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  1. Biology

    How does a theory provide a framework for the way scientific investigations are conducted? Identify a theory that served for a time and was then supplanted. Compile what you know about the theory, and the effect of the wrong theory on the way people thought. I really just need...

    Human tissue cells seem to fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. How is this arrangement of cells helpful to an organism? The presence of membranes around organelles indicates increasing complexity. Why do you think the presence of such membranes gives the cell an ...
  3. biology

    what animals and plants are unique in the Belize's barrier reef system? would it be; blue green algae, mangroves and large seagrass meadows.marine turtles, manatees and marine crocodiles? I also need to find the animals and plants that are diversity in this area. please help.
  4. Biology

    Plz help me find these words for puzzle. the questions are related to bacteria. 1. Ability of pathogen to kill (8 letters) 2. Ability of an organism to cause disease (8 letters) 3. One of the conditions for bacterial growth (8 letters) 4. Cells with no double membraned ...
  5. biology (multiple choice!)

    The death by bubonic plague of about 1/3 of Europe's population during the fourteenth century is a good example of: A. Abiotic factors limiting population size B. A density dependent effect C. A time lag D. A density-independent effect E. Carrying capacity
  6. Principles of Biology 1

    A team of students hypothesizes that the amount of alcohol produced in fermentation depends on the amount of sugar supplied to yeast. They want to use 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30% sugar solutions. They propose to run each experiment at 40 degrees celcius with 5 mL of yeast. What ...
  7. biology

    Explain how you might determine the role of an essential developmental gene using the following as a guide: *use of model organism? Why? *Use of conditional knockouts/knockouts/hypomorphic allele/null allele/ RNAi? Why? *locate its products, mRNA and protein *effects if ...
  8. Science Energy

    My assignment was to give drawn examples of the 7 forms of energy. I am having trouble with Chemical and Nuclear. My science teacher used a plant as an example for chemical energy but I don't know what she meant. Also I can't think of an example for nuclear. Would a nuclear ...
  9. English

    1. We learned math and science. 2. We learnt math and science. (Which past do we use? Are both okay? Which one is commonly used?) 3. I went there every other week. 4. I went there every second week. 5. I went there every two weeks. (Are the three sentences the same?)
  10. help with my science test 7th grade connection

    11. Several studies link cigarette smoke to health problems have resulted in the banning of smoking in many public places.this is an example of A.ways scientific theories become scientific laws. B.ways a scientists communicate results C.ways science influences society. D.ways ...
  11. biology

    1. What adaptive advantage did seeds provide -------------------------------------- Notes: Embryo is protected in a seed. The seed is modified for dispersal which is good b/c…. Once landed, the seed can remain dormant until… The rains come… The temperature is right… ...
  12. Math

    Jance spend from 7pm to 9pm doing her homework. She spend 3 times as mach time on her english project as she did on math. the science homework took twice as long as her math homework. How meny minutes did she spend on her science homework?
  13. biology

    After a meal rich in starch, the blood with the highest concentration of sugar would be in what blood vessel? What are the 2 blood vessels containing blood with the highest concentration of oxygen? The websites given last time did not help, please can someone tell me the answers
  14. biology phenotypes

    If the parents are PPLLXppll, then the F1 generation is PpLl. Say that the F1 generation is crossed with PPLL. It would be a cross between PpLl X PPLL. Then what is the F1 generation or in other words what are the different gametes I can use to make a F2 generation punnett ...
  15. Biology

    In pine, both the staminate and ovulate cones occur on the same tree, but not on the same branch. The ovulate cones are usually at the top of the trees, so that pollen from their own tree will not fall onto and fertilize the eggs. Why would this be an advantage?
  16. Biology

    also located on the X chromosome is a gene that codes for deafness. This gene is recessive. a black female cat that is heterozygous for deafness (Dd) is crossed with a yellow cat that is not deaf What is the Punnet Square . and must use two letters on the x chromosome
  17. Biology

