. a square number my first digit be. My second digit is the product of1 and 3. All together I am greater than 50.
  76. 3rd grade math

    A hlaf dozen hair clip cost 43.90. maria wants to buy 4 hair clips. how much will she pay for them?
  77. 5th grade math

    If a farmer divides his land into square fields that are 1/2 mile long and 1/2 Mike wide how many fields will he have
  78. Math 11th Grade

    Use Demoivre's Theorem to find the fourth roots of -16. Leave the four roots in trigonometric form. How the heck do i do this?
  79. grade (5) math

    The Rowans decided to build a pool in their backyard. What would be the area and perimeter of this pool? Let X=20 1/2 feet and y=2 1/2 yards. Pls help me!!
  80. Grade 11 Math

    i need help doing this question... a quadratic funtion has these characteristics axis of symmetry: -1 x=3 is the x- int y= 32 is the maximum value determine the y int of this parabola.
  81. 4th grade math

    REASONING Tara says that 1/2 of a salad is always the same amount. Lynn says that it could be different amounts, depending on how large the salad is. Who is correct and why?
  82. 5th grade math

    About 7/10 of the US population in 1991, which was 175,104,000, believed that look before you leap was true, what was the total population?
  83. Math

    0.9 of the 6th grade graders at Sellers brought cans for the canned food drive. What % of students did not bring cans 90 10 9 1 Im not sure on this one but I think its 90
  84. 4th Grade math

    Sonia has 3 bracelets. She wears them all at the same time but in different order each day. How many different bracelet combinations does sonia have to choose from.
  85. math 8th grade

    One of a pentagon's sides is 3 feet longer than the other. If the perimeter of the pentagon is 128m, how long is the longest side?
  86. algebra

    can someone show me how to solve this the instructions are for me to solve by the quadriatic formula is this really 8 grade math im confused im trying to help my daughter tammi and i have never run across this before X^2 + 9=0
  87. 6th Grade Math

    Estimation division. Problem: 28,622/921 My estimated problem: 27,000/900 Is this right?? If not, please explain. Thanks!
  88. 3rd grade math\

    A hlaf dozen hair clip cost 43.90. maria wants to buy 4 hair clips. how much will she pay for them?
  89. 5th grade math

    find two boxes that will hold half as many centimeter cubes as the 3 centimeters by 4 centimeters by 6 centimers box. Thank you
  90. 4th grade math help!

    Melvin estimated 645 + 322 by adding 600 + 300. Is his estimated sum an over or under estimate? Ty
  91. Math (9th grade)

    Write an equation in point slope form of a line parallel to 12x-2y=6 and passes through the point (-4,-3)
  92. 3rd grade math

    rogelio has 3 one-dollar bills, 5 quarters, 4 dimes, 2 nickles and 9 pennies. what fraction of the coins are quarters. A 1/2 B 1/5 c 1/4 D 4/10

  94. math 5th grade

    theo wants to put a dinosaur border around the perimeter of his room. How many rolls of border must he buy if each one covers 10 ft?
  95. math grade 8/ unit test lesson 13/unit 2

    #12 the cones below are similar,although not drawn to scale.what is the radius of the larger cone. a)10 b)11 c)12 d)13 i think it is c
  96. Math

    Of the 6 grade students surveyed, 12% bring their lunch. SUppose 24 six graders do this, how many six graders are there. I would like you to show me how to do this, (Mom) so that I can explain to my son. Thanks.
  97. math 4th grade

    adding and subtracting mixed numbers in lowest terms; 5 1/2 - 2 4/5, I got as far as 3 46/10 but don't know how to break it down into lowest term.
  98. 5th grade math

    how many square feet are needed to cover one square yard? would it be 108 sq ft also would .26 rounded to the nearest hundredth be .30
  99. Math

    Is anyone from connexus academy who took the Unit 6 Lesson 7 Polynomials and Properties of Exponents 8th Grade Unit Test?? I need help on the first question
  100. Math grade 10

    Our teacher said that for trigonometry, even degree means that if we flip the graph, it is would look exactly the same. Then why is that sec is even function while csc is odd function??