7th grade math please help Ms. Sue ASAP

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  1. College Chemistry Help Asap!

    Determine the values of Kp that correspond to the following values of Kc a)CO(g) + Cl2(g) <===> COCl2(g) Kc= 1.2 x 10^3 at 668 K b)2 NO(g)+ Br2(g)<===> 2 NOBr(g) Kc= 1.32 x 10^-2 at 1000 K c) 2 COF2(g)<===> CO2(g)+ CF4(g) Kc= 2.00 at 1000
  2. Algebra please explain!!!

    A boat costs $92,000 and depreciates in value by 15% per year. How much will the boat be worth after 10 years? 18,112.45 78,200 18,941.98 69,000 Is the answer the first one? Could somebody write down the steps for me please? Pleas help asap! Thanks
  3. Chem

    A student mixed 6 g of ice at -3.4 degrees celsius with 1 g of steam at 103 degrees celsius. What was the final temperature of this mixture.i tried equalling mcdelta T. Please help asap. I would be eternally grateful. Please answer in kj or J only
  4. marketting ,,,,,,please help me asap

    please is any one can hel me to answer this question as soon as possible thanks a lot. question in the subject marketing. 1.what distribution decisions would a new firm RENTS VANS to small business, seasonal business have to make?
  5. Physics

    PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a cross country runner runs 3km due east, 5km due south and 8km south west. what is the runners final displacement?
  6. business

    Mr. Jones’s projects include some of the largest residential subdivisions within the City. While Mr. Jones’ business was developing the infrastructure of its newest and largest subdivision, the City discovered an easement for a city utility line on the
  7. reading

    I really need help in understand what I read. Everyday we have to summarize a chapter in a book. Well I do read the chapter but I always find myself writing 2 sentences out of the chapter for my summary. My grades are not good in reading and I want to know
  8. help me for this stupid worksheet

    the question is.. why did the ghost decide to haunt city hall? urgh i don't fee like doing it so im hoping someone has the answer :] You might have gotten an answer if you'd told us the source of your question. To which story, poem, play are you referring?
  9. statistics

    What is the probability for a: a.       Randomly selected person being a male in grade E? b.      Randomly selected male being in grade E? c. Why are the results different?
  10. math literacy, all sciencez

    I'm a student doing grade 12 my subjects are math literacy, geography, life sciences,physical sciences,L.o ,xitsonga and English and would really want to know the best career path or choice for me.
  11. 2nd grade math

    in a lesson about reading strategies and making predictions in math i was asked this... celia has a new kitten. it is 5 inches tall. will it be 5,12, or 24 inches tall when it is grown up? how do i fgure this out?
  12. 8th grade math

    A 20 ounce bag of popcorn costs $2.80 at the movie theater, if the unit price remains the same, how much would a 35 ounce bag cost ? Please help me, I'm in math class and Im stuck.
  13. mental arithmetic pls help( ASAP)

    50% of a sum of money was £7.00. Find the whole sum of money.
  14. health and fitness

    what words can i write about health and fitness?I really need help ASAP cause I need to hand it in tomorrow.
  15. english

    need help asap i have to write a allegory story how do i do so what is a allegory need an example plez help do some1 no what i can write about thanks
  16. comp1

    Contrast/comparison on the Parent Trap and the Remake of the Parent Trap I need help asap.
  17. Algebra help ASAP please

    simplify each expression. 1. 6/2b - 1 minus 4/b - 1 2. n-6/2n + 2 plus 4n/3 3. 4/6x^3 - 12x^2 minus x - 3/6x^3 - 12x^2 please explain how to do these!! thanks
  18. social studies? i think idk

    what new ideas came from the automobile? plz help plz plz plz ASAP
  19. 4 th grade Math

    Of the first graders who were asked, 1/6 like math best, 2/3 like reading best, and 12 like science best. How many first graders were asked their favorite subject? Into how many equal parts should the picture be divided?
  20. math

    Can someone please show me how to estimate mixed numbers. An exsample like 6 and two thrids times 4 and one fifth. Also estimate by rounding to 0, 1/2, or 1. Exsample...5/8x9/10. I would appreciate any help I am in the 6th grade and me and math are not
  21. 3 grade english ms sue

    vowels: r-controlled riddle read a clud and write the list word. when you have written all seven word, the answer will appear in the boxes. THIRD,EARLY, WORLD, CERTAIN, DIRTY, HERSELF, EARTH, WORD, PERFECT, VERB, NERVE, WORM, THIRSTY, WORKOUT, EARN what
  22. ms. sue math help

    2 more, 1 . at a party of 102 people 17lb of potato salad is served .if the potato salad was equally distributed among the guess , How much potato salad will each guest have? a friend just bought a tony hawk skateboard for 39.99. this was a savings of
  23. Math - 7th grade

