1. 7th grade science

    What are mass extinctions?
  2. 7th grade math

    What is three-eighths written as a decimal? (1 point) 2.3 repeating 0.375 .3 repeating 2.667
  3. 7th grade math vocabulary

    The number of ways 6 people can sit in 6 chairs is the number of________________.
  4. 7th grade math

    The second difference of a sequence is a constant 5. The differences between the first term and the second term, 12, is 8. How do I find the first five terms?
  5. 7th grade 3D math

    wat's the formula for volume of a rectangular prism....? ___________________ cylinder? ___________________
  6. math(7th grade)2(PLz Help BOB)

    9 is the GCF of 18 and this 2 digit number between 50 and 60.What is it? what number between 50 and 60 is divisible by 9? (hint: what is 9*6)
  7. 7th grade math

    how do I solve for this: If 5/6 is divided by a certain fraction, a/b, the product is 1/4. What is the fraction a/b? Ans: (5/6)/(a/b) = 1/4 = do i need to divide both sides by 1/4 to get (5/6)/(1/4) = (5/6)x(4/1) = 20/6 = need to somehow get a/b by itself
  8. 7th grade math

    500 divided by 100 explain the decimal movement when dividing by 100.
  9. 7th grade math

    Suppose 36 videos are added to a video collection that has 24 videos. What is the percent of change?
  10. 7th Grade Math stuffs

    Compare probabilities of independent and probabilities of dependent events. Any examples???
  11. 7th grade math

    A splice uses 24 cm of rope when two ropes are tied together What basic fraction is this of a 300 cm rope
  12. 7th grade math

    what is the equivalent expressin of 7(5x) 35x ? 35x
  13. 10th grade

    i need help asap w. number patterns
  14. 7th grade Math

    an online retailer charges $6.99 puls $0.55 per pound to ship electronics purchases. How many pounds is a DVD player for which the shipping charge is $11.94 plz help me
  15. 7th grade math help

    Hi I need help on how many outcomes are possible for these? For breakfast choices possibilities. I tried, but I feel like I am not getting it. Coffee (c) orange Juice (o) scarmabled (s) hard boiled (h) poached (p) bagel (b) toast (t) Please help??
  16. math

    I asked sue a question yesterday and don't understand the answer can you explain? Here what it was I think this question has a typo because none of the multiple choice answers fit. The question is which of the following values is in the solution set of
  17. Math Simplification 7th grade

    I'm skipping luch to do a project and I have the answers, just nt enough time to simplify! I'm short on time! 39/49=? 45/73=? 42/60=?

    Use the diagram to answer question 13. so substance A looks like a row of three little circles on the top and bottom all organized (total six dots). substance b is all clumped together circles and is disorganized. 13. How can substance A and B be compared?
  19. MATH 7th GRADE

    Would someone please be kind enough to check the answers for these problems?Last round for tonight. Thank you. 1. 3/16 - 1/8 = 1/16 2. 151/4 -11 5/8 = 3 5/8 3. 2 x 3/7 = 6/7 4. 1/2 x 7/8 = 7/16 5. 1 3/8 2 1/2 = 3/7/16 6. 1/2 divided by 2/3 = 3/4 7. 8 1/4
  20. 7th grade math

    A large carton of juice holds 12 cups. How many 3/4 cup servings does the carton hold? I'm not sure how to solve it at all.
  21. 7th grade math

    Q:William practiced guitar 1 1/3 hours on monday and 5/6 hour on tuesday. How many total hours did he practice? A: A) 1 1/2 B) 1 2/3 C) 2 1/3 D) 2 1/6
  22. geometry

    find the values of angles X, Y, and Z. x=91; y= 51;z=31 x=89; y=91; z=0 x=60; y=120; z=31 please HELP!!! math 7 B unit 1 geometry test!!!! anyone from Connections Academy 7th grade please help me
  23. math

    Find the area of each figure with the given dimensions Trapeziod: b1 = 6,b2=10, h=5 Trapeziod: b1= 4.5, b2= 8, h=6.7 I wasn't in school the day we studied this, and i am only in 7th grade!
  24. 7th grade math

    Scott deposits $1,000 in an account that earns 5% simple interest. What will the account be worth after two years?
  25. 7th grade math

    Are the ratios 4/6 and 14/21 equivalent or not equivalent? Why?
  26. 7th grade math

    SA=2pi(4 squared) + 2pi (4)(20)
  27. 7th grade math

    Simplify: (10+4)divided by 2+32 divided by 2 to the third. A) 4/7/8 B) 6/1/2 C) 11 D) 12/1/3
  28. 7th grade math

    Could someone show me how to do this please? 26.2% of a certain number is 81. What is the number?
  29. 7th grade science

    how are genotypes and phenotypes alike?
  30. Reading

    What are some good books to read for 7th grade?
  31. 7th grade science

    make a word out of the letters P A M O U S E E N
  32. 7th grade

    What is a possible rule for the input and output in each table? -1 0 1 2 -5 -2 1 4 Please help
  33. 7th grade science

    what are 11 cell organelles and functions
  34. 7th grade

    how do i find ratios to similar paralleograms?
  35. 7th grade

    what is the relationship between physical and health education.
  36. 7th grade health

