7th grade math please help Ms. Sue ASAP

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  1. Social studies help ms sue

    What important role did diaspora play in the history of southwest asia?
  2. ms.sue , religion

    thanks to you and bobpursley so am i doing better than last time. i'm really trying here. Yes. You're doing great! I think you're beginning to understand Eastern religions! Fantastic! :-)
  3. English Ms. Sue

    How does peace not alter the this statement war as a social disease versus non-conformity?
  4. proofread

    Hi, can someone proofread this for me. I'll appreciate it. Thanks in advance. The practicum site I selected is an elementary school. I will be assisting a first grade teacher during the semester. I will be helping her with her students and with other
  5. English - ms. sue

    ms. sue i want to be clear on two more questions. about this man sitting on the step with suitcase, that be because he be leaving somewhere, but i not get why he be mentioned? to escape from bad neighbourhood? also i not get what recrimination mean. to
  6. P.E. ASAP PLZ

    Legal drugs that can only be obtained through a doctor's written order are called Over-the-counter drugs Hallucinogens Club drugs Prescription drugs***
  7. Pre-Algebra [repost]

    This is a realllyy tricky problem and I can't find two more solutions to the equation...someone please help! Find three ordered pairs for the given equation: 4x - 3y = 6 I got one: (3,2) I need help on this ASAP!! Thankss -MC
  8. physics needed asap

    When you bring a positively charged rod next to the electroscope without touching it, the electroscope is neutrally charged, yet the leaves at the bottom of it repel each other. Why?
  9. earth

    how long would it take a radio wave with a frequency of 4.3 X10 to the 5th power Hz to travel from Mars to Earth if the distance between the two planets is approximately 8.00 x 10 to the 7th power km?
  10. social studies

    I have quite a few fill in the balnk questions regarding Russian history luckily i have social studies in 7th period so i could finish it up during lunch but i would like to have it done since it's a study guide can you help
  11. Math: Story Problem

    A buffet-style restaurant has 18 tables that seat 23 people each. A church group of 401 has rented the restaurant for a banquet. If the pastor of another church, his wife, and their nine children come as invited guests, what is the least number of people
  12. Civics ASAP PLZ =:)

    When conflicts arise around the world, the United States usually responds through international organizations, such as NATO or the UN. This type of response mainly relies on which type of approach? Intervention Isolation*** Diplomacy Imperialism
  13. english

    I need help ASAP on this im writting a 6 paragraph essay and its due tomorrow i cant even think of a thesis its "Discuss the irony as its used in Animal Farm Be sure to give specific details from the novel." I need help ASSSSAAPP! I didn't realize before
  14. English(ASAP)

    Hi, I need help on this as soon as possible. Thank you. 1. Which of the following events, characters, or objects can be said to make a swerve? A. A snowstorm and a cloudburst. B. A roller skater and a seal. C. A rainstorm and a bicyclist. D. A seal and a
  15. Social studies. NEED HELP ASAP

    What is a common theme shared by the mayan and Aztec civilizations? They traded fur with Dutch &French.** They were both into astronomy. They shared similar marriage customs. They were nomadic and traveled in clans.**
  16. SS

    1. What is a definition of citizenship A. having to be born in a country b. being a full and equal member of a nation c.having pledged to respect and support a government valus*** d.Full filling all the responsibilities and having all the rights of living
  17. math pls help!!!!!

    these are the few i don't know/im not sure. pls help! The distance from Newtown to Oldtown on the highway is (6x^2 + 2x – 2) miles. Using the back roads, the distance is (5x^2 – 8x – 6) miles. How many miles shorter is the second route? A. 11x^2 +
  18. Physics

    Emily makes 0.250 kg of hot tea at 99.0°C. How much ice at 0.00°C must she add to the tea so that the mixture reaches a final temp. of 8.00°C? (You may treat the tea as if its water.) PLEASE HELP ASAP, I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM
  19. Aurora national Science High School

    a +4C charge is 400m along the horizontal line toward the right of a -3C charge. Calculate the E at a point 300m above the negative charge. ASAP please. It's 7:48pm here and I need it tomorrow at 7am. Thanks.
  20. poetry

    I need to recite this poem in front of the class and i have to add at least three more lines to it. does anyone have any suggestions? Math is the thick red book, Sitting there, waiting for you to open it, Just waiting for your sigh. Math is working two
  21. Business

