7th grade math please help Ms. Sue ASAP

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  1. 7th grade science

    blood type is an example of what type of inheritance ?
  2. 7th grade

    what is social health? what is mental/emotional health?
  3. science

    need a science project for 7th grade using toy train.
  4. 7th grade science

    blood type is an example of what type of inheritance?
  5. 7th grade

    I find myself doing homework and i get it done (well sometimes) but i feel like i should be doing something else what can i do to keep concentrated on the homework?
  6. 7th grade

    how would i put vehicular in a sentence? please help.... it has to be a good sentence to
  7. 7th grade

    If the time is 9:00 am in denver what time is it in los angelas ?
  8. 7th grade

    What 2 goods did the European traders want from Asia? What were these goods used for?
  9. math-moneyfractions

    i have some math questions that i really ,really,need help with asap if any body can explain some of these questions that will be great help.Ok here are 3 of the questions i am about to type now ok the first one says,whole 16 nickels a.circle 3/a of the
  10. 4 grade array NEED ASAP!!

    whats an array? and how would i show it with plastic dimes. i need to help kids find 8 x 70 can you explain how you would do it??
  11. Math, 7th grade

    We're learning Expanded, Multiplicative, Exponential and Algebraic form. I don't know how to do Algebraic form. The question says What is $2,367.00 in Algebraic form?
  12. 7th Grade Math

    Toni rows a boat 4.5km/h upstream and then turns around and rows 5.5km/h back to her starting point. If her total rowing time is 48 min , for how long does she row upstream?
  13. math

    A middle school is made up of grades 6, 7, and 8, and has about the same number of male and female students in each grade. Explain how to use a simulation to find the experimental probability that the first 50 students who arrive at school are male and 7th
  14. 7th grade math

    if you borrow $1000 at 9% interest and pay it back over 1 1/2 years, how much do you pay back including interest?
  15. 7th grade social studies

    what types of plans or previous forms of government can james madison call apon to dragt the constitution of the united states?
  16. english 7th grade

    I am to find the subject complement and linking verb in this sentence. At first we felt overwhelmed by the job ahead of us. Could you please help me understand , the examples in my book are not helping. Thank you
  17. 7th Grade Science

    help me find the answer to this question for tomorrow... can you think of any examples from the real world where lowered genetic diversity is impacting a species' ability to survive?
  18. 7th grade language arts

    Choose the demonstrative pronoun is the following sentence: "This invitation fell out of her backpack." her of backpack this
  19. help with my science test 7th grade connection

    True or false Scientific inquiry incorporated many scientific methods.
  20. 7th grade

    I am needed to build a seigneury model for my life in a Segneurial System project. Does anyone have any ideas on how to build one.
  21. 7th grade

    What is the dimension of a rectangle whos perimeter is 42 inches and its area is 104 square inches? Explain.
  22. Geo 7th Grade

    is increase of fish population due to acid rain?!?!?!?1 thanks ♥dino♥
  23. 7th grade

    Wolves don't eat plants, but a wolf could not live in an ecoystem that didn't have plants. Please Explain.
  24. 7th grade science

    If a mother is a carrier of hemophilia and the father does not have hemophilia, what is the probability that their son will have the trait? Explain.
  25. business grade 10

    what are some ways to to change hositals from ineffiecient public bureaucrcies to a customer focused? i searched for info from the internet but i couldn't find any, and i need help ASAP please!!!!! HELP MEEE!!!thank you
  26. 8th grade

    I wanted to welcome you ASAP to our little family here in the States. It's high time we shook hands in person and not just across the sea. I'm pleased as punch about getting to know you all, and I for one will do my level best to sell you on America.
  27. 10th grade

    I need help ASAP on this im writting a 6 paragraph essay and its due tomorrow i cant even think of a thesis its "Discuss the irony as its used in Animal Farm Be sure to give specific details from the novel." I need help ASSSSAAPP!
  28. 7th grade math

    Simplify each expression. 1. 2z - 3y - 8z + y 2. 9 - 7t + 1 + 4t 3. For the summer, Tia buys 3 T-shirts and 2 pairs of shorts. Her brother buys 4 T-shirts and 1 pair of shorts. Define and use variables to represent the total cost. I have no idea how to do
  29. 7th Grade Math

    Sam serves a tennis ball at a speed of 90 miles per hour. If 0.62 mile is equivalent to 1 kilometer, what is Sam's serve speed in kilometers per hour? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.
  30. 7th Grade Math

