1. business

    PLEASE HELP, NEED PEOPLE WHO KNOW ABOUT BUSINESS. For questions 1-10, fill in the blank with the letter of the description that best matches the term. A,most important part of a savings plan b. Allows for a more secure future c. Keeps you from overspending d. Federal programs ...
  2. Math

    (2 questions) Factor each expressions 1) 2c + 2d - cd - d^2 2) abd - abe + acd -ace First rearrange: 2c - cd + 2d - d^2 = c(2-d)+d(2-d)= (2-d)(c+d). The second one is done using the same kind of procedure. Post your work and tell us what you don't understand if you get stuck.
  3. English

    2 questions: 1. what is the one poetic device called that's an extended metaphor and can last for mostly all of the entire poem? 2. what is the conceit that the tv shows 'rugrats' and 'family guy' share with regards to biabies and speech????? thanks!
  4. Statistics

    Assume x is normally distributed with mean µ= 15 and standard deviation α= 3-. Use the approximate areas beneath the normal curve, as discussed in this section, to answer the following questions. Find P (X ≥15)- A) 0.50 B) 0.16 C) 0.34 D) 0.84
  5. Child Day Care Management

    The most developmentally appropriate activity for a group of eleven-year-olds would be: a) coloring b) reading silently c) playing Twenty Questions d) surfing the internet
  6. Math : Algebra

    I have a whole page of questions I'm trying to complete that are similar to this, but no idea how to do them. If someone could give me a walk through of this question I'd be very appreciative. I'm just suppose to solve the equation. 3n-7/(n-2)(n-3) + 2n+8/9-n^2 - n+2/(n+3)(n-2...
  7. explaining the questions

    • the contribution of the each individual member; • your recommendation as to how the marks should be distributed among the members. i have to write a paragraph for those 2 and many more...but i just dnt understand what these two are asking...pls help...thanks
  8. chem

    Determine the mass(in grams) of each of the following compounds. a) 0.709 mol magnesium fluoride i got 30.7grams but it was wrong. id appreciate the help! thanks! also if i end up getting the help i have a couple other questions
  9. trig

    Let P be the point on the unit circle U that corresponds to t. Find the coordinates of P and the exact values of the trigonometric functions of t whenever possible. 2pi 3pi/4 5pi/6 Three questions. I think those are supposed to be t.
  10. Socials

    Down and Out in Victorian London from Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens questions I don't understand. 1. What is a parish? (not in religious content) 2. How did social values affect the treatment of the poor? 3. What were "workhouses" and how did they operate?
  11. English

    Which sentence uses an objective case pronoun as a direct object? I e-mailed him yesterday. I sent him an attachment that included photos of the picnic. He wrote back to Bob and me with an answer to our questions.
  12. Math 2 questions

    13. Name the quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides. kite parallelogram rhombus trapezoid 14. What is the sum of the interior angles for a pentagon? 900º 540º 720º 108º
  13. English (not homework)

    I've been wondering, why is "how are you?" correct and commonly used instead of "how is you?" Since "is" is singular and "are" is plural and "you" is referring to an individual. An explanation will be appreciated. Thank you, tutors, for sparing your time reviewing these ...
  14. Hisory

    I have some questions from a study guide that I can't find information on. What practices did Kublai Khan follow? What was significant about the size of the Mongolian empire? What was the effect of the Mongol conquest of Korea ?
  15. Science

    PLEASE HELP Science Test Friday Study Guide? I have 1 to 22 already but I am stuck now I have to have this completed and correctly for my study guide. I have a C right now I need an A on this test to bring it up to a B or I stay on restriction please help I have been on ...
  16. Science

    PLEASE HELP Science Test Friday Study Guide? I have 1 to 22 already but I am stuck now I have to have this completed and correctly for my study guide. I have a C right now I need an A on this test to bring it up to a B or I stay on restriction please help I have been on ...
  17. English 2 honors

    can someone please give me a website to go to, to find these stems please,or can you please tell me the meanings for these stems: per- gamy gyn/gyno mania path phobia psych soph annus cap/capit cor/cord homo manu milli ped/pod sect -ary -ence/-ance -some if you could answer ...
  18. mathematics literacy