    Your boss wants to send a brief email message welcoming employees recently transferred to your department from your Hong Kong branch. They all speak English, but your boss asks you to review his message for clarity. What would you suggest your boss change

    Where in the cell does DNA become RNA? Which larger a chromosome or a nucleotide. Which is larger, a chromosome or a nucleus?
  23. spelling scrabble

    Hello...I need at least a 6 letter word. The third letter must be either an i or an o. The fourth letter must be a h and the sixth letter must be an e. Any geniuses out there? let me know asap please!!!! thanks for the effort and help
  24. english-essay writing topic

    what is a good topic to write about for a personal essay? it has to be something that is meaningful. PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!
  25. Science-Greenhouse Effect

    Described the greenhouse effect using the big idea of energy transfer?....PLease answer ASAP
  26. Chemistry ASAP

    Protons and neutrons are made from which of the following particles? up quarks only up quarks and down quarks <my choice down quarks only hadrons
  27. science

    What is an acrostic poem for the word mesozoic? (must represent the word as you go as in the word relating to that word(: PLEASE RESPOND ASAP!!!!!!!!
  28. Algebra

    0.04^(3-sqrt(3x+2))=25*5^(sqrt(3x+2)) Please help ASAP
  29. Math

    Peanuts, walnuts, and cashews are mixed by volume in the ratio 5:3:2, to make a party snack. The number of cups of walnuts needed to make 12 cups of party mix are between: a) 1 and 2 b) 2 and 3 c) 3 and 4 d) 4 and 5 Math - Ms. Sue, Monday, February 20,
  30. math

    if sue has 27 coins in all, totaling 2.10, of only dimes and nickels, and there are more dimes, how many more dimes than nickels does she have?
  31. math 5th grade

    Mary baked a dozen M&M cookies. There were 45 M&M's in the bag. Each cookie had a minimum of 3 M&M's. What are all the different possibilities?
  32. 5th grade math

    big al has a set ofnon-metic wrenches that has these numbers 7/16,1/4,9/16,3/8,5/16,1/2 which is the largest? which is the smallest?
  33. 5th grade Math

    4 x blank is greater than 12 but less than 16. Answers can be in mixed fractions and/or improper fraction. Can someone please explain how to do this?
  34. math

    A trucker is looking on a map of two roads he could take to get to Nelson. One has a grade of 20% and the other has an elevation of 15 degrees. Which road would be steeper? How do I figure this out?
  35. 4th grade math

    if a rug's perimeter is 17cm and the area is 13cm, what are the reasurments for the length and width?
  36. elementery

    HI, MY dughter is studying 3rd grade.how to prepare Tsat test in math,english.can u tell me any links
  37. 5th Grade Math

    I have bases with more than 4 sides each. I have 5 faces. What am I? My answer is pentagonal prism. Is that correct? Please advise. Thank you

    Estimate the percent discount Ling will get if the customer usually pays if the phone is 7.95 and the price now is 6.76
  39. 4th grade math

    find the median: 116,119,121,122,124,128
  40. grade 7 math

    Calculate the dimensions of a square with each of these areas A. 441 m2 b. 121 m2 c 900 m2 d. 10000 cm2
  41. 4th grade

    it wants me to make a circle graph with this Favorite Subject math 50 sience 20 reading 30 but i do not know the answer
  42. 9th grade math

    you invest $1500 for three years.find the amount you earn at an annual rate of 8.25%
  43. 2nd grade math

    Mara has 2 quarters, 1 dime, and 2 pennies. She wants to buy a purse that is 75 cents. How much more money does she need? Why?
  44. 7 grade math

    a helicopter blade spend 775 times in 3 mintues find the rate in revolutions per second
  45. Math Grade 3

    Write a subtraction problem involving regrouping that has ted reading 304 pages?
  46. 4th grade math

    364 plus 519 round each number the greatest place value to estimate the sum of:
  47. 5th grade math

    i have to write an algebraic expression for the following: jasmine has three times as many chores as her younger brother does.
  48. Math

