7th grade math please help Ms. Sue ASAP

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  1. math

    I'm in grade 5 and I have a area and perimeter question. The area is 300mm2 and the width is 15mm, I need to know what the length is. Thanks for your time.:-)
  2. 5th grade math

    How do you find the area of an irregular shape? The shape is shaped like a cat's head. Please help me!
  3. Math 12th grade

    Find the sum of each infinite series, or state that the sum doesn'nt exist 1/7+5/14+25/28+
  4. 3rd grade math

    WRITING TO EXPLAIN. How can you use models to show and name the number 1,400 in two different ways? Explain.
  5. Math 6th Grade

    The product of the GCF and LCM of two numbers is 12. Give one possible pair of values for the two numbers
  6. math

    To obtain a final average of 80 % in a certain subject, what grade must a student earn in a test after having an average of 77.5 % in four examinations ?
  7. 6th grade math

    Is there a quick way to get the answer to this problem without doing a calculation of each possible answer. These numbers are arranged from greatest to least. Which value is next. F) 1/2 G) 0.58 H) 6/8 J) 0.65
  8. 6 grade math

    I need help with these two problems if someone can explain the steps thank you Use a generic rectangle to find each product Problem 1: 3 and 1/6 × 2 and 1/2 Problem 2: 1 and 1/3 × 1 and 1/6
  9. math 4 grade

    question which is greater - are they equal - or not enough info 18K 17K the answer says its not enough info but 18 is always bigger than 17
  10. 8th grade math

    How do I create a calendar with expressions using letters a,b,c, and d (1,2,3,4). Each expression needs to equal each day on the calendar.
  11. math

    hi, how are you i am in 5th grade and i want to ask you how i do this listen: matt had $40. he spent $10 on books and $14 on markers.what fraction of his money did he spent?
  12. math 8th grade

    a black 8" tile was cut to surround a white 8" tile. what is the perimeter of the design?
  13. grade 12 math

    Given the function f(x)= x^3+8/x^2+-6, determine the eqaution of the asymptotes and state the end behaviours of the graph near the asymptotes.
  14. math 4 grade

    Make an array with rows. Put 2 squares in each row. Draw a picture of the array
  15. 3rd grade math

    Use the digits 3, 7, 1, 5 to write a number that rounds to each of the following 2,000 3,500 6,000 7,400
  16. 8th grade Math

    i need some explanation on Area of Trapezoids and Parallelograms....? can some body explain how to find the area?
  17. 9th grade Math

    Discuss how you might use the ski slope to help remember the numerical slope of a vertical line.
  18. Math

    ted needs an average of at least 70 on his 3 history tests. he has already scored 85 and 60 on 2 of them. what is the minimum grade ted need on his 3rd test?
  19. math 5th grade

    by what fraction name for 1 must 2/3 be multiplied to form a fraction with a denominator of 15? also what is the number in this sequence ...,100,10,1,...? would it be -1? thank you
  20. math lit,geo,life.s , life.o,b.studies,eng,sepedi

    What can i do with this subject (occupation) and im in grade 11
  21. 3rd grade math

    Shelby had $18.50. she spent $7.25 at the car wash. Write an expression that shows what she spent.
  22. 6th grade math

    fraction strip folded into 12ths what fractional length could you measure with the strip?
  23. 5th grade math

    How can knowing the multiplication. Properties help you evaluate five times twenty times sixty three
  24. math grade 3

    need to draw data sets to find the mean. I know how to use this putting the numbers in order from least to greatest, but how do I draw this?
  25. Math

    Ok so my tx book says explain the dirrrefence between a unit rate and a rate in in the 6th grade and it's my first week hhheeelllppp
  26. 5th grade Math

    I have to find the function rule that goes with this table... X Y 2 8 4 18 7 33 9 43 12 57 I've been trying to figure it out for an hour and can't find anything that works for all of them.
  27. 5th grade math

    what percent of the total population believed if the population was 136,800,000
  28. Sixth Grade Math

    Three different rectangles have an are of 28 square units. What are the possible whole-number dimensions of the rectangles? Can someone please help me how to solve this problem?
  29. 3rd grade math

