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Civics HELP! Ms.Sue

Who would be included in the middle class?


this weekend can you help me with the second part of my grade recovery


2/3 x 4 1/5= 21/5 x 2/3=42/15 42/15=2 12/15 Please check the above answer Ms. Sue. Thank you


Ms. Sue did you forget about my other questions?


429.07/214 ms sue pls help me out


I trying to find the density for 1.05 x 10>2kg>3 x 5.9 x 10>24 kg. Can you help me @Ms.Sue


yesterday, i could not post questions or answers on here. Why is that?


For Questions 1-5, solve the equation... 1. -9x -5 = -95 a:17 b:11 c:10*** d:-10 2. x/4 -5 = -8 a:-27 b:-12 *** c:-7 d:12 3. d/3+10 = 7 a:51 b:20 c:0 d:-9 *** 4. 3(4-2x)= -2x a:-1 b:1 c:2 d:3*** 5. 2.9n +1.7=3.5 +2.3n a:3 *** b:-3 c:.3 d:1 Thank you for helping!!!!

To Ms. Sue

Ms. Sue, I just added more information to my answer. Can you check to see if it's good, thanks a lot. When you took the Multiple Intelligences quiz, what type of intelligence was rated the highest? How do you think this affects how you deal with stress? The type of ...

English: Ms. Sue

Ms. Sue you've helped out in the past haha maybe you can help me again :D we learned about objective and subjective opinions authors may have today and although I got every other question, I can't seem to figure out the following three: tell the objective and subjective ...

math 213

Does the diagram define a function from A to B? Why or why not? A B Al Mary Abe Hall Sue Bob Jesse hall Liz arrow from Al to Abe arrow from Mary to Jesse arrow from sue to jesse arrow bob to Abe arrow from Liz to Jesse

ms.sue 3 grade english


5th grade

Ms.Sue, are u a teacher? if r,what school? just wondering?

ms. sue!

what impact does outsourcing have on a countrys economy and on business?

reading / Ms SUE

Why did the author refer to "Hansel and Gretel" in milkweed

math Ms. Sue

Thank you for the web-site! It makes sense now!

Current Event

Ms. Sue what do you mean by the approxiamte location of Vavenby?

To Ms. Sue Math(Geometry)

Mathmatical pattern 4,6,9,13,18 I need formula as in y=x....


thanks Ms Sue how did you change the neg to positive what rule applies ?


Ms. Sue can you please take a look at my previous post.

social studies

I got it it is wine making mrs. sue

Ms Sue + Dr Russ

thankyou to both of you for your help its helped me alot and i am so grateful.:)

To Ms. Sue urgent

So do I have to write every country down??


Mrs.Sue how do you explane that 5.5 is to the right of 5 1/4 on the number line.:)

math mrs.sue

how many ounces=1 cup how many yards are in a mile


Ms. Sue- Thank you very much I think I got the picture.

Mrs Sue

Do you know what happened when Prince Shotoku died in Japan?

5 th math

what is 1/8= ? Equivalent fraction THIS IS WHAT I GOT ? = 2/16 ,4/32 AND 8/40. CAN YOU PLEASE! CHECK IT FOR ME MS. SUE THANKS!!

History Help Please!!!

Ms. Sue, I don't think that is what he wants. He seems to be asking for a particular document.

TO: Mrs my answer below right?

can u check it plz

mrs sue please help

can you see if you can help me with my posted math question? Thank you

Math-Can you help me Sue?

Can you help me with some of the questions I posted please? I am so lost :( Thank you!

Ms. Sue

You think you would help me with some of the Math problems I posted?


Help please! Evaluate each expression for n=3 and n=8. solve n+10 and 36-n Thank you so much Sue.


Why doesn't the United States have a normal economy?

7th grade science ~ FOR MS. SUE

Are plants organism? Please help!! Thank you!!

to ms.sue

now i get it .later ill post you back to check the answer,okay?

to ms.sue

e area when there is 3 numbers. which one is base, height, and width.

to ms.sue

i don know what the second one is.Is it the government sold acres of land?

College Math

Sue I believe my answer to my problem 10 3/5 - 2 10/11 is 7 38/55. Am I right

College Math

Sue I believe my answer to my problem 10 3/5 - 2 10/11 is 7 38/55. Am I right


Can I have your email Ms. Sue so i can send you my paper for proofreading

to ms.sue-math project

i still don't get it.but it says for all tables.


Dear Ms.Sue I can not find the common denominater to these fractions!!!!

7th grade fraction subtracting ms. sue help asap

10 5/18 – 8 5/6 (1 point) 2 5/9 2 13/18 1 4/9 1 11/18

For ms sue

i am doing this on my phone not computer plz do you any way to fix it. I am a member

Ms. Sue Help me with my poem

Please look at my last post, so you can check my answers.


sue, my neighbor usually plants her flowers in april.

math pls help Ms Sue

Find the rule for the function table m n 15 12 10 8 5 4 0 0

World History- (Ms. Sue).

What is the significance of the push-pull factor?

World History- (Ms. Sue).

What is the significance of the Hudson River school?

World History- (Ms. Sue)

What are the effects of California's application for statehood?

