1. English

    1. Fold the paper along the dotted line to make a triangle.(Right?) 2. It will heat the floor. It will warm the floor. (Are both OK?) 3. Don't throw stones at the dogs. Don't throw stones to the dogs. (Are both prepositions OK? What is the difference?) 4. The scarf has many ...
  2. Elem.Ed.

    Which would be one of the best ways that a teacher can help a student deal with stress? A. Applying proper management techniques. B. Counseling children and families on the effects of stress. C. Providing soothing and relaxing hands-on activities. I do not know if the correct ...
  3. English

    the question asks me to describe the writer's style (serious, sarcastic, etc.) what could be some other answers to this question? Style has to do with HOW writers use words and sentences, as well a how they construct sentences, paragraphs, etc. Style can be formal, informal, ...

    The Sorry State Lottery requires you to select 7 different numbers from 0 through 55. (Order is not important.) You are a Big Winner if the 7 numbers you select agree with those in the drawing, and you are a Small-Fry Winner if 6 of your 7 numbers agree with those in the ...
  5. Early Child Ed.

    Would you please check these questions and my answers ? 1. Readiness skills: A. only involve reading B. involve reading and math C. begin in first grade D. include social,language,motor and cognitive skills. 2. Which one of the following will probably NOT increase a young ...
  6. Writing

    Expository essay prompt: Describe the evolution of communication in the last 20 years since the advent of the Internet. Note: I wrote the essay in 15 minutes. Please give me some feedback and rate my essay from 1 (lowest to 5 ( highest). My essay: In today's world, it is ...
  7. American History

    Check my answers please? I know this is long but this is what it says in my book and I have to answer questions related to it. I posted a few questions to start off but there is more. Thanks! June 23, 1972 Speakers: President Nixon, H.R. Haldeman, Chief of Staff Haldeman: Now...
  8. Statistics

    Hi Bob, Thanks for the direction. I got so far with it on my own and became stuck. I did as you said but still have one question. Would the answer to the question be 1.31 ounces or 6.61 ounces? I feel the answer is 1.31. Thanks * Statistics - bobpursley, Wednesday, October 6, ...
  9. English - the tell tale heart

    Could you please find answers to these questions? 1 what bothers the narrator about the old man? 2 how does the narrator kill his victim? 3 where does the narrator hide the corpse? 4 as the narrator talks to the police, what does he think he hears? 5 the narrator insists from ...
  10. History

    Could you check my paper for social studies? I was on here before it's not a test sorry for saying it was a test but it's not. Thanks for your time and if one is wrong could you please give me a link to the particular question. 1.The ----- court is the highest in the nation. A...
  11. Capital Markets

    anyone have knowledge of bonds, mutual funds, and stripping bonds. I have a few problems which i cant figure out but they're kinda long Yes, I have owned each of those. Go ahead and ask your questions here. One at a time would be best.
  12. chemistry

    I have 3 questions that I am uncertain about. 1) what determines the order in which the coumponent elements of binary molecular compounds are written? 2) Name the Binary compound according to the prefix system for As2O5 3) write the formula for each of the binary compound for ...
  13. physical science

    what form of energy do people use? & also doesnt E=mc squared mean energy=mass times ? squared.... & how does increasing height affect gravitational potential energy? ~i have a HUGE semester final~ 100+ questions...~
  14. chemistry

    Its 5:23pm Ive just checked to see if I've gotten a response,looks like mine has been skipped over. I see questions that were asked after mine and the one right before mine. I never got an answer. What's up?!
  15. PHY: To AJAYB, follow up on previous response

    First, I'd like to thank you for your response to my question. However, I had some follow up questions on your response from Saturday, July 28, 2012 at 8:27am. If you could take a look at that post and get back to me, it would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Precalc

    1. Solve log (4x) = log (2) + log (x-1) the fact that this is x-1 and not + is really messing me up because i keep getting a negative number and that isnt possible 2. Solve: absolut value of(x^2 -4x-4) = 8 thanks so much!!! I have been studying and my final is tomorrow. these ...
  17. Math

    im lost evaluate 30 divided by 5*3-2 all over/2-2divided by 3 Math - jim, Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 5:39pm You 'll have to clarify that. Do you mean: 30 / (5*3-2)/ (2-2/3) ? Math - Diana, Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 7:40pm no Ill try to write it out thirty divided by 5 ...
  18. computer programming