    Ed,edd,eddy and Ben shares an Apple pie ed has 8\3 edd has 1\5 and eddy has 1\4 how much is left for Ben? Please answers please please urgent!
  19. Math

    Jasmine has taken a quiz she ks on question 16 and has completed 20% of the quiz. How many questions does the quiz have?
  20. English

    1. What do you do before school? 2. What do you do at school? 3. What do you do after school? (Would you write down some answers to the questions? The more, the better. Thank you.)
  21. chem

    I have two different questions: 1) If you have 1.1x10^-1 g/L and I need my answer to be in g/mL, how do I convert that? 2) I have 31x^5=1.4x10^-85. What does x equal?
  22. Chem Lab Help

    I wanted to know if any one has done the Determination of ASA Content of Tablets Lab Report. I need help doing the post lab questions
  23. Math

    Statistical questions will have. A)Only one correct answer**** B)A variety of answers C)Fewer than three answers D)No answers
  24. Statistics

    Answer the following questions. ​(a) The random variable x is distributed​ normally, with x~N(80,100) Find the probability that x is greater than 90. x >90. ​(b) Find P(x<85). ​(c) Find P(76<x<84).
  25. Science

    How Is a compound different from a mixture? it is made of one substance It cannot be made of organic materials It cannot be broken down It cannot be separated by a physical change I don't know  This formula shows the chemical reaction that occurs when the body breaks down ...
  26. Calculus Need of Urgent help

    find the indicated limits, if they exist. 1. lim (3x^3+x^2+1)/(x^3+1) x-> -infinity 2. find the slope of the tangent line to the graph of the given function at any point: f(x) = 2x +7 Could anyone please, please, please explain to me how to do these problems? It seems like ...
  27. math(help)

    for questions 1-2,estimate the sum or difference.use the benchmarks 0,1/2,and 1. 1.23/40-9/30 A.0 B.1 C.1/2 2.simone measures the width of one cardboard strip as 1/2 yd.a second cardboard strip measures 5/6 yd in width.estimate the combined width of the cardboard strips. A....
  28. Physical Chemistry

    At 25.0 degree celcius, the equilibrium 2 NOBr (gas) --> 2 NO (gas) + BR2 (gas) is rapidly established. When 1.10 g of NOBr is placed in a 1.0 L vessel at 25.0 degree celcius, the equilibrium pressure is 0.355 bar. Calculate the equilibrium constant K. (Partial pressure P...
  29. English

    I have a few doubts regarding the following questions. Can you help me, please? 1)Provide a definition of "poetry" including its most important elements. 2)Briefly refer to the description of the mirror as provided by Sylvia Plath in her poem "Mirror"? What does the mirror ...
  30. English

    Which excerpt from the play best supports the answer to the reason Anne spend time with Peter in the third read of the diary of Anne Frank? A."I'm sorry Mother, I'm going to Peters room. I'm not going to let Petronella Van Dann spoil our friendship." B."I mean, every time I go...
  31. French

    WE are learning the subjunctive and we have a worksheet where we put the right tense of the word in parentheses in the blank. The question I am confused on is: Habituellement, apres qu'ils (finir)_______ leurs devoirs, leur mere les laisse regarder la tele. Sorry for not ...
  32. science

    Which object listed below will scatter light? A.a peice of wood B.a tinted window C.a pair of eyeglasses D.a clear window panel i think that's d sorry tyler bake r that is wrong ! A frosted window scatters light, but b, c, and d all let light go through in essentially straight...
  33. Statistics

    How do you solve questions of probability involving random sample numbers. It depends upon what kind of problem you are trying to solve. Do you have a specific question in mind?
  34. Thanks

