7th grade math please help Ms. Sue ASAP

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  1. 5th grade math

    what is a word problem for 4.23x10
  2. 5th grade Math

    Explain how you can find the product of 5 and 3/4.

    Repost perimeter is 30 and area 36
  4. math

    how to solve identity property,2nd grade
  5. MATH

  6. 5th Grade Math

    How do you do the number five in a rectangular array
  7. 8th grade math

    what is 66/99 in lowest terms or reduced
  8. 5th grade math

    what is 2 to the first and second power? component problem
  9. Math

    I made a 95 on a test of 20 questions, but it took 35 tries. What is my real grade?
  10. 4th grade math

    how do you find 3 equivalent fractions for 4/9??
  11. grade 12 math

    find the first 5 terms in the expansion of (r-2s) power of 8
  12. Math 11th grade

    How to solve system of equations 5a=5 6b-3c=15 2a+7c=-5
  13. 4th grade math

    which expression represents the phrase three more than f? a.)3-f b.)f+3 c.)34+3 d.)f-3
  14. 4th grade Math

    what wil be the next number pattern 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, ? Thanks!
  15. 9th grade MATH

    The sum of 14 and twice a number y is equal to 78 ?
  16. math

    3rd grade create an algorithm that has a difference of 20
  17. 5th grade math

    what is 6 m and 80 cm in decimal form? is it 6.08m?
  18. math 6th grade

    (1/2) to the 5th power= Need to know how to write this?
  19. 5th grade math

    get each variable by itself on one side of the equation. x-45=90 n+23.4=36.9
  20. Math Grade 12 college

    250(1.03)^n=400 solve for n
  21. math

    why is a good grade in algebra like a puppy in antartica?
  22. 6 grade math

    Estimate a range for each sum example 7.42+13.97+101.2
  23. 5th grade Math

    How do you add fractions with different denominators? Thanks if you help :)
  24. 5th grade math

    insert in parentheses: 14+2=6+2x3+2
  25. math

    At which grade level is it most appropriate for children to group by more than one attribute?
  26. Math - 4th grade

    Draw and label the segment RT. Then what is another name for RT?
  27. math 5TH GRADE

    does the pentagon shape right angle
  28. 6th grade math

    What is the number of 5/6s in 3? Is the answer 18/ 5 ? If not, please explain.
  29. 5th grade math

    51 is 4 times the number of books, less 13
  30. 5th grade math

    The sum of 6 and the product of 7 and a number is 75
  31. 4th grade math

    what is distributive properties of multiplication?
  32. 5th grade Math

    x 0 2 4 6 y 8 18 28 38 If x=8 then y=??? Please answer in equation form like y=....
  33. 6th grade math

    What is the definition of "super arrays".
  34. 6th grade math

    What is the prime factorization of 1,050
  35. Math Grade 10

    Solve 2x+1=2^x to find the other (not 0,1) intersection. Truly vexing. Thanks.
  36. 3rd grade math

    what is the standard form of 213
  37. math 11th grade

    evaluate each function. g(x)=|x-2|+3;find g(0)
  38. 11th grade math

    find the sum of -2 plus 3i and -1 minus 2i ..........im not sure how to do it can anyone help me out?/
  39. Math

    Mandy had 22 correct her grade was 80% how many questions on the test?
  40. 8th grade math

    how do you find the prime factors of 24
  41. 5th grade math

    what is the decimal form of 6 tenths
  42. 4th Grade Math

    Arrays and an expanded algorithm: 23 x 17
  43. Math

    Plz help me what dose underestimate mean ps in 5th grade
  44. 5th grade math

    please help solved the following fraction 11 13/15 + 3 7/12 = 14 3/4 + 7 + 5 7/8 = Thanks, Hannah
  45. Math 8th grade

    Solve the equation. 1. 4-5 __ = 1 I cannot figure this out. 3
  46. 4th grade math

    what does 12/15 - 7/15 equal,in simplest form?
  47. 6th grade Math

    two more than seven times Lynn's age
  48. 12th grade math an

    how do u solve this in analysis and funtion 7(b-6)=-12+b
  49. 9th Grade Foundations of Math 1

    7/3y - 8 = 111 Equations.
  50. math 5 grade

    longest multiplication combination for 210
  51. 6th grade math

    what is the area of a circle whose daimeter is 5 in
  52. 6th grade math

    My question is: Between which two whole integers is -0.5. how do I explain this
  53. math

    what is a sixth grade division problem with the number 17 in it?
  54. 5th Grade MATH!