    : Create a program like KBC game show where program ask user 3 different question one after another and the user should answer them. If the answer are correct then pop up the message as “you got the right answer” and must ask user does he/she wants to go for next question ...
  19. Math

    Can someone please help me with an algebra problem? -|4-8b|=12 I really get confused with the absolute value symbols and a negative sign outside of them. Don't worry about it; it does tend to be a bit confusing. I'll explain the difference between inside and outside negative ...
  20. Math prep

    1). Using the function: y=y0,(.90)^t-1. In this equation y0 is the amount of initial dose and y is the amount of medication still available t hours after drug is administered. Suppose 20mg of the drug is administered. How long will it take for this initial dose to reach 50mg? ...
  21. math,drbob222

    I'm sorry the problems i posted had a couple of errors how i posted it here they are: Posted by DrBob222 on Friday, November 24, 2006 at 6:19pm in response to Math. Thanks for showing your work. It helps us to know where you are having trouble. #4. [25/ (2^3-3)]*2 the star two...
  22. science

    I'm instructed to wrtie a full lab raport for a lab I did a couple of months ago. My aim was to find the most efficient concentration of fertilizer to grow red lentils. I planned to do this by taking the average of the number of lentils sprouted each day for eight days and ...
  23. chemistry 11

    Hi, I am stuck on a couple questions in chemistry 11. The questions are 1. Calculate the number of moles of the anhydrous salt left behind 2. Calculate the number of moles of water removed by heat from your sample of hydrate. 3. Calculate the moles of water per mole of ...
  24. physics- kinematics

    General question- when do you use NEGATIVE for 9.8m/s^2? Even when the questions says "an object is thrown up in the air from top of the building, on its way down, it misses the building and falls to the ground below." If you do use a negative value, why is that?
  25. Physics

    There is a 85uC point charge at the origin. Find the electric field at the point x3= -45cm , y3= 55cm (5.85*10^5)(-.45+.75)/(-.45^2+.75^2)^3/2 am I totally off The previous questions before this were to find at x1=40cm y1=0 and x2=65cm y2=65cm I figured those out, but can't ...
  26. basic algebra w/geomtry

    i have two questions 1)7,000,000 picoseconds how many microseconds 2) determine how far electricty travels in 7 microseconds. express your answer in miles. I do not want the answer to either question, I just need to know how to do the equations. Thank you.
  27. Math

    ok 3 questions A. Is a polygon a plane figure (Always,sometimes,never) answer one of three B.find value of x X(squared) +x amd X(squared) + 4 C. Find x. X(squared) + 2x + 40 and x(squared) - x +190 If someone could show me how to do those that would be great
  28. To Lisa

    In answer to your question buried below -- Yes, Jiskha is free! Post your question and probably someone will be able to help you. Jiskha does not charge -- for any number of questions. We do not give answers, but we try to help students learn and find their own answers.
  29. chemisty

    I have data for titration of a strong base against a strong acid when I added volumes of NaOH 1 mL at a time to 50.00 mL of HCl to see the change in pH. One of the questions says to find the molarity of the HCl solution but how do I do this with the data.
  30. math

    Lee forgot to study for her geography quiz, but she was not too worried because the quiz had only five true-false questions.Suppose she guessed all of the answers.What are the chances that she passed with four or five correct answers?
  31. science-gas laws

    I got 2 questions for ya: 1. Calculate the new pressure of an oxygen tank at 127o C if the tank had 2200 psig at room temperature (22o C)? I used Gay Lussac's law. Here's my work: P1= 2200psi P2= X T1= 295K T2= 400K (2200x295)400= X I got 2983psi Is that correct? 2. Given 320 ...
  32. English!

    I have two questions that I'm not quite sure on. In the sentence 'To Franklin, publishing was a challenging and rewarding career', which word is a gerund? a.publishing b.challenging c. rewarding d. career In the sentence 'Benjamin Franklin enjoyed experimenting with electricty...
  33. Physics Questions

    Can you please help me with some and check my answers? Thanxs! 3.Which is stronger, the electrical force between an electron and a proton or the gravitational force between these particles? -I got that the electrical force between an electron and a proton. 6.Two charges ...
  34. Static Electricity. 11th Grade Pre-AP Physics

    Hi everyone! I need some help studying for a test on Static Electricity. I have a few review questions that I don't know how to do. Below they are numbered and in parenthesis I answered what I think you might have to do to get the answer. Please help me in any way you can. ...
  35. math