    I would just like to sat thanks to drwls for helping me a bunch with the physics questions...AP physics is pretty hard..thanks again, whoever you are.. I am sure i will be back plenty of times!
  35. World History

    Could someone answer the following questions about mummification: -What did the Egyptians do with the brain? -What did they do to the internal organs? Why? -What were Canopic jars used for? -What did they do with the limbs? -What is Natron and how is it used? Thanks!
  36. chemistry

    I have two questions. 1. How do I predict the formula of ionic compounds when one is a polyatomic ion? Example: Al (+3) and SO4(-2). 2. How would I obtain the charge of Hg in the formula HgCl2?
  37. child care

    hello i need some help with those questions (the legal requirements relevant to inclusive practice.) and the importance of inclusive practise in a pre school setting. thank you
  38. Calculus

    Got a midterm worksheet. Realized how confused I am. Here are some questions: lim x^3 + 12x^2 - 5x/5x x->0 Find the indicated limit: lim 11x/absolute value x x->0+
  39. chemistry mass spectroscopy

    hi. i couldn't answer one of my thought questions to help me prepare for test: given a mass spectrogram, how can i tell if lets say, chlorine, is present or not? what will i be looking for?
  40. chemistry

    Use the following reaction to answer the questions 4Fe(s) + 3O2(g) ® 2Fe2O3(g) ÄH = -1700 kJ How many kJ are released when 2.00 g Fe react? How many grams of rust form when 453 kJ of energy are released?
  41. 7th grade

    Hey ,this is about my french brochure can anyone help me? I have a few questions. - Isabella (nicknames: Bella,Bells) My name is from Twilight....hehe Bella Anyways thanks
  42. English

    Hello! I need some help with my english homework. we have to compare the industrial and the mechanical revolution. we got 3 questions. 1. what are the dates? 2.what are the settings? 3. differences. pls help,if you know the answer!
  43. English

    Has anyone seen the move "The Mighty", some people refer to it as "Freak the Mighty". I have a few questions on it, but before I post them here, I'd like to know if you've ever watched it. Thanks
  44. math

    42-6y=0 I need three sets of coordinates and the line must be parallel to the x axis.I think the y has to be 7 but I can not come up with 2 more that the equation help me!!!!!! I already missed three of these type questions.
  45. english

    How do I fix this sentence? some of the questions I asked him include “Tell me reasons why did you end up staying at the hospital?” and “Tell me more about the pain in your right leg?”
  46. ms. sue thanks

    ms. sue thanks for help u give to me with my questions. but still i unsure of that policy one, how it changed i just guess and wrote that canada more involved in war but i don't real understand it.
  47. to ms.sue

    thank you again. you have the patients to teach me, a fourth grader. you also don't get tired of answering everyone's questions. you always have the courage to try. thank you so very much!
  48. physics

    A skydiver jumps out of a hovering helicopter, so there is no forward velocity. Use this information to answer questions 1 to 9. Ignore wind resistance for this exercise. What is the skydiver's acceleration?
  49. science

    plz help me lol i just need the answer to this one and another one and that's it! Those are my last questions from a 3 page packet! this is the question: what is the effect of varying road surfaces on acceleration?
  50. Algebra

    Two questions I need help with. Find the indicated partial sum using the information given. 1. a3=4/9, a7=9/64, S6 Determine wheater the infinite geometric series has a finite sum 2. 6+ 3+ 3/2 + 3/4 +.... 3. -49 + (-7) + (- 1/7) +...
  51. statistics

    A test has 1 true false question and 2 multiple choice questions(A B C D). Draw a tree diagram and determine the sample space for the possible ways to answer the test.
  52. Reading

    What should you do before you begin reading? A. Review the introduction and conclusion. B. Ask yourself questions about what lies ahead. C. Study graphic aids. D. Both A & B. I think its A...?
  53. math

