7th grade math please help Ms. Sue ASAP

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  1. Science

    What should I take next year? I am in the 5th grade. I want to know what classes i should take for 6th grade.
  2. 5th grade expectations

    my son is going to the fifth grade. What do I need to do to make sure he is ready?
  3. math 7th

    the car travled 350 miles on 15 gaallons of gasoline the car averaged how many miles per gallon? round answer to the nearest tenth

    If you roll a 6 sided dice 6 times, what is the best prediction possible for the number of times you will roll a two? A) 6 B) 1 C) 2 D) 0

    the formula of a volume of a cube is v = s3. find the volume of a cube with a side length of 3/4 inches.
  6. Math ASAP

    4. 3.75x + 3.7 = 1.7 + 1.75x a) 10 b) –1 c) 1 d) .1 <----------------------------- 7. p + 4 < –24 a) p < –20 b) p < 28 c) p < –28 <------------------------ d) p < 20
  7. Math ASAP

    5. 3.75x + 3.7 = 1.7 + 1.75x a) 10 b) –1 c) 1 d) .1 <----------------------------- 8. p + 4 < –24 a) p < –20 <----------------------- b) p < 28 c) p < –28 d) p < 20
  8. Math ASAP

    6. –9 – 6(w + 5) A) –15w + 5 B) –15w + 30 C) –6w – 39 D) –6w + 21 <------------------- 7. 2x + 3(x – 2) – 3(x – 6) A) 2x + 12 B) 2x – 8 C) 8x – 24 D) 2x – 24 <-----------------------
  9. Personal question

    How would you deal with someone that has been bullying you since fourth grade? I have talked to adults talked to councelors and I have talked to his mother who happened to be my fifth grade teacher yet he is still at it. I don't want to seem like a baby
  10. scientist

    Pretend you are a scientist and you just found a solid substance in the ground where you were digging. What types of tests would you do on this substance? How would you determine if it is a rock or a mineral? Describe your substance (yes you can make
  11. Computer/Math

    In an examination five pass grade and one fail is awarded a. For mark between 70 and 100 b. For mark between 60 and 69 c. For mark between 50 and 59 d. For mark between 45 and 49 e. For mark between 40 and 44. Write a program to input an mark for a student
  12. Math ASAP

    Bonnie has a rectangular photographic print that is 5 inches wide and 7 inches long. If she multiplies both the length and width by 1.5, how will the perimeter of the print increase?
  13. Personal Finance

    Sue and Tom Wright are assistant professors at the local university. They each take home about $40,000 per year after taxes. Suye is 37 years of age, and tome is 35. Their two children,Mike and Karen are 13 and 11. Were either one to die, they estimate
  14. personal finance

    Sue and Tom Wright are assistant professors at the local university. They each take home about $40,000 per year after taxes. Suye is 37 years of age, and tome is 35. Their two children,Mike and Karen are 13 and 11. Were either one to die, they estimate
  15. math (algebra)

    In Professor Tuffguy's mathematics class, 36 students took the final exam. If the average passing grade was 78, the average failing grade was 60, and the class average was 71, how many of these 36 student passed the final?
  16. Math

    You are given the following data. # of Absences Final Grade 0 96 1 92 2 71 3 66 4 60 5 51 A. Find the correlation coefficient for the data. B. Find the equation for the regression line for the data, and predict the final grade of a student who misses 3.5
  17. math

    a student’s grade in a class is simply the mean of five 100-point exams a. If the student has grades of 77, 73, 97, and 89 on the first four exams, what is the students’ grade before taking the last exam? b. What is the lowest score that the student
  18. math 7th

    three neighbors are sharing a rectangular strip of land for a garden.they divide the land into 24 equal-sized pieces.what fraction of the land does each person get if they share it equally got to have three answers i got 8/24 1/3 and 2/6 is this correct
  19. English

    Why should grade 8 students have to do volunteer hours to graduate grade 8? Please provide me with atleast 6 points and so I can expand on it. Your help is very much appreciated!:)
  20. 6th grade

    What is the simple and complex for this sentence. Making a bad grade on such an easy spelling test is such an embarrassment.
  21. Math:A.P.

