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  1. pe

    pe and science objectives
  2. science

    what ph is an acid
  3. science

    what is a gradient
  4. Science

    What is mantenrep?
  5. science

    what is symbiosis
  6. science

    what is an isotope?
  7. science

    what is an ion?
  8. science

    help on the moon
  9. science

    1.2X 10log6 by 1/16=
  10. science

    are u there ms sue?
  11. Science

    What is convection?
  12. Science 8R - help!

    What is consumers???
  13. science,

    1,3,5,2 ORDER IT
  14. science

    What is F2= 200N 60°N of E
  15. science

    What is F3=210N 30°S of W
  16. science

    what is matter
  17. Science

    What are Antibiotics?
  18. science

    what is mitosis?
  19. science

    What is matter
  20. science

    what is a diaphragm
  21. science

  22. Science

    What is a stimulus?
  23. science

  24. Science

    What is a protostar
  25. science

    what is a adaptation
  26. science

    what is scorpius
  27. Science

    What is cell
  28. science

    what is in your ear?
  29. science

    what is pollution
  30. Science

    What is a molecule
  31. Science

    What is Genetics?
  32. Science

    What is a conducter
  33. Science

    what is an isotope
  34. science

    What is mixture?
  35. Science

    What do B cells do?
  36. science

    what is heat?
  37. Science

    3.365*10^5 to 3
  38. science

    what are hydrocarbons?
  39. chemistry

  40. jules

  41. Science

  42. science

    What are those
  43. science

    what is computer?
  44. Science

    what is Porn?
  45. science

    what is a vector
  46. science

    what is isotopes
  47. science

    What is osmosis
  48. Science

    What is conductor
  49. science

    What is the Biosphere ?
  50. Science

    What is vector?
  51. Science

    What is vectors?
  52. science

    what is inertia?
  53. Science

  54. science

    what is i for glucose
  55. Science

    What is physics
  56. Science

    what is a watershed?
  57. Science,

    Can you write a
  58. Kumar

    What is science?
  59. Science

    What Is lever.
  60. science

    how can I convert 1% w/v to g/ml
  61. Science

    What Is Enzymes
  62. Science

    What is a cation?
  63. Science

    What is methanol?
  64. Science

    What are constellations?
  65. science

    What is mole?
  66. Science

    What is force
  67. science

    what is force
  68. Science

    E.f of feso4
  69. science

    What is food
  70. science

    What is equinox?
  71. Science

  72. science

    what does 4s^2 mean
  73. Biology

    If water were not a polar molecule and could not form hydrogen bonds, how would this change the structure and density of ice? Why would change? How would this affect the organisms living in lakes and ponds? 1. It would be heavier than water and sink. 2. If ice were on the ...
  74. biology

    In tomatoes, red fruit is dominant to yellow fruit color. A farmer has plants that produce either red or yellow tomatoes. he has signed a contract with a large seed company to provide pure red dees and pure yellow seeds. the do not want hybrids. How can the farmer determine if...
  75. Biology

    The name of each job is writte in CAPS. Match each wanted ad to the cell organelle that should be getting that job. Write the name of the job, followed by the name of the organelle Are you permeable? Are you all about homeostasis? GUARD needed to regulate transport of water, ...
  76. AP Biology! DESPERATE!! HELP! due tom!

    describe atleast 4 ways an ectothermic organism's behavior helps it regulate its temperature.. this is from lab 11. i don't quite understand what its asking. like name 4 specific examples: ie: lying in the sun when cold, going in the shade when hot.. [i can only think of those...
  77. Biology

    1. Are the third-order heterotrophs consumed by gungal decomposers? My guess:Yes? 2. Which of the following fixes atmospheric N2 (nitrogen gas)? A. photosynthesis B. symbiotic bacterianon the roots of legumes C. uv light D. decay organisms E. autotrophs My guess: B? 3. Which ...
  78. Biology--Urgent

    Need help with these: a) What is a major structural advantage that eukaryotic cells have over prokaryotic cells? Why is this so important? b) Identify one similar and one different way each type of cell uses flagella c)The cytoskeleton of eukaryotes serves many functions. One ...
  79. Biology

    11. You are searching for a gene that traces its ancestry to an ancient gene in fish. Evolutionarily older fish, like the coelacanth, have only one copy of this gene. More modern fish, like a three-spine stickleback, have three. Modern humans and mammals have no homologous ...
  80. english/biology

    I was wondering if you can check to see if these are good predications, hypothesis and questions. Like does the grammar makes and stuff. Thank you Hypothesis : Temperature as one, environmental factor will affect the physiological functioning of the small organism Daphnia. ...
  81. Biology