    17.Given that 3•2 = 9, 2•6 = 64, 1•7 = 1 and 4•4 = 256. What is the value of 10•5? A)50 B)100 000 C)5000 D)5 plz explain how you get this answer i am studying the sample questions for the math olympics tommorow so i need to know what they will be like.
  54. Health

    Ms.Sue would you mind looking over the questions for Health at the bottom of page one.I know Brady answered but I just like to hear your okay correct on everything. :-)
  55. stadistic

    If a student randomly guesses at 15 multiple-choice questions, find the probability that the student gets exactly seven correct. Each question has four possible choices
  56. math

    fred got a score of 84 on the test.write a division sentence using negative numbers where the quotient represents the number of questions fred answered incorrectly
  57. 2 social studies questions

    I would so greatly appreciate it. How does Reagan support his statement "Freedom is the victor"? How does Reagan challenge Gorbachev to prove that his reforms are not "token gestures"? *
  58. science

    need help with 3 questions: 1.fossil fuels are a. a natural resource b. renewable c.made from minerals d.burned in hydroelectric plants. 2.which of the following is a renewable for of energy? i didn't have any suggestions :(
  59. English

    I'm doing a research paper..or..starting one and its going to be about tsunamis. I need some idea's for one main question that summarizes the other sub-questions.

    Two springs, with force constants k1=175N/m and k2=270N/m, are connected in series, as shown in (Figure 1) .When a mass m=0.50kg is attached to the springs, what is the amount of stretch, x?
  61. :(

    I wrote a 1 paragraph answer for one of my short answer questions and when I put it into grammarly, it says that there is significant plagiarism!! BUt I didnt plagiarize!! Now I am scared to turn it in. HELP
  62. english

    Hello! My name's Marie,I'm 16 I live in Paris and I'm bad in english,(so sorry for my neglish)I must do a homework and I would like that you correct my mistakes, please... It's your language (mercy) :) I used pictures to tell the story of a slave One June day in 1837, Baaba ...
  63. Chemistry

    I am doing a lab online and have no clue on how to get started with the following questions? Please Help me! 1. Calculate and record the following (in grams): (a) mass of NaCl by subtraction of other components: (b) measured mass of NaCl after boiling away water: 2. Calculate ...
  64. Scientific Method

    Put the following in the correct order. Report results Determine if hypothesis is true Do background research Construct a hypothesis Collect data Analyze results and draw conclusions Design and implement an experiment State the problem / ask questions Correct Order State the ...
  65. SS7R - Bill of Rights Project - 8th Amendment

    8th Amendment The Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights prohibiting the federal government from imposing excessive fines or cruel and unusual punishments. Excessive hail shall not be required nor excessive fines ...
  66. Chemistry

    I have answered this as best as I can please can you check and help me with the ones I don't have a clue about? Thank you Which of the moelcules listed below possesses a permanent dipole? Think about the shape of the molecule and look at the electronegatvity values... a) CO2...
  67. Chemistry

    Regarding conductivity: 1. If a solution has a high conductivity, it indicates that there are a lot of __________________ in solution. [Answer: ions] 2. Pure acetic acid does not conduct electricity, nor does pure water, but a mixture of the two does conduct. This is explained...
  68. french

    I fixed the mistakes eariler but I have some questions: Sra: ***In the first sentence: n'étaient pas heureux qu’il essayait d'agir = do y ou want to use the Past Subjunctive after "n'étaient pas heureux qu'il...? In the first sentence i do want to use the past subjective ...
  69. English

    I need help in writing a general statement and transition statement to my essay. I have all the body paragraphs.. but not an intro and a conclusion. Please help. Thanks. My essay topic is a shakespearean tragedy is a story of human actions producing exceptional calamity and ...
  70. Calculus - Integrals

    I have 3 questions, and I cannot find method that actually solves them. 1) Integral [(4s+4)/([s^2+1]*([S-1]^3))] 2) Integral [ 2*sqrt[(1+cosx)/2]] 3) Integral [ 20*(sec(x))^4 Thanks in advance.
  71. Calculus - Integrals

