1. 7th grade Math

    I'm supossed to cme up with a real world problem and then solve it with decimals... HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT??? Can anyone help me???
  2. 7th grade Math

    Could you please explain how i would answer a question such as this one? 0.8 (2x + x) + 3(7 - 4.1x) = i went over the lesson provided by my teacher, and still don't understand it..
  3. Math 7th grade

    A given rectangle has an area of 20 square feet.what is the length for various widths? I know a=L×W and I know 5×4 =20 . But not sure what I'm suppose to do
  4. 7th grade

    What should I do to practice my math and reading before I start school so I can get my brain in gear and havesome time to know what i'm doing that is new.
  5. math

    Hi I was wondering if someone could tell me the answers to the Patterns and Rules Unit Test. I go to connections academy and I am in 7th grade.. THANK YOU!!!!!

  7. math evaluation

    So how am I suppose to Evaluate the expression and put it in simplest form? It's 7th grade math. The question I need help on is: -8/3 + 1/4. If u comment and show me how u got an anwser THANKS!!!!!
  8. Georgia government HELP! ASAP!!

    in 3-5 sentences describe the apportionment system for state legislative districts I cant seem to think of any please help. Ms.Sue
  9. 4th grade math

    Ms. Sue, so how would you write 50.90
  10. 7th grade Math

    A space probe is 7.62 x 10 to the 7th power kilometers from the surface of the planet Mars. If the space probe is traveling towards mars at a arate of 127 meters per second, how many hours will it take the probe to reach the surface of the plant? Round to
  11. science: help

    i need to do a science fair project. i am in 7th grade and my teacher said that it can't be something a 6th grade or younger could do. i wanted to do something with kinetic energy. like maybe drop an egg from different heights and measure its k.e. any
  12. 7th grade math help Ms. Sue

    3. Which of the following equations has an infinite number of solutions? (1 point) 3x – 3 = –4x 2y + 4 – y = 16 7x + 5 = 4x + 5 + 3x 6y – 2 = 2(y – 1) 5. Write an inequality for the word sentence: k is less than zero. (1 point) k > 0 k ≥
  13. 7th grade math

    place the operation signs (+,-,x, divide) in the order that makes each sentence true 18__6__2=15
  14. 7th grade honors math

    Which equation represents an inverse variation? A.3x=2y B.2-2x+y=0 C.y squared= x D.xy=5 If you could tell me the anser then explain how you got it that would be awesome!
  15. 7th grade math

    write a rate that can be calculated from the information. There are 40 cars parked in the 6 rows of that parking lot
  16. 7th grade math

    A diver dives from a platform with a height of 11m. What is the change in elevation if the depth of the dive is 4m?
  17. Math

    use the digits 1,2,3, and 4 to write a number in scientific notation that is close to .001 this was in a 7th grade algebra book... what? is this even possible without the use of 0?
  18. 7th grade math

    order these numbers from greatest to least mass 0.05kg,32g,and 430,000mg Thanks alot
  19. 7th grade math

    find a solution method use backtracking to solve equation; 54=6 (4-7V) _______ 2 7b+1 =2 __________ 4 8(56+12 -1) =64 _____3______
  20. 7th grade math

    How would you solve the problem below using the subsitution method? 12x + 4 = 8y y = x - 7 Please explain to me and help. If you could show all the steps, that would help a lot. Thank you.
  21. Re: social studys

    Im the girl qho just asked about my 2-3 page essay. Its based on this "explain and describe how geographers use thier tools to interpret geographic questions. Remember, i'm in 7th grade. (ms.sue) my teacher said that its based on out notes and its
  22. 7th grade Math

    I did tips for math i need HELP!!
  23. math ms. sue help me plox ASAP!!!!!!!

    macs farm has a total of 18 horses and 27 cows. what is the ratio of horses to cow in simplest form? a class has 27 students. fifteen are boys and the rest are girls. what is the ratio of girls to total students? the cost of your favorite lemonade is $3.84
  24. science

    i am in 7th grade accelerated science, so i am learing 8th grade material. I am having some difficulties with covelant and ionic bonds. My lab is due tomorrow and i have a quiz on Wed. If anyone can help me understand this better i would be greatful.
  25. 7th grade science help ASAP 2 questions!