    I have 14 questions and I was wondering if someone could check my answers. This is a do or die situation. If I don't get an A, I may not get to graduate. I really appreciate you taking your time to double check theses for me. Thanks if you do. I know its a lot. They are all ...
  36. math

    Which equation has the complex number 4-3i as a root? (1) x^2+6x-25=0 (2) x^2-6x+25=0 (3) x^2+8x-25=0 (4) x^2-8x+25=0 I have no clue how to do it!!!PLEASE HELP!!!Please guide by step by step!!THANKS A LOT~!!!!
  37. Math 116 algebra please check

    Solve using the multiplication principle. 10x= -90 The solution is x = -9 please check
  38. 6th grade

    please provide help w/singular plural and possessive nouns, ie, please explain "library's, libraries' and libraries.
  39. science please help me

    I need help finding some descent pictures of radiation. I went on google but their is no good pictures. Please help me!
  40. please help math factor trinomial

    y^3-13y^2+36y Can someone please show me step by step that way I can understand. Thank you
  41. Algebra

    Solve and graph. I send this problem last night could someone please help me I have trouble with it. x+12<-8 or x+12>2 The solution is { x | x< or X > } please help me with this problem.
  42. biology

    is a scientific hypothesis accepted if there is no way to demonstrate that the hypothesis is wrong? please explain. please help needed today. thank you.
  43. science

    please help me i am looking for word problems involving potential and kinetic energy i need for my homework in science PLEASE HELP!
  44. algebra

    1/x^2+5/x=4 Can someone please help me with this problem by showing the steps that I would have to do to get the answer? I have no idea how to do this. Please help somebody.
  45. math

    please answer this my topic is all about sums and differences of rational algebraic expression 3/5 + 4/5 another is x/3 - y/3 another is 7/a + 2/a please answer it thanks!!!!!
  46. Algebra 1

    Can someone help me solve this problems please? Thank you very much 7x+9>1x+3= Can someone help me undertand the steps to solving this problem, please.
  47. chemistry

    what is the molality of a 10.5% by mass glucose solution?. density of the solution is 1.03g/ml can someone please explain how to do this question. please and thank you
  48. To all chemistry students

    Please understand that one of our chemistry tutors is on vacation this week. Please be patient.
  49. science-biology..cells

    please give me those parts of animal cell and plant cell.. please separate it..
  50. Algebra 1 (HELP PLEASE!!)

    Can you please tell me the roster form and set-builder notation for: N is the set of real numbers that are factors of 12
  51. Social Studies 9

    PLEASE i really NEED HELP; and i need this by TOMORROW. -no links please . How and why was Hudson bay company established ?
  52. To Jiskha Teachers ~

    Please reply my science post I really want to know if Im correct because I just post and you ignore it. PLEASE check it. Thank You! :)
  53. Chemistry(Please, please help)

    If the time elapsed is 4.26 min, what is the value of the rate constant, k? ln[R]t / [R]o = -0.0237 I am not sure how to slove this. Is Rt 4.26 min
  54. Physics please help.

    At 265 K, the pressure of 0.0454 mol of an ideal gas is 1.42×105 Pa. What volume does the gas occupy? Please help!
  55. science

    ______________ can prevent some bacterial cells? 7th grade science please help meeeee ms sue help me please thanks
  56. ALGEBRA 2 help please would appreciate

    x x _____ - _____ = x^2+9 ________ x+3 x-3 X^2-9 solve for x. and check answer thank you show work please
  57. Algebra 2

    Please help me solve and find the excluded values for this problem. Also please show me the work for this problem I want to learn! h(x)=x^2-9/x^2-4x+3
  58. Algebra 2

    Please help me solve and find the excluded values for this problem. Also please show me the work for this problem I want to learn!F(h) = x^2-9/x^2-4x+3
  59. math

    Please Help!!!!! If i spent 3 hours in homework and of that time 1/3 on math and 1/5 on science, what method could i use to solve this problem????????? Please Help Thanks!!!!
  60. To Ms.Sue Regarding S.F.P.

    Dear MS.Sue, could you please tell me what are the controlled and manipulative variables of a Non- Newtonian fluid???? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
  61. Calculus

    Can you please explain to me what are the qualifications for a function to be continuous? Please explain your response in easy to understand wording. thank you in advanced!
  62. Math- Please check my answer!