    The human retina has an area of about 1000 mm^2. If we have a total of 125 million rods and 6.5 million cones in each eye, show that we have about 131,500 sensory cells per square millimeter in the retina.
  18. Biology

    I have answered all the other questions on this sheet but I am stuck on this one: Why is it fair to assume that the proportion of cells in each phase of the cell cycle represents the proportion of time spent by individual cells? This is to do with the cell cycle and mitosis.
  19. Biology

    Humans have about 20,000 genes in our genome. Explain how cells differentiate into different kinds of cells even though they have the same set of 20,000 genes in their nuclei, so they are genetically identical.
  20. Biology

    What is chromatin and what does it turn into and how does it arrange itself? Chromatin forms chromosomes during cell division and consists of DNA RNA and proteins. It turns into separate structurs called chromosomes. Idk how it arranges itself
  21. Biology

    Which of the following is the muscle action that results in exhalation and causes the air pressure inside the lungs to be higher than outside the chest a) Contraction of internal intercostals b) Relaxation of the diaphragm c) Contraction of the diaphragm d) Relaxation of the ...
  22. biology

    explain what is the carbon cycle and why its called a cycle *explain four "moves" that occur in this cycle * explain the importance of this cycle to organisms *explain the human impact and effects on this cycle when fossil fuels are burnt
  23. biology

    explain what is the carbon cycle and why its called a cycle *explain four "moves" that occur in this cycle * explain the importance of this cycle to organisms *explain the human impact and effects on this cycle when fossil fuels are burnt
  24. Science repost for iiii

    science - iiii, Monday, October 29, 2007 at 8:08pm What test would you need to perform to prove that it is the combination of glucose and the Glucose Indicator Solution that changes color when heated and not just the glucose or the Glucose Indicator Solution alone? Support ...
  25. biology

    Which of the following properties of water would be most important in protecting a fish in a shallow pond on a hot summer day? the low density of water in the solid phase water's strong forces of adhesion water's high specific heat water's solvent properties
  26. Biology

    Blockage of the common bile duct would be expected to affect lipid digestion. protein digestion. carbohydrate digestion. nucleotide digestion. cellulose digestion. lipid is the only common sense one?
  27. science fair

    in my science fair report school layout they want us to write a paragraph on testing my hypothesis and before that they asked us to write procedure. i wrote the procedure now do i rewrite it for testing my hypothesis?
  28. Biology

    "Suggest two things a large cell might do to increase its surface area:volume ratio". The obvious method would be to divide into many smaller cells...but what else can the cell do? I also thought that it could just simply grow larger, but the question specifies that the cell ...
  29. biology

    Question: What are the distinguishing characteristics of prokaryotes? My Answer: Prokaryotes range in size from 1 to 5 micrometers, making them much smaller than most eukaryoteic cells. Prokaryotes can be divided into two very different groups Eubacteria and Archaebacteria. Am...
  30. biology

    Orange juice is often touted by nutritionists as being an excellent antioxidant. Within an essay response, discuss the following concepts: an antioxidant’s function, free radicals and their effect on the human body, sources of vitamin C, optimal delivery system for vitamin C...
  31. Science

    Does anyone know anything about respiration?? Cause I have to do this chart thing and it says: Respiration uses glucose and oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water and water is used to carry out all _________. I don't know what the blank is I have read my science over and ...
  32. Biology

    Describe four ways that plants protect themselves from environmental conditions using one example from each of the following categories: a. hormone b. tropism c. plants structure d. plant process In your answer be sure to include the specific threat and solution. Please help ...
  33. 11th grade:AP Biology

    This is concerning Ecology. Question: You turn on a light and observe cockroaches scurrying to dark hiding places. What have you observed? A. taxis B. learned behavior C. migration D. visual communication E. operant conditioning I have already crossed out migration; however, I...
  34. Wild Life Biology