    Can you check/explain the following: 1. If you roll a number cube 66 times, how many times should you expect to roll a 1? a. 9 times b. 11 times c. 8 times d. 10 times Ans. P(1) = favorable outcome/possible outcome = 66/396 , (1 x 66rolls, and 6sides x 66
  24. Math-help please

    My daughter is doing 5th grade math division. Her teacher has shown her a different way to divide these days. I know the answer I get (the old way), but can you tell me how you get the answer for 233 divided by 29. They have her "Xing" out the last 3 in
  25. math please help asap

    a photo is 4 inches wide it is placed inside a frame with a border that is x inches wide the total width of the photo and the frame is 7 inches write an equation to model the situation then solve the equation to find the width of the border.
  26. English - Ms. Sue

    Hi Ms. Sue I’m Aaron and I’m Mohammad’s friend, I helped Mohammad edit his, and I’m also doing a theme on the story “A few notes for Orpheus” and could gladly use your help. As Mohammad had pointed out before that the title is a musical tribute
  27. c++

    Your Mathematic school teacher want to use a program that can read the name and the mark of a student. Your teacher want the program to automatically find the grade of the mark and display the result(name, mark and grade). Help your teacher to develop a
  28. english

    17. Identify the choice that correctly completes the sentence: Neither Kurt nor Sue has turned in _______ permission form. their his or her his they're
  29. Science Plzz Help Ms sue

    explain how genetic variation and environmental pressures can lead to a change in the characteristics of a population.
  30. Ed Tech

    Hello Ms. Sue, is it possible that you could give me a good link about the Immigrants during the progressive era please? I have to research that topic and make a PowerPoint about it. Thanks :-)
  31. English- Mrs. Sue

    So I have my thesis statement down but now I just need examples about speaking up and why you need to address things in this world today. Can you please help. Thanks soooo much:))
  32. English

    Ms. Sue I just cannot figure what the subordinate clause would be in this sentence, Tom and Phyllis said they would pay our dog's boarding costs. Is it "said they"
  33. Art-Painting

    Ms. Sue, How to draw the spring scenery? Or you can show me the website where can i find this drawing (including photos) Thank you
  34. eng. ms.sue

    One of the disadvantages of theraputic cloning is that the vast majority of fertilized eggs do not develop. Why is this so? Sorry this is my last question for the night.
  35. Educational Assistant

    Thank your for your idea Ms. Sue do you think that this could be a an appropriate re- phrase? Maybe some of the people in country X do steal, but we cant judge the boy in the story because we don't know where he is from?
  36. To Ms. Sue

    here is the hypothesis: If farmers could own more plots of land, then they could grow more agricultural products. Sorry if I posted this a bit late. Can you tell me if this is correct, this is all I could come up with ,thanks
  37. to ms.sue

    today i was trying to call my friend to read me her notes to copy down since i was at violin class. she gave me the wrong number. what does that mean?
  38. English Ms Sue Help

    One would expect people living in a utopian society to be A.wealthy. B.difficult.---- C.idealistic D.Impossible Is B Correct
  39. Eng. Ms. Sue

    What does this mean? What would be a good reasoning behind this. Sometimes during therapeutic cloning stem cells have been mutated and then become rejected by the patients body.
  40. Social Studies

    Compare and contrast the economies of Chile and Venezuela. I don't want answers, I just need links. Thank you! @Reed @Ms. Sue
  41. Algebra Ms. Sue please help

    Tiffanny has 100 coins in dimes and nickels. She has a total of $5.80. How many of each coin does she have. Write the equations then solve.
  42. Science- Brady , Ms. Sue , Damon

    How would playing a game of soccer, baseball, or basketball be different if inertia didn't exist?
  43. Eng. Ms. Sue

    What was the name of that website that you gave me last time that helped me cite my work. You could type your info in the box then it would show you how it should look like?
  44. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    Prejudice is significant because it was what immigrants had to face due to the native-born Americans' fears?
  45. Science please help

    i am sorry to bother you Ms. Sue but i need to present your proposal of a device that minimizes heat transfer. can you please give a list of insulators
  46. Health (Ms. Sue)

    List three things you should do to protect yourself while operating a small, open vehicle that you would not have to do while driving a car. Explain.
  47. Geography (Ms.Sue ) Help

    In the context of European colonization, Portugal controlled Mozambique and  A. Angola. B. Congo. C. Kenya. D. Madagascar. A?   
  48. science(Ms.Sue)

    What term almost always describes top consumers? A)herbivores B)omnivores C)carnivores D)producers My answer is B am i right,if not please explain?
  49. Ms. Sue

    Create an outline on Should Special Needs Students Be Exempt from Graduation Tests? it is an Educational Debate Persuasive Paper
  50. social studies

