1. chemistry

    Arginine vasopressin is a pituitary hormone. It helps regulate the amount of water in the blood by reducing the flow of urine from the kidneys. An aqueous solution containing 21.6 mg of vasopressinin 100.0 mL of solution has an osmotic pressure at 25 ¢ªC
  2. Managerial Finance

    Gluon Inc. is considering the purchase of a new high pressure glueball. It can purchase the glueball for $200,000 and sell its old low-pressure glueball, which is fully depreciated, for $36,000. The new equipment has a 10-year useful life and will save
  3. physics

    water runs into a house through a 5cm pipe.its pressure at entering the house is 1 times 10^5Pa.the faucent on the second floor 2,5cm above where the water enters the house has an inside diameter of 3cm.when the faucent is in use the flow velocity at the
  4. Chemistry

    What is the mole fraction of methyl n-butyrate CH3(Ch2)2COOCH3 in the vapor phase of a solution consisting of? a mixture of methyl n-butyrate and ethyl acetate CH3COOCH2CH3 at 50 Celsius if the total pressure above the solution is 192.5 torr. The vapor
  5. Physics

    A dragster and a driver together have mass of 942.2 kg. the dragster starting from rest attains a speed of 25.5m/s in 0.56 s. 1. find the average acceleration of the dragster during this time interval? I really need the formula 2. What horizontal force
  6. Physical Science

    can I get some help with these questions. im not sure on these ones During the stage of internal combustion engine operation in which the piston rises and compresses the fuel in the combustion chamber, a. both the intake and exhaust valves are open b. the
  7. chemistry

    Methanoic acid HCO2H(aq) also known as formic acid, is partly responsible for the characterisitic itchy rash produced by the leaves of the stinging nettle plant. Calculate the pH of 0.150 mol/L methanoic acid. The Ka for methanoic acid is 1.8 x 10^-4. My
  8. Physics

    Holding a long rope by its upper end, you lower it onto a scale. The rope has a mass of 0.160 kg per meter of length, and is lowered onto the scale at the constant rate of 1.30 m/s. (1) Calculate thrust. (2) At the instant when the amount of rope at rest
  9. finance

    (Defining capital structure weights) Templeton Extended Care Facilities, Inc. is considering the acquisition of a chain of cemeteries for $400 million. Since the primary asset of this business is real estate, Templeton's management has determined that they
  10. finamce

    (Defining capital structure weights) Templeton Extended Care Facilities, Inc. is considering the acquisition of a chain of cemeteries for $400 million. Since the primary asset of this business is real estate, Templeton's management has determined that they
  11. chemistry

    The Henry's law constant for CO2 at 20°C is 3.7*10^-2 M/atm. What mass of CO2 (in grams) is present in 355 mL of soda drink if the pressure of CO2 in the can is 2.5 atmospheres at 20°C? (Assume the solubility of CO2 in the soda is the same as water)
  12. Pysics

    A wooden bucket filled with water has a mass of 59 kg and is attached to a rope that is wound around a cylinder with a radius of 0.071 m. A crank with a turning radius of 0.29 m is attached to the end of the cylinder. What minimum force directed

    A young male adult takes in about 4.0 10-4 m3 of fresh air during a normal breath. Fresh air contains approximately 21% oxygen. Assuming that the pressure in the lungs is 1.0 105 Pa and air is an ideal gas at a temperature of 310 K, find the number of
  14. Chemistry

    one mole of ideal gas is slowly heated at a constant pressure of 2.0 atm from 200 to 300k.Calculate q,w,£GE,and£GH,allinjoules.AssumeCp=5 2 R p =1 atm n =2 Cp =(5/2)R £GT =300-200 = 100 k so Cv =Cp -R = (3/2)R q =nCp£GT= 2(5/2)R*100 = 500R =500*8.314
  15. thermodynamics

    the specific volume of water vapor at 150 kPa and 120 degree celsius is 1.188 cubic meter/kg. determine the molar-specific volume and the density of the water vapor.
  16. Science

    The rate law for the reaction NO + O2 > NO2 is R=k[NO][O2]. what will be the effect on the reaction rate if the partial pressure of NO is doubled? What will the effect be if the partial pressure of O2 is tripled? My answer: More NO2 would be produced if
  17. chemistry

    1.50 mol sample of helium at a certain pressure and temperature has a volume of 31.4 L. a second sample of helium at the same temperature and pressure has a volume of 42.4 L. Therefore the second sample contains how many moles of helium?
  18. AP Chemistry