    in Which set is 2/3 of the numbers composite? a. 21,29,15,9,27,30 b.18,5,19,33,23,20 c.10,28,21,35,19,11 d.34,12,16,32,22,8
  55. 5th grade math

    I need to name ten ways I can use number?
  56. Math 8th grade

    Type the missing number. -25 -23 -22 -21
  57. 4th grade math

    What is another way to write sixty-five hundreds?
  58. 8th grade math

    What value will make the equation 6(x+5)=3(x-14) true?
  59. math grade 12

    how to solve log basex 8=-1/2 pls help
  60. 3rd grade math

    Draw a model to show 84/12=7
  61. grade 10 math

    on a line the distance between 2x and 7x plus 80 is 142. Solve for x
  62. math 4th grade

    So Alyonka will the correct answer be 10

    44 TIMES N =368....FIND N
  64. 1st grade math

    what is the mean, median, mode of the the following data {5,7,4,7,6,7}
  65. 8th grade math

    what is symbolic reasoning? Please help and explain. Thank you!
  66. 8th grade math

    if you have a minus sign outside of the parenthesis what does it mean
  67. 3rd grade math

    How do yu draw an array for the number 88
  68. Math (6th grade)

    how many mm=1ft how many cm=1yd 304.8 cm=how many ft how many cm in 1 in?
  69. Math 4th grade

    How do you find the properties of addition?
  70. math

    how do you classify a number ( 5th grade stuff)
  71. math 5th grade

    how do simplify 7/2 long form
  72. MATH

  73. math algebara 8th grade

    system of equations thank you 2x+3y-17 3x+y=31 2(x-3y)=24 y=3x-2 2(x+4)=24 x+y=17
  74. 6th grade

    I need to come up with some math questions about the solar system.
  75. 6th grade math

    1.50.but can you explain more detailed about the 0.2 thingy.
  76. Math 8th Grade

    8^(2)+9(12÷3×2)-7 Solve And show steps
  77. math

    im in the 5th grade and i need help is on metric measures and conversoins
  78. 2 nd grade math

    I have 1hundreds 14 tens and 8 ones Is my number 248?
  79. 6th grade math

    20 cents. but what if the next number is 1.5.Then how will i solve it.
  80. 5th Grade Math

    ?/29 - 7/29 + 21/29 = 1 7/13 = ?/13 - 11/13 = 1 Someone help me solve two problems. THANKYOU
  81. grade 9 math

    Can someone please help me solve this equation. And please explain how to break this down. 4b-6+b-9= 0
  82. VERY, VERY URGENT 4TH GRADE MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What is 44 divided by 7 with a remainder?
  83. 6th grade math

    What is the difference between -3celsius and 8 celsius
  84. math

    whats 4(2/3) im in 8th grade and i don't understand
  85. 6th grade math

    28 x 15 simplify by using distributive property,
  86. math 4th grade

    is 80 sq feet the size of a kitchen or is it 8 sq ft
  87. 4th grade math

    What is the greatest remainder if the divisor is 4?
  88. 5 grade math

    find two equivalent fractions for each given fraction. (1) 3 - 6 (2) 3 - 9
  89. math

    How do you shade in .625 on a hundreds grid ( for fifth grade)
  90. Math

    Explain in writting how to divide .12 by 8. (without using fractions) fifth grade
  91. 9th grade math

    Which of the linear systems has exactly one solution A: -x+y=9 x-y=9 B: -x+y=9 x-y= -9 C: -x+y=9 -x-y=9 D: x-y= -9 -x+y= -9
  92. 4th grade math

    round 12 5/12 to the nearest whole number.
  93. 6th grade math

    what is 1/3 of 3/2? is that means multiply??? or devide???
  94. 6th grade math

    3 is to 15 as 4 is to___ would the blank be filled in as 20?
  95. 10th grade math help

    How do you solve? 3-3sinx-2cos^2(x) = 0
  96. 9th grade math

    Which of the linear systems has exactly one solution A: -x+y=9 x-y=9 B: -x+y=9 x-y= -9 C: -x+y=9 -x-y=9 D: x-y= -9 -x+y= -9
  97. 9th grade math

    Which of the linear systems has exactly one solution A: -x+y=9 x-y=9 B: -x+y=9 x-y= -9 C: -x+y=9 -x-y=9 D: x-y= -9 -x+y= -9
  98. 8th grade MATH

  99. 9th grade math

    Which of the linear systems has exactly one solution A: -x+y=9 x-y=9 B: -x+y=9 x-y= -9 C: -x+y=9 -x-y=9 D: x-y= -9 -x+y= -9
  100. math 5th grade

    (17-A)SQUARED=2209 SOLVE FOR A