    It says in my textbook that I have to predict what might have happened if the Maya civilization had continued into the present day and then it says to explain. Ms.Sue please, please help me! I need help!!!!!!!!
  51. to ms.sue

    can you give me an example of an invitation . i need to make one for homework. For: Date: Time: Place: description: RSVP: I don't know where to put my name!
  52. social studies

    Ms. Sue I thought you were helping me yesterday...I still need some help the information you give me I have been typing up as notes so i can print them and then study them.
  53. ms. sue please help

    a girl worked 12 1/2 hr last week and earned $50. What was her hourly rate of pay? how do you do this, ive tried on a fraction calculator and cant get the answer.
  54. To PENNY

    Please don't keep posting the same thing. Find your original post below and answer Ms. Sue's questions in order to receive help.
  55. English

    Identify the adverb in this sentence. The brightly colored suit he wore made him stand out in the crowd. Please help Ms.Sue!!!
  56. Robert Frost/English/Ms.Sue

    Yes, i'm referring to the Poem. I don't understand how hate and ice can cause a world tradegy.
  57. ordering decimals

    Ms.Sue could you please show us another exmple i understood 0.6 0.65 0.7 how about with a double digit number like: 0.25_____0.15 or 0.425_____0.475
  58. english to ms. sue

    why and how could you apply critical thinking when evaluationg each of the following: articles advertising media conversations. Please give me your thought.
  59. Of Mice and Men ASAP

    Hi My summer reading list is due on monday and i'm running out of time to finish this book (it has 6 chapters) I don't have the book with me anymore sadly because it wasn't my book. I wanna know if you can tell me the conflict in each chapter please please
  60. Math to Ms.Sue (urgent )

    11.   Lorenzo has a checkbook balance of $118.00. He writes two checks, one for $9.00 and one for $84.25. He then deposits $95.00. Finally, he uses his calculator to determine his new balance. Which one of the following series represents the correct
  61. Math help Ms. Sue please

    1. Name the subset(s) of real numbers to which the number zero belongs. You can choose more than one answer. Irrational numbers Integers Whole numbers Natural numbers 2. Write an algebraic expression for the word phrase: the quotient of r and 12. r * 12 r
  62. Language Arts

    Which type of persuasive appeal is the represented in the following sentence? Shouldn't that determination be rewarded. A Appeal to authority B Appeal to reason C Appeal to majority D Appeal to emotion I THINK IT IS C? PLEASE HELP ASAP
  63. 4th grade Math Help

    hello, can someone please help with the below math question Mr. brooks brought a box of 66 acorns to class. Can he give 3 acorns to each of the 23 students in his class? Why or Why not? Thanks!
  64. Physics for life scince

    6.At the end of the 7th second the brakes are applied and the car slows down at a constant rate till it comes to rest in 5s. What is the acceleration? 7.Draw the v vs.t graph 8.find the final displacement: a)by using the graph b)by algebraic calculations
  65. SS again please help me asap

    which of the following best describes the life style of up country residents? homes were decorated with portraits and silver men and women worked hard to operate farms houses had special rooms for visitors families lived in bustling towns with close
  66. 6th grade advanced math

    1) -/-3/____ -3 //= what's the absulute value of. In the blank either put < or >! 2) In three plays, a football team gains 11 yd, loses 18 yd, and gamins 3 yd. Write and evaluate an addition expression to model the situation. [please explain how you
  67. @Help plzz check asap

    I've removed the entire test you posted -- without indicating your answers! Please post only those questions you have serious doubts about along with what YOU THINK the answer is for each. Then when someone comes online who has read that work, he/she may
  68. physics Sound PLEASE HELP ASAP!!! PLEASE

    The 2nd harmonic of a string of length 60 cm and linear mass density 1.1 g/m has the same frequency as the 5th resonance mode of a closed pipe of length 0.8 m. Find the tension in the string.
  69. geometry need asap

    A manufacturer made a container that looked like the Washington Monument to fill with raisins, as shown. Find the volume of the container the sides on the bottom are 2 inches for the base and the height is 7 inches
  70. Algebra HELP ASAP

    CURRENTLY 6 LESSON DAYS BEHIND AND VERY DEPRESSED/STRESSED!! You are making a rectangular table. The area of the table should be 10 ft^2. You want the length of the table to be 1 ft shorter than twice its width. What should the dimensions of the table be?
  71. ART

    HEllo i need help on mixing colors because at school i don't have enough of the needed colors. So plz tell me how to mix and get : Orange Green Yellow BROWN! (For the big tree im drawing) And purple thank you and answer ASAP plz!
  72. Physics

    PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a cross country runner runs 3km due east, 5km due south and 8km south west. what is the runners final displacement and what direction?
  73. 5th grade math

    Please find the least common multiple for each set of numbers: 7,8,10 2,5,6 3,4,7 _______________________________________ Beth has $0.60 more than Suzy. Together they have $8.20. How much money does each girl have? Thank you very much
  74. 4th grade math

    how can thinking about 90 tens help you with 1901-297? the last posted answer was no correct...it came home marked WRONG...please help!!??
  75. algebra math, 8th grade

