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  1. science

    what is science????
  2. science

    how many cm are in 2.5m ?
  3. science

    is it b?
  4. Science

    What is science?
  5. science

    What is science
  6. science

    c ???
  7. science

    what is science
  8. science

    if A-B=2C,A+B=4C and C=3i+4j, then what are A and B?
  9. science

  10. Biology

    What is the difference between a stamen and an anther in a flower?? Check this site for a diagram and explanation.
  11. Math

    There are 36 books on a bookcase.there are 9 nonfiction,12 fiction,and 15 science fiction. What is the probability of choosing a nonfiction book of choosing a fiction book of choosing a science fiction book?
  12. Biology, Cell Division

    With each cell division , the chromosomes are divided between 2 daughter cells, yet the number of chromosomes in each cell does not change. What process ensures that the normal number of chromosomes is restored after each cell division? During which part of the cell cycle does...
  13. biology

    Hi, I was wondering if I answered this question correctly #1-Two kinds of cell-transport are used in the process that forms ATP. Name the two types of transport and describe how they take place. Electron transport is not a form of cell transport. #1- I think the passive and ...
  14. Human Biology please help

    components of sense and smell Olfactory receptors in the nose travel directly to the olfactory (A)__________ before arriving at the olfactory cortex in the frontal area of the brain. This part of the brain has a direct link with the amygdala, which is involved with emotion and...
  15. Biology

    A hawk needs 2 snakes a week to survive. A snake needs 2 mice a week to survive. A mouse needs 50 berries a week to survive. How many berries are needed a week to support a hawk?
  16. Chemsitry

    What is the purpose of cell matching? (1 mark) I've been researching for quite a long time now. This question relates to using spectrometry. Can anyone help me? Thanks! I let this question go yesterday because I connected it with cells is biology. On rereading today I see it ...
  17. Biology

    Which of the following statements about sexual and asexual reproduction is FALSE? A)Genetic diversity occurs in sexual reproduction. B)Asexually reproducing organisms can repair their own DNA. C)There are no special reproductive cells in asexual reproduction. D)A gametophyte ...
  18. Biology

    The human gene for the production of lactose is on chromosome 2. The dna nucleotide sequence of a small part from the middle is 123456789 TACTCGGAA I haVeTO WRITe DOWN THE EQVIVALENT SEQUENCE FOR MRNA AND HENCE WORK out the sequence of amino acids coded in this part of the ...
  19. Science - Volcanos

    In science were doing volcanos, earthquakes, tectonic plates and things like that. I'm looking for a site or perhaps you could tell me, a site that show how volcanos are awoken and erupt and stop bu not in so much detail like wikipedia. That was a nightmare. Its to write a ...
  20. Biology

    List 3 differences between eukaryotic and prokaryotic genomes. Describe how one of these differences might impact laboratory applications. What are two issues that might arise when genetically engineering a prokaryotic cell to express a eukaryotic protein. I know three ...
  21. biology

    In a laboratory population of diploid, sexually reproducing organisms a certain trait is determined by a single autosomal gene and is expressed as two phenotypes. A new population was created by crossing 102 pure–breeding (homozygous) dominant individuals with 98 pure ...
  22. Biology -- repost

    (To whoever posted the first time -- DO NOT use any tutor's name where YOUR name should be. Impersonation of a tutor is not allowed on this website.) What are the biological terms of the following? 1.Reproductive structure in breadmould 2.acquired immunity obtained through ...
  23. Biology

    _____________provided significant sources of energy on early Earth, and were most likely involved in the origin of life. Options A) Volcanic activity, violent thunderstorms, and ultraviolent radiation B) Bombardment from meteorites, gamma radiation, and osmic radiation. C) ...
  24. Biology

    Match the terms with the appropriate descriptions. Digestive Excretory Skeletal Circulatory Nervous Respiratory Reproductive _______________________ A. coordinate body activities-nervous B. Removal of waste products-excretory C. Body support and movement-skeletal D. Transport ...
  25. Biology

    Carbon is a an element with an atomic number of 6. Based on this information, which of the following statements is true? A. Carbon can be broken down into simpler component substances. B. Each carbon atom will always have 6 protons. C. Each carbon atom will always have 6 ...
  26. science fair