    4. Most digestion takes place in the _____. (1 point) large intestine mouth small intestine stomach 5. The large intestine maintains ___________ by absorbing water from the _______, or undigested mass. (1 point) homeostasis; chyme digestion; saliva
  26. 7th grade math

    How do you arrange the numbers 2 4 5 and 6 ans insert the symbols "-" and "x" in a way that u follow PEMDAS/ order of operations to get the answer 8
  27. Math 7th grade

    Write a mixed number for each time period. Be sure each fraction is in lowest terms. 8:00am to 9:20 am Not sure how to set up
  28. 7th grade math

    The question is simplify -9=1(36divided by 2 x3-4) I did -9+1(18x3-4) _9+1(54-4) -9=1(50) -9+50 41 Is this correct I did this with a friend and we both got different answers. Maybe I di the wrong order of operation?
  29. 7th grade math

    Find the missing dimension for the three dimensional figure to the nearest tenth, given the volume and other dimensions L= 8m W=4.6m V=88mcubed
  30. Math

    Hi, Im In The 7th Grade And I Have To Do A Essay And I Don't Know A Real World Situation That Could Be Modeled By A Mathematical Function Table On Graph ??? Any Help ????
  31. 7th grade

    2(2.5b-9) + 6b= -7 what is b
  32. 7th grade

    -2a - 3(b - 4a)
  33. 7th grade

    What is y if x=-7?
  34. 7th grade

  35. 7th grade

    3y-1=13-4y what is y?
  36. 7th grade

  37. 7th grade

  38. 7th grade

    What is "h" in 5h+15-3h=32
  39. 7th grade

    -2n +4-3n=
  40. 7th grade

    what is 14 1/2 - 7 1/5?
  41. 7th grade

    what is -4x=-76
  42. 7th grade

    what is -4x=-76
  43. 7th grade

    -6d/3 when d=-10
  44. 7th grade

    d=3.5t t=1
  45. 7th grade

  46. 7th grade

  47. 7th grade

  48. 7th grade math only 3 questions Ms.Sue please

    14. If a right triangle has one of leg measuring 27 inches and one leg measuring 23 inches, what is the length of the hypotenuse to the nearest inch? (1 point) 36 14 3 2 15. The description of a TV is based upon the diagonal length. If the height of a TV
  49. 7th grade science

    I did my calculations wrong and now Im going to get a bad, bad, bad grade on my lab report I need to know what how to find the highth and width and radius of several things are help me plz!!!!
  50. 8 grade math Ms Sue

    I am sorry A&D patients who have been admitted and dischared the same day
  51. school in general

    Hi i have a question im currently in 7th grade but i was held back a year in first do you think there would be any possible way to advance to 8th grade just curios I believe I have a wide enough knowledge span to pull it off but im just questioning the
  52. Algebra

    Business Computers English Foreign Languages Health Home Economics Math Music Physical Education Science Social Studies GRADE LEVELS Preschool Kindergarten Elementary School 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
  53. 7th grade science Ms. Sue

    Violent storms generally form along _____. (1 point) occluded fronts cold fronts warm fronts stationary fronts 2. Areas of low pressure usually have _____. (1 point) cloudy weather good weather descending air none of the above These are my answers. Are
  54. 7th grade math

    Determine if the situations represent proportional relationships. Explain. 1. Gina can buy 1 bottle of shampoo for $2.95 or 2 bottles for $4.50.
  55. 7th grade math help - quick, please.

    Write each number in scientific notation. 1. 4,800 2. 17, 200 3. 180,000 4. 343, 502
  56. 7th Grade Math-Exponents

    I don't understand this at all! Please help! Find the units digit for 7^197 without using a calculator. Explain how you found your answer.
  57. MATH 7th GRADE

    Would someone be kind enough to check the answers to these problems? 1. 65.3-14.27 = 51.03 2. 12.35(3.2) = 39.5200 3. 34.364 + 2.5 = 136.864 4. 75.3 divided by 12 = 6.275 5. -16 + 13 = 3 6. 18x (-2) = 72 7. -27 – (-34) = -61
  58. 7th grade ath Ms. Sue only 1 question please

    5. Sara raised her score on a math test from 86 to 94. Max changed his score on the test from 77 to 85. Who had the greater percent change? (1 point) A. They both had the same percent change. B. Max’s percent increase was about 1.1% more than Sara’s.
  59. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please!