    What is the measure of an exterior angle of a regular polygon in which the sum of interior angle measures is 5400 degrees? A. 11.25 degrees B. 30 degrees C. 32 degrees D. 168.75 degrees
  31. 3 grade math ms sue

    which is the better unit to use to measure the capacity of a bathtub: milliters or liters? explain your choice. a liter is equal to 100 centiliters. is a centiliter a greater measure than a milliter? expalin
  32. socials TO MS SUE OR ANYONE

    List the factors that supported the confederation in the canada colonies in the 1800s and the factors that went against the confederation in the colonies. PLEASE help ASAP!!!!
  33. Speeches

    I have to write/ present a speech to become treasurer for my 7th grade class... things i know: I am in accerated math I am responsible I was a representative in Student Council last year I am not certain how accelerated math is helpful in the position of
  34. 8th grade geometry

    segment AC is congruent to segment AD by the ______ of the Isosceles Triangle Theorem. (8 letters, 5th=E, 7th=S) Please help!
  35. 7th grade Pre-Algebra

    Represent each expression using positive exponents. 2. E(to the negative fourth power)f Would it be 1/e to the 4th power f?
  36. science is hardddd!!!!

    Can I Have An Example Of A Closed System?? Please use easy words that I can understand, Im not that smart and i'm only in 7th grade. Also can you give me an example of an Open System?? Thank You.
  37. 7th grade

    Hey ,this is about my french brochure can anyone help me? I have a few questions. - Isabella (nicknames: Bella,Bells) My name is from Twilight....hehe Bella Anyways thanks
  38. 7th Grade Social Studies

    Explain the similarities and differences between corporate farms and mixed-crop farms. (5 points)
  39. 7th Grade Science

    Explain why increasing the temperature of a gas in a closed, rigid container causes the pressure in the container to increase.
  40. 7th grade

    After taking a shower, you notice that small droplets on the mirror. Explain how this happens and what change its going through. physical and chemical change.
  41. 7th grade science

    ....... capacity is the largest numbers of individuals of one species that an ecosystem can support over time. What kind of capacity???
  42. 7th Grade Maths

    If Betty can jog 1500 metres in 10 minutes, how long will it take her to jog 10 Kilometres? PLEASE HELP ME IN THIS QUESTION I NEED IT HELP MEEEEEE!
  43. 7th grade

    Does anyone know the meaning of either of these quotes self-respect is unconditional positive regard for self and respect is being able to accept people as perfect indiviuals that they are?
  44. 7th grade

    Do you need to capitalize the name of the stars? for example: clearly visible in the sky overhead were the big dipper, small dipper, and the north star.
  45. 7th grade Pre-Algebra

    Factor each number completely 110 480 I don't know how to do factor tree's, they're tricky, :\ Please help
  46. 7th grade science

    OK so i have to do a project on duchenne muscular dystrophy and I need one page notes about them...so can someone please just give me a couple of quick notes on it? thank you!
  47. 7th grade math only 2 questions Ms, Sue please

    Tom buys a shirt for $22.00 plus 7% sales tax. His cousin buys a shirt for $18.00 plus 4% sales tax. a. How much do Tom and his cousin pay for the shirts? Show your work. b. Who spent more on tax? (3 points) 18. In 2000, the circulation of a local
  48. 7th grade science

    A Majory Theory in Science
  49. 7th grade

    How is a food chain different from a food web?
  50. science

    my daughter has a science project she is in 7th grade what should she do
  51. 7th grade

    ^^ i wwant to ask about... 1,000,000; base 10
  52. 7th grade

    What is the greenhouse effect and how does it effect the atosmphere?
  53. 7th grade math

    typical weights for tiger clubs age(weeks) expected body weight(kg) birth 1.3 1 2.3 2 3.0 3 3.8 4 4.5 5 5.2 6 6.0 7 6.7 8 7.5 9 7.6 10 8.9 11 9.7 using table above describe the pattern relating age and weight. Do you expect this pattern to continue
  54. 7th grade challenge math

    of 109.6 million house holds, 19,508,800 watched the television show CIS during the week of October 3, 2005. what percent of american households watched CIS this week?
  55. Reading

    Dear Ms. Sue, No matter how hard I try, nobody knows a 6th grade definition for the word "Panning". Can you please help?
  56. 6th grade ss

    1.what two climates types dominate most of northern,eastern and southern Africa???? Please help! Ms.sue
  57. 4th grade math