    Hi, I'm doing a science fair and they're asking us to put pictures of us doing experiments or to bring in a model. In my project I experimented on people so was I supposed to take pictures of people performing the tasks? I already did the project and experiments and did them ...
  27. Biology

    If the fourth base in the original DNA strand (AAT-GCC-AGT-GGT-TCG-CAC) where changed from G to C, would it be... AAT-GCC-AGT-CGT-TCG-CAC or AAT-CCC-AGT-GGT-TCG-CAC
  28. Biology 10B

    According to the pressure-flow hypothesis, which of the following statements is not true • Water moves from the xylem to the phloem of a plant. • Water is necessary for sugars to move through phloem. • Phloem is able to move sugars in either direction to meet the ...
  29. Biology

    "Emma has difficulty sleeping. Her doctor prescribes Deflex. Deflex is a drug which affects the nervous system. Suggest and explain how Deflex affects the nervous system to help Emma sleep." I have missed a lot of time off of school and I understand how the nervous system ...
  30. biology

    Both of Susie’s parents died from breast cancer. Susie tested positive for the BRCA1 gene, the BRCA2 gene, and HPV; however, she does not have any cancer cells in her body or any signs or symptoms. Susie just called you and told you that she has decided to undergo a double ...
  31. Biology (multiple choice!)

    What’s one advantage to being eukaryotic rather than prokaryotic? What’s one advantage to being prokaryotic rather than eukaryotic?
  32. Biology

    In Siberian Huskies base fur color is represented by black & white fur BB, tan/yellow & white fur Bb, and white only fur bb. Siberians all posses two style of fur wire hair (W_) and smooth (ww). What would the genotype and phenotype frequencies be for a true breading white ...
  33. Biology - photosynthesis

    1. In measuring the amount of ATP and NADPH consumed by the Calvin cycle, you find 30,000 molecules of ATP consumed but only 20,000 molecules of NADPH. WHere did the extra ATP molecules come from? A) Chlorophyll B) photosystem II C) cyclic electron flow D) noncyclic electron ...
  34. Biology

    Jessica has no dimples and attached ear lobes. Jessica's mother has dimples and detached ear lobes, and her father has no dimples and attached ear lobes. Assuming independent assortment, what are the chances that her new baby brother will have dimples and attached ear lobes?
  35. Biology

    Can dogs eat cheese? Yes.
  36. biology

    There is a beaker with 0.4% sucrose solution and the solute potential is -4. Inside the beaker, there is a dialysis bag with 01% sucrose solution, solute potential -1 and pressure potential 0. When the beaker is open to the atmosphere, what is the pressure potential of the ...
  37. AP Biology

    If plants are grown for several days in an atmosphere containing 14CO2 in place of 12CO2, one would expect to find: very little radioactivity in the growing leaves large amounts of radioactive water released from the stomates a large increase in 14C in the starch stored in the...
  38. Biology

    Having a really hard time following this diagram of the Kreb cycle and I need to answer these questions: 1. Total number of NADH molecules produced for each glucose molecule in the Krebs cycle. A)2 B)4 C)6 D)8 E)10 2. The theoretical yield of ATP from each NADH molecule. A)1 B...
  39. Biology

    1. 525 jackrabbits in the desert. Big ears (B) are dominant among jackrabbits, while stubby ears (b) are recessive. Of the study of this population, 189 rabbits have stubby ears. Calculate: 1.The frequency of the "bb" genotype 2.The frequency of the "b" allele 3.The frequency ...
  40. biology

    Workout a cross between a homozygous tall pea plant with axial flower (TTAA) and a homozygous dwarf pea plant with terminal flower (ttaa) Note:(a)considering the table that provides and summarize the contrasting character of pea plant,(1)state the phenotype ratio of the F1 ...
  41. Honors Biology

    The inability of defensin to function in high-salt environments is at least partly responsible for the pathology of this disease. Imagine that you are the director of a biotech company that specializes in manufacturing human proteins by producing them in yeast. Based on what ...
  42. Honors Biology

    The inability of defensin to function in high-salt environments is at least partly responsible for the pathology of this disease. Imagine that you are the director of a biotech company that specializes in manufacturing human proteins by producing them in yeast. Based on what ...
  43. Biology