    In adults erythropoiesis occur in I am not sure on this one
  37. 7th grade

    what is 2.56 grams equals _____ miligrams
  38. 7th grade

    why was the bill of rights added to the constitution
  39. 7th grade

    what is the definition of hemisphere i need something easy to remember
  40. 7th grade

    is a pea a fleshy or dry fruit
  41. 7th grade

    can anyone help me with this question? (3y-2x)2 don't take the 2 a times 2. does anyone no the answer.
  42. 7th grade

    what is the answer for 3 times a number plus 15 divided by 2
  43. 7th grade

    History of President John F Kennedy
  44. 7th grade

    When was Aruba created and what year did it become a country?
  45. 7th grade

    describe three actions taken by the Second continental congress?
  46. 7th grade

    what are the three emphatic forms of helpig verbs
  47. 7th grade

    describe three actions taken by the Second continental congress?
  48. 7th grade

    Help me solve this problem, I am lost here. These are integers, 15-12-8= also 4-(-7)-9= and -11-(-5)-(-6)=
  49. Algebra 7th Grade

    what is -8(700-3)= (using distributive property)
  50. 7th grade

    graph each line: slope=-1 -- ; y-intercept at 3. 3
  51. 7th grade Pre-Algebra

    Find each Product. 8(-5x) Do I just do 8 x -5 = _n ?
  52. 7th grade science

    define smooth muscles.
  53. 7th grade

    what is a adjective for things which belong to britain
  54. 7th grade science

    name 2 scientest who inherited traits
  55. 7th grade

    Which changes temperature more rapidly, land or water
  56. Algebra 7th Grade

    what is -8(700-3)= (using distributive property)
  57. 7th grade

    what science project can i do in the category of space?
  58. 7th grade algebra

    -7/8 + 5 1/2 x 11/15 In order of operations do I do 5 1/2 x 11/15 and then add the -7/8?
  59. 7th grade

    what is the formula or equation for converting units?
  60. 7th grade

    What are the two vegetation types of Ethiopian Highlands?
  61. 7th grade

    Why are matter cycles essential in an ecosystem?
  62. 7th grade

    list 10 carees in home economics
  63. 7th grade

    how do check to see if your caluator does order of opreations
  64. 7th grade

    What is the entire physical universe called?
  65. 7th grade

    bycycle is to gear as car is to_______
  66. Algebra 7th Grade

    what is -8(700-3)= (using distributive property)
  67. 7th grade science

    what type of genotype does Tt represent?
  68. 7th grade

    how woul you solve a problem like ths (9x-5y)(2x+3y)
  69. 7th grade science

    what is the flow of matter and energy?
  70. civics 7th grade

    What were some problems under the articles of confederation? can someone please help?
  71. 7th grade

    i don't kow how to sole this equation 5x-10=2x-7 can u help me
  72. 7th grade

    I need to find out the missing variable. 10 x n - 55 = 155 n=
  73. 7th grade

    How do you turn a mixed into a proper fraction?
  74. 7th grade

    i don't really rememver what do do when u have a problem with two medains.=(
  75. 7th grade

    is division distributive over addition? or does it depend on the example
  76. 7th grade Tx.History

    how did geography affect tx development?
  77. 7th grade science

    the human skeleton has how many bones?
  78. 7th grade english

    Is it possible to find a antonym for a noun
  79. 7th grade

    Why do scientists use the measure of light years?
  80. 7th grade

    What word means the same as > To reduce the brightness of something
  81. Social Studies for 7th grade

    did nefertiti dissapear?
  82. 7th grade

    I would like to know about the history of the omads of North Aerica?
  83. 7th grade mayh

    Dimensional analysis 4.25L/h to mL/h
  84. 7th grade

    how can I find the volume, height and radius of a CD
  85. science

    7th grade..... what is the function of the retina in the eye ?:)<3
  86. 7th grade science

    definition of cell cycle
  87. 7th grade

    400,131 centigrams = 4.00 kilograms
  88. pre algebra 7th grade

    Please explain this problem (r.r) (r.r)
  89. 7th grade

    Can someone help me unscramble this Spanish word: sssatlfrieeu'
  90. 7th grade

    Does anyone know were I can find vegetation maps of aruba. Thanks.
  91. Thanks

    Thank you for answering my question!! Im in 7th grade and i 4got how 2 do Algebra! thank u again
  92. SS for 7th grade

    Name 27 countries and give the date that they joined the EU.
  93. Leap

    Leap Math Pretest Grade 7 Please Help ASAP
  94. 7th grade math quick please

    Mrs. Miller sells a house for $179,000. If she earns a commission of 6%, how much money does she earn? Write a proportion and show your work.
  95. 7th grade math

    Keeping the numbers in exact order, add perentheses, exponents, multiplication, subtraction, divison and addition to make this expression equal 100. 3,5,6,2,54, and 5. Thank you!
  96. Math/Science

    I'm working on a worksheet, measuring in metric units. The task is to change each measurement to the given unit. For example, 43km 14m to kilometers. How do I come up with the answer. Thank You Easton 7th Grade
  97. math 7th grade

    If after the holiday season, the average number of customers per day at the Game Galaxy store decreased from 612 to 450. Find the percent of decrease thank you
  98. Math Test: Probability

    Okay so I have looked a lot of places for some help on my math test. I am going to put down the first 3 questions and answer choices on my test. If you have the same test as I do then could you give me some answers ASAP? Remember, all test aren't the same
  99. 7th grade math please help Ms. Sue

    9. Name the triangles that are classified by angles. (1 point) right, scalene, isosceles scalene, isosceles, equilateral acute, right, obtuse obtuse, isosceles, acute 11. Name the quadrilaterals that have four equal sides. (1 point) rhombus, square square,
  100. 7th grade math

    I hope this makes sense, but my teacher said he wants all exponents in the prime factorization, the example he gave was, 4^2 he wants 2^4 Is there a simple way to figure it out? for example, i'm trying to figure out 10^4.