7th grade math please help Ms. Sue ASAP

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  1. 8th Grade Pre-Algebra

    Hi, I really need some help with scientific notation. How do I convert large numbers like 108,000,000 and other numbers that are even larger than this to scientific notation? This is for a math project and even though I learned about this, it's still hard
  2. 8th grade math

    The diameter of the sun is approximately 1.4x10 to the power 9 km and the diameter of earth is approximately 1.28 x10 to the 4th power km. About how many times earths diameter is the suns diameter. Write in scientific notation.
  3. 3rd grade math

    What patterns help you divide? DRaw a picture or make a chart to show how to divide 1600 by 4. Give the quotient. We know the answer but having trouble to make a chart to show the outcome. Please help. Thanks in advance
  4. math

    Question: A student took a test composed of 20 question, with correct answers worth 2 points. If the student received 34 points for his grade, how many questions were correct? I KNOW THE ANSWER IS 17 BUT PLEASE PUT IN AN EQUATION FORM ex: (20x2)-34 =
  5. Math- 5th grade

    Shauna baked bread rolls to sell at a school fair. 2/5 of the rolls were chocolate rolls, 1/3 were raisin rolls, 1/4 of the remainder were strawberry rolls, and the rest were vanilla rolls. What fraction of the rolls were vanilla rolls?
  6. 6th grade math

    Which proportion can you use to find the width of a full size railroad track? of 1 millimeter for every 87 millimeters in a full size train. The model railroad cars run on a track that is 16.5 mm wide. f) 1/87 = x/16.5 g) 1/87 = 16.5/x h) 1/x= 87/16.5 j)
  7. English-Ms Sue

    This is my revision to my earlier question, please proofread. Often, the dictionaries are wrong about this, in fact by putting one word first; they are supporting a self fulfilling prophecy. Consider the entry, "ax or axe", which appears with the two words
  8. science help asap!!!

    Hi, can someone check my answers asap!!? i am on a deadline!! 1. What doe the notation TT mean to geneticists? (1 point) two dominant alleles heterozygous alleles at least one dominant allele one dominant and one recessive allele 2. An organisms genotype
  9. math 4th grade

    the land area of a country with 20 people per square kilomoter or the land area of a country that measures 500,000 square kilometers can anyone explain how to do this
  10. Math 208

    Grade Average A student scores 65 and 82 on two different 100-point tests. If the maximum score on the next test is also 100 points, what score does the student need to maintain at least an average of 70?
  11. math 4th grade

    the land area of a country with 20 people per square kilomoter or the land area of a country that measures 500,000 square kilometers can anyone explain how to do this
  12. 3rd Grade Math

    Marlon has 4 baseball cards, Jake has 4 baseball cards, and Sam has 3 baseball cards. Can you write a multiplication sentence to find how many baseball cards they have altogether? Explain.
  13. math 4th grade

    the land area of a country with 20 people per square kilomoter or the land area of a country that measures 500,000 square kilometers can anyone explain how to do this
  14. 5th grade math

    it cost $0.38 to produce and mail a newsletter.each week,475,000 newsletters are mailed to subscribers. about how much does it cost to produce and mail the newsletter each month
  15. Math

    Jasmine has an average of 95 on 15 quiz grades. If her teacher drops Jasmine’s lowest grade, a 72, which equation can beused to find n, Jasmine’s new quiz average? A n = (95-72)/14 B n = [(95x15)-72]/14 C n = [(95x15)-72]/15 D
  16. math average!

    My average is a 74 right now. My grades are 70( which counts as 60% as my grade and i have 2 more major test coming up) 94, 60 (which counts as 25% and i have about 5 more of this coming up) 90,100,83,91,71( i have about 3 more of these and they count as
  17. 4th grade math

    Please help solve this word problem Sara traced circle stencils for her project. She needs 7 rows of 9 circle stencils. She thought that 7 rows of 9 is the same as 3 rows of 9 and 2 rows of 9. Is this correct? Thanks
  18. OCCT Score

    Alright, so I live in Oklahoma, and I just took the OCCT Grade 8 today. My reading score came ou to say Raw Score: 34 and math said Raw Score: 36, there were 50 questions on each test, what was the percentage? Im not sure, so thankies.