    Male donkeys have 62 chromosomes in an eye cell. How many chromosomes would be found in a female donkeys egg? Answer: 62 Normally, pigs have 38 chromosomes in each somatic cell. How many chromosomes are there in a cell that has gone through meiosis? Answer: 19 How many ...
  44. Biology

    Locate a diagram of an organism with the main organs and structures labeled. Locate a diagram of an organism with the main organs and structures labeled. Briefly explain how the organism in the diagram has evolved physiologically to become suited to its enviroment
  45. biology

    An individual who is heterozygous for Eye color would be? A.two alleles for brown eyes. B. One allele for brown eyes and one blue eyes. C.two alleles for blue eyes I am think b.
  46. Biology

    Some of it. Human digestion takes biochemical processes mainly enzyeme reactions) to break down food to extract energy and compounds. The enzyemes we produce are specific to particular bonds and molecules. Some of the food we injest cannot be broken down, such as cellulose, so...
  47. Biology

    1. Fill in the five levels of human body organization.   AND 2. Place the five examples below in order from largest to smallest:   You, Stomach, Epithelial Tissue, Digestive System, Parietal cells. ~~~~~~~ I don't know the first one but I think that the second one is: You...
  48. Biology

    In a controlled experiment, a scientist is studying how long it takes pea plants growing in different soil types to develop flower buds. What is the manipulated independent variable? a) type of soil used b) number of flower buds produced c) how long it takes for flower buds to...

    Fermentation: (Select all that are true) Uses pyruvate to accept electrons Uses pyruvate to donate electrons Regenerates NADH Regenerates NAD+ Directly makes ATP Allows glycolysis to continue in the cytoplasm making ATP Allows oxidative phosphorylation to continue int he ...
  50. Biology

    Imagine you start an experiment with two vials of flies. One fly vial has 20 flies, the other has 200 flies. After 20 generations of mating, which vial has lost the most alleles across the genome? Has genetic variation increased or decreased within each vial? Has genetic ...

    i wrote these questions before but no one helped me so im writing them again 1. a.) name the structures of the male reproductive system that sperm do not travel through. b.) what is the name given to these structures? 2. Name the other body system that the p e n i s is part of...
  52. Biology: Evolution

    Order the following events, giving the approximate dates in millions of years ago. a) first land plant b) flower c) alternation of generations d) vascular tissue e) cuticle f) first green plant g) vessels h) seeds So I think first land plants were 470 mya, first green plants ...
  53. biology

    Food that is consumed often enters the body in the form of large organic molecules, such as proteins and starches. Prior to entering cells, however, these large molecules must be broken down into smaller molecules. For example, proteins are digested into _______ prior to ...
  54. Biology

    Using RNA a s a template for prot e in synthesis instead of t r ans l a t ing prot e ins directly from the DNA is advantageous for the cell because A) RNA is much more stable than DNA. B) RNA acts as an expendable copy of the genetic material, allowing the DNA to serve as a ...
  55. Biology

    Two samples of DNA have the same melting point and density. Does this prove that they are from the same species? Explain clearly and back up your reasons. I read in my notes and all it said was that DNA species isolated from different organisms have different melting ...
  56. math

    I have a math question for my cell biology class. A molecule exchanges places with its neighbor every 10^-7 seconds. It will diffuse from one end of a 2 micrometer cell to the other in 1second. Ok now I have a 6M x 6M room filled with 4cm ping pong balls. I have to determine ...
  57. biology help plz?????????????????

    the mRNA squence below is shown along with the polypeptide which would be produced when it is translated .what polypeptide would be produced if the fifth base in the mRNA sequence shown had been changed to A as result of a mutation in the DNA from which the mRNA wa transcribed...
  58. Biology

    Has anyone done this experiment before? I need help with the final results. What would happen when I place 2 mL of hydrogen peroxide into 5 test tube, add manganese dioxide powder to the first one, then add sand to the second one, liver to the third one, and ground liver to ...
  59. Science help please

    In class we have to think of a testable question for our science fair project our teacher is making us write 5 things I like then write make it into a testable question . EX: she said she likes sledding What is the effect of sled shape on sled speed ? I need help coming up ...
  60. Biology