    A mixture of 20.0 grams of CaO and BaO is placed in a 12.5 L vessel at 200oC with excess CO2 . The mixture is allowed to react to completion forming CaCO¬3 and BaCO3 .The pressure in the container after reaction is 220 torr. The solid carbonates are
  19. help with molar mass in CHEMISTRY

    200 g of a non-electrolye is dissolved in 1000 g of water. The boiling point of the solution is then measured to be 101.5 C. What is the molar mass? (the Kb for water is 0.51 C/m) I know deltaT = 0.51 C/m but where do I go from there?
  20. chemistry

    A certain elementary gas is triatomic and has vapour density 48 . The atomic mass of the gas is (a) 48 (b) 96 (c) 32 (d) 16 ..
  21. Science

    28cm3 of a gas weighs 0.4g at STP.Calculate the molecular mass of the gas.
  22. science

    For the monatonic gas in #3,estimate the momentum of the gas for a particle mass of 3x10^-4g
  23. chemistry

    The vapour density of a gas is 22.4 and mass is. 22.4grams.what is the volume occupied the gas at N .T .P ?
  24. Math

    Could someone please check my work on these word problems? My solutions just don't seem right, could you please let me know where I may have messed up. Many people know that the weight of an object varies on different planets, but did you know that the
  25. math questions

    Please help me to resolve that sevent questions.Many people are interested in losing weight through exercise. An important fact to consider is that a person needs to burn off 3,500 calories more than he or she takes in to lose 1 pound, according to the
  26. Astronomy

    Mergers of two supermassive black holes will be major sources for observations of gravitational waves in the future. What do gravitational detectors aim to detect? -Tiny shifts of fixed objects due to the rippling of space. -Sound waves carried by cosmic
  27. Chemistry

    A 0.960mol quantity of Br2 is added to a 1.00 L reaction vessel that contains 1.23mol of H2 gas at 1000 K. What are the partial pressures of H2, Br2, and HBr at equilibrium? At 1000 K, Kp=2.1×106 and ΔH∘ = -101.7 kJ for the reaction
  28. Chemistry

    If a gas has a urms of 425m/s at 25 degrees C, what is the molar mass of the gas?
  29. chemistry

    if you perform a lab in which gas is the product, how can you account for the mass of the gas
  30. Chemistry

    Gas X has a density of 2.60 g/L at STP. Determine the molar mass of this gas.
  31. Chemistry

    Calculate the entropy change accompanying conversion of 1 mole of ice at 273 K and 1 atm pressure into steam at 373 K and 1 atm pressure, given that at 273 K, the molar heat of fusion of ice is 6 kJ/mol and at 373 K, the molar heat of vapourization of
  32. physics

    A rod with a length L = 0.385 m and a nonuniform linear mass density rests along the y axis with one end at the origin. If the linear mass density of the rod is given by λ = (5.00 ✕ 10−2 kg/m) + (1.50 ✕ 10−2 kg/m2)y then a)
  33. chemistry

    what is the weight of calcium acetate at 0.1,0.2,0.3,0.4,0.5 molality?
  34. Chem

    weight of 1 gallon of hydrochloric acid
  35. health

    factors that help maintain a healthy weight
  36. physics

    what is the weight of a square whose thickness is 10mm
  37. Science

    Find the density of an 8lb weight?
  38. Chemistry

    How calculate concentration by using molecular weight.
  39. health

    national weight control registry
  40. science

    Darren says that he weighs 50 kg. Can you measure weight in kg?
  41. Science

    How much weight of a 50 kg boy who's pushing a 30 kg crate?
  42. physics

    what is the weight of a 6 kg object on the surface of Mars
  43. science

    what would the astronauts weight be on the lunar surface?
  44. science

    at what distance is an astronaut exactly half his or her weight?
  45. Physics

    How far above the surface of the earth would you have to be before your weight is reduced by 12.89%? Please Help !

