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  1. trigonometry

    A ship sails 15.0 mi on a course S40°10’W and then 21.0 mi on a course N28°20’W. Find the distance and direction of the last position from the first.
  2. trigonometry

    how do i determine the point of intersection of a circle with a radius of 14 and the line coming in at a 35 degree angle
  3. Trigonometry

    . Which of these standard trigonometric functions has the least period? A. cosine B. cosecant C. tangent D. secant
  4. Trigonometry

    . Which of these standard trigonometric functions has the least period? A. cosine B. cosecant C. tangent D. secant
  5. Trigonometry

    Using the Law of Cosines, how can I show that the measure of each angle of an equilateral triangle is 60 degrees?
  6. Trigonometry

    find sin2x, cos2x, and tan2x if sinx= -2/sqrt 5 and x terminates in quadrant III
  7. Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry

    Help please Which of the following is the equation of a line that passes through the points (2,5) and (4,3)? y = -x + 7 y = x + 7 y = 2x + 5 y = -2x + 5
  8. Trigonometry

    16 sin^2 x = 16 − 8 cos x Find all solutions of the equation in the interval [0, 2π)
  9. Math Trigonometry

    A man is 6 ft. tall casts a shadow of 8 ft. find the angle of elevation of the sun.
  10. trigonometry

    find the radius of a circle in which a 59 foot chord subtends an angle of 12 degree at the center
  11. Trigonometry

    Find the length of the shadow of a 50 ft vertical pole when the angle of elevation of the sun is 28 degrees
  12. trigonometry

    I need help solving this problem. Question: At what points will the line y=-x intersect the unit circle x2+y2=1?
  13. math / geometry

    connections academy, trigonometry practice unit for lesson three answers
  14. Trigonometry

    A wheel has a 12 inch radius rotating at 620 RPM. What is the speed of the car in MPH?
  15. Trigonometry

    Solve: tan(2theta - 34deg)= sqroot3; theta = [real numbers of degrees]
  16. Plane trigonometry

    Hi, could you help me solve the one cycle graph and the 5 points of this equation: Y=2sin pi(x+1/2)+1 thank you in advance!
  17. Trigonometry

    How do I solve these linear system problems? I solved it many times but it never seems right. 1. x^2 + y^2 =9 2x - y = -6 2.x^2 - x -y =0 x - y = -3 3. 2x^2 - x - y = -1 3x + y = 5
  18. trigonometry

    find the radius of the circle whose sector area is 426 and central angle 24
  19. Trigonometry

    Is the given equation an identity or a conditional eqution sin(-x) tan(-x) + cos(-x) = sec x
  20. trigonometry

    A ship sails 15.0 mi on a course S40°10’W and then 21.0 mi on a course N28°20’W. Find the distance and direction of the last position from the first.
  21. Trigonometry

    Determine the angular velocity if 2.5 revolutions are completed in 10 seconds. Round to the nearest tenth.
  22. maths trigonometry

    Expand the following using compound angle formulae Sin(m-n) Cos(p-55)
  23. Maths, triangle trigonometry

    P, Q and R are three fire towers. Q is 40 km N 72°E of P and R is 48 km S 55° E of P. Find the distance between R and Q and bearing of R from Q.
  24. Trigonometry

    what is the angle of elevation of the sun if the shadow of a 5'7" tall man is half the length of his height?
  25. trigonometry

    find the number of radians in the central angle that subtends an arc of 6m on a circle of diameter 5m
  26. Math - trigonometry

    Point P (8, -4) is on the terminal arm of angle theta What quadrant would this be in? Cosine?
  27. Trigonometry

    FInd the arc length intercepted by a central angle of 46 degrees 24'6" in a circle with a radius of 35.62m
  28. Algebra And Trigonometry

    After finding the values by using half angle formula, how to determined the quadrant
  29. math/trigonometry

    solve secx/2=cosx/2 over the interval[0,2pi) without using a calculator
  30. Trigonometry

    find (acute) angle A, given: a. sin A = 0.4919 b. tan A = 2.7775 c. cos A = 0.5757
  31. 12th grade

    I'm having trouble ordered triple in algebra 2 w/ trigonometry, could someone please hellllllllllllllllllp me!
  32. FST (functions, stats, and trigonometry)

    what is the equation for the axis of symmetry for the function f(x)=IxI?(absolute value)
  33. math(advanced algebra&trigonometry)

    find, to the nearest minute, the angle whose measure is 3.45 radians.
  34. Trigonometry

    What is the exact value of the cos of 23pi/12? (Twenty-three pi over 12, which is = to 345 degrees.) Thank you, Roger
  35. Algebra 2 with trigonometry

    2sin2xcos2x cos^4x-sin^4x (sinx+cosx)^2-sin2x 2sinxcos^3x+2sin^3xcosx
  36. Algebra 2 with trigonometry