    (Hiya, sorry to bother again! I'm not cheating this time, yay!) Which point is located on the x-axis? A. (-1,-1) B. (-4,0) C. (0,5) D. (3,3) I got A. This is correct, yes?
  76. math

    Note: For questions 20 and 21, your teacher will grade your responses to ensure you receive proper credit for your answer. 20. Complete the table. a) 5 6 7 8 9 b) 3.8 4.6 5.4 ? ?
  77. 3rd grade math

    use the digits 0 2 4 5 6 and 8 to write two money amounts that you can subtract by trading one dime for ten pennies. Then solve
  78. 8th grade math

    Translate the phrase to an algebraic expression. Justin had $31 before spending q dollars on jeans. How much money remains? Thank you
  79. 5th Grade Math

    Use the terms factor, divisor,multiple, product and divisible by to write as many statements as you can about the number sentence below. 7*9=63
  80. math

    In Quadratics Grade Ten:How do you find the coordinates of the vertex? What is the Optimum value mean? What are the zeros of the relation? How do you know if the parbola is Maximum or Minimum?
  81. advanced math 6th grade

    how many positive integral factors does the number 36 have? I don't understand what that means or how to find the answer.
  82. math

    A stereo system that regularly sells for $240 goes on sale for $192 what is the percent discount From jumpstart booklet grade 8
  83. computers

    I am going to become a tutor for kids grade K-3.I am tutoring Math, Writing, and Reading. Do you know any good websites that contain free printable worksheets?
  84. Math

    What is the functional capacity in METs and Vo2 (mL/kg/min) of a 70 kg man who completed Stage V (3mph, 12.5% grade) of a Balke TM test?
  85. math

    Make a tally chart for the number of students in the third-fourth-and fifth grade classes: 26,25,27,27,26,28,27 I don't understand how to find the answer.
  86. 5th grade math

    Rachel has a box of cupcakes that she wants to share equally with her 5 friends. Write an expression to represent the problem.
  87. Math

    You are required to design a QBASIC program that receives a student test score and prints out her grade, the grading criteria is as follows <60% is an F, 60 to 69 is a D, 70 to 70 is a C, 80 to 89 is a B, >=90 is A.
  88. math

    I am in 5th grade and i just want to know something : if i take science do i have to take classes that includes frog diseccetion and the human body? Because that stuff grosses me out and creeps me out.
  89. 6th grade Math

    What two expressions could be used to represent the cost of a speeding ticket on (1) streets and highways and (2) in construction and school zones?
  90. 6th grade math

    Derek wrote 8,9,12 and 15 on the black board. Which pairs of theses numbers are relatively prime? my answer is 8,and 9. and 8,15. am i right if not please tell me the answers.
  91. 8 th grade math

    there are 6cars,2 trucks, and 2 motorcycles in parking lot. what is the probability that the first vehicle will be a truck? choices are 1/10 ,4/5, 1/5 or answer not here . i answered 1/10 is this right
  92. 8th grade math

    why do you think Pythagorean theorem uses squares instead of other similar figures to express the relationship between the lengths of the sides in a right triangle
  93. 8th grade math

    The dimensions of a rectangular prism are all whole numbers greater than 1". If the volume is 165 cu", and the height is 5", what is the perimeter of the base?
  94. 5th Grade Math

    Express the fraction(s) 6/7 and 12/10 as the sum of two or three equal fractional parts. Rewrite each as a multiplication equation. Any help is appreciated.
  95. 3rd grade math

    Barry says 9x8x(any oter number) will always be greater tan te product of 2x9x4. Do you agree? Explain?
  96. Health i thin ! PLZ HELP ASAP!!!!

    Which of the following is not a type of fat? A.bi fat B.trans fat C.saturated fat D.unsaturated fat
  97. Personal injury/ laws

    i have question about me and my friend suppose me and my friend (soura) are hinking in colorado mountains, there is dog by its owner, who is from Wyoming, bites my friend caused him injury. I want my friend to sue the owner of dog, but my friend doesnt

    The table below shows the percentage of households that own a microwave in different countries. Construct a stem-and-leaf plot of the data. Country Percent Of Household With Microwave Ovens _____________________________________________________________
  99. math

    darla designed a stained glass window that incorporates 20 squares, triangles, and circles altoghether. the window has 2 more triangles than twice the number of squares. the number of circles in the window is a multiple of three. how many of each shape
  100. Geogoly

    Can someone please help me with my review? 1)What grade of metamorphism common rocks are formed in- --- Is it high grade? 2)What is the name of the most rapid kind of mass wasting is> -- Weathering? 3)How to tell is a rock is igneous, metamorphic or