  47. science

    is the weight of an object the same at any point on the earth
  48. The Human Body

    should i try the wi-yu tea to help me lose weight?
  49. 8th grade

    Need weight of Iron vs magnesiium
  50. Science

    What are legs when using them to push a heavy weight?
  51. Science

    If you are in a spacecraft that has been launched into space your weight would do what
  52. math

    why do people have weight of 100 pounds
  53. Health

    If you’ve decided to lose weight then ________.
  54. Science

    How can you experimentally determine the weight of your own head?
  55. physics

    what is the weight of a 3.0 kg object on the surface of the earth?
  56. math

    Find the weight of a 60 kg astronaut on earth?
  57. Please help

    What is the weight of 6.3 × 10 21 atoms of phosphorus? Answer in units of g
  58. Science

    Why is "I have to lose weight" not an accurate statement?
  59. physics

    A man weighs 75 kg. What is his weight on the moon, where g=2.21 m/s2
  60. chemistry

    What is the formula weight for Epsom salt?
  61. math worksheets

    why do elphants lift weight?
  62. math

    how can i write my 95 pounds weight in whole numbers
  63. Physics

    How far above the surface of the earth would you have to be before your weight is reduced by 13.52%?
  64. Health Care

    name methods to lose weight
  65. science

    how to find no of g atoms and weight of an element ?
  66. physics

    weight 240N/ area 2cm2=
  67. Science

    Why is the weight of an object less on the moon than on Earth?
  68. health

    how to loss 10 kg weight at home? (without exercise)
  69. kjkj

    A gymnast of mass 56.0kg hangs from a vertical rope attached to the ceiling. You can ignore the weight of the rope and assume that the rope does not stretch. Use the value 9.81m/s2 for the acceleration of gravity.Calculate the tension T in the rope if the
  70. Chemistry

    Using molar volume (STP) or the ideal gas law equation, determine the molar mass, g/mole, of each of the following:1.)11.1g of a gas that has a volume of 1.50L at STP. 2.) 0.742g of a gas that has a volume 860mL at 1.28atm and 18∘C. 3.) 2.42g of a
  71. Chemistry

    A solution is prepared by dissolving 5.00g of an unknown molecular solid in water to make 500 ml of solution. The osmotic pressure of the solution is 1.61 atm at 25 degrees C. What is the molar mass of the solute? This is what ive done so far: M=
  72. Teaching Music Question

    By asking students to "freeze" their bodies for a moment when the music pauses, a teacher can help children understand: 1.musical rests 2.harmony 3.melody 4.relaxation Wouldn't the correct answer be musical rests? I am thinking the correct answer could
  73. Physical chemistry

    help! I am trying to figure out how to convert from equation one to equation two. I have spent two hours on this and cannot figure it out. I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me out on this. Equation1: v= sqr root (3RT/M) with R being the
  74. College Physic

    I am stuck on this question. Any help will be greatly appreciated! A 0.082 kg solid cylinder with a radius of 1.90 cm, is placed at the top of a 30º inclined plane of height 29.5 cm. If the inclined plane is not frictionless, and the cylinder does roll,
  75. Chemistry

    Find the work applied when: There is 1 mol of N2, originally @ STP and heated, at constant volume, to 1000.0 K (CN2 = 29.124 J/mol.K). Then constant pressure is maintained and the volume of the gas changes, allowing it to expand by 20%. I used w= -nR(delta
  76. chemistry

    if 48.3 g of an unknown gas occupies 10.0 L at 40 degrees celsius and 3.10 atm, what is the molar mass of the gas?
  77. chemistry

    If 48.3 g of an unknown gas occupies 10.0 L at 40 degrees celsius and 3.10 atm, what is the molar mass of the gas?
  78. Chemistry

    A certain gas has a density of 1.053 g/L at 25C and 752 mmHg. What is the molar mass of this gas?
  79. Physics

    Neutron stars consist only of neutrons and have unbelievably high densities. A typical mass and radius for a neutron star might be 8.1 x 1028 kg and 1.7 x 103 m. (a) Find the density of such a star. (b) If a dime (V = 2.0 x 10-7 m3) were made from this
  80. Physics

    The Mariana trench is located in the Pacific Ocean at a depth of about 11800 m below the surface of the water. The density of seawater is 1025 kg/m3. (a) If an underwater vehicle were to explore such a depth, what force would the water exert on the
  81. Physics

    The Mariana trench is located in the Pacific Ocean at a depth of about 10300 m below the surface of the water. The density of seawater is 1025 kg/m3 (a) If an underwater vehicle were to explore such a depth, what force would the water exert on the
  82. physics

    The drawing shows an extreme skier at bottom of a ski jump. At this point the track is circular with a radius r. Two forces act on the skier, her weight mg and the normal force FN. Which relation describes how the net force acting on her is related to her
  83. AP Chem