    1)which shapes are polygons. 2)which shapes have atleast one curved side.if you know this please help me as soon as posible because this is my homework
  30. 6 grade math

    how do you find the height of a triangle with an area of 245 square inches and a base of 14 inches.
  31. 6 grade math

    how do you find the height of a parallelogram with an area of 224 square meters and a base of 16 meters.
  32. math 6th grade

    write the rule anf find the missing input. input out put 0 5 3 14 x 32

  34. 8 th grade math

    ann batted 12 times and made 9 hits what is the percent of her times to bat i put 66 2/3 is that right or it could be 75%
  35. 5th Grade Math Algebraic Expressions

    What is the algebraic expression for six is fifteen less than three times a number?Please Help.! -Keke
  36. 5th grade math

    the sum of two numbers is 34. their difference is 18. what are the two numbers?
  37. 6 grade math

    justify each step 8=2x-3 8+3=2x-3+3 11=2x 11/2=2x/2 5 1/2=x justify explain your answer
  38. 6th Grade Math

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! I need to answer this equation: 9/2m-8=-5.5+4m I need it answer in a way like this: Ex: 9+5k=45+2k 0peration S 9 5k=36+2k S 2k 45+2k D 3 k=12
  39. 6th grade

    i need help with a math problem that NO ONE can figure out problem:98.13 divided by 24.27
  40. 4th grade math

    How many thousands are in 70,000? a) 7 b) 70 c) 700 d) 7,000
  41. 2nd grade math

    I have fewer ones than tens. The value of my tens is 20. What two numbers can I be?
  42. sixth grade math

    360 kilometers is 24 of ___ kilometers.
  43. 8th grade Math

    Can you please check my answer? Solve for x. 7- 7/2x = -5 my answer: x = 42
  44. 5th grade math

    what is 1 minus 1-sixth minus 11 eighteenths?
  45. grade 12 math

    solve 1-tan^2x=0 , 0≤x≤2pi
  46. 6th grade math

    Which numbers use only 2's and 5's as prime factors. The numbers are 3,4,7,8,12,13,15,16,20,25,28,30,36,40,45,and 48.
  47. 3rd grade math

    what combinations of president and vice president could there be ?
  48. 3rd grade math

    what is standard form ? and What is expanded form ?

  50. math 5th grade

    how can I find out what 100% of population is when I only know what 70% of population is?
  51. 5th grade math

    what is geometric secuence? what is arithmetic secuence?
  52. 12th grade Math?

    How would you factor 3x^3-4x^2+4x-1? P.S. Factor theorem does not work here.
  53. 8th grade math

    2x=y+1/2 how do you turn this equation into an equation that is ax+by=c? Please help and explain. Thank you.
  54. Math Grade 12

    How do you expand this log expression? log(3x©÷¡îy/©ø¡î5z©÷)
  55. 6th grade math

    Will some please help me figure this out??? ?x?/?+?x?/?-?=6 You can only ues these numbers to figure this out, 2,4,5,7,8,9,10
  56. 5th grade math

    100cm=1m How many square cm = one square meter? 6 1/8 - x = 1 7/8 ? would that be 4 1/8 Thank you so much for your help.
  57. Grade 11 Math functions

    y=x^2-5x+6 Domain= {xeR or 2<x<3 } Range={ } What is the range?? please help! thank you.
  58. math 8th grade

    negative one and two tenths minus 5 tenths
  59. math need asap

    7r-4s=-7 (7) 4r+7s=61 (4) 49r - 28s = -49 16r + 28s = 244 --------------- 65r = 195 195/65 = 3 (simplified) (3, is the first number of the ordered pair.) Now this is the part that I get lost on. I know I am suppose to substitute 3 into one of the equations
  60. Math

    Evaluate the expression. (1)1/3 divided by 1/6= 2 Answer (2)6 divided by 2/5= 15 Answer (3) 4/9 divided by 2/3 dividied by 5/6= Answer 4/5 (4) 7/8 mulitplied by 4/5 divided 7/20=Answer 2 Please help Ms. Sue
  61. Math Ms. Sue please

    3. What is the slope of the line for the cost of subs at Sam’s Sub Shop? Sam's Sub Shop: Cost: 11 22 44 Subs: 2 4 8 2/11 5.5 1/5.5 5
  62. APUSH