    111,022 = 111,000 276,421 = 280,000 is this correct sue
  58. Math 7th Grade

    1. which is a rule that describes the translation of point from (-5, 4) to (-1, 2) A (x,y) --> (x - 4, y - 2) B (x,y) --> (x + 4, y - 2) (my answer) C (x,y) --> (x + 4, y + 2) D (x,y) --> (x - 4, y + 2) 2. the ordered pairs (2, -17) and (5,

    Theresa wanted to find the height of her school's flagpole in inches. Theresa is 5 feet and 2 inches tall. She estimated that the flagpole was about 10 times her height, so she created the formula below to find the flagpole's height. height = (12 x 5 + 2)
  60. 7th grade Health

    Enzymes that drive metabolism and antibodies of the immune system are both forms of A. minerals. C. lipids. B. proteins. D. carbohydrates. (C) I can't find the answer in my book, would you plz help me?
  61. Social Studies 7th Grade

    Check my work please! Although India ahs only 16 official languages, people there speak more than ________ language. 1.30 2.50 3.100 4.800 I belive the answer is 1.
  62. 7th grade math ASAP quick please

    1. If a ping pong ball falls from the top of a building that is 168 feet high, how many seconds will it take the ball to hit the ground? Remember, the formula for distance is d = 16t^2. (1 point) 1 3.2 10.5 16 2. The volume of a box can be found by
  63. Math to Ms.Sue

    Ms.Sue may you please check my answers down below?
  64. Math to Ms.Sue

    Ms.Sue can you check my last two questions below. I appreciate your help and everyone else's.
  65. 7th Grade Math

    If a diameter of a circle (which is 18 inches) is tripled, can the expression 9 (254.34 in square) be used to find the new circle? I know the answer is yes but I can't figure out how you work it! I come with 9(1,107.36 in square) but apparently that is not
  66. math

    1)on the 7th grade honor review exam, student were asked to create a power with a base of 3 that is greater than 9 but less then 3 to the 5th power . two powers that student created show below. Describe why each of the solutions is incorrect 5 to the 3rd
  67. 7th grade grammar

    Writeacher: Juliana looked at the powerpoint on the clauses and she said it was really good, thank you writeacher. She said it helped her a lot. She thinks she might have it now. Thank you SOOOO much!
  68. 7th grade

    In my textbook I am supposed to say if the picture is primary or secondary. (In the descriptionof the drawing, it says "a self portrait by Champlain". This would mean that it is a primary source doc right?
  69. 7th grade

    Write three equivalent fractions for each fracton 7/8,5/6 in order to get the answer am I suppose to find the number that I can divid both numbers and is it the same number
  70. 7th grade S.S

    where wereeach religion started and give two examples of how that influenced their religion. This question is for Islam. I have a report due Tuesday.
  71. Pre-Algebra 7th grade.

    I have prealgebra with order of operations with a line dividor with a fraction line/divider. It says: 94-6 ____ 66(divided by) 6
  72. c++

    Write a program that asks the user to input a grade that he or she received on an exam. The grade is an integer from 0 to 100 inclusive. The program should convert the numeric grade into the equivalent letter grade. Do the conversion by using a function
  73. 7th Grade Math

    Fernando is 6 1/4 feet tall. If one inch equals 2.54 centimeters, what is Fernando's height in centimeters? My answer is 15.49 centimeters. Is my answer correct? If not please show me how to work it out.
  74. 7th grade math

    jess, marie, and emily are sisters. The sum of their ages is 118. Emily is twice jess's age. Jess is 7 years older than Marie. How old is each girl?

    8. Chromosome pairs contain different versions of genes, which are called __________________. (1 point) is it base? is it dna? is it alleles? help asap!!!??
  76. 5th grade math

    ms. sue can you help me with another problem? whatnis the median of the following number? 24,99,101,93,14,29? by the way can you please!check my last problem that you posted to me an hour ago here is my answer is 20 the median
  77. 8th grade math for Ms. Sue

    How is an inequality different from an equation? Give a real-world scenario in which you would write an inequality rather than an equation. I don't know how to solve this or what the answer is. Please help!
  78. math

    I have a question I would really appreciate the answer. If 15% of my grade is 74% and 96 is 15% of my grade and 40% of my grade is a 60.5% without the final counting for 30% what is my grade? Please help thank you.
  79. 3rd grade math HELP ASAP

    When I am rounded to the nearest hundred I am 400. The digit in my tens is 4 more than the digit in my hundreds place. The digits in my hundreds place and ones place are the same. What number am I?
  80. 7th grade math