    Our environment changes rapidly with loss of animal habitat increasing daily. Why might an animal's insticts cost it it's life in this situation? So far all I can think of is the deer that sense a sourse of food on the oppiste side of a road. Which causes them to cross and get...
  35. AP Biology

    Which of the following is probably the main factor responsible for the phenomenon of density-dependent inhibition? a. a local accumulation of growth-inhibiting factors b. a local deficiency of nutrients c. cells' inate "sense" of knowing when the organ of which they are apart ...
  36. biology

    1. Owls sleep during the day and are awake at night because of their kind of estivation habituation* circadian rhythm conditioning 2. When a bird sings to signal others of the same species to keep away, it is showing signs of cheerfulness courtship behavior conditioning ...
  37. Biology

    Among protostomes, which morphological trait has shown the most variation? A. Type of symmetry (bilateral vs. radial vs. none) B. Type of body cavity (coelom vs. Pseudocoelom vs. acoelom) C. Number of embryonic tissue types (diploblastic vs. triploblastic) D. Cephalization (...
  38. biology

    Question 18 If a child was allergic to a substance scratched onto their skin, the area turned red and swollen within about 10 minutes. Which of the following would cause these symptoms? Answer Release of interleukin-10 Recruitment of B cells Release of histamine The presence ...
  39. biology

    Can someone please describe what a double helix looks like? I think it looks like fusilli pasta. Is this correct? I'm having a lot of trouble understanding what DNA looks like. Please help, thank you. I am visually impaired by the way.
  40. biology

    if a solution has a pH of 4 mix to a solution that has a pH of 9 what will be the pH of the mixed solution? will it be acidic or base? please show me how to calculate it.please i need the answer before tomorrow morning. thank you so much. I had been to other sites but i didn't...
  41. algebra

    An “A” is considered 4.0, a “B” is 3.0, a “C” is 2.0, a “D” is 1.0, and an “F” is 0. In your first semester you received the following grades. Calculate your grade point average English = credits 3.0 Grade = C Biology = credits 4.0 Grade = B Communications...
  42. Biology

    Systolic blood pressure is the pressure in veins. pressure in major arteries caused by the contraction of the left ventricle. pressure in major arteries when the heart is relaxing. difference in pressure that causes the pulse. hard im thinking its B
  43. Biology

    If it happens that a neurotransmitter binds to a receptor site and produces a negative voltage, the probablity: A) that the neurons are densely connected increases B) of an excitatory response increase C)That the receiving neuron will fire decrease D)that the transmitting ...
  44. Biology

    Which of the following bond types is Testosterone capable of forming with a suitable partner molecule? Indicate your answer by checking "Yes" or "No" as appropriate. Hydrogen Bond Ionic Bond van der Waals forces As a whole, is the Testosterone molecule: - Hydrophobic - ...
  45. Biology

    A farmer wants to propagate a good variety of a crop in a way which maintained all its desirable traits. Which of the following methods should be used? A. Self Pollination B. Vegetative propagation C. Growing seeds produced from this variety D. Cross-pollinating this crop with...
  46. biology help

    Does photosynthesis require energy? What type of energy reaction would photosynthesis be? Is photosynthesis an example of a coupled reaction?
  47. Biology

    To a curly haired mother and straight haired father 8 children are born. The ratio of curly and straight haired will be 1) 6:2 2) 4:4 3) 2:6 4) 3:5
  48. Biology

    If a curly haired father and straight haired mother 8 children are born .the ratio of curly and straight haired will be ......
  49. Binomial Distribution

    A biology quiz consists of twelve multiple-choice questions. Eight must be answered correctly to receive a passing grade. If each question has five possible answers, of which only one is correct, what is the probability that a student who guesses at random on each question ...
  50. Psychology Help Please