    The 1st,3rd and 9th terms of an A.P are the three terms of a G.P.if the 7th term of the A.P is 19.calculate the 20th term of the A.P and the sum of the first 12terms of the G.P(LEAVING YOUR ANSWER IN INDEX FORM)
  22. english

    i am in 7th std please tell me the meaning of squeezing
  23. 7th gd. pre-algebra

    What is the circumference of a 78.75 cookie using pi= 3.14?
  24. 7th gr. Algebra

    what is the meaning of a relative frequency of 1?
  25. Math

    18 of Sue's muffins weigh the same as 15 of tom's muffins. How many of Sue's muffins weigh same as 7 of tom's muffins
  26. reading/math

    Hey Mrs.sue, can you answer this question:How does the author establish the setting in the first chapters of the watsons go to Birmingham?
  27. Math Ms Sue check

    How do you do these questions, I have all my steps done until the last one: 2x(2x)^2: 2x(4x^2)? Now do I multiply or add the big numbers? also Im having trouble on these: 1. x^2(xy)^3: x2(x^3y^3) 2. 3x^2(2x)^3: 3x^2 (8x^3) 3. -2x^2y(3xy^2)^2 4. -(3x)^2:
  28. Math (Ms. Sue)

    A lunch menu has 4 different sandwiches, 2 different soups, and 5 different drinks. How many different lunches consisting of sandwhich, soup, and drink can you choose? 10 11 40 13
  29. math

    John was jogging at a rate of 5mph and he has a one half mile start on Sue who jogs at 7 mph. In how many minutes will it take before they meet?
  30. Math ms sue please help

    I have this paper and it talks about chad and Claire and the rectangular base and when it said the least expensive thing I got 8 by 6 with the cost $23.80 it's right but I forgot how I got my answer a little help please?
  31. math

    There are 283 students in Walley's school and 59 of them are in the sixth grade. What is the approximate percent of student at Walley's school who are in the sixth grade
  32. math

    Jenifers flower bed is in the shape of a right angle triangle. The shortest side is one/forth of the second shortest side. if the area is 18sqaured what are the lengths of ALL THREE SIDES? I NEED A ANSWER ASAP! PLEASE
  33. Math

    1. The expression log 5x is equivalent to 2. Write the equation of a polynomial whose sum of the roots equals -3 and the product of the roots equals 9\2? P.S. - I have been trying to solve these problems on my own and have not been successful at it. Can
  34. Math

    PLEASE HELP ASAP!!! 1 rectangular prism has a base area of 120 square feet, a height of 12 feet per second and has dimensions of 84 inches, 6 feet, and 16 feet. Is the volume of the second more than or less than half that of the first? now explain
  35. math

    Jenifers flower bed is in the shape of a right angle triangle. The shortest side is one/forth of the second shortest side. if the area is 18sqaured what are the lengths of all three sides? I NEED A ANSWER ASAP! PLEASE
  36. Math

    "A fix it business charges 40 dollars per hour or any fraction thereof. Write a step function for the costs up to 3 hours." I'm not sure how to go about this...I know that it's a step function, but I'm not sure how I would go about writing it. Help ASAP
  37. Math (NEED HELP ASAP)

    If you know all answers to test please let me know!!!! use the formula s=2(1w)+2(1h)+2(wh) to find the surface area of a rectangular prism with the following dimensions: *length = 2 cm * width = 3 cm * height = 4 cm A) s=21 cm2 B) s= 48 cm2 C) s= 52 cm2 D)
  38. math

    Jenifers flower bed is in the shape of a right angle triangle. The shortest side is one/forth of the second shortest side. if the area is 18sqaured what are the lengths of all three sides? I NEED A ANSWER ASAP! PLEASE

    The deli server put 0.25 pound (lb) of meat on each sandwich. She used the equation 0.25s = 50 to determine the number of sandwiches (s) she could make with 50 pounds of meat. What is the value of s in her equation?
  40. math

    Harriet needs to ship a small vase. the box she will use has a volume of 216 cubic inches. if the side lengths are all the same, what is the length of each side of the box? help me plox i need this ASAP
  41. math asap

    If you have5 red marbles and 7blue marbles in a bag what is the probability of getting a red one

    A line segment has end points of (4, -4) and (0, 5). What are the coordinates of the midpoint of this line segment? A) (2, 1/2) B) (-2, -9/2) C) (4, 1/2) D) (8, -13)
  43. planning

    Ms. Sue, you told me last time to search up my college to see what courses are required for hygienist, and so this is what I got. 2. The course choices that I make today lead to the fulfillment of this dream by them providing all the knowledge that I need
  44. calculus

    Need help asap! what is the limit as x approaches 0 of -x/tan(3x) ?
  45. Algebra :\

    Elimination using addition and subtraction: 1. x - y = 1 x + y = 3 2. -x + y = 1 x + y = 11 3. x + 4y = 11 x - 6y = 11 4. -x + 3y = 6 x + 3y = 18 PLEASE HELP!!!! I NEED HELP ASAP!!!!
  46. mathematics-need help asap

    if cosz=200, what is the exact value of z!
  47. Literature ASAP

    Need examples of what theme is to a poem
  48. AIG

  49. pre calc asap

    what is the domain and range of f(x) =x^2
  50. Asap please????