    Checking my 6th grade daughter's homework but don't know how write these rational numbers in the form a/b... 4.75 6 1/8 6.3 10 1/2
  49. 5 th grade math

    what is the mean for the following number? 40,60,55,45,100 ?______ what is the lest Common Multiple (LCM)for 6 and 12 ?_______ please! help me i got stuck with this today!! thank you.
  50. math 5th grade

    need to understand how to find the sum in simplest form of these common denominators 1/2 +1/10= ,5/12+1/4=,the difference in 2/3-1/6 =, 5/6-7/12=
  51. 5th grade math

    Make up a set of at least 12 numbers that has the following landmarks: Minimum: 50 Maximum: 57 Median: 54 Mode: 56
  52. 11th grade math

    The equation Ax^2 + 4y^2 = 16 represents an ellipse. Find all values of A such that its intersection with y = |x| has coordinates (x,y) which are integers.
  53. 5th grade math

  54. 4th grade math

    I have to rearrange these letters CTEXINING to form a word describing mathematics. Could someone please help. I can't figure it out.
  55. 3rd grade math

    In which division sentence is 8 the divisor? a) 8/2=4 b) 40/8=5 c)8/4=2 d) 48/6=8 I think it is b or d. I forgot my book at school, so I don't have any examples to look at for help. PLEASE HELP !!!!!
  56. 3rd grade math

    Bryan has 3 nickels, 3 dimes, and 2 quarters. What fraction of the coins is either a dime or a quarter?
  57. 6th grade math

    Which shape does not have two pairs of parallel sides? A. rectangle B. square C. parallelogram D. trapezoid
  58. Math, Grade 6

    My best friend needs help multiplying and dividing mixed numbers. I try to help them but it's hard cause shes stubborn. Any help I could give her?
  59. 4th grade math

    When I am rounded to the nearest ten I am one thousand. I am the same when read forward or backward. I can be two different numbers who am I
  60. 2nd grade/math

    How do you find the perimeter of a letter, example I, U, and J? The area for the I is 9 square cm. Do you still count all the sides or what? Any help would be appreciated!
  61. multiplying metrics

    im in 6th grade--we have a math problem to multiply 3km x 200m x5 can you walk me thorough how to get the answer? Thanks
  62. sixth grade math

    Which shape does not have two pairs of parallel sides? A. rectangle B. square C. parallelogram D. trapezoid
  63. math

    how many ways can you make 45 cents with pennies, dimes, nickels,and quarters????? help me as fast as you can this is worth 1/2 my grade
  64. 4th grade math

    Which object is most likely to be about 4cm long? a textbook a pair of scissors a cricket a new crayon
  65. Math

    Solve the inequality. Explain all steps and identify the properties used. n/-3+5>4 Pleasr help I can't figure this out and my grade depends on it
  66. 3rd grade math

    Samantha says 1+1+1=3 cannot be written as a multiplication sentence because there are no equal groups. Do you agree? Explain.
  67. math

    In third grade... Write an equation comparing test scores of 88 and 97. (Use a box for missing number) do you know how to answer this?
  68. 8th Grade Math

    The value of y varies directly with x. When y = -12 1/2, x = 50. What is the value of y when x is 11 3/4, rounded to the nearest hundredths? Can someone please show me how to solve this problem?
  69. 6th grade math

    how can you change a one dollar bill into exactly 50 coins, using at least one penny, one nickel, one dime and one quarter please?
  70. math

    In third grade... Write an equation comparing test scores of 88 and 97. (Use a box for missing number) do you know how to answer this?
  71. 5th grade math

    relationship between the total ounces of water collected,w, and the number of 4-ounce samples,s
  72. 5th grade math

    there is a gameboard and the arrow has landed on seven.what is the probability of spinning a number larger than 6 on the spinner?
  73. math advanced functions grade 12

    Find the solution set to the following rational inequality, 240/x+8 > 20x/x+1
  74. 6th Grade Math

    How can you find an unknown factor in a multiplication problem? Is the answer: divide the two numbers that you have?
  75. 5th Grade Math

    Can you please show me the steps on how to write each decimal as a mixed number in simplest form? 1. 8.9 2. 42.96
  76. Math

    what is the best unit measurement for two sixth grade students? ounce pound. (MY ANSWER) tons. cup.
  77. 8th grade math

    in a catalog a jacket was marked down from $75 to $48. what was the percent of discount on the jackets original price?
  78. 2nd grade math

    Show how to make one addend the next tens number. Complete the new addition sentence 26+27=? Is it 53 (10+43=53)
  79. 8th grade math