    It is from the 2000 APUSH DBQ. what was the main idea of Document I. DBQ Question: How successful was organized labor in improving the position of workers in the period from 1875 to 1900? Analyze the factors that contributed to the level of success
  63. nutrition and wellness

    Write a 300-500 word essay. Provide Three examples of sporting events, or fitness activities, with which you have been involved. Describe what energy pathway was used in that sport or activity and explain why you are matching the pathway with the activity.
  64. Heath/Wellness

    Write a 300-500 word essay. Provide three examples of sporting events, or fitness activities, with which you have been involved. Describe what energy pathway was used in that sport or activity and explain why you are matching the pathway with the activity.
  65. Civics ASAP PLZ =:)

    Imagine a country in a distant land is about to change rulers. The previous ruler, who recently died, was responsible for government decisions. One of the ruler’s children will become the new leader. Which type of government is described in this
  66. History

    Mrs.Sue, I have completed three questions of the four. May you check them? I do not need help on the fourth one because my teacher still has to give us a booklet with the information and etc... I replied to the post that I posted: yesterday at 3:21pm
  67. English

    Ms Sue I am really studying hard I have one more will you check for me? Lew wasn't sure he had locked the front door so after him and Marian left for their vacation at nine o'clock they came back at 9:30. Do I need any commas?
  68. Geography (Ms.Sue)

    I got it!!!! 13. The Southern tip of South Africa contains which of the following types of forests? a. tropical rainforests b. chaparral c. broadleaf evergreen d. mid-latitude deciduous B? Thanks -MC
  69. Science (Mrs.sue please help)

    For your discussion assessment, you will present your proposal of a device that minimizes heat transfer So basically, an insulator. right? i uh... don't get what this questions asking... 0n0 help?
  70. P.E

    Which of the following does not describe why many people with eating disorders do not see help because they_____. A. are embarrassed b.deny there is a problem C. find comfort in food D are ashamed of their behaviors I don't now if its C or D but My
  71. Ms. Sue PLZ HELP!!!(Civics)

    New Zealand is a country in which the legislature chooses the national, executive leaders. This is an example of which kind of government? Democracy*** Federation Parliamentary Monarchy
  72. Social Studies

    "How are African Mahogany trees grown, harvested and transported?" Thank you Ms.Sue for the link but if you read the information in this Wikipedia article you will see that none of these questions are addressed.
  73. Social Studies

    (please help i need it now.) Where do most people in Southwest Asia live? A) in cities B) in rural river valleys C) in the mountains D) in desert interiors PLEASEEEE help me Mrs. Sue :)
  74. TO BETTY

    http://www.jiskha.com/display.cgi?id=1161178586 Please note that B is incorrect. If you read the webpage that Ms. Sue gave you, you'll know that A is the correct answer. Sorry for the mix-up. =)
  75. Socials-Ms. Sue

    The steam engine changed society by the ingenious application of its power to kinds of work that formerly taxed the physical energies of the human race.
  76. psy-

    Ms. Sue are you? I have to do a powerpoint presentation on psychological disorders especially on the following anxiety, dissociative, somatoform mood, schizophrenia and personality. I would like to read more before I do it tomorrow. can you please help me
  77. Ms. Sue PLZ HELP!!!(Civics)

    The United States often uses sanctions to ______ a country. create an exception on impose a penalty on*** discourage trade with step into a conflict with
  78. Ms. Sue why are u skipping me??

    Can someone explain the post revolutionary politics for ushistory- what happened republicanism? feminism? forming new governments? or send me several links? but id prefer a summary thanks!
  79. Teachers

    I know this isn't a question, but I'd like to thank all the people who contribute to everything. Ms. Sue gets a lot of hate, but she remains calm and warns them, still being polite. She still continues to help us, so I wanted to thank her and other large
  80. english - Ms. Sue

    As oil and gas prices are on the rise; the economy gets seriously affected; however, finding a solution is no easy task when dealing with such a complex global issues.
  81. English