    When rethinking a problem why do people do a social comparison? What school of thought did client centered therapy come from? What is the biology of love based on? If a person sees the glass half full, what type of outlook do they have? Human sexuality is influenced by three ...
  51. Biology

    Why do eukaryotic cells develop, or how do eukaryotic develop?
  52. Science

    [I choose b.] Why are there so many species still unknown to modern science? a.many of these species are found in remote environments. b.smaller species receive less attention than large organisms. c.Cataloging these species is a huge task d.all the above Many have not been ...
  53. Statistics

    I already found part A just need help with B! The computer-science aptitude score, x, and the achievement score, y (measured by a comprehensive final), were measured for 10 students in a beginning computer-science course. The results were as follows. (Give your answers correct...
  54. need ideas on science fair project!!

    im doing a science fair project on teeth.... and i need ideas. i hve already tried what kind of soda affects the tooth most, and i need more ideas! plz help!!
  55. Biology

    4)You count your cells and have 8x10ᶺ5 viable cells/ml you want to see (dilute the cells) to end up with 2x10ᶺ5 viable cells/ml. What volume of cells will you put into 20 ml?
  56. biology

    Why might it be worse to get an infection from someone in the hospital than from someone on a bus? is it because how bad the infection is, usually people that are in the hospital are in bad condition
  57. Biology

    In what situations would sampling work best for estimating population size, in what situations would mark and recapture work best and why?
  58. Biology

    (purple smooth = 75, white smooth = 28, purple wrinkled = 24, white wrinkled = 8) Account for the difference between the expected and experimental values.
  59. biology

    (purple smooth = 75, white smooth = 28, purple wrinkled = 24, white wrinkled = 8) Account for the difference between the expected and experimental values.
  60. Biology

    A genotype represented by the letters TT is considered to be which of the following? A. Heterozygous dominant B. Homozygous recessive C. Homozygous dominant D. Heterozygous recessive A? Not sure
  61. Biology

    If your mom had alleles containing 18 and 21 repeats and your dad had alleles containing 18 and 24 repeats, what is the change you will be homozygous for the 18 repeat allele?
  62. biology

    Give the phenotype and genotype for the F2 generation of a person with Type a heterozygous blood and a type O blood type. Remember to use all possible parents. Using Punnett squares I got 50% type a blood and 50% type o blood is this right??
  63. Biology question pH

    pH levels are each a 10-fold change so a change by 2 is actually a change by 1000. pH determines certain characteristics in organisms that allow them to live in certain areas so an alteration in pH changes their adaption skills. why is a change by 2 = 1000? what would a change...
  64. Art Question

    When children draw cross-sections of plants, they are: 1. intergrating science and art (Or) 2. intergrating mathematics and science Lordy. Surely you have some thinking on this, this question hardly stimulates the cerebral cortex. Did you mean integrating? Intergrating is ...
  65. Biology

    What is the effect of carbon monoxide in the blood? I think its because carbon monoxide combines with the blood to form carbooxyhaemoglobin which reduces the amount of oxygen combining with haemogloblin.Hence a person suffers from lack of oxygen and consequently may die from ...
  66. Biology Lab

    Can you please show me how to answer this question using C1V1=C2V2 A scientist receives a vial containing a protein at at concentration of 35mg/ml and is asked to add 0.25ml of it to 6.75mls of Biuret solution. What is the concentration of protein in the Biuret solution in mg/ml?
  67. Biology

    Synthesis means the process by which simple compounds are united to form more complex materials. Dehydration means loss of water. Explain why chemists refer to the joining of monosaccharide molecules to form disacchardies as dehydration synthesis reaction
  68. Biology

    Which of the following is true of an exergonic chemical reaction? A.Reactants lose mass as products are reformed B.Bonds are broken in reactants and new bonds are formed in products C.No activation energy is required to initiate it D.The energy released is captured by a catalyst
  69. biology

