1. Languages

    what does .oot derob m'Iþ mean? I have no idea what language this is in, or what it means. I just came upon it and am wondering so sorry if it is something offensive or anything else. Thanks -MC
  2. Algebra

    Simplify the expression. Assume all variables represent nonzero real numbers. -10b^5c^9/2b^5c^3 sorry I had posted in wrong session.
  3. dt

    i have thought of another product a mobile phone i don`t even know if im on the right track. sorry i know i sound thick but cant get it into my head what im looking for. thankyou for helping me
  4. Math

    Sorry! I have another problem! 4-2y=4y I always get a bit confused if there's a minus sign in front of a number. The book says the answer is 2/3 So what I first did was. 4-2y=4y 4=6y which is 1 1/2, and wrong.?
  5. math

    is anyone can answer this fraction below. .Rename these improper fractions as mixed numbers: 16/5 18/6 19/4 24/5 sorry if it is line suppose but i typed slash pls.understand thanks
  6. Pre-calculus

    write the complex number -5 in polar form. I don't get how to do this because arctan of b/a would be 5/0 which is a fraction with no solution. Also, is a zero? Sorry if I'm being confusing! Thank you!
  7. Socil studies/sicence ?

    sorry I dint really know how to lable this question but can somebody tell me some positive and negative effect of collecting gold?
  8. algebra math, 8th grade

    (Hiya, sorry to bother again! I'm not cheating this time, yay!) Which point is located on the x-axis? A. (-1,-1) B. (-4,0) C. (0,5) D. (3,3) I got A. This is correct, yes?
  9. Math -- not "can someone simplify this for me:10x-20 / x-2 "

    Repeated questions don't get you help faster. Please post only once. Thanks. can someone simplify this for me:10x-20 / x-2 first factor x-2 out of the numerator to get (x-2)10 -------- (x-2) Now cancel the (x-2) to get you answer of 10
  10. Maths

    I need some help with my maths questions please! What angle does the tangent to the curve y=x^4-x^3+7x make with the positive direction of the x-axis at the point where x=2? Find any x values for which the gradient of the tangent to the curve y=x^2-3x-1 is parallel to the line...
  11. spanish

    Can you please help me with my spanish homework :? ~.~.~.~.~.~. I did most of it,but I'm stuck on a few,so please help :) ~.~.~.~.~.~. You are a contestant on a game show. The host of the show has given you these answers. Write the corresponding questions 3. El primer ...
  12. English

    I have to write a 300-500 word essay answering the following questions What benefits do you expect to achieve from career exploration? What do you expect to be the most challenging parts of your career planning process? Why? What questions do you hope to answer about career ...
  13. English

    NEED HELP ASAP! You need to have read the short story "The Jade Peony" by Wayson Choy, to help me with these questions. I'm writing a personal response essay to this story and don't know these questions? Help? 1. Did any of the characters change the way they saw the world? 2....
  14. Math HELP

    I have my answers at the bottom but please do these questions so I can check my answers. Check my answers as well. Subtract these fractions. !Reduce them! 1. 5/7 - 3/10= 2. 11/18 - 5/12= 3. 1/3 - 1/6= 4. 7/12 - 1/16= 5. 7/8 - 3/10= 6. 7/8 - 1/12= 7. 7/10 - 2/5= 8. 3/4 - 1/2= ...
  15. Spanish Beg. 1 - help (anyone???)

    Most nouns ending -o and -os are _____________. Most nouns ending in -a and -as are ___________. please help!!!! is there any website that could help me with these questions
  16. Chemistry

    The voltage generated by the zinc concentration cell described by, Zn(s)|Zn2 (aq, 0.100 M)||Zn2 (aq, ? M)|Zn(s) is 23.0 mV at 25°C. Calculate the concentration of the Zn2 (aq) ion at the cathode. Can someone please breakdown how to do this so I can figure out the rest of ...
  17. chem