    I have 3 questions, and I cannot find method that actually solves them. 1) Integral [(4s+4)/([s^2+1]*([S-1]^3))] 2) Integral [ 2*sqrt[(1+cosx)/2]] 3) Integral [ 20*(sec(x))^4 Thanks in advance.
  72. Chemistry

    I am suppose to name alkanes, but I don't know how to do it, if possible to give me an example on how to do it, but here is one of the questions I have to do. CH3-CH-CH2-CH3 | CH3
  73. stats

    If a student answers 40 multiple choice questions, each with four possible answers, by guessing randomly, the probability that she answers at least 15 correctly
  74. IT

    Do the planning and write an algorithm for the following questions. Each problem contain a do loop. When planning your algorithm, decide which type of loop will be best suited to solving the particular problem (pre-test or post-test). If the problem contain a decision to be ...
  75. Physic please help!

    A wavelength of 625 nm is used in a Young's double-slit experiment. The separation between the slits is d = 1.3 10-5 m. The total width of the screen is 0.20 m. In one version of the setup, the separation between the double slit and the screen is LA = 0.35 m, whereas in ...
  76. Law

    Will you help me solve this for my health law midterm please? Following an automobile accident, a 16-year old boy who had recently escaped from a detention center was brought to the hospital emergency department by ambulance. The patient seemed to be alert and claimed to be ...
  77. Chemistry

    Ive been trying to do my chemistry homework for the past few hours and I keep getting some of the questions wrong. These are the 2 questions i am having trouble with. 1. If 0.582 L of gaseous CO2 measured at STP dissolved in 920 mL of water is produced stoichiometrically ...
  78. Math for Ms. Sue please! Last math questions!

    For numbers 1–3, find the indicated measurement of the figure described. Use 3.14 for pi and round to the nearest tenth. Find the surface area of a sphere with a radius of 8 cm. 267.9 cm^2 803.8 cm^2 2143.6 cm^2 201.0 cm^2 Find the surface area of a sphere with a diameter of...
  79. equations

    I am not great at equations... I keep practicing and working these problems and questions out but I always seem to get different answers can someone please guide me on how or tell me the correct way to work these problems out>> The linear equation y=0.15x + 0.79 ...
  80. equations

    I am not great at equations... I keep practicing and working these problems and questions out but I always seem to get different answers can someone please guide me on how or tell me the correct way to work these problems out>> The linear equation y=0.15x + 0.79 ...
  81. pre algebra 8

    Michael wants to rent a car on his vacation. The rental fee is 60 dollars per day plus a refueling charge of $40. He has at most 400.00 to spend. The inequality 60d +40 <= 400 can be used to find d, the number of days he can rent the car. Solve the inequality and interpret ...
  82. microeconomics- product curves/isoquant &isocost

    last question, part1: a) show how a total product curve for an input can be derived from an isoquant map. b) why does the previous question specify "a" total product curve rather than "the" product curve ? c) given that the appropriate total product curve has been derived, a ...
  83. written comunications

    Inclusive Language—Talking about People with Disabilities and Diseases, How do you write this sentence properly? Her brother has a friend that is living with Aids. A friend of her brother has AIDs. You can also use: Her brother has a friend who is living with AIDS. The ...
  84. PLZ Check My Math?

    Sorry! Another rates/proportions question! "Myles mows lawns during the summer to earn money. Since he is trying to save money for a car, he tries not to spend very much of it. In fact, his goal is to save $5 for every $7 he makes. If Myles made $128 this week, how much can he...
  85. written analysis

    In weeks 1 and 2, via your introduction to the critical thinking process, you are briefly introduced to some of the most powerful and complex questions humans have ever asked: What is truth? What is knowledge? How do you know what you know? In this assignment, you will start ...
  86. Discrete Math: Equations of Line in a Plane

