what effects will changing population demographics have on health care costs and services

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World Geography

What economic factors determine population trends and demographics of a region?

world Geography

What social factors determine population trends and demographics of a region?

health care

Why did the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) implement the National Correct Coding Initiative in 1996? List some of the risk areas that can be identified through the auditing process?

Health Care

Do you think registered nurses, licenced practical nurses, and Emergency medical technician; health care workers have responsibilities that may be out of their traditional scope of practice? If so, what are the responsibilities? If not, do you think there should be any ...

Medical billing and coding

What law established Medicare Part C, creating a new managed care option and other health plan choices for beneficiaries? A)Health care financing ACT B)Health Insurance Portability and Accountability ACT C)Balanced Budget Act of 1997 D)Social Security Act


As a health care administrator, how important is having the ability to read medical charts and reports? Why can abbreviations in charts be a cause of concern? How would you ensure that your staff and other health care professionals are proficient in medical abbreviations and ...


please need proof Reading Health promotion means what you can do to reduce the health risks and promote the wellness of a human being. This process directed towards enabling people to take action and support them in changing their lifestyle to move toward a state of optimal ...


In the field of health care administration, why is it important that everyone within the facility use medical terminology correctly? How can using correct medical terminology improve patient outcomes and services within the facility? What could be some potential problems if ...

Health care

Measuring the quality of care and areas of patient care needs improvement.

effective essay writing

A healthful diet and regular exercise not only improves health, but lowers health care costs. What kinds of supporting paragraphs—examples, details, definitions, analysis, division and classification, process analysis, comparison-contrast, cause-effect, and argument—are ...


Scenario 3: Caring for the HomelessYou are a case manager in a community mental health center. Many of your clients are homeless and have either mental disorders or substance abuse and health problems. Health problems among the homeless are exacerbated by their homeless status...

human services

what services do you think can be added or improved in the local community to help the mentally ill? That depends upon your community. You might check out the various mental health services described in this site. (Broken Link Removed)


explain why scientists look at the health and population of organisms to measure to effects of pollution in an ecosystem instead of directly measuring the concentration of chemical in the environment.

Medical Coding

Indicate factors influencing health status and contact with health services? according to what I have read I have came up with the answer: Cross reference codes. Not sure if that is the correct answer

College: HCA 210

Complete the following Workforce Provider Overview Grid. Many areas within health care are options for career placement or advancement. Research different fields within the industry and fill in each box with detailed information about the clinical health care provider. For ...

Health care please check answer

Please check my answer thank you :) How are children hospitals paid ? (excluded from Medicare acute care PPS) My answer they are paid based on reasonable costs.

Health Care Attorney

What type of education and certification do you need to be a health care attorney? I am trying to do a research on a career that I would like to be and I could really use the help. Thanks!!!

health HCA/210

I have a 10 to 12 powerpoint slide due next week and I just wanted to get started on it. I need to explain where health insurance began, the purpose of health insurance, and I have to list the advantages and disadvantages to HMOs, Managed care, PPOs, POS, and Tricare. Any help...


Medicare and Medicaid financial issues put constraints on? a. physician services b. critical care centers c. public hospitals or d. outpatient services

role of and health care/nursing role

in health care what trends do you anticipate influencing curriculum content and structure in the next decade?

Health care

patients often equate the quality of the service with the quality of health care. How can you change this perception using surveys and research?

Health care management

Which of the following statements about leaders is false? A. It's not important for the leader to have knowledge of the health care environment. B. Good leadership correlates with less employee turnover and more productivity and stability. C. Leaders often exemplify ...


How does the fact that people from other countries come to America for health care tend to influence the measured share of our GDP that is devoted to health care in America?

health care

how is emr's use to market health care products or service if applicable emr-- electronic medical records


3. Assignment: Medicaid and Health Care Reform due Saturday, 11/6/2010 Refer to U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Web site Select Medicaid Program – General Information. Write: a minimum of a 600 word paper discussing Medicaid Health Reform. • Your paper should ...