Math Ms Sue??

What is the formula to find the diamter of a given circumference?


Can you please help me?I think the first question I posted the answer is 3G+30


Does anyone know what this compound is: C2H3ClBrF? I need a skeleton diagram. Many thanks Sue

Geography (Ms. Sue)

In what ways does erosion affect the lives of humans?

Geography (Ms. Sue)

What is the location of Afghanistan in relation to Saudi Arabia?

Geography (Ms. Sue)

What is the relative location of landforms in Latin America?

Geography (Ms. Sue)

Approximately how many miles separate Moscow and Khabarovsk?


“Swimming at the lake, a rock cut Sue’s foot.”

Algebra 1 (Ms. Sue or Steve or Reiny)

Solve each inequality. 1). |z -6| + 8 > 5 A: No solution? 2). 2|x -3| <= 4 A: 1 <= x <= 5

Ms. Sue

Can you evaluate the answers to the questions in the Health post that I posted? Thank you.

Health (Ms. Sue)

What happens when HIV infects helper T cells?

Math (Ms.Sue)

How do you write an example of a part to whole ratio?

World History (Ms. Sue)

when did camo start being used?


What are some similarities between humans and machines? @ms.sue


Could you please check my answers down below.


I would like to know if writeacher is doing well. Ms Sue, could you please let me know? Many thanks. Franco


Can you please check my answers down below?

Thank you Ms. Sue

You really helped me yesterday! I can't thank you enough!!! Thank you for all you do to help students!


1/5(2x-10) + 4x = -3(1/5x + 4. Solve for x. I need some really help! please and thank you. Ms.Sue?


dear ms. sue yes each piece is suppose to be 1/4 foot long.

Biology ( Ms.Sue help)

Sorry to bother you but am I correct for the answer homologous?


dear Sue i don't understand when you say combine and why do i combined

Math help Mrs.Sue

Which ordered pairs are solutions to the equation? y = 2x + 5 A. (5, 15) and (2, 9) B. (5, 10) and (2, 9) C. (15, 5) and (2, 9) D. (5, 15) and (9, 2)

Ms. Sue? Steve? Anyone?

What the surface area of a cone with a diameter of 8 and height of 7

math (ms sue)

Find the coefficient of x^7y^4 in the binomial expansion of (1/4x-16y)^11


on which of the following lines does the point (7,1) lie? y-5x=4 y=x-10 y=-4x+3 y=-x+8 help please Ms.Sue

Math Mrs. Sue help

Write the value of the expression. 2^3/2^3 A. 0 B. 1 C. 2 D. 3 My answer is C


Ms.Sue can you hit me with a few questions and answers for studying


Hi Ms. Sue. My teacher only wants a small explanation of those 5.

please help ms.sue

I need help understanding converting customary units.

To mis Sue

Do you remember me my name is Cameryn Ellis? And I need help!!!


which of the following represents a unit rate? 1.$4/12 2.5/2 3.(80/1) 4.72/2 Ms. Sue is this right


which pair of ratios does NOT form a proportion? A.(3/5 24/40) B.30/10 15/3 C.9/14 3/4 D.7/12 14/24 Ms. Sue is this right?

Math Ms. Sue please help!

How do you know if a radical expression is in simplest form?

Mrs Sue Plz help (Science)

How is an mold and a cast related

Math Questions Mrs Sue Help

4t – t – 1 = 17 T=? 4r – 3r – 1 = 2 r=? 12 = -4(d + 13) d=? 12 p = 4 p=? -4n – 18n + 4 = -18 n=? These are really confusing


a △ b means (7-a)*(3+b). Find c if 3 △ 1=5 △ c Please help. Ms.Sue possible to answer??

Maths A

Sue was sailing in the area shown on the chart on 3 March 2013. At 9:00 a.m., she sighted the antenna mast on Wellings Island on a bearing of 180°T. Sue also took a sighting to the lighthouse on Abby Island and found it was at an angle of 098°M. (i) Sue sighted the antenna ...

personal finance

Sue and Tom Wright are assistant professors at the local university. They each take home about $40,000 per year after taxes. Sue is 37 years of age, and Tom is 35. Their two children, Mike and Karen are 13 and 11. Were either one to die, they estimate that the remaining family...

English -ms. sue

ms. sue for my mental illness story i be writing, what narration I use? teacher say i can use same one in yellow wallpaper or come up with own unique style. I not know what be better than first-person narration? I think of third person narration but i not know if i be able to ...


Ms. Sue at the end of my other previous post you said that my book must have that info as well, and this is what the last paragraph of my book says. Few people dared stand up to this government.(It's talking about the revolutionary government). Danton for ex. was beheaded in ...

Math Ms Sue dividend

I not sure this time I got $40 per share

English - question

Ms. Sue, What kind of strategies can I use to revise my paper?

Ms. Sue american education

i am not sure they just said special needs.

9th grade

ms.sue whats the answer?to my question? Thanks,Daves dad

English Ms. Sue

Where could I find a good quote that supports Therapeutic Cloning at?

History Ms. Sue

What is one positive benefit of global peace and economics?


thankyou Ms Sue for your help the second to last link helped me alot. thanks again :)


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