    Why is Robert Frost known as “The New England Poet?”
  51. american literature

    do you know anything about the crucible. i need help with this proect asap.
  52. Alegebra 1

    can someone please help me asap with this two problems I'm really stuck here. 1) solve for j if b=j+v/2 2) 9r+9s+9
  53. I NEED HELP ASAP I HAVE 2 MINS.!!!!!!!!

    name 2 factors used when classifying a star

    Solve for the ambiguous triangle. 1. Given: A=45°; a=3; b=5 2. A=25°; a=3; b=6
  55. english ASAP

    how to give credit in an essay?
  56. Algebra ASAP

    Elimination ( show work please) 6x+5y=39 3x+5y=27
  57. Literacy exam

    What is expanded academic ASAP and what does it do
  58. Algebra :\

    these questions are: ELIMINATION USING MULTIPLICATION: 1. 2. 2x + 5y = 3 2x + y = 3 -x + 3y =-7 5x + 3y = 2 I NEED HELP ASAP!!!! HELP PLEASE!!!!
  59. Science- -ASAP!

    d=m/v v=m*d m=d*v The triagle clockwise from top-m-v-d
  60. maths help me asap

    y(x) = 8.x^6/(x-1), then.d^4y/dx^4 = ? show workings!plz
  61. Pi

    How do u describe how to check an algebra question??? I need help ASAP
  62. algebra help asap

    Simplify: 5square root 9^10

    Explain the split between the Shiites and the Sunnis
  64. algebra-trig help asap

    x=sec^-1 2 I really need help with this problem. Thanks
  65. Accouning

    Help Needed ASAP!!!There's too much questions to be asked.
  66. To: Mrs. Sue

    Mrs. Sue below with the true/false question I posted earlier do you think SraJMcGin meant that the answer was true or the answer was false because she put "true". The question is the one I replied on.
  67. statistics

    After years of data collection by college students, it has been determined that the distribution of course grades in Ms. Green’s Statistic II class follows a normal distribution with a mean of 62 and a standard deviation of 14. (a) A student will pass
  68. Algebra--please help!

    I really need help with my math homework today, because I am totally confused! Please give me the answer, but also walk me through it, too, so I can fully understand it, because just the answer won't really help. #1: A math teacher wants to curve a set of
  69. College Algebra

    A local road has a grade of 4%. The grade of a road is its slope expressed as a percent. a. Find the slope of the road as a fraction and then simplify the fraction. b. What rise and run would reflect this slope or grade?
  70. Part 1

    Consider the following selection statement where X is an integer test score between 0 and 100. input X if (0 <= X and X < 49) output "you fail" else if (50 <= X and X < 70) output "your grade is" X output "you did OK" else if (70 <= X and X
  71. First grade social studies

    my son is in first grade and has to do a project as the curator for the american symbols. I am looking for a reputable website and having difficulty sorting out which ones to use. Can anyone help?
  72. 3rd grade

    my son is in the third grade. how do you figure out the mass
  73. 6th grade

    Doyou have 6 grade text book?
  74. science URGENT so need help

    PLS HELP ASAP True or False 1. If a 40 kg person is accelerating at 10 m/s2, then the magnitude of the force acting on him or her is 400 N. (1 point) true false Multiple Choice 2. How much force is needed to make a 60 kg object accelerate at a rate of 2.0
  75. statistics

    You want to estimate the difference in grade point averages between two groups of university students to be accurate within 0.2 grade point, with probability approximately equal to 0.95. If the standard deviation of the grade point measurements is
  76. Math Help Please ASAP Connections

    Write a ratio and a percent for the shaded area. a 6 x 6 grid with 12 shaded cells. a. 3/10, 27% b. 1/2, 50% c. 1/3, 33.33% d. 3/10, 30% Please help Lesson 11 Connections Academy Percents Unit Test im stuck
  77. Math ASAP

    Starting at the top, if you cut a square pyramid in half using a single cut, what is the shape of the newly-exposed section? A.) square B.) rectangle C.) triangle D.) pentagon
  78. Math - Please help ASAP!