  80. 3rd grade math

    Write an expression that equals 468 that includes a combination that adds up to 100
  81. 5TH GRADE Math

    Can you please show me how to find the common factors of each set of numbers. 1. 1,4,8,32______ 2. 1,3,6,12,24_____
  82. Math -5th Grade

    Using on 3, 11, 21, and 24 only once, and using any combination of divide, multiply, addition, and subtraction, what formula can be created to equal 24?
  83. Math

    I don't know how to do my homework I'm in 4th grade and in Manchester gate in m's snyders class help me ppplllzzzz Its 2016
  84. 1st grade,Middle Sound

    Hello there, My daughter going to first grade and i have very hard time to understand the middle sound on a word. I'm from Greece original so is hard for me This is the only thing she can not understand and i cant help her. Any Ideas how i can learn about
  85. statistics

    2. The grades on a statistics midterm exam were normally distributed with a mean of 72 and a standard deviation of 8. a. What is the proportion of students received a B grade. b. What is the proportion of students that failed the exam? c. What is the grade
  86. Math

    Karen, John , Sue, Tony , and Liz go to dinner. The total bill comes to $84.00, and they decide to leave a 15% tip. If they each decide to pay equally, what is the amount that each person must pay towards the total bill?
  87. Math Ms. Sue

    population density is the number of people per unit area what is the population density of a state that has 1329192 people in 35385 square miles round to the nearest hole number
  88. math

    Sue has a total of $4000 to invest in two accounts. one account earns 2% simple interest and the other earns 5% simple interest. How much should be invested in both accounts to earn exactly $155 at the end of the year?
  89. Math

    Ms. Sue please help! A radio signal travels at 3.00 • 10^8 meters per second. How many seconds will it take for a radio signal to travel from a satellite to the surface of Earth if the satellite is orbiting at a height of 3.54 • 10^7 meters? Show your

    For questions 1–4, find the slope of the following graphs. 1. (1 point) 2 –2 – 2. (1 point) 1 –1 – 3. (1 point) 3 – 4. (1 point) 0 1 –1 undefined For questions 5 and 6, find the slope of the line that goes through the following points. 5. (1
  91. Writing

    What is the correct way to write this sentence? For the fourth-grade class hike, a lot if kids wore new hiking shoes, they were sturdy. Answer choices A For the fourth-grade class hike, there were a lot if kids they wore new hiking shoes that were sturdy.
  92. math

    Lucas' last 4 test scores were 88, 95, 92 and 81. 90% or better is an A. What would he have to get on his fifth math test to pull up his grade to a 90?
  93. Math (Asap)

    You are building a concrete deck around a rectangular swimming pool. The pool is three times as long as it is wide. The deck will have a constant width of four feet. In order to have enough concrete, you have calculated the area of the deck to be 832
  94. algebra

    Mixture Problems Template – Price Problems Copy the problem from the lesson: 1. A store manager wishes to reduce the price on her fresh ground coffee by mixing two grades. If she has 50 pounds of coffee which sells for $10 per pound, how much coffee
  95. need help asap, plz help! math10

    a trapiziod has vertices A(-2,3) B(4,1) C(-1,-1) and D(2,-2). prove that the line joining the midpoints of the non-parallel sides is the average length of the two parallel sides of the trapaziod.
  96. Language Art's HELP ASAP!

    11.)Which of the following incidents has been added to the play Joe Magarac and the hunkietown Contest so that it is different from the short story "Joe Magarac, Man of Steel"?
  97. urgent help!

    ASAP help please. Choose one destination that is represented by a flag. Write a paragraph about the effects of climate change in that destination. I do not know what to choose for this just give me ideas plz.

    There is no need to post questions more than once. Please keep in mind that all teachers here are volunteers and are not online all the time. Please have patience and wait for a science teacher to help you.
  99. systemic anatomy

    The duodenum is divided in to.......parts, In which the major duodenal papilla is the opening of.......??? please answer ASAP confused ! p.s. i know duodenum has four parts but don't know the second blank. help!!
  100. Statistics

    The mean grade in this class last semester was 78.3, and the variance was 49 . The distribution of grades was unimodal and symmetrical. Using this information determine the probability that “Joe”, a random student you know nothing about, other than the