    Is the fraction 6/8 greater than or less than or equal to 8/10? My answer: 6/8=8/10 Please tell me if i'm correct or not!!! Thank you in advance!
  63. math

    Hi can you please tell me if im right on my math practice 1. 4 2/5 - 1 7/10 = A. 2 3/10 B.2 7/10 C.3/ 1 10 D.2 9/10 2. 5 2/3- 2 1/3 A. 3 1/6 B. 3 2/3 C.3 1/2 D.3 5/6 my answers 1. 2 7/10 2. 3 1.6 please respond as soon as possible thank you very much for your help. ;)
  64. Calculus please help!

    The limit limh->0 ((sqrt1+h)-1)/h represents the derivative of some function f(x) at some number a. Find f and a. Please help!
  65. Algebra: simplifying polynomials

    Please simplify the following. Please show solution if possible:) Question 1: (x^3 + x^2 - y^3 - y^2) / (x^2 - 2xy + y^2) Question 2: (u^6 + v^6 + 2u^3 • v^3) / [u^3 - v^3 + (u^2 • v) - (u • v^2)]
  66. Social Studies help please!!

    Explain why Polk was able to win the presidency. What did he campaign in support of? Can someone explain to me please?
  67. history

    What set up regional courts for the U,S with 16 judges and other officials? You are posting a lot of questions. Try this: Post with it your thinking, we will be happy to critique. Marbury v. Madison Marbury v. Madison No Marbury vs Madison was the concept of Judicial review.
  68. home economics

    okay so i have these 4 questions that i have no clue about...i asked my mom and aunts but they don't make clothes so im stuck on these 4 question i would appreciate if you could please help me 7. You're sewing a child's nylon jacket. You notice the fabric frays easily. Which ...
  69. 6th geography

    Yeah i have 2 more that i cant find: can you answer (or atleast help with) these questions- Number the rivers in the sequence the NY giants will cross them en route to the valley of the sun(Tennessee) And (the other question is much more important)what 5 states cover the area ...
  70. hum130

    Discuss how modern civilization has impacted the spiritual lives of the indigenous peoples you explored. Are the indigenous religions still being practiced today? If so, how have the practices changed over time? Post two Web site URLs in the thread along with your answers to ...
  71. History of Religion

    I have two questions for you and for both of these it would help to know something about the Roman Catholic Church in the past. Anyway, firstly, did dioceasan bishops always have to reside within the confines of their dioceases? Also, who was the first to propose that the ...
  72. new tech

    Analyze the chemical reactions that take place when a biological catalyst combines with a reactant (Subtracts) to form an unstable intermediate. I know this has been answered but can not find....was able to get the first part of questions but was stuck on this one,,,, have ...
  73. English

    In the song: How Come, How Long By: Stevie Wonder... 1) What are the two types of abuse evident in the song? 2) Discuss the meaning of the line "she had a college degree, smart as anyone could be; there was not enough education in her world that could save the life of this ...
  74. Statistics

    A math professor notices that scores from a recent exam are normally distributed with a mean of 64 and a standard deviation of 5. Answer the following questions using integer values. The professor decides to grade on a curve. If he wants 0.15% of the students to get an A, what...
  75. Biology Question

    I have 2 problems/questions I am unsure of the answers. The first one is "how would you demonstrate the Valsalve maneuver using the model lung?" and 2. If a woman is breathing rapidly and deeply after exercise, would TLC, RV, TV, IRV, and ERV stay the same, increase or ...
  76. business english

    User: Which of the following is NOT an example of parallel structure? A. "Yoga can help you develop flexibility, reduce stress, and increase relaxation." B. "Learn how to analyze business audiences, improve your style, and edit thoroughly." C. "You are all encouraged to come ...
  77. To all the Chemistry spammers ...

    anang, John, Prya, Sergey, Dylanprof, Amelia, kkr, kiril, Lena, c ~ Dumping ALL your homework questions in any one place (such as this website) is considered spamming. I've removed your collective 50+ posts except for those which received responses. Do not do this again.
  78. Physics

    Two equally charged insulating balls each weigh 0.42 g and hang from a common point by identical threads 35 cm long. The balls repel each other so that the separation between their centers is 6.4 cm. What is the magnitude of the charge on each ball? I have tried using similar ...
  79. English