    Dear Ms.Sue, thank you for your answer. Will you please help me with one more question? Do you think it's possible to use such phrases as "for a long time / for a month" in the mid-position, for example: "They have been trying for a week to find a solution
  82. Literature-Help me Ms. Sue

    At first, Sojourner Truth was happy to have many children because? A. they were the only things that gave her joy B. it provided more slaves for her owner C. it took her mind off her problems D. they could help her with her daily tasks I think it's B.
  83. social studies

    What political dangers did President Lincoln face when he issued the Emancipation Proclamation..I don't think Damon was able to help me or I'm looking at the question the wrong way ?Need your input on this Ms.Sue....Thank You
  84. please check Ms.Sue

    4.   Ancient cyanobacteria released ______, which assisted in creating the atmosphere as we know it today.   A. oxygen  B. lead  C. hydrogen  D. ore  A? Reed told me yes for A,but I still was not sure!
  85. algebra

    Look at this diagram. Assume that each square is 1 m × 1 m and that up is positive, left is negative, and north is at the top. Describe Bill’s location as seen by Sue, the reference point, using x and y coordinates. x = –2 m, y = 1 m x = –1 m, y = 2
  86. Social Studies

    Why didn't President Johnson want rich, white southern landowners to return to power? This isn't a question on a test. I just want to know why. Can someone help me? @Ms. Sue @WriteTeacher Thanks! :D
  87. Englih Reply

    Is there a literary term behind the phrase, "crafted but easily shattered." •English - Ms. Sue, Sunday, August 31, 2014 at 5:06pm How about assonance? RE: Is there anything else such as a juxtaposition?
  88. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    Q; fats should not account more than____percent of total daily calories A. 10 B.30 C.50 D.75 my answer is B Ms.Sue is that corect Thank you so much!
  89. AP Physics

    A mystery surprise box is sliding down a ramp at a constant speed. The box has a mass of 55.0kg and the ramp makes a 40.0œ angle with the horizontal. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the ramp? Please help asap. Thank you.
  90. Asap can someone pplz check these answers

    Please check my answers I have 2 do other things right now
  91. Algebra

    State the slope of the lines: a, b, c: a) Y + 8 = x Slope is: b) Y - 8 = 0 Slope is: c) x – 8 = 0 Slope is: PLEASE HELP ASAP
  92. Trig

    prove(sinx/cosx+1)+(cosx-1/sinx)=0 Please help asap!!!!! PLEASE
  93. Math need help asap

    In 1995 the life expectancy of a male in a certain country was 70.98 years. In 2002 it was 73.4 years. Let E represent the life expectancy in year t and let t represent the number of years since 1995. The liner function R(t) that fits the data E(t)= _t+_
  94. Social studies ASAP

    Which of the following helped to increase the populations of northeastern cities more diversity successful cotton crops growth of factories and trade building of the Erie Canal i chose building of the erie canal
  95. Lit. Poem Please ASAP

    I need you to check one question thanks. It's for the poem "The Rainy Day," by Henry Longfellow. 1. What inital sound is repeated more than another in "The rainy day?" What is it's effect? Answre: The days are dark and dreary and it's affect is it's
  96. language

    okay i read the book Royally Jacked for english and i had to return the book and i need to finsh my book report ASAP ! i need to know 20 vocab words used in the book , venn diagram , plot diagram , summary 3-10 ! and i cant FAIL . so can you please help me
  97. Chemistry

    I need help ASAP! Colligative Properties- Ethylene glycol (C2H6O2) is the principal ingredient in antifreeze. How many grams of ethylene glycol will be needed to lower the freezing point of 2100 grams of water by 20 degrees celcius?

    How did European affect Africa during the 18 hundreds how did Africa Africans respond in the 1900 Plzzzzzz help I swear I have read my text read a link about but I still don't understand plz help!!!!!#
  99. 11th grade Algebra 2

    At a college bookstore, Carla purchased a math textbook and a novel thjat cost a total of $54, not including tax. If the price if the math textbook, m, is $8 more than 3 times the price of the novel, n, write a system of linear equations that could be used
  100. Math

    How can you order three whole numbers with different numbers of digits without comparing the digits? Give an example. I think that I can use the same number with different place numbers like: 4, 44, 444; I don't have to compare numbers. Is this right? If