    The revenue in dollars of a company selling its products per month is given as, R(x) = 3000x - 20x^2, while the cost in dollars is given by, C(x) = 600x + 4000. Find and simplify P(x), where P(x) is the profit per month.
  79. Ms sue please help

    Hey ms sue can you please help me to simplify this paragraph? Raynaud's disease occurs when the small arteries (arterioles) that serve the fingers, toes, ears, or nose go into spasm. When arterioles go into spasm, they cut off blood supply and cause digits
  80. math

    if 4th term of an arithmetic progression is 3 times the 1st term nd 7th term exceeds twice the third term by 1. find the first term and common difference
  81. 7th Grade Lit

    Complements in the sentences. the snake looks hungry- hungry the lizard seemed stunned- stunned its skin is scaly- scaly scales cover a snakes body- not scales or cover, is it snakes? Josh will feed Lizzy- not will or feed, is it Josh? we will photograph
  82. personal finance

    Sue and Tom Wright are assistant professors at the local university. They each take home about $40,000 per year after taxes. Sue is 37 years of age, and Tom is 35. Their two children, Mike and Karen are 13 and 11. Were either one to die, they estimate that
  83. Math

    In an arithmetic sequence, the first term is 5, and the fifth term is 21. What is the second term? Help please ASAP!!
  84. government MS. Sue please

    Ms. Sue, Could you double check these, I asked you earlier and got the ball rolling. I had to choose five interests that are affecrted by public policy decisions. I chose No Child Left Behind, Health care insurance, environmental safety, veterans groups,
  85. 8th Grade

    Me and my friend are making our own 8th grade binder, you know like writing down planns for our 8th grade year. Here are the sections: - To-Do-List - Doodles (if you are bored) - Projects that are do (school plans) - Graduation Plans (speech, to-do-list,
  86. Math

    The 16th term of an AP is three times the 5th term. If the 12th term is 20 more than the 7th term, find the first term and the common difference.
  87. math

    find the greatest common factor and simplify your answer. 4v to the 7th power y to the 9th power and 16v to the 6th power x to the 8th power y to the 5th power.
  88. math

    The 2nd and 5th term of G.P are 2/3 and 1/2 respectively.what is the 1st term,the 4th term and the 7th term
  89. math

    pencils come in packs of 20 for 2.79 if 18 8th graders and 19 7th graders need 4 pencils how much would it cost?
  90. math

    The third term of a Gp is 54 & 7th term is reciprocal of 3rd term find the 5th term
  91. Grammar

    2.Brianna eats chocoloate whenever she gets poor grade in math. whenever she gets a poor grade in math is underlined. I believe this is a dependent clause. 3. After the house flooded, the family moved into a temporary shelter. After the house is flooded is
  92. math

    A math teacher calculates grades as follows:Grade=[2 test averages+quiz average/3] After 3 tests and 2 quizzes your test average is 83 and your quiz average is 89. You took your fourth test today and noticed that your overall average grade has dropped to
  93. 5th grade

    how to do a double line graph with 2 superbowl teams scores with their mode median,and range for the first seven games. this is so hard for fifth grade. i need help
  94. Math Ms.Sue Help

    Which data value has the highest frequency? A) 1/16 B) 3/16 C) 3/8 D) 5/8 A number line with four x's above one sixteenth, one x above three sixteenths, one x above three eighths, two x's above one half, two x's above five eighth, and one x above three
  95. math

    choose an appropriate metric unit for the mass of a paper clip A meter B gram C kilogram D centimeter SOMEONE ANYBODY MRS SUE HELP plz......
  96. math

    I don't think my first response went thru...so reposting! Thank You Ms. Sue, for the answer to cubic inches (11/16/14). It also made me realize that I skipped the step of multiplying the dimensions by each other.
  97. math: ineuality help pls!??

    is this an inequality in a real life scenario? and what is the difference between that and an equation? Robin has $25. He wants to buy some more boomerangs so he can practice his aiming for knife chucking for a circus act. Robin needs to know the average
  98. Socials-Ms. Sue

    Ms. Sue I asked my teacher about the memo today, and she said that it is supposed to be advantages and disadvantages for France, not Britain. Imagine that you are a senior advisor to Napoleon. You have been asked to prepare a memo outlining the advantages
  99. Social studies

    lesson 14: focus on history 7th Please need help 1-14
  100. vocabulary

    I need the word stratify in a sentence for a 7th grader