    Hello and good evening Are there groups of arthropods ? Lots of groups of arthropods. Check out this site.
  61. biology

    To produce human protein X in bacterial cells, the plasmid (vector) that is chosen should have a _______________ promoter, and the source DNA should be ___________________. Which of the following best completes the sentence above? strong, wild type genomic strong, mutant ...
  62. i really need help with science pls help

    Two groups of scientists got different results while studying about the origin of the universe. Which of these statements is most likely true about the results of the two groups of scientists? They were not repeated and verified. They provide new testable ideas to strengthen ...
  63. Biology

    Which of the following must occur for a plant or animal to grow and develop normally? a) Sufficient oxygen must be available to stimulate cell division. b) Theorganism must recive a supply of the appropriate horones from its parents. c) It must be able to control the timing ...
  64. Biology

    Imagine that you have been asked to provide an explanation about the structure and function of this system to a specific segment of the general public, perhaps a group of senior citizens, pregnant women, or student athletes, who want to learn more about normal functions of ...
  65. Biology - Genetics

    What is the expected genotypes and phenotypes of F1 flies in the cross between virgin brown eyed female with scarlet males (genes for brown and scarlet eyes are on different autosomes)? I know that brown eyes and scarlet eyes are both recessive but I'm not sure what he ...
  66. Biology

    Under which condition can you hold your breath longer? First breathe in as much as you can and hold your breath, and time it. (Lungs completely inflated) After, breathe out as much as you can, hold your breath, and time it. (Maximal expiration). Which condition can you hold ...
  67. Biology

    When the electron moves back to lower energy levels in an electron transport chain, energy is a) stored or b) released c)converted to matter d)used to make O2 I'm not sure how to answer this cause isn't it stored as potential energy of H20 and just before the electron moves ...
  68. Biology

    Explain the meaning of the term 'regulating mortality factor' and how an understanding of this can lead to successful biological control of pests in agriculture and horticulture. Thanks!! If anyone truly understood it, there wouldn't be pests, would there? http://ipmworld.umn....
  69. Biology

    In general, the frequency of APs in an afferent neuron is related to the amplitude of the receptor potential in the following way: a. exponentially. b. there is no general relationship. c. logarithmically. d. linearly. Is it exponentially? The other options make no sense. ...
  70. Biology

    I'm not sure how to answer one of my homework questions. SraJMCGIN was nice enough to direct me to a site but I already had been there. My teacher kinda of indicted it was true but I don't know how it can- could someone take a second look, please at this question? Is one ...
  71. Biology

    Which statement is NOT true about the proteins in the plasma membrane? -Proteins may be attached to the inner surface of the plasma membrane. -The hydrophobic portion of a protein is embedded within the membrane. -Some peripheral proteins are connected to cytoskeletal ...
  72. Intro Biology

    I can't find examples in the book as reference. Please help me with these questions and explain why. 1.) Which of the following has no vascular tissue (“plumbing system”)? A) Conifer B) Angiosperm C) Fern D) Moss E) Ginkgo 2.) Which of the following characteristics of ...
  73. Biology

    1.) Prophage occurs when a.) It bonds with carbohydrates to create a virus b.) Bacteriophage DNA embeds itself in host DNA c.) It detaches from carbohydrates to create a virus. d.) Bacteriophage DNA detatches itself from host DNA. D.
  74. biology

    You are preparing 500 mL of Denaturation Buffer containing 1.5 M NaCl and 0.5 M NaOH. Your stock solutions are 5 M NaCl and 6 M NaOH. How would you prepare the Denaturation Buffer? Include all of the solutions needed to make the buffer. For Nacl, C1V1=C2V2 5*V1=500*1.5 V1=150 ...
  75. BIOLOGY please help

    The first phase of somatic cell division is (A) __________, when the cell’s chromosomes condense, and the nuclear envelope that holds the chromosomes starts to break up. During this time, structures called the (B) __________ form from centrioles, which will attach to the ...
  76. biology

    suppose 23mL of NaOH was required. How much Carbonic Acid was neutralized? 1L of .01 NaOH contains ____ mol NaOH? lmL of .01 NaOH contains _____mol NaOH? 23mL of .01 NaOH contains _____ mol NaOH? 2 mol of NaOH react with 1 mol H2CO3 2.3 x 10^-4 mol of NaOH react with ____mol CO2
  77. biology