    Part 1: Calculate the heat that must be supplied to 10.7 g of Ne(g) at 0.15 atm to raise its temperature from 20◦C to 49◦C at constant pressure. Assume that neon behaves as an ideal gas. Answer in units of J. Part 2: Calculate the heat at a constant
  84. Chemistry

    When one half teaspoon of baking soda is dissolved in your stomach, what volume of carbon dioxide gas would be produced at body temperature and 1.00 atm. pressure? On the average, one half teaspoon of baking soda contains 2.40 g of sodium bicarbonate.
  85. Physics

    A pilot of mass m can bear a maximum apparent weight 7 times of mg.The aeroplane is moving in vertical circle.if the velocity of aeroplane is 210m/s while diving up from the lowest point of vertical circle, the minimum radius of vertical circle should be
  86. Chemistry

    Need to write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction between hydrogen selenide and tin. I know that the hydrogen selenide decomposes producing solid tin selenide and hydrogen gas but how would I balance that in the equation. Any help gratefully
  87. chemistry

    What mass of solute is present in each aqueous solution? 40 mL of 6.0 mol/L, H2SO4, solution Soo I did: C=n/V 40 mL= 0.04 L C= 6.0 mol/L/0.04 L = 150 mol/L MH2SO4= 2.02 g/mol + 32.07 g/mol + 64 g/mol= 98.09 g/mol mass H2SO4= 150 mol x (98.09g/1 mol) =
  88. Math

    When the cylinder of the answer diameter 60cm rolls at a speed of 5 revolutions per second, moving speed (s What m / min Is Just C pi of the cylindrical the (Ï€) is calculated as 3.14, the first decimal place Please rounding.
  89. math

    toy rubber balls are packaged in a circular cylinder that holds 3 balds. the diameter of each ball is 3.7 cm find the volume of the circular cylender use 3.14 to represent
  90. maths

    Water flows through cylinder pip of internal diameter 7cm at 2m per second. If the pipe is always half full, them what is the volume of water (in liters) discharged in 10 minutes?
  91. Physics

    In the manufacture of a cam, a uniform solid cylinder of radius R is first machined. Then an off-center hole of radius R/2 is drilled, parallel to the axis of the cylinder, and centered at a point a distance R/2 from the center of the cylinder. Then cam,
  92. Chemistry

    A piece of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) with a mass of 30.5g is allowed to sublime. Assuming that all of the carbon dioxide ends up in the balloon, what will be the volume of the balloon at a temperature of 22 ∘ C and a pressure of 746mmHg?
  93. Chemistry

    . For the gas reaction at low pressure 2NOBr ¡ê 2NO + Br2 ¥ÄH = +61.1 kJ which of the following statements are true? a) Adding more Br2 shifts reaction to the right b) Removing some NOBr shifts reaction to the left c) Increasing temperature shifts
  94. Chem

    40. If 12.0 gram of O2 is required to inflate a balloon to a certain size at 27 degrees C, what mass of O2 is required to inflate it to the same size and pressure at 81 deg C?
  95. chemistry

    The osmotic pressure of a solution containing 5.00 mg of an unknown protein per 10 mL of solution was 2.73 torr at 25 °C. Find the molar mass of the unknown protein.
  96. Algebra

    2.The table below shows the height (in inches) and weight (in pounds)of eight basketball players. Height=67, 69, 70, 72, 74, 78, 79 Weight=183, 201, 206, 240, 253, 255 what is the correlation of the set of data? Round your answer to the nearest thousandth.
  97. chemistry

    Nitrogen and oxygen react to form nitric oxide (NO). All substances are in the gas phase. If 0.352 atm of nitrogen and 0.511 atm of oxygen react, what is the partial pressure of nitric oxide (in mmHg) when this reaction goes 73.9 complete. The temperature
  98. math trigonometry

    1. Two straight roads intersect to form an angle of 75". Find the shortest distance from one road to a gas station on the other road 10o0 m from the junction. 2. Two buildings with flat roofs are 60 m apart. From the roof of the shorter building, 40 m in
  99. Chemistry HW Help!

    I really need help with the following question.... What is the volume, in liters, of 0.250 mol of hydrogen gas at 20 °C and 0.974 atm pressure? I also would like to let you know that before you can put the numbers into an equation and solve for the
  100. Business

    Defining capital structure weights) Templeton Extended Care Facilities, Inc. is considering the acquisition of a chain of cemeteries for $400 million. Since the primary asset of this business is real estate, Templeton's management has determined that they