    Identify the plant like protest phylum or phyla that these phrases describe a.lack a cell wall b.mainly multicellular members c.photosynthetic d.cell wall composed of silica e.nuclear envelope f.ancestors of higher plants I am not sure which belongs to which. I don't ...
  70. biology

    All of the following important concepts of population genetics are due to random events or chance except mutation natural selection the bottleneck effect the founder effect sexual recombination I am pretty sure that the answer would be "natural selection", but I wanted a ...
  71. biology

    The primary reaction catalyzed by catalase is the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide to form water and oxygen, which occurs spontaneously, but not at a very rapid rate. Write a balanced equation for this reaction. (Remember that catalase is not a reactant or a product and can ...
  72. College biology

    In testing synaptic transmission, you found that there were 300 failures in 1000 trails of stimulating a presynaptic neuron. The average EPSP size was .7 mV +/- .2mV (mean +/- SD), and the average 'mini' EPSP size was .6mV +/- .1mV. Does the synapse obey Poisson statistics? ...
  73. College biology

    In testing synaptic transmission, you found that there were 300 failures in 1000 trails of stimulating a presynaptic neuron. The average EPSP size was .7 mV +/- .2mV (mean +/- SD), and the average 'mini' EPSP size was .6mV +/- .1mV. Does the synapse obey Poisson statistics? ...
  74. biology

    JANUARY 2009. This graph represents hormons and events in the 1.process of fetal growth and development. 2.process of meiotic cell divission during sperm dev elopment. 3.reproductive cycle of males. 4.reproductive cycle of females. i have to choose one of them what is the ...
  75. Lang, Arts

    1.Which of the following would always require a citation in a research paper? A.Thesis statement anecdotal experience C.a quotation D.a humorous statement I think it is C...? 2. Which of the following shows the correct parenthetical citation for information from page 57 ...
  76. Science

    I need help with my science class. My teacher wants us to come up with property tests for many different substances to indentify them. I need three property tests for: Coal, Rope, Cloth, Plastic, Paper, Bean, Copper Granuals, Sand, Flower Petal and Rubber. Can you help me find...
  77. Science - Please Help!

    How can you tell the similarity between displacement and average velocity? It is for a part of a science problem. The lesson did not tell me how to do this. I have been stuck on that problem for a while. I also had my sister help me, and I looked things up for the problem. I ...
  78. Science 8

    IN science we are talking about chemical prefixes and compound names. For homework there are some questions where I have to "Name the Ionic Compounds" He talked about it but I am still confused, here is one of the questions. ht tp*:/ / php?image=...
  79. Science

    To solve the problem of a polluted stream a scientist traced where the pollution came from. She determined that the pollution was coming from many small sources. She worked on a plan to help reduce the pollution to the stream. This is an example of ____________________ ...
  80. career help

    one year ago This degree program is designed to prepare students to enter a career upon completing the degree with no further study required. Some are transferable to a state university program to continue education. Associate in Arts (AA) Associate in Science (AS) Associate ...
  81. math

    on monday 86 science fiction books were sold at a book sale this is 8 more than twice the amount sold on thursday how many science fiction books were sold on thursday
  82. biology

    What must the systolic blood pressure be valued at for adequate mean arterial pressure if the diastolic pressure is 75? (Assume resting conditions) A. at least 90 B. at least 95 C. at least 100 D. at least 105 E. at least 110 F. at least 115 G. at least 120
  83. biology

    The plasma membrane: Tick the box next to the ONE answer you believe is TRUE. A. can generate action potentials in excitable cells B. may burst in hypertonic extracellular solution C. can contain carbohydrates which confer ion permeability. D. is made up of a lipid core ...
  84. Biology

    I need help making a concept map. I have to put the following words into one and i don't know where to start. Gene DNA Chromosome Mutations Protiens Central Dogma Signal Transduction Nucleus mRNA tRNA rRNA Ribosomes Autosomes Sex Chromosomes Recessive Translation Transcription...
  85. Biology