English / Universal Health care

I'm writing a paper in support of universal health care. So far, I have defining the problem, how the uninsured are treated, an anecdote, profiles of the canadians and british syetms, and how it could save us money. I'm only at a full 3 pages, and I need three more. Can anyone...

reimbursement methodologies

Medicare and Medicaid financial issues put constraints on? A.physicians services b.critical care c.public hospitals d. outpatient services


Fidel Baez has a health insurance plan with a $150.00 deductible. The plan covers 80 percent of his hospital charges. Fidel's recent health care costs include $300.00 in co-payments and a hospital bill of $2,300.00. What amount did he pay? Is it $910.00?


a financial person in your own or another health organization and interview them. Address: Their opinions of the various health insurance plans and the impact they have on their particular health organization. How much charity care the organization provides.

Government (health care)

what branch of gov. is in charge of directing taxes, and if health care changes, will taxes be raised

Health Science

What countries have a two-tier health care besides Canada? Can you please provide some links?

health care

which of the following methodologies determine payment before services are received a. fee-for-service payment system or b. capitation system

health care

Describe a new health care system.

health care administration

I need some advice on what are some health care products. The only thing I come up with is Q-tips and liquid bandage. Any ideas? The assignment is how the four P's influences the success of the product. I know how to do this.


how poverty defined in canada? person living in poverty in canada have access to health care, education and other services. i not sure if this be definition. what difficulty there be matching poverty in canada with poverty in developing countries? poverty line not accurate? ...


You work for president Lula's government. You most likely support? Tax cut for corporations. Privatization of Industry. Redirection of oil wealth to provide social services. budget cuts to education and health care


Which of the following is a demand-increasing factor in the health care market? A. rising incomes B. the aging of the population C. asymmetric information D. all of the above

Medical billing and coding

What program was developed to address the health of the entire U.S. population? A) Medicaid B)Healthy People 2010 C)HIPAA D)Affordable Care


• How has health care changed in the last 10 years? • What do you think will be the biggest change in health care in the next 10 years?

heatlh care

You're The New Director Of A Hospital Health Information Management Department. The Chief Financial Officer Has Hired You For Your Expertise In Health Care Reimbursement And Needs To Know How Your Department can help with reimbursement.list the most important functions of ...


Issue Sources Health/Environmental Effects Carbon dioxide (CO2) Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) Ground-level ozone (O3) Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) I need to complete the table above and have no idea what to do. Choose one of the following atmospheric issues: air pollution, global ...

Law and Ethics Medical

2. Elizabeth says duty of care is the obligation health care workers have toward patients. Randy says professional etiquette is the obligation health care workers have toward patients. Who is correct? A. Only Randy is correct. B. Neither is correct C. Only Elizabeth is correct...

Health care management

Define access to healthcare and how it may be measured? From your readings, and in your opinion, is having access and utilizing healthcare services a right or a privilege? Explain your position.

principles of health and wellness

I am trying to make a list of some complimentary and alternative health care options for people who have breast cancer, is there anyone who can help me?


Discuss the regulatory environment in which health care organizations operate in today's environment. Discuss the difference between the roles of HR management and Top management in regard to responsibility to assure compliance with laws and regulations that affect health care...

statistics in health care

If a researcher were studying the effects of a teaching method on patient learning outcomes, how would the research question need to be worded to use a t-test to test for statistical differences?


The first Baby Boomer hits retirement age in the year 2011. What types of information would assist you in forecasting market potential and future demand for products and services of this emerging "maturity market"? What do people over 60 buy? Are they affluent? How is their ...

office practices/ medical

please check my answer thanks True or False A company that provides comprehensive health care services on a prepayment basis to voluntarily enrolled participants is called HMO I said True

health administration

What is one strength you see in the current U.S. health care system? What is one weakness you see? List and describe one of the challenges facing the U.S. health care system.

History of Health Care Reimbursement System

I included the answers below but i don't know if my answers are correct please send me your opinions. thanks 1.By creating a committee on social welfare, the American Association of Labor Legislation helped to A. Decrease public hospital costs. B. Implement fee schedules. C. ...