    n the water gas shift reaction (below, unbalanced), equal masses of methane and water were placed in the reactor and the total mass of the reactants was 274 kg. _______ CH4 (g) + _______ H2O (g) → _______H2 (g) + _______ CO2 (g) Given: MW of CH4 is 16.04
  20. 5th grade math

    Using input output tables input 3 4 5 6 0 10. Output 9 16 25 36 0 100 what is the input output rule?
  21. Math - PreCalc (12th Grade)

    If Sn = 1 + 6 + 11 + 16 + 21 + 26...... where an = (5n − 4), what would be the mathematical expression represented by Sk + ak + 1? A) (k(5k − 3)/2)+ 5k + 1 B) (k(5k − 3)/2)+ 5k − 4 C) (k(5k − 3)/2)+ 5k + 2 D) (k(5k −
  22. to ms.sue project

    so if i use construction paper, its the same length as the copy paper? but if i use construction paper, wont it be hard to write on?construction paper is kinda rough.
  23. English

  24. English ASAP

    Can you please explain exactly the meaning. What does this poem mean and how does it relates to people decision. I need to write an essay about it. Whatever we do, whether we light strangers’ cigarettes—it may turn out to be a detective wanting to know
  25. Ms.Sue?Sorry To Bother You,I Got SOme New Answers!

    120 g = 0.12 kg [DONE] 0.44 kg = 440 g [ is it correct? ] 1.00600 kg = 1,006,000 mg [ correct?] 0.009 kg = 9000 mg [DONE] 0.2 mg = 0.002 g [correct?] 8.6 kg = 0.0086 [correct?] 800 g = 0.8 [correct?] 1.7 kg = 0.0017 [correct?] 6 200 000 mg = 6.2 kg
  26. 3rd grade math

    kate ate 3/3 of sandwich. cao ate 7/7 of a sandwich that was the same size as kate's who ate more. explain you answer
  27. 8th grade math

    The denominator of a fraction is 4 more than the numerator. If both the denominator and the numerator are increased by 1, the resulting fraction equals ½. What is the original fraction?
  28. 4th grade math

    Two rectangles are each 5 in. wide. The larger rectangle has an area of 35 sq in . and is 2 in longer than the smaller rectangle. What is the area of the smaller rectangle?
  29. 6th grade math

    what is the range of 4min 30 sec, 5min 12 sec, 4min 24sec, 4min 51sec, 5min and 3sec?
  30. 9th grade math

    x to the 2nd power if x = 3/4 how do you find 3/4th to the 2nd power? 3/4th times 3/4th right? so the answer would be 9/16ths.. right?
  31. 4th grade math

    max has 5 more than twice as many cookies as chris. write an expression that shows the number of cookies max has if chris has C cookies.
  32. math

    of the sixth grade students surveyed,12% bring their lunchs to school. suppose 24 sixth graders do this.how many sixth graders are at the school
  33. 4th grade math

    At the end of five days, Joseph had saved $30. If each day he saved $2 more than the day before, how much money did Joseph save each day?
  34. 6th Grade Math

    Caleb sold boxes of candy. Some sold for $2, and some sold for $3. He sold a total of 35 boxes and received $92. How many boxes did he sell for $2?
  35. Math

    There are twice as many girls as boys in the 4th grade classes at Joe's school. There are a total of 81 4th graders. How many boys and girls are there in the 4th?
  36. 5th Grade math

    Working Backwards: In the 1980's the Northen White Rhinoceros population decreased by 485 from what it was in the 1970s. By the 1990s the population increased 2 more than twice the population in the 1970s By the 2000s the population dropped 25 rhinoceroes
  37. math 4 grade

    A firefighter stood on the middle rungs of a ladder ,spraying water on a burning house. He then climbed up 6 rungs before the heat of the flames caused him to come down 10 rungs.After some minutes he was able to climb 18 rungs to the very top of ladder
  38. stats

    It was thought that students who dressed more neatly received better grades. To test this idea, a researcher rated each student on neatness of dress and obtained their grades on a standard school achievement test. The data are presented below. Higher

    1 . What is the major difference between ectotherms and endotherms? A. whether or not the animal builds nests on land B. whether or not the animal has been found on several continents C. whether or not the animal maintains a constant body temperature D.
  40. physics asap!!! thank you

    A boy runs 18.4 blocks North, 12.9 blocks Northeast, and 19.7 blocks West. a)Determine the length of the displacement vector that goes from the starting point to his final position. b)Determine the direction of the displacement vector. Use counterclockwise
  41. 4th grade

    what is prime and composite 13,37,25,117208,67
  42. 3rd grade

    In doing alphabetical order which of these words com first?its or it's
  43. 10th grade