    1. Substitute: Ms.Kubagwa is six years younger than Ms. Vea. The sum of there ages is 52 years. I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT TO DO HERE!! 2.Ms.starbrowski has four more pens than Mr.Dukeman. Together they have 34 pens. How many pens does Ms.Starbrowski have?
  81. 7th grade language arts Ms. Sue please

    1. A synonym for writhe is (1 point) hop. twist. cry. 2. In which part of the plot is the conflict resolved? (1 point) exposition climax resolution 5. The part of a narrative that introduces the setting and the characters is called the (1 point) climax.
  82. 7th grade art Ms. Sue please

    1. This term refers to a subject in artwork that has been simplified and rearranged. (1 point) nonobjective linear semi-abstract objective 2. This term refers to artwork that does not have a reference to a subject or object. (1 point) representational
  83. 3rd grade math

    179,323,175 round to the nearest million sue can you please check my answer . this is my answer 280,000,000. hope i got it right.
  84. math

    sam and sue have only nickels and dimes. sue has $.35. sam has the same number of dimes as sue has nickels, and he has half as many nickels as sue has dimes. how many nickels does sue have?

    thank you so much, ms sue! may i ask another question? If 6 oz cost 3.25 20 oz cost 5.59 36 cost 6.59 how much would 12oz, 26 oz, 48 oz cost? Thank you so much! maribeth
  86. 7th grade

    if you take apart 5x5x5 cube and build a pyramid with the same cubes, with each layer of the pyramid being a square and the top ending as a 1x1x1. How many tiers can you make?
  87. 7th grade

    Does anyone know what the vegetation breakdown is for Aruba. Examples grasslands,forests and deserts? I know that it is pretty scarce but if anyone has any websites that might have some sort of vegetation this would be great thanks.
  88. Spanish-7th grade-Please help

    I'm not sure what this is asking or how to answer it- ¿Qué prefiere llevar tu mamá? Is it asking what I prefer to take my mom? And how do I answer it? I'm really confused on the transalation Please give advice
  89. social studies 7th grade

    School from old times that would hit kids stick if they talked back or out of turn if they had messy work they would hit them
  90. 7th grade Life Science

    Which of the following structures does not provide support for invertebrae bodies? a)backbone b)tiny glass structures c)skin d)exoskeleton
  91. 7th Grade Science

    what physical force can cause a change in the state of matter what is the difference between chemical and physical changes what occurs during Bose-Einstein condensation Please help me.
  92. 7th Grade Language Arts

    Cultural context involves all of the following except the group's __________. (1 point) values wealth customs I think its wealth.. but not sure, am i correct?
  93. 7th grade- Social Studies

    Can you tell me if this is correct. Q. What positionn did Abraham Lincoln appoint Andrew Johnson in 1861 after the Civil War began? A. He was appointed to State Military Governor.
  94. 7th grade Lang. Art

    which word in caps makes more sense? Though the colonies long (SEETHE, SINGE) with resentment at the British, the cauldron of their discontent did not boil over into rebellion until 1776. Please help thank you
  95. 7th grade math

    Toby is making a model of a battlefield. The actual area is 11 miles by 7.5 miles. He wants to put the model on a 3.25 ft by 3.25 ft square table with at least 3 inches on each side between the model and table edges. What is the largest scale he can use?
  96. 7th grade math

    Toby is making a model of a battlefield. The actual area is 11 miles by 7.5 miles. He wants to put the model on a 3.25 ft by 3.25 ft square table with at least 3 inches on each side between the model and table edges. What is the largest scale he can use?
  97. 7th grade math

    Can you help with geometry? 1. Sally constructs a triangle with one side 6 inches long and another side 8 inches long. What is the 3rd side? (haven't learned Pythagorean theorem) Ans: 6 + x > 8 x > 2 6 + 8 > x 14 > x 8 + x > 6 x > -2 so,
  98. 5ht grade math word problems

    sue baked chocolate chip cookies. although the recipe said it would make 5 dozen, she actually made 4 less than that. if there were slightly more than 500 chips in the package what is the average number of chips for each cookie?
  99. Math

    This isn't a question for math homework but i have a really low grade in math and i want to raise it up. What can i do to get my grade up because i am getting progress reports on Monday and i want to get a really good grade.PLEASE HELP!!!!
  100. 7th grade math Ms. Sue last two questions thanks

    15. In Store A, a book that regularly sells for $24.99 is on sale at 15% off. In Store B, the same book regularly sells for $27.99 and is on sale at 25% off. Which store sells the book for the lower sale price? (1 point) Store A; Store A’s sale price is