History of Health Care Reimbursement System

I included the answers below but i don't know if my answers are correct please send me your opinions. thanks 1.By creating a committee on social welfare, the American Association of Labor Legislation helped to A. Decrease public hospital costs. B. Implement fee schedules. C. ...

life orientation

what are factors that cause the contemporary social issue "lack of basic services (water and health services)"?

managed healthcare

has managed health care been successful in controling health care cost?

HCS/325 Health care management

In the rolee of a health care manager, you are expected to respond to daily urgent and emergency situatuions as they arise by mobilizing your staff and available resources to attain specific objectives. How would you describe the finction of control involved here?

Health Care Management

During the health care debate in Congress Republicans were accused of wanting to "Kill Granny". Is David Blumenthal implying something along the same lines as Congressional Republicans are purported to support? How can this issue be addressed?


Following the breakup of the soviet union, what are some of the major problems faced by many of the new countries? my answer How to become democratic. People aren't used to voting and being given a choice. They aren't used to political parties. They have lived in a country ...

hcs 440

I have to do two slide for a ppt with the topic of Medical Care for an Aging Population. My question is how are we to cut medical care cost for the elderly using educational programs.

Medical Sociology

Obamacare will enable 32 million more Americans to have health insurance. Despite this coverage, medical sociologists know that there are other barriers besides health insurance that make it difficult for patients to seek medical care. Describe 3 such barriers to seeking care...


"Why is an integrated understanding of culture health, beliefs, and family neccessary to implement the utilization of health care.


How does the system of health care provision in the U.S. support the goals of public health? Please provide an example.


Measuring the quality of care is essential to being able to identify which areas of patient care need improvement. A positive patient outcome is one measure of quality. What role do health care workers play in determining quality care?


What is one strength you see in the current U.S. health care system? What is one weakness you see? List and describe one of the challenges facing the U.S. health care system.

health care

Is Telemedicine really a good way to communicate with other health care providers or patients? I would think this would take away from the privacy part of patients.

Health Care

How do the human resources laws or health care regulations impact performance appraisals? What are the legal implications a manager must consider when conducting performance appraisals?

History of health care

Please check my answer thanks :) You belong to an HMO your are helping to control plan costs for everyone True or False I said True


How are hospitals that are excluded from the Medicare acute care PPS paid? Are they based on reasonable costs, fee schedules, global payments, or bundled payments?


Based on what I have so far, what direction do you think I should go--what do you feel the thesis is about? This will eventually end up 10 pages long. I am concerned that I will not find enough to write about. The assignment is, "What, if anything, is significant about an ...

Introduction to Healthcare

Measuring the quality of care is essential to being able to identify which areas of patient care need improvement. A positive patient outcome is one measure of quality. What role do health care workers play in determining quality care?

History of health care

Please check my answer thanks :) You own a company in a state where state funds are not mandated for employee health insurance. What is an option for providing your employees health care coverage for work related injuries I am not to sure about this one I said Medical savings ...

Health care

Please check my answer thanks :) You own a company in a state where state funds are not mandated for employee health insurance. What's one option for providing your employees with health care coverage for work related injuries. 1 Medicaid plans 2. Referrals to other network ...


Mary Happens is an 82-year-old Hispanic patient who has been admitted to the hospital. She has Medicare and Medicaid. What demographic factors should be considered in providing this patient health care? What is the effect of culture on prevention and use of alternative remedies?


the effect of the Patient Self-Determination Act on health care delivery. Consider how you think records management procedures have had to respond to this piece of legislation.

Health and human Services

I need to compile a list of the health and human services agencies in state of virginia I am little confused what I need for this Am I needing to list the differnt offices like Department of Social Services United Way Any suggestions appreciated I'd start here: http://www....