    Which of the following is a NOT function of a vacuole? packing of materials transport of materials storage of materials breakdown of materials I'm confused. I know that vacuoles store materials, in other words, C is not correct since it's true. But the rest are wrong as well! ...
  86. Biology

    Which of the following properties of water would be most important in protecting a fish in a shallow pond on a hot summer day? A. the low density of water in the solid phase B. water's strong forces of adhesion C. the high specific heat of water D. water's solvent properties ...
  87. Biology

    name three ways somatic cells are different from gamete cells. 1. Gametes are sex cells and are always haploid 2. Somatic cells are non sex cells 3. ?
  88. Science 7R - Homework Check (Q3)

    What's the function of a dichotomous key? My Answer: Dichotomous Key use by scientists are arranged in steps with two descriptive statements at each step. Is my answer to this question is correct??? BTW: I got this answer from my textbook in that section that my science ...

    You plan to generate many copies of this gene by PCR. You will then insert the PCR product into the plasmid. d) Which two primers from the list below will allow you to use PCR to amplify this gene? Check the two that apply. 5'-GTGCA-3' 5'-CACGT-3' 5'-TATGG-3' 5'-CCATA-3' 5'-...
  90. Biology

    Record any two of the following temperatures in your lab environment. In each case, allow the end bulb of the Celsius thermometer to remain in or on the sample for one minute. Cold tap water in a 50 ml beaker = ___ Celsius Hot water in a 50ml beaker= _____ Celsius
  91. biology

    Which of the following is the key factor driving cellular differentiation in the body? a. chemical gradients in the cellular environment b. expression of genetic coding c. rate of transcription d. cellular nutritional status c? confused cuz transcription is the first step in ...
  92. biology

    Which of the following is the key factor driving cellular differentiation in the body? a. chemical gradients in the cellular environment b. expression of genetic coding c. rate of transcription d. cellular nutritional status c? confused cuz transcription is the first step in ...
  93. Biology (muscle response)

    Suppose you are asleep and the doorbell rings. You stumble to your feet and move toward the door, open it and speek with your visitor. Think of the many changes occurring in your body as you awaken and respond. How does the three types of muscle tissue help? I'm having ...
  94. biology

    1. Cystic Fibrosis is due to abnormal mucus-secreting tissue. Abnormal pancreatic secretions and respiratory problems will occur. This is an autosomal recessive disease. The mother and father are carriers for the disease. A. What is their genotype? B. What is their phenotype? ...
  95. math/science

    Since the SI unit for temperature is Kelvin, why is the Celsius scale most often used in the science labs? I don't know that it IS the most often used. For example, almost all of the calculations require changing from C to K (gas law problems, and almost all others EXCEPT ...
  96. science and technology engineering mathematics

    Do you have sites that can help me understand science and technology engineering mathematics?
  97. biology

    Hi, I am doing a summary assignment on the Temperate Deciduous Forest Biome and i need help finding "Highlights of abiotic and biotic factors", Climate graph showing temperature and percipitaion, a food web and a map showing Canadian location of The temperate deciduous forest.
  98. BIOLOGY GR.12

    What are the differnt conditions for yest fermentation. i have to make a hypothesis and experment based on yeast fermentation. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT EFFECTS THE FERMENTATION. for example using a higher temp to put my yeast in will make the fermentation faster. WHAT OTHER FACTORS...
  99. Biology of Environment

    Im having hard time differentiating b/w inductive and deductive reasoning. In inductive you find patterns, then you reach conclusion, in deductive you reach conclusion based on previous known facts, but i still not quite understand. I also not get the top-down, bottom-up.
  100. Biology quick help

    What is the method of nitrogenous waste removal for the following & choose between ammonia, urea or uric acid Tunicates Fishes Amphibians Reptiles Birds Mammals I think tunicates are urea and fishes are ammonia? But please help because I'm not sure and I don't know the rest
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