    Find the measure of diameter AC if BP=x and AC=5x-6
  44. 5th grade

    least of possible numberthat rounds to 510
  45. 5th grade

    what was daily life like in the colony?
  46. 2nd grade

    he wrote every safety tip on the-------------
  47. 2nd grade

    he told them always remember to------to your parents
  48. 5th grade

    I need help with this input output table.
  49. 8th Grade

    Give an example of when you would want to reduce friction. Please help!
  50. 5th Grade

    write the number13 inbase six
  51. 8th grade

    how can i improve my maths and english
  52. 12th grade

    what is the analogie for abject:miserable
  53. 9th grade

    What does it take to win a Tug of War?
  54. science 12 grade

    3.5 kilometers equals how many meters
  55. 6th grade

    can some one help me i need help wit animal habitats
  56. 8th grade

    find the nth term A1=6, d-3, n=10
  57. 8th grade

    plot elements: cause of conflict
  58. 2nd grade

    How did John Smith help the colonies
  59. 8th grade science

    How did the broad river get its name?
  60. 5th grade

    what is the algebraic expression for 200 less than 3?
  61. 8th grade

    can afsedrniru be unscrambled into a noun? :)
  62. 2nd grade

    i need a sentence with the word slid
  63. Stat

    P(A)=.10, P(B)=.30, P(C)=.40, P(D)=.10, P(F)=.10. Determined the expected grade and variance for the course.
  64. language :D

    What is a subjunctive? i have been trying to figure this out for like ever and im in eight grade CRAZY RIGHT?!? well please help me thanks!!
  65. 10th grade

    how would you use the word civility in a sentence
  66. 4th grade

    How can you show without multiplying that 4/9 is greater than 0.4?
  67. 11th grade

    Why do we need to polish magnesium before using it in an experiment?
  68. 3rd grade

    i am a number between 1 and 5. you can make exactly 3 arrays with me. who am i?
  69. 6th grade

    0.4/2.4=f/6 Dont know how to solve please explain so i can know thank u
  70. 3rd grade social studies

    what is agora
  71. 1st grade

    words that sound alike
  72. 4TH grade

    what are the major land biomes
  73. 9th grade

    what is criteria for calling something an injustice?
  74. 6th grade

    Why did people consider Nerfertiti a goddess?
  75. writing

    who knows any 5th grade transition words?
  76. 6th grade English

    what is the antomns for pledge
  77. 3rd grade

    i am greater than 30 and less than 40 the sum of my digits is less than 5
  78. 12th grade

    How do I find the height of a parallelogram?
  79. 3rd grade

    how do I write the time in three different ways for 3:50
  80. 2nd grade

    scoop and mark words
  81. 3rd Grade

    i need help making an acronym for A-S-T-C i need it to be funny... i cant think of anything! help!
  82. 5th grade

    solve 3 gal 3 qt = _____ qt
  83. 12th grade

    how many strokes should be used to form the numeral 2
  84. 5th grade

    I need an answer to the analogy fifteen:five::nine: ?
  85. 5th grade

    About how many centimeters of eding does she need for a ribbon.
  86. 6th grade

    What are some of the similarities between the Israelites and Mesopotomians?
  87. 9th grade algebra

    solve.(polynomials) 3(x-5)=45
  88. 10th grade algebra

    solve the equation for x: 3x+y=6
  89. 4th grade

    Science; what is the habitat of a jaguar
  90. 4th grade

    How does a solar greenhouse work?
  91. 12th grade

    The trem hierarchy refers to
  92. 6th grade art

    What was the Philosophies of Picasso.
  93. 3rd grade

    How many day in a leep year?
  94. 5th grade

    explain how you know that in fractions 7 divided by 9 is less than 1
  95. all

    Can someone post questions from all subjects for eighth grade?
  96. grade seven

    A scale on a map is 1cm to 250km. What does this mean?
  97. 8th grade

    Can someone give me a written answer for this: 2.3w - 3.2 + 4.1 = -6
  98. 4th grade

    what's a good sentence for glacier
  99. Science (Grade 8)

    How do you measure volume and mass?
  100. 10th grade algebra

    solve the equation 2x+y=9 for y