    A pepper plant is heterozygous for a mutant allele of the gene encoding the CaSGR enzyme (one allele is wild type and the other is mutant). The mutant allele differs from the wild type one in that it lacks a large part of the promoter sequence. Predict the following & briefly ...
  78. biology

    A pepper plant is heterozygous for a mutant allele of the gene encoding the CaSGR enzyme (one allele is wild type and the other is mutant). The mutant allele differs from the wild type one in that it lacks a large part of the promoter sequence. Predict the following & briefly ...
  79. Biology

    Mutualism Commensalism Predation Parasitism Name the relationship A tick on a dog PArasitism A lion eating a zebra Prdation A roundworm in a human intesteine Parasitism A fly living on the back of a rhino Commensalism A clown fish living in coral clown fish cleans coral and ...
  80. Biology

    to grow larger, arthropods must A grow a new endoskeleton. B grow a new exoskeleton. C add to the old endoskeleton. D add to the old exoskeleton. is it B?
  81. science

    how is diamond connected to science? how is diamond connected to math? how is diamond connected to you? why is diamond important?
  82. biology

    Which of the following is true about the relationship between energy and chemical reactions? Activation energy is required for a chemical reaction to occur. Activitation energy is not necessary in a chemical reaction which releases energy. Chemical bonds are always broken by ...
  83. science(2 Qs)

    PLEASE ANSWER MY 2 QUESTIONS IN SCIENCE THANKS 3.when a negatively charged object moves in the opposite direction of an electric force field,the potential energy of the object. A.becomes zero(I PICK THIS) B.increases C.decreases D.stays the same 4.the two south pole ends of ...
  84. biology

    If plant species has a diploid number of 12 and plant species B has a diploid number of 16. What would a new species, C, that arises as an allopolyploid from A and B, diploid number be? I was thinking 14, because it would get 6 sets from plant A and 8 from plant B. Does that ...

    if a woman is a carrier for a disease (Hh) and a man has a 50% chance of being a carrier for that disease, what is the probability that they have a child with that disease? i've figured out that if the man IS a carrier, there is a 25% chance and if the man IS NOT a carrier, ...
  86. URGENT Spanish help please.

    ok in the example it shows: ¿Comprendes espanol? Si, lo comprende ok for this question it's asking 1) do you and your siblings practice tennis my response: no, no los practicamos.. it said i was wrong how would I correct that 2) it asked does your mother teach biology? My ...
  87. science

    Will you please let me know if you think my Problem and Hypothesis is what my teacher is looking for? This is my first science project and I want to achieve an A. I am testing how heat input can affect the velocity of the ocean currents. PROBLEM: Does an increase in water ...
  88. Biology

    The short stem trait (t) is recessive to the tall stem trait (T). If a homozygous short pea plant is crossed with a heterozygous tall plant, what is the chance that the offspring will be short? A. one out of four B. three out of four C. all four D. two out of four ???
  89. Biology

    The reproductive system of a male mammal is made up of... A. Claspers, prostrate gland, sperm duct and vas deference. B. Festis, prostrate gland, sperm duct and vas deferens. C. Oviduct, urethra, testis, and sperm duct. D. Testis, uterus, prostrate gland and sperm duct.
  90. pHYSICS

  91. biology

    A man with brown eyes and dark hairs (whose father was blue eyed),marries a woman with blue eyes and blue curly hairs (whose mother was red straight hair). They have 4 children. What is the genotype of children 1)BbRR:BbRr:bbrr:bbRR 2)BbRR:BbRr:bbRr:bbRR 3)BbRr:BbRr:BbRR:bbrr ...
  92. science

    There IS no question
  93. science

    what is sience
  94. science

    what is a physiology
  95. science

    what is technology?
  96. science

    what is technology
  97. Science

    What is El Nino?
  98. Science

    How many kL are in 3000 L?
  99. science

    why is it needed?
  100. Science

    what does H+ stand for?
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