    Hi! Can you check my answers please? Thanks! And, can you help me with 3 please? I have tried and tried but I cannot solve it can you explain how? Thanks! 1. Given a scale factor of 2, find the coordinates for the dilation of the line segment with
  60. 7th grade language arts Ms. Sue please

    21. 14. Identify a prepositional phrase in the following sentence from the story: "If we don't play today, and we lose in the playoffs next week, we'll have played exactly half of a ten game schedule." (1 point) in the playoffs if we don't we'll have
  61. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please

    2. Find the sum of the interior angles of a nonagon. (1 point) 140° 1,620° 1,260° 1,450° 4. Find the measure of each interior angle of a polygon with 12 sides. (1 point) 1,800° 150° 180° 145° 5. Four of the angles of a pentagon measure 85°, 110°,
  62. 7th grade

    what is £300.00 - 2/7
  63. 7th grade

    what is -2(-3) squared
  64. 7th grade

    what is the answer for -2y-5=-9?
  65. 7th grade

    what is the answer for -2y-5=-9?
  66. 7th grade

    what is a bar
  67. 7th grade

    what does transfusion
  68. 7th grade

    what is the answer -14.88 - (-20.88?
  69. 7th grade

    what is the origin of pi? where does it come from? How is it used?
  70. 7th grade

    (-4k)2+k2 solve
  71. 7th grade mat

    8g+2+4g-2-3g=? (9g)
  72. 7th grade geometry

    pr/ac = ?/cb pr=6,ac=?, cb=15
  73. 7th grade

    i need help with an or i am doing on poseidon
  74. 7th grade

    What is a vertex?
  75. 7th grade

  76. 7th grade

    1/3 converts too?
  77. 7th grade integers

    8 - 7 = 4=?
  78. 7th grade

    49 is 77% of what number?
  79. 7th grade

    how do you know when something has energy?
  80. 7th grade

    who is fibnacci
  81. 7th grade

    a submarine
  82. 7th grade

    how do i solve a+3/5=24/25
  83. Physics

    Home Economics Math Music Physical Education Science Social Studies GRADE LEVELS Preschool Kindergarten Elementary School 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade High School 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
  84. algebra

    Last summer, 150 students attended the Apollo Math Camp, of whom 96 were girls and 54 were boys. Also, 68 were 7th graders and 82 were 8th graders. How many 8th-grade boys attended the camp if 40 of the girls were 7th graders?
  85. World History Please Help ASAP Ms. Sue?

    I am doing a research paper on the opium wars in China. Any suggestions for key points for thesis statement?
  86. 7th grade

    A space probe is 7.62 x 10 to the 7th power kilometers from the surface of the planet Mars. If the space probe is traveling towards mars at a arate of 127 meters per second, how many hours will it take the probe to reach the surface of the plant? Round to
  87. 6th Grade Math - Ms. Sue plz

    What is the formula for the area of a trapezoid? Thanks.
  88. 7th grade math

    c. Find x using the ratios of the sides 6cm and 8cm. Show your work. Im having trouble solving this problem, mostly because im not sure what function to use. If i could get some help on this it would be appreciated.
  89. 7th grade Math

    can someone please check this for me. Be sure to round to the nearest hundred. 1) 6 eggs in 7 days 2) 8 batteries in 3 months 3) 122 patients in 4 weeks 4) $8.43 for 3 pounds
  90. math asap

    Solve the proportion using cross products. 8/20 = k/110 (A)99*^* (B)122 (C)3.3 (D)2.9 Am I correct? please asap
  91. Math

    PQR has vertices p(5, -1), q(0.8), and r(7,5). It is translated right 3 units and up 6 units. Find the coordinates of P', Q', and R'. A) P(8,5), Q(3,14), R(10,11) B) P(2,5), Q(-3,14), R(4,11) C) P(8,-7), Q(3,2), R(10,-1) D) P(2,-7), Q(-3,2), R(4,-1) Please
  92. ASAP Ms. Sue

    Each year, about ___ percent of Americans experience the symptoms of a mental disorder. However, the majority of these people do not seek help. a. 10 b. 20 c. 50 d. 60 My answer is c. Correct?
  93. 7th grade

    what does punt mean and what does Thebes mean
  94. 7th grade

    2/5 of 40 What is the formula to find this????
  95. 7th grade

    what elements do all bases contain
  96. 7th grade

    HOw do you solve and graph 2t<4
  97. 7th grade

    What is a feature article?
  98. 7th grade

    how to write a review for an ad??
  99. 7th grade

    where was the microscope discovered
  100. 7th grade

    Who is Ra the king of the gods?