    The maltose molecule can be broken down into two individual glucose molecules with the help of an enzyme produced within a cell. Which of the following changes is most likely to slow down this reaction? Adding more maltose molecules Increasing the volume of the cell Adding ...
  82. Biology

    I need help making a food web for the following: Forest-field ecosystem, Corn,Decomposers, Deer,Fox,Grass,Mouse, Owl,Rabbit, Seed-eating bird,Snake, Squirrel,Tree I also need help on another one: Saltwater Marsh Ecosystem, Algae, Crustacean, Decomposers, Egret, Grasshopper, ...
  83. Biology

    I need help with a couple of questions. I have included what I think the answers are. Could you let me know how I did? 1- A woman who recently came home from a tropical vacation now has abdominal pain and diarrhea. Her blood test results show an elevated eosinophil level. ...
  84. Math

    Practice Dividing by 9 History : 72 Art: 81 Science: 54 Travel: 63 Fiction: 90 Biography: 45 Poetry: 27 Cooking: 36 1/Raul might put an equal number of each kind of book on 9 shelves. How many types of books will have an even number on each shelf? Answer: 3 types of books.. ...
  85. Science

    Kawaii~chan needs help with Science can someone help kawaii~chan 1 What happens in the phloem A Water moves up from roots B Food moves down from leaves C Food moves up from roots D Water moves down to roots
  86. Gr.11 Biology

    In humans, muscular dystrophy is a condition in which the muscles waste away during early life, resulting in death in the early teens. It is due to recessive sec-linked gene. A certain couple have 5 children- 3 boys, ages one, three and ten; and 2 girls, ages five and seven. ...
  87. Biology

    In conventional human radiological imaging (e.g., MRI, PET, CT) of the head, the axial plane is synonymous with the horizontal plane. Which of the following statements about this plane is most accurate? The axial plane is an axis of symmetry in the forebrain. The long axis of ...
  88. Molecular Biology

    You are working in a lab that has recently discovered a new viral protein. Describe in detail how you could generate a polyclonal antibody preparation against this protein. Include a full description of production and purification. Describe in detail an experiment that could ...
  89. Math

    The National Association for Women in Science asked recent high school grads if they had taken certain science classes. Of those surveyed, 90 said they had taken physics, 138 said they had taken chemistry and 45 said they had taken both. Thirty-two said they had taken neither...
  90. Science

    A science teacher was curious to see whether offering money for good grades would increase student peformance on a test. The teacher offered half of the students in the class $5.00 if they got an A on their next test. The other half of the class was not offered any money. What...
  91. Science

    A science teacher was curious to see whether offering money for good grades would increase student performance on a test. The teacher offered half of the students in the class $5.00 if they got an A on their next test. The other half of the class was not offered any money. ...
  92. biology Please Help

    The probability that their baby will be a carrier of the gene for PKU is (A) __________. The probability that their baby will be affected by PKU is (B) __________. If both genotypes were Pp, the probability that their baby would be affected by PKU would be (C) _________. my ...
  93. Science

    (just a quick science question, pls correct my answer if im wrong..) Which of the following statements is true A.) there is more water on earth now than there was millions of years ago **** B.) there is less water on earth now than there was millions of years ago C.) there is ...
  94. Science

    A science teacher was curious to see whether offering money for good grades would increase student performance on a test. The teacher offered half the students in the class $5.00 if they got an A on their next test. The other half of the class was not offered any money. What ...
  95. Biology

    I just need somone kind enough to confirm my answers. 1. Membrane bound organelles are also referred to as ... A) vesicles B) channels C) integral proteins D) a and b I think the probable answer is A. 2. Plasmolysis of human red blood cells would occur if the cell were in .. ...
  96. Human Biology

    For a portion of Junior year next year, we're supposed to build a human skeleton out of anything we can find. So most people build them out of styrofoam or clay. Do you think building a skeleton out of twigs would be creative and/or relatively easy? Someone did a really ...
  97. Biology

    Reptiles and mammals both have a four chambered heart yet reptiles utilize the sun to monitor body temperature while mammals control body temperature internally. What does this mean about the separation of oxygenated (blood that already picked up oxygen from the lungs) and ...
  98. Biology

    In detail can someone please explain to me how cooking eggs makes them safe to eat in connection with enzymes Thank you I understand that enzymes are killed because of the heat as it is a factor in destroying the enzymes activity but how does this explain why its safe to eat...
  99. Biology

    There are at least 4 different ways that humans have genetic variation, a. Using one of these four ideas explain why you do not look like another person in this room. b. To continue further with this thought use another one of the genetic variation ideas and explain why you ...
  100. Biology

    Hey guys! I'm thinking that B is the correct answer, but doesn't the DNA that is going to be inserted into the vector complementary to the mRNA strand? Would appreciate some help! Which one of the following is the biggest challenge that must be overcome in order to get a ...
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