1. 7th grade

    where was the microscope discovered
  2. 7th grade

    where do you add parenteses to get 6+6/6+6*6=6
  3. 7th grade

  4. 7th grade

    how to write a review for an ad??
  5. 7th grade

    what is 44q to the power of -30?
  6. 7th grade

    What is Indirect measurement?
  7. 7th grade

    what is another word for understand
  8. 7th grade health

    What does anemic mean?
  9. 7th grade

    8.7cm=____________ mm
  10. 7th grade

    2/5 of 40 What is the formula to find this????
  11. Maths 7th grade

    How do you factorise?
  12. 7th grade

    I need you to help me pick a biome?
  13. 7th grade

    can there be a prepositin in the subject
  14. 7th grade

    Can you unscramble shero?
  15. 7th grade

    why does a sheep scratch himself
  16. 7th grade

    What are three Jamestown difficulties?
  17. 7th grade

    define vibrations
  18. 7th grade

    What is a feature article?
  19. 7th grade

    how to make a kaleidoscope?
  20. 7th grade

    what does punt mean and what does Thebes mean
  21. 7th grade

    i don't get how to do circumference
  22. 7th grade

    what is 1.4 to the 11th power
  23. 7th grade

    Who is Ra the king of the gods?
  24. 7th grade

    What are some examples of proteins ?
  25. Math-Algebra 1

    I need help with a pizzaz work sheet ASAP if i don't get this done i am on the verge of failing math and repeating 9th grade. its Pizzaz 11.10 thanks
  26. 7th grade marking period project

    I need help im a 7th grader that has to do a project. They want me to decide what the scale wil be for oyur scale drawing or model? use a unit of measurement that will be easy for you to work with? write thescale factor down. Show the work for converting

    Adjacent angles are ______ congruent A- always B- sometimes C- never D- none of these HELP ASAP
  28. Math

    simplify the expression (the 7th root of 11x/y^6)(the 7th root of y^6/11x^8) the root is over the whole fraction in both cases. I've already done the problem once and got x(the 7th root of 1/x). which apparently this is wrong.
  29. 7th Grade Math

    Stephanie plays basketball at her school. Her freethrow rate is 40%. She made 18 freethrows. How many attempts did she make? Can you please explain to me how to solve this? Is there a formula?
  30. math-7th grade algebra 1

    Please show the steps and explain how to do this as well. 3√8 ยท 2√5
  31. Math

    Lesson 14 equations and inequalities unit test unit 4 7th grade please help
  32. 7th grade Math

    There are 50 questions on a test. If a 60% is considered passing, how many questions do you have to get right to pass?
  33. math 7th grade

    What does it mean to ring four integers that yield a sum. The sum is 2.
  34. 7th grade math

    when s is added to another number, the sum is 26,493.what is the number?
  35. 7th grade math

    when p is subtracted from a certain number, the difference is 50. Find the number.
  36. math 7th grade

    solve the equation 5=f-7 tell me how you get the answer i don't want just the answer i want to know how to do it
  37. 7th grade math

    what is the function of the following table: a tree that has a height of 12 feet will have a shadow of 10 feet
  38. 7th grade Math

    Write and simplify an expression for the perimeter of the rectangle. side A=x+6 Side B=4x-5. Thank you!
  39. math

    Can i have the answers to the Algebra workbook 7th grade with the link to a pdf document with all the answers. Thank you
  40. 7th grade math

    what is the ratio of a triangle that is 6cm on one side,and 10cm on the other side,and 8cm on the last?
  41. 7th grade math

    The volume of a cube is 343 mm2. What is the length of one side of the cube?
  42. Math 8th grade