English: Please help

Serving the financial division of the government is the primary responsibility of the (1 point) Department of the Interior. Department of Commerce. *Department of the Treasury. Department of State The National Park Service is part of this department. (1 point) *Department of ...

introduction to health care

supplementary health expeditures are covered by a.PIPEDA b.the Canada health act c.private insurance d.medicare my answer is c

Health care Information System 4

"Quality Improvement and Measurement" Discuss the challenges associated with measuring the quality of health care data and ways that those challenges may be addressed. Provide specific examples to support your response.

health care cost

what is our government doing to try and regulate health care cost

Health Care Reimbursement Methodologies

Which of the following would hospital administrators most likely use to make decisions about inpatient services? A. medicare fee schedule B. case-mix group data C. payment status indicators D. revenue codes


a slow growing population of animals increases with time (years). the size of the population is given by P(t)=100+0.6t^2-0.004t^3. how fast is the population changing after 10 years?

Health care

200- to 300-word response to the following: What is the purpose of the agency? What services does the agency perform? How does the agency maintain the integrity of the profession? Whom does the agency support? Identify education, licensure, or certification requirements.


The mean of a sample of 25 was calculated as xbar = 500. The sample was randomly drawn from a population whose standard deviation is 15. Estimate the population mean with 99% confidence. B.) Repeat part (a) changing the population standard deviation to 30. C.) Repeat part (a) ...

health care administration

what is your view on health care


Ok, in Health class my TOPIC is Cocaine----- and i need someone to answer the following Chronic Effects: When someone uses this subatance over a long time what damaging effects can occur? P.S. my topic is COCAINE NOT crack cocaine...


Identify and discuss some legal issues that have affected hospital’s business operations. Provide an example and explain how a Chief Nursing Officer or Nurse Administrator in the an acute care or long-term care setting might address his/her health care team members should ...


Compare health care delivery and management options available in the U.S with health care delivery and management options available in a different country of your choice. · Select one feature from each country’s system that, in your opinion, is the most effective in ...

Health care

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper on health care communication. Answer the following questions in your paper: • How does effective communication incorporate the basic elements of communication? • How do the basic elements of effective communication differ from the basic ...

health care cost

How does the cost of of health care cost nationally Impact of health care


If you work in health care, provide your professional point of view on whether or not the physician-centered communication attributes listed below correspond to physicians at your workplace. If you do not work in health care, provide your personal point of view on whether or ...

health care

I really need help with this assignment. please help me revise this assignment thank you. Two approaches to measuring patient outcomes are: 1) Applying process management to occupational medicine – this process involves frequency and timing of patient visits, referral ...


Not sure what codes are used for this question I have narrowed it down to these 2. . Manifestation codes or V codes _________ are usedmto indicate factors influencing health status and contract with health services

Social Studies

You work for President Lula's government. You are most likely to support A) tax cuts for corporations.**** B) privatization of industry C) redirection of oil wealth to provide social services. D) budget cuts to education and health care

Public Health

Do you think it is ethical not to report the side effects of an experimental drug to the government because the beneficial effects are more important? Why?

Health care admin.

What are two major challenges and two major issues facing health care providers today?


Hanson & Lynch detail how historical and present issues of race, ethnicity, language diversity, and socioeconomic background can impact equal and equitable access to education, health care, housing, food security, and community resources/services. Please speak to this

Health care Information System 3

"Quality Improvement and Measurement" Analyze the AHIMA characteristics of data quality and discuss what additional factors could be brought into the model to improve the quality of health care data even further.

health policies

How have major policies shaped health care for the older adult?

health information law and ethics

Advance directives are defined by your readings as written instructions recognized under state law, such as living wills or durable powers of attorney for health care, that relate to the kind of health care the patient wishes to have or not have when incapacitated. Also know ...

Health Care

Compose a list identifying the major components of health communications. Who is involved in each componet? How does each componet promote health communication? If not utilized, how would it reduce health communication? Provide examples


what are three population characteristics that tell us whether a country’s population is changing?


A primary care medical group has a list of patients who had once used the group on a regular basis as their primary source of care. However, in scanning their records, these patients had not been in for an appointment in the past 2 years. The senior partner wants to send them ...


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