    2sin2xcos2x cos^4x-sin^4x (sinx+cosx)^2-sin2x 2sinxcos^3x+2sin^3xcosx
  37. trigonometry

    Find the length of the arc that subtends an angle of measure 70 degrees on a circle of diameter 15 centimeters.
  38. Trigonometry

    Suppose the angle formed by the line 14y = 23x and the positive x-axis is è. Find the tangent of è.
  39. Trigonometry

    Find the angle of elevation of the sun when a tree that is 10 yd tall cast a shadow 14 yds long
  40. trigonometry

    state the amplitude, period and phase shift of the function y = tan (2 theta- 180 degrees)
  41. trigonometry

    Find the radius of a circle on which a central angle of 3 pie over 2 radians subtends an arc of 60 ft.
  42. Trigonometry

    Show algebraically how to confirm that cos2x=cos^2x-sin^2x using the sum and difference identities
  43. Trigonometry

    Solve tan2 x + tan x – 1 = 0 for the principal value(s) to two decimal places. Please Explain
  44. Trigonometry

    Solve each triange given the indicated measures of angle and sides b=43degrees y=36 degrees a=92cm
  45. trigonometry

    Determine the area of triangle ABC, given the following information c = 40m b = 20m A = 48deg
  46. trigonometry

    At what angle to the x-axis does the graph of y=sin x pass through (0,0)? Give numerical and visual evidence.
  47. Trigonometry

    triangle ABC is isosceles, with AB=AC=15cm , and m<A = 150. What is the exact length of BC without using trigonmetry?
  48. Trigonometry

    Which of the following is not a solution of the equation tan squared A =3? (1) -pie/3 (2) 2pie/3 (3) 5pie/6 (4) 120 degrees
  49. Math trigonometry

    Find the measures of the acute angles of a right triangle whose legs are 9 cm and 16 cm long.
  50. Trigonometry

    Let N be a 5-digit palindrome. The probability that N is divisible by 4 can be expressed as \frac{a}{b}, where a and b are coprime positive integers. What is the value of a+b?

    Use the dot product to determine which of the following vector pairs are orthogonal. a. v1 = (-5,5) and v2 = (1,1) b. v1 = (154,169.4) and v2 = (88,64)
  52. trigonometry

    To the nearest degree what is the angle formed with the ground by a 32 ft ladder if it is leaning against a wall at a height of 28 ft?
  53. trigonometry

    rewrite each equation in rectangular form and describe the graph. solve for y if possible. a. theta = pi/6 b. r=8costheta
  54. Trigonometry

    Determine exact solutions for each equation in the interval x E [0,2 pi] sin^2x - 3/4 = 0 *3/4 is a fraction 2tan^2x - square root 12 = 0
  55. Trigonometry

    An aeroplane flies 200km on a bearing of 137 degrees. How far east of its starting point is it?
  56. Trigonometry

    Use the trigonometric subtraction formula for sine to verify this identity: sin((π / 2) – x) = cos x
  57. Trigonometry

    find the exact value of expression: sin( tan^-1(-radical11/radical5)-cos^-1(radical3/2))
  58. Trigonometry

    find an equation of the line passing throug (2,6) and is inclined at an angle 60 degrees counterclockwise from the horizontal
  59. Trigonometry

    Find the remaining trigonometric values if sin=-3/5 and theta terminates in Quadrent four. I'm not sure what they're asking
  60. trigonometry

    Angle A is in standard position and terminates in quadrant IV. If sec(A) = 4 3 , complete the steps to find cot(A).
  61. Trigonometry

    Can someone please help me explain in words how to what each piece of the equation modifies the whole thing in this: f(x)=-3csc(2x)+1
  62. Trigonometry

    I'm supposed to find the angle reference for a degree of 0. I think the answer is 180 degrees. Is that correct?
  63. math-geometry-soh-cah-toa???

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Hopefully the following sites will help you: 1l 2. I get how to use soh-cah-toa and everything but could someone help me with how to plug it ...
  64. Trigonometry

    How do you figure out the exact circular function value of sec(23pie/6)? *I don't know how to get the [pie]symbol on my keyboard
  65. Trigonometry

    Use the cofunction identities to find an angle x that makes the statement true: tan(2x-140) = cot(x+5)
  66. trigonometry

    this question confused me can you please show me how its done. Reduce (csc^2 x - sec^2 X) to an expression containing only tan x.
  67. Trigonometry

    how do you solve for y=sinX+2. just the phase shift and period. even how to graph if anyone knows. i got stuck with this one
  68. trigonometry-math

    what is the solution set (in terms of pi) of the equation sin2t-cos^2t=1=sin^2t+sint in the interval 0<t<2pi
  69. Trigonometry