    DrBob222, thank you for answering my question(s). Sorry for asking repeatedly, I am new to this "posting" stuff. I thought I was asking different persons. Let me rephrase my question. How do I determine which roman numeral to place between the cation and the anion of a metal-...
  18. pre calc

    multiply and simplify (5w-radical 3x)^2 sorry my computer has no radical key!!
  19. re-drwls-geography

    thanks for your help i would have labelled my question geology but it is for geography sorry
  20. geometry

    sorry about nos. A(-3, 2) B (5, -4).calculate midpoint. Calculate length of AB, AM, and MB. Thanks again
  21. history/present

    why do people want trump? how did he get so much power ....im sorry who likes trump
  22. stats

    a student randomly guesses at five multiple-choice questions, each question has five possible choices (suppose the choice for each question is independent): a) Find the probability that the student gets exactly three correct. b) What is the probability that the student gets ...
  23. algebra

    he is missing 3 cents to buy an ice cream bar. she is missing 5 cents to buy the same ice cream bar. they combine their money but they are still 1 cent short. how much is the ice cream bar? Let x denote how much he has and y denote how much she has. Let p be the price of the ...
  24. French

    Sorry but I was just wondering if SraJMcGin is available for french help today?
  25. Math

    Sorry if you spend $4 every 7 mins, in 9 days you'll spend how much
  26. algebra - mrs sue

    sorry it should boe -100/ -5 should be : 20
  27. calculus derivatives update

    update yes, sorry I wrote it wrong (mx)= (x^5-5x^3 +7x-4)^10 * (4x^9 +19)^23 Thanks again
  28. English

    Sorry I meant an example of a irregular verb sentence example
  29. Maths

    Sorry In the rectangle OABC, M is the midpoint of OA and N is the midpoint of AB. OB meets MC at P and NC at Q. Show that OP=PQ=QB
  30. MATH

    I have about 30 questions of this, so I need to understand the process. Please make it as detailed as possible! Thank you! Q: To reduce 32 grams of a 25% solution of antiseptic to a 10% solution, how much distilled water should a pharmacist add? A: Equation: _____ Answer is: ...
  31. trigonometry

    can you explain to me in details please of how these type of questions can be answered without using a calculator to find the direct answer. Find the following functions correct to five decimal places: a. sin 22degrees 43' b. cos 44degrees 56' C. sin 79degrees 23'30'
  32. Science 7R: Lab Questions (plz help)

    I really need help. 12. What are the three main parts of an animal cell? 14. If all of our surfacecells were colorless, where do you think our skin color is located? My science teacher is collecting it tommrrow and grading it. Please Help!!! Thank You!!! :)
  33. Science

    I need to know how a refrigerator works to come up with an example. Please keep it simple and easy to understand. or an example explaining how being able to understand scientific principles and think scientifically can help you solve problems and answer questions in your ...
  34. spanish/help please

    Your friend asks you questions about everything he sees. Answer his questions as indicated. example: Es la casa de Manolo? Si, es su casa ES la casa de susana? No, no es su casa. 1) Son los hermanos de Anita Si, son sus hermanos 2)Son los padres de Felipe? No, no son sus ...
  35. business law

    please help me to do my assignment 1.describe my business? (I choose restaurent business? 2.iedntify 1 contract required for this business ?Describe the use and importanceof this contract to my nominated business 3.identify and explain the elements of this valid contracti.e ...
  36. Probability & Statistics

    Charmaine is looking at the rental car prices for Get You There Rental Car Company. The cost is based on how many miles you plan to drive the rental car. Use the list of rental prices to answer the questions 1- 5. Miles Cost 200 $80 600 $120 1000 $160 1400 $200 1800 $320 1) ...
  37. Probability & Statistics

    Charmaine is looking at the rental car prices for Get You There Rental Car Company. The cost is based on how many miles you plan to drive the rental car. Use the list of rental prices to answer the questions 1- 5. Miles Cost 200 $80 600 $120 1000 $160 1400 $200 1800 $320 1) ...
  38. Pre-Algebra [repost]

    I'm sorry I had to repost, but this is urgent and i need it done by today!! Can someone please show me how to do these problems? I've been trying but I'm having a hard time... 1.Simplify the expressions on each side of the equation to obtain an equivalent equation: 5x + 12 + ...
  39. Minima Maxima

    Find and classify the relative maxima and minima of f(x) if f(x)= defint a=0 b=x function= t^2-4/(1+cos(t)^2) dt x^2-4/(1+cos(x)^2)= 0 x^2-4=0 x^2=4 x= +/- 2 So I got relative maximum as -2 and 2. And relative minimum as zero. However, when I graph it on Wolfram, it gives me ...
  40. slope(again)

    sorry, what's the decimal if the slope is 158/110? i don't have a scientific calculator
  41. MATH Introduction to Math Skills and Strategies