    In(x):2,10,___,__,__,-3,__,___,x Out(y:4,28,13,-17,10,_,2.5,148,3x-2 What's the answer !!!! Help!! ASAP!
  43. 7th grade

    what is the lines of latitude and longitude
  44. 7th grade

    how dose mitosis let you survive?
  45. 7th grade

    how do you figure the perimeter of a rectangle?
  46. 7th grade

    why is kongo and ndongo so important?
  47. 7th grade

    WAt dose science Mean
  48. 7th grade

    what cavilions went on and became faus after the first fleet
  49. 7th grade

    what is the squrae root of 729???????
  50. 7th grade

    what is the swiggly egaul sign mean
  51. 7th grade

    wat its prime number
  52. 7th grade

    find the next three numbers in the pattern 2/3, 1 5/12, 2 1/6, 2 11/12 _, _, _
  53. 7th grade

    what percent of decrease is from 125 to 75
  54. 7th grade

    I trying to help my son answer this question. 1/4y for y = 16
  55. 7th grade

    is there a way i can be one step ahead of my teachers so im never behind
  56. 7th grade

    Erm how does this site wrk?
  57. 7th grade

    a[n] ? is an ansewer to a scientific question
  58. 7th grade

    what's the opposite of a professional eater
  59. 7th grade

    What is a resource and what are some types of resources
  60. 7th grade Pre-Algebra

    Simplify. (-5)-(-3)= Is it -8?
  61. 7th grade science

    what is evolutionary divergence?
  62. 7th grade

    What did the spanish farmer say to his chicken
  63. 7th grade

    What are some of the common functions of a structure?
  64. 7th grade

    what is the gcf of 35a^2 and 85ab
  65. 7th grade

    What are all the language persuasive techniques
  66. 7th grade

    how many diffent arts are there in the whole world
  67. 7th grade

    wht is the 8 parts of speech
  68. 7th grade

    why do Bangladeshis love the moon?
  69. 7th grade science

    What are mass extinctions?
  70. 7th grade technology... help!

    Can anyone come up with an acronym for COPYRIGHT ??????????
  71. Geo- 7th Grade

    What are the Atlantic Provinces?
  72. 7th grade

    what are objects that are streamlined and what are the advantages?
  73. 7th grade

    what do geographers want to know about peoples movement?
  74. 7th grade

    How do I convert decimal into fraction. Ex. .83
  75. 7th grade

    what to do if the unit rate have a reminder
  76. 7th grade

    what is the modern atomic theory
  77. 7th grade

    What is a word that starts with the letter U?
  78. 7th grade

    How are landform, like dells, formed?
  79. 7th grade

    what acids and alkalis are in the kitchen?
  80. 7th grade

    an algebraic expression for p+3 and show me how to do it
  81. 7th grade

    4 reasons europeans came to the coloines
  82. 7th grade english

    what are the elements of writing
  83. 7th grade

    what are some harmful effects of protozoans?
  84. 7th grade

  85. 7th grade

    What is the least common multiple of 35, 70, 140
  86. 7th grade

    How do you make a net for a 3D letter T?
  87. 7th grade

    use backtracking to solve each e quations ?. 2x +1=9, 7k-3=32, 5(n-8)=25 2(2t-1)=14 8x-1=63 ,2x-5=15,
  88. 7th grade science

    what is an example of a solid solution>?????
  89. 7th grade

    The contest _ea__i_e is tommorow.
  90. 7th grade

    Why are there usually more producers in an ecosystem than consumers?
  91. 7th grade science

    Are volcano's alive?
  92. 7th grade

    Change each measurement to the given unit
  93. 7th grade

    what is the climate of Eastern China?
  94. 7th grade health

    how much energy you use when you workout?
  95. 7th grade algebra

    what is an algebraic expression for the value of 12
  96. 7th grade

    2.4 X 10 to the 4th in standard form
  97. 7th grade

    what does T.U.L.L stand forwhat are some exsamples of it
  98. 7th grade

    what is a process used to investigate the world around you?
  99. 7th grade

    Why is the coral reef an ecosystem?
  100. 7th grade

    give 2 other names for 2.5 dm measurement