    Given that circle A has a radius of 52 and a radii AB and AC form an angle of 132 degrees, find the exact length of BC
  70. Trigonometry

    Liola drives 13 km up a hill that is at a grade of 10 Degrees what horizontal distance to the nearest tenth of kilometer has she covered
  71. Trigonometry

    Solve the equation sin^2x-cos^2x=0 over the interval [0, 2pi). Having trouble getting started.
  72. Trigonometry

    Fine the complete exact value of sin x = -sqrt3/2. I'm very lost as to how to even begin this problem.
  73. Trigonometry

    How much work is done by raising a 117-lb box vertically 18.0 inches? A. 5,190 ft-lb B. 2,110 ft-lb C. 25,300 ft-lb D. 176 ft-lb
  74. Trigonometry

    write sin(125degrees) in terms of its cofunction. Make sure your answer is a function of a positive angle.
  75. Trigonometry

    Find all values of x such that sinx+sin2x=0 and 0 <= x <= 2pi <= means less than or equal to please help!
  76. Trigonometry

    How do you find the exact value of cos -7pi/12 without using a calculator to change radian to degree
  77. Math Trigonometry

    What is the maximum integer value of n, where n<148, that satisfies the following inequalities: sin(pi/2+(pi*n)/74)<0 and tan(pi−(pi*n)/74)<0?
  78. Trigonometry

    Write sin(125°) in terms of its cofunction. Make sure your answer is a function of a positive angle.
  79. Trigonometry

    Write sin (125°) in terms of its cofunction. Make sure your answer is a function of a positive angle
  80. Trigonometry

    Write sin(125°) in terms of its cofunction. Make sure your answer is a function of a positive angle.
  81. Trigonometry

    The area of a rectangle is a function of the length when the width is unity. Please answer.. My mind is going crazy ):
  82. Trigonometry

    find the perimeter of an isosceles triangle whose base is 20cm and the vertex angle is 120 degrees.
  83. Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry

    Am I right? Which of the following is the equation of a line that passes through the point (3,2) and is parallel to the y-axis? y = 3 x = 2 y = 2 x = 3 <---
  84. Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry

    Solve the following system of equations algebraically. Verify your solution by using matrices. 3x-y=0 5x+2y=22
  85. Trigonometry

    For all values of x for which the expressions are defined, prove the following equation identity 2/sec = 2-2 sin^2 x/ cos x
  86. Math: Trigonometry

    Find the sum of the three smallest positive values of x such that 4cos^2(2x-pi) = 3. (Answer in radians.)
  87. Trigonometry and Right Triangles!

    The length of the hypotenuse of a 30 60 90 triangle is 16. What is the perimeter? I'm just learning about this. Can someone explain?
  88. Trigonometry

    The function in the graph has the general equation f(x)=asin(bx+c)+d. Which of the following values are correct? Select all that apply d=-3 C=-1 B=0.5 B=0.5 D=1 A=2 B=2
  89. Trigonometry

    Evaluate sin^-1(square route of 2over2) give the answer in radians. Please i really need this question. can you help me?
  90. Algebra

    I am doing the amount of permutations in the word trigonometry. For the expression, I wrote 12!/2!2!2!. I got 968003200. Is this correct? If not, should I use parenthesese? Thanks
  91. Trigonometry

    this is a propf and I need both sides to equal each other. Thanks this one stumped me. sin^3x/(1-cosx) = sinxcosx+sinx
  92. Trigonometry

    What's the easiest way to remember how to draw the graphs for the common trigonometric functions, like sin cos and tan?
  93. Trigonometry

    How do I find all solutions in the interval [0,2Pi): sin2x=cos2x answer choices are: a.)Pi/8 b.) Pi/8, 5Pi/8, 9Pi/8, 13Pi/8
  94. Trigonometry

    If sin A= -3/5 and angle A is in quadrant IV, find cos A. I know i have to use the pythagoream identity..but i keep getting stuck.
  95. Trigonometry

    Find the area of a sector, given a central angle of 240degrees and a radius of 15 cm. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.
  96. Trigonometry

    The angle of elevation of the sun is 20 degrees. At the same time,how long is the shadow cast by a building 50 meter high?
  97. Trigonometry

    Find the angle of elevation of the sun when a tower 100m high casts a shadow of 120 meter long?
  98. trig

    Ok, so im brand new at trigonometry. If i have a right triangle with an acute angle of 30° an opposite side of 4 and a hypotenuse of x how do ii find x
  99. Trigonometry

    Solve. 2sin(2ƒÆ) + ã3 = 0 interval [0, 2ƒÎ) How do I start this? I feel like maybe Trig Identities, but I'm not really sure.
  100. trigonometry

    refer to the graph of y=sin(x) or cos(x) to find the exact values of (x) in the interval [0,4pi]that satisfy the equation. 4sin(x)=4
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