    Hello. I will appreciate it if you help me with a few questions. 1) Is it possible to say "protesters gathered ON the square" or is it IN or AT? 2) Is it necessary to use the article in the context: a) 'Pope Francis blessed (the?) pilgrims in St Peter's Square.' b) 'to promote...
  80. Math

    Hello again, today is my final day of the semester and I started late. So I have tons of work to quickly finish and this math test I am taking is 48 questions. Just a brief description why you might see my name a lot. 1. Which is a solution of the equation y=4x+3? A.(5,17) B.(...
  81. English

    I forgot to include the following situation (an exercise on phrasal verbs). Thank you very much. 1) First, Betty tells her husband Fred that Martin, her husband’s friend, saw him cheating on her with another woman. 2) Fred begs her not to listen to Martin because he is a ...
  82. pf

    i need help with pf. Please specify what your exact question is and please label your question as to the subject, example, English, algebra, chemistry, etc. We will be happy to help you.
  83. Help!

    I don't know What United States did for genocide of darfur. Please tell me about it too. I know some site, so please give me some comment of that answer.
  84. algebra

    please see below on this page 4 my question. I got an answer, but it wasn't helpful please don't 4get about my question i didn't get any help on it yet thank u
  85. spanish!!...urgent!...please help

    how did the geography influence the migration and exploration of colombia? venezuela? i need websitres for this urgent...please help asap... :(
  86. music

    Can you please post all the music theory intervals? It is for Rudiments 1 and 2 please. Like perfect 5th and augmented 6th. Thanks
  87. math-repost

    Which equation has the complex number 4-3i as a root? (1) x^2+6x-25=0 (2) x^2-6x+25=0 (3) x^2+8x-25=0 (4) x^2-8x+25=0 I have no clue how to do it!!!PLEASE HELP!!!Please guide by step by step!!THANKS A LOT~!!!!
  88. math

    how do you subtract the area of a part to find the area of a figure? PLEASE HELP!!!! whoever answers this please type an answer nicely
  89. Earth Science

    Why is the Colorado river in central nevada not part of a larger river system? Please help!! i am stuck in this quetion. Please help!!!!!!
  90. Math (Check)

    The equation y = a^x is a decreasing function a = 1) 1 2) 2 3) -3 4) .25 I think that the correct answer is 3) -3...but I am not sure why? Can anyone please check if I am right and explain why? Please....Thank you for your help!!!
  91. math

    Hi i need one more example of this algebraic expression please. and explain please. Fig# Value 1 0 2 1 3 8 4 27 Math-Nick
  92. Calculus

    If anyone can please help me solve this math problem! PLEASE!! Here is the link: img63.imageshack.us/img63/9355/img0002gp.jpg
  93. 6th grade

    Im having trouble with my Reading.If any of you have any help.with me please do bc i hate Reading and it is very hard for me.I'm in all honors.PLEASE HELP!!!
  94. Physics

    PLEASE HELP!! The x and y cooridinates of an object are given by x(t) = (10 m/s)t + (5 m/s2)t2 + (3 m/s3)t3 y(t) = (20 m/s)t - (10 m/s2)t2 + (2 m/s3)t3 where x and y are in meters and t is in seconds. What is the object's acceleration at t = 1 s? Please explain in detail how ...
  95. Spanish, posted Sept. 14

    Please go back to your original post for additional information. Please also post a name! Sra
  96. math

    find the lcd of this rational algebraic expression 3x+2,2x/x^2-4,x+1/x^2+5x+6 please answer it immidiately i need the answer as soon as possible ..please?

  98. spanish

    please translate these sentences into spanish-: 1.how are you? 2don't disturb me? 3.i want to drink something. 4.oh, i got it. 5. I want to do my work. 6.please be quite.
  99. Calculus - please check my work

    Differentiate each function a) y = -3x^2 + 5x - 4 b) f(x) = 6/x - 3/(x^2) c) f(x) = (3x^2 - 4x)(x^3 + 1) the answers i got for each was: a) y'= -6x + 5 b) f'(x)= -6/x^2 + 6/x^3 c) f'(x)= 15x^4 + 6x - 16x^3 - 4 please double check and let me know if these are correct, thank you.
  100. Calculus - please check my work

    evaluate rounding to 2 decimal places if neccessary a) 1n5 = 1.61 b) lne^2 = 2 c) (lne)^2 = 1 please let me know if these are correct, thank you.
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