    I'm stuck on these questions. Can you please show me a step by step solution? 20) For each of the following, find a normal vector, a direction vector, and a point of each line. Note, normal vector means perpendicular to the direction vector. a) 3x - 6y = 14 TEXTBOOK ANSWER: ...
  87. Chemistry

    please help! Is RTP in chemistry (thermochemistry and electrochemistry) referring to room temperature of 25degreeC (or 298K) and 1atm, or 20degreeC (293K) and 1atm? In my lecture notes on gas law, they stated RTP refers to 25degreeC, but in my electrochem lecture notes they ...
  88. writeacher

    because in the previous message about the pemdas it is parenthesis,exponents,multiplication,division,addition,subtraction therefore how that little part that looks like this 12 divided by 2*2 it would be multiplication first then SORRY THEN DIVISION SO THAT MEANS OVERALL IT IS...
  89. Calculus please help

    please help I can not understand this. I need an implicit form answer for the general solution of differential equation dy/dx=2(e^x-e^-x)/y^2(e^x+e^-x)^4 with (y>0). I have separated the y^2 to the left hand side to become 1/3y^3 but have no idea how to make the right hand ...
  90. Socials 1 question

    How does birth control affect our world population? Please give me a list of ideas, no sites please I know it helps reduce population growth rate but please tell me more about countries who don't have birth control and what it results in etc.. Thanks :)
  91. chemistry

    The question below, i was wondering if it decrease because the N2 is on the right and so to add to left it would be too much so it gets rid of it by decreases and doing to the right? because the left side is (+) endothermic? sorry im a little confused. if the number was ...
  92. English

    help and check please . If got wrong help please. My answers have * by it Choose the meaning of the bold words in questions 1-6 1. Men hold me/ FORMIDABLE for GUILE in peace and war: / this fame has gone abroad to the sky’s rim. (from the Odyssey, Part I) (1 point) ancient; ...
  93. chemistry

    Please help me with my formal report on "Potentiometric Determination of the Purity and Dissociation Constant of Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate" Please give me links to websites that could be used for my reference... In addition, please do suggest books that discuss ...
  94. MATH grade 10

    please help me, please. a farmer is building a circular corral to hold a live stock. with distances measured in metres, the shape of the corral is modelled by the equation x squared plus y squared equals 64. find length reqiured for the fencing of the correl? i don't get how ...
  95. Maths

    Factorise as far as possible: 1) 2a^2b + 8a^2b^2 The answer i got for this is 2ab(a+4ab). I'm not entirely sure if this is fully factorised or not. Can you please correct me if i am wrong. 2) x^2 + 5x - 6 I'm not sure how i can do this. Can someone please explain how without ...
  96. Statistics PLEASE HELP

    1. In a recent election Smith ran against Jones for Governor. A pre-election poll surveyed 1885 randomly selected voters. Of those surveyed 980 indicated that they planned to vote for Smith. The five questions below pertain to the problem of testing the hypothesis that a ...
  97. 7th grade science Ms. Sue please only 5 questions

    11. Which of these is selectively permeable? (1 point) door window screen wall mirror 12. The process that releases energy without using oxygen is ____. (1 point) photosynthesis respiration osmosis fermentation 13. The chromosomes in the nucleus of a cell contain a code known ...
  98. English

    I have to answer these questions but i am confused...please help :) As flies to the wanton boys are we to the gods; they kill us for sport Metaphor Personification Hyperbole Litotes None of these I do not understand the sentence itself :( I wish I had a million dollars right ...
  99. psychology

    As an undergraduate Native American college student you have been selected from a national pool of applicants to interview President Obama. Your scheduled interview is to be no longer than 10 minutes. The interview is to be conducted on a Tuesday morning in March at the White ...
  100. 7th grade Language Arts Ms. Sue please

    Questions 1­–2 are based on "Loser." Questions 3–5 correspond to "Friends Forever." 1. What event caused the main character to change? (1 point) his date with Jenny his parents' deaths his strange talent finding the lost boy 2. How did Jenny react when her date found the ...
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