    Evaluate when x+y/3 when x=17 and y=4 sorry had to repost the question thank you
  42. to mikh

    sorry i read reply so late you read the book "a few notes for orpheus?
  43. English

    How is your business lately? 1. Not so good, I'm afraid. 2. Not so good, I'm sorry. ----------------- Which one is right answer?
  44. Spanish

    I am having troubles translating these sentences. 1.) Were the princesses singing? 2.) Did the queen used to cry? 3.) Do they like to sing? 4.) Doesn't the duchess like to sing? 5.) Which duke likes to sing? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum, BUT, you are ...
  45. History again

    Based on the below from the Wikipedia, I would agree with you. As Solberg reports, "It immediately became the recognized revolutionary government, with its main task to conduct the war and lead the colonies ultimately to independence." [2] The Second Congress acted as the ...
  46. Math

    I have math HW and these are the questions i wasn't aware of how to answer... please help. a)Prove that 4x-y-1=0 is parallel to y=4x-5 b)Show that the points A(3,1), B(5,2) and C(11,5) are collinear c)Show that the lines y=2x-4 and x+2y-10=0 are perpendicular to one other. d) ...
  47. Probability

    Darby guesses the answers to six questions on the math portion of her college entrance exam. Each question is a true or false question. What is the approximate probability that at least 4 of her answers are correct? A. 0.23 B. 0.34 C. 0.66 D. 0.78 Explanation please??
  48. Science URGENT!

    I relly need help on these questions please help me :) 1. would karyotypes from the same family look similar? Explain. 2. Provide one reason as to why it would be useful to compare karyotypes of family members. 3.
  49. Complete the Square

    My teacher wants me to make 5 hard complete the square questions and solve them in front of her to get a %5 bonus mark. Can anyone give me 5 really hard complete the square questions?
  50. Chemistry

    Please help! I don't understand these questions at all. :( Fe2O3(s) + 2Al(s) -> Al2O3(s) + 2Fe(l) If 0.50 mol of Fe is produced in 10 secs, what is the rate of consumption of Fe2O3 in mol/s? A. 5.0 x 10^-2 mol/s B. 2.5 x 10^-2 mol/s C. 1.0 x 10^-1mol/s D. 5.0 mol/s Thank you!
  51. Math

    The Davis family try shopping in a different supermarket to save money. They used their old supermarket one week, then bought the same items the next week in the new supermarket. In the first week their bill was £105.20. In the second week it was £98.50. a) What was the ...
  52. ict - ms sue

    ms sue sorry to ask again but does definition of groups mean a disscussion group eg:- facebook thanks
  53. Algebra correction

    The last one which you were asking where the b came from I typed the wrong problem sorry. the problem is 49-a^2b^2 Is the answer: (7+ab)-(7ab)
  54. To:Ms.Sue

    Yes sorry, I kind of exaggerate when I write. May I ask how is "Everyone" a singular? Don't singular mean one only? Thanks
  55. algebra 2

    Factor completely 6r^2+13rd+6d^2. I'm sorry, you are absolutely correct, there was a typo it was>>> (6b), the correct is 6d. thank you for spotting that mistake.
  56. algebra 2

    Factor completely 6r^2+13rd+6d^2. I'm sorry, you are absolutely correct, there was a typo it was>>> (6b), the correct is 6d. thank you for spotting that mistake.
  57. English

    I'm really sorry. The last two sentences in my last post shouldn't be there because you already checked them. I really apologize for that.
  58. Spelling

    I'm sorry I typed the question wrong. The question is: Make three cluster words using f l
  59. Math

    How to differentiate f(x)=e^(xlnx)? I get f'(x)=e^(xlnx) (1+lnx) while at wolfram is x^x(ln x+x)...sorry for my miscalculation / typo error...
  60. advance functions gr12 (SORRY LAST ONE HAD A TYPO)

    Using rational functions solve 7+ (1)/x = 1/(x-2)
  61. Forensic Psychologist

    I need a speedy answer for this assignment please. I have posted several questions then I should be able to take over my responsibilities moving forward. Identify and articulate the similarities and differences between the therapeutic and forensic roles for both assessment and...
  62. math

    how do you diverse fractions to decimals and visa versa Just take the top number and divide it by the bottom one. For example, if you have 3/10, take 3 and divide it by 10, giving you .30 and this is 30%. Oh, the the other half, if you have a decimal. .1 =tenths place .11 =...
  63. pre cal

    I'm sorry, i didn't understand what you did. Can you explain it step by step
  64. dt -

    it is for dt food .sorry i should have put it was food technology
  65. Algebra

    I am trying to find the equation to m= 8(3,2)This is what I did and then I get stuck, sorry m=8(3,2) y=2(8)(x-3) y=2x-? this is where I get stuck -24 or -5
  66. english grammar

    I am very sorry. What does the adverb very modify
  67. As physics

    Here are some questions to complete after you have determined the wavelength with a diffraction grating. (A laser was used) equation used: n x lambda=d x sintheta Question: What effect will the following have on the pattern produced? Explain your reasoning: 1.increasing ...
  68. Geography

    Please help me! This is a project that is due on Wednesday... I've tried to use wikipedia but I can't find an answer to the questions... One I can't find is What is the history overview of Northeast region and the other is What is the economy of the region? and What is the ...
  69. help please :)

    When is the best time to read review or discussion questions? A. Immediately after you have finshed all of the reading. B. After you write your notes. C. Before you begin any details reading. D. Throughout your detailed reading. i got A what do you think?
  70. Science

    We had to make a homemade thermometer we had directions that told us how when we were done we had to answer questions but I don't get this one. How can you use the concepts of matter and the kinetic energy of particles to explain the way your model works I'm not good in ...
  71. Writing

    Please don't post my question or your answer because I do not want others to steal my idea! The only way we have to communicate with you is by posting on our message boards. Sorry. =( I need to learn to type on A computer. http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing/flash/stage1.shtml...
  72. Statistics

    A student is taking a multiple-choice exam with 16 questions. Each question has five alternatives. If the student guesses on 12 of the questions, what is the probability she will guess at least 8 correct? Assume all of the alternatives are equally likely for each question on ...
  73. Sequences

    Show full steps: 1a) Determine the formula for the nth term for 7,12,17... b) Determine the value of the 19th term,t19. 2) Determine the number of terms in the sequence 4,12,36...2125764. Show all necessary steps. There are 15 more questions but I think if you help me with ...
  74. English

    Can someone please help me answer these questions and check question 1 please? Thank you. 1) How can words or stories connect generations? Words can allow stories to go through and be passes from generation to generation. 2) How can interactions between generations create ...
  75. Science

    a. Choreographing a performance b. Straining pasta from water after you finish cooking it c. Earning a grade based on how many questions you answered d. Answering an essay question e. Determining who is tall enough to ride a roller coaster f. Making a clay mug by hand Is these...
  76. Physics/ Chemistry please help

    The active ingredient in the allergy medication Claritin contains carbon (C), hydrogen (H), chlorine (Cl), nitrogen (N), and oxygen (O). Its molecular formula is C22H23ClN2O2. The standard adult dosage utilizes 1.480 1019 molecules of this species. Determine the mass (in grams...
  77. Help Needed

    I really need help with my Heredity problems. I have a few questions on them which I do not understand, and I went to some sites as well, but some sites require this type of flash thing which I do not have, and so if there is anyone who can help me on this, please point that ...
  78. Chemistry

    Hello i have a few questions i need help with please, can you help me and thank you in advance..... What are covalent compounds usually formed between? I also have to fill in this sentence can you help.... They are formed by the _____________ of a ______________ of electrons ...
  79. biology

    is anyone able to help i have to write 700 words on the subject of the metabolism of green plant cells in relation to energy exchange processes any guidance would be very much appreciated http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photosynthesis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calvin-...
  80. Algebra II

    Find all zeros of f f(t)=(t-2)^3-(t-2) ok... now do I have to factor out (t-2)^3 to [t^3-6(t^2)-12t-8] and then minus (t-2) resulting in [t^3-6(t^2)+13t-6]? if so, where can I go from there?? sorry... the second answer would be [t^3-6(t^2)+11t-6]
  81. math,correction

    can someone correct this for me. 7(x –3) > 5x - 14 7x –21 > 5x –14 -5x -5x 1x –21 > -14 +21 +21 1x > 7 1x / 1 > 7 / 1 x > 7 the line has an open circle right on number 7 with an arrow going to the positive side. No. WHen you subtraced 5x from 7x, you ...
  82. Math (Linear Algebra)

    Sorry, this question is making my head spin. Can someone help? If x is an eigenvector for the square matrix A corresponding to eigenvalue 5, ie. if Ax = 5x, evaluate A^2x + 11Ax + 3x in terms of x. Ax = 5x ---> A^2 x = (A A)x = A (A x) = A (5x) = 5 A x = 25 x
  83. MATH,correction

    IS THIS CORRECT NOW. solve by using the quadratic formula. x^2 = -5-5 My answer: x = (-5 +- SQRT (5))/(2) I don't see any x term, so b is zero. sorry it suppost to read that first -5x-5
  84. Physics

    A weightlifter raises a 90k-g barbell from the floor to a height of 2/2 m in 0.6 s. What was his average power output during his lift? Sorry I wrote it wrong the first time!
  85. math

    solve 2cos^2x = square root of three cosx (couldnt find the sign on keyboard sorry) for principal values of x. express the solutions in degrees
  86. english

    would this be an ad hominem fallacy ? Is there any way we could send County Executive Mark Hackel back to Sheriff's Office? He is doing a bad job, and I am sorry I voted for him.
  87. Math 222

    Posted by Tika on Monday, April 27, 2015 at 12:44pm. How do I make a perfect square. Sorry my addition key isn't working y^2-18y plus______
  88. Math (advice)

    So in my calculus class we learned about implicit differentiation today. The professor would stop and ask if we had any questions, which was nice. I didn't ask any questions though, because I don't really like to ask questions during class. I didn't really get implicit ...
  89. Chemistry

    I don't understand one of my homework questions i'm really stuck. please help! How will the equilibrium: Heat + CH4(g) + 2H3S(g)= CS2 (g) + 4H2 (g) be affected by the following: a) A decrease in temperature. b) The addition of H2. c) The removal of some CH4 (g) d) An increase ...
  90. Chemistry

    I don't understand one of my homework questions i'm really stuck. please help! How will the equilibrium: Heat + CH4(g) + 2H3S(g)= CS2 (g) + 4H2 (g) be affected by the following: a) A decrease in temperature. b) The addition of H2. c) The removal of some CH4 (g) d) An increase ...
  91. English

    In shakespears Macbeth, i have to interview all of the major characters and investigate Duncan's death. I have to write this in the form of a playscript.. I need some help writing the questions and i should make it look like by the end of it that the suspect is Macbeth... ...
  92. mdu

    3 to 4 questions that would lead to the country jamaica We are not going to do your homework for you. Find about Jamaica, and make the questions up You could ask -- The capital of this country is _________ Its location is ____latitude and _____ longitude. You can find many ...
  93. to Katie A A

    #1 - The school subject is MATH, not "help" -- I've never heard of a school subject called help. #2 - To quote one of our very good math and science tutors: “You will find here at Jiskha that long series of questions, posted with no evidence of effort or thought by the ...
  94. Math quick help

    Oh man.... I don't understand how to simplify though... Can u please help me with These questions : 2 * square root 18 5* square root 48 3* square root 54
  95. math.

    Each exterior angle of a regular polygon is 15 degrees. 1.Determine the number of sides of the polygon. 2.What is the sum of the interior angles? please help!!!!!!!! i'd love to help but i can't remember how to do those problems. sorry. The sum of all the exterior angles of a ...
  96. math

    -5(3x - 7) Sorry I meant this one:-4x2(3x2 - x + 1) *Your supposed to do the FOIL Method! -12x4 + 4x3 - 4x2
  97. math

    hey u there its kelsey kelsey. If you have a homework question, post it for help. We don't allow chat here, sorry.
  98. Child Development

    sorry, last question had a typo.. i need to know the personalities of a child: overcontrolled undercontrolled resilient
  99. radical expressions

    6 sqr90 - sqr7 + 9 sqr36. I'm sorry if I wrote it wrong I only know how to put the radical symbol, Thanks for your help.
  100. Algebra

    Could someone work this out for me? Someone says the answer is 2.34 x 10^-6 but I think it's 2.34 x 10^-4. 2 x 10^-3 = 3 x 10^8 x 1/6 x pi x d Solving for d. Sorry it's kinda messy.
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