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  1. biology

    Is their a relationship between strength and independent mobility? Can a spinal cord injury affect he body permanently?
  2. biology

    In a cross of heterozygous RW four o'clock plants (RW x RW) what proportion of the seeds will grow to produce pink flowers? A. 0 B. 0.25 C. 0.5 D. 0.75

    Name and discuss the levels of organization in a multicellular organism starting from the basic unit or structure of life.
  4. Biology

    what would be a good starting sentence for a hypothesis "why do some people have similar dominant traits?"
  5. biology

    draw a diagram that shows the chromosome combinations that are possible in the haploid gametes of an organism with a diploid number of 6
  6. Biology

    A portion of DNA has the following sequence: ATACCG. What number of codons would this segment code for? A. 6 B. 3 C. 2*** D. 1 I think it is C...?
  7. BiOlogy

    Can we predict or show the outcome of monohybrid crosses for parents with different allele combinations?Explain your answer
  8. Biology

    Breaking the hydrogen bond between two water molecules is called dissociation. true or false
  9. Human and social biology

    define the terms (a) Conservation and (b) Pollution and explain one activity of humans associated with each
  10. Human and social biology

    where a disease is always present, why are preventitive measures better for the whole population than treatment?
  11. Biology

    I need help with the life cycle of an ostrich! And what could go wrong with the development. I don't understand if it's bacterial or viral infections that may occur...
  12. Biology

    If the number of ___ in an atom is changed, an ion will be produced. a)proton b)neutron c)electron Could be multiple answers
  13. Biology

    Do you think that the countries producing sulfur dioxide emissions should compensate their neighbors for the damage being done?
  14. biology

    ‘Biologists’ suggested that organisms have been around for a long time and can change too. What was Larmarck’s conclusions?
  15. Biology

    Which of the following biomes covers the largest area of earth? tundra marine-----> My answer grassland forest
  16. Biology ( Ms.Sue help)

       Autosomes are _______ chromosomes.  A. abnormal B. homologous C. haploid D. nonsex My guesses would be either B or D.
  17. biology

    providing examples explain how sexual reproduction in plants has evolved to become less dependent on water?
  18. biology

    Besides coal and oil (fossil fuels) what type of rocks store a great deal of carbon?
  19. Biology

    what do the following do in a cell: Smooth endoplasmic reticulum Mitochondrion Ribosomes Golgi apparatus Nuclear envelope
  20. Biology please assist

    1. Where is pH found? 2.what is the function of pH? 3.what principle guides the phenomenon of pH? 4.what is acid rain ?how is it related to pH values?
  21. Biology

    Describe what you observed in the hands-on animal behavior lab. What conclusions did you draw from the data? Explain your answer.
  22. Biology

    If two samples of DNA are different concentrations and I was to add them, I do need to divide by the total volume, right?
  23. AP Biology

    What are the phenotypes of the long-nosed cusimanse? I can't find any site about their body structure or function either.
  24. biology

    Which organelle(s) are likely to be involved in the reduced efficiency of amino acid recycling in wimpys liver cells?
  25. biology

    If allele frequencies change, natural selection must be acting in some way. True or False?
  26. biology

    a. what are the composition in nutrient broth? b. give 5 different types of media used for cultivation of microbes and define each?
  27. biology

    Compare respiratory systems of the earthworm, frog, and squid, explaining how the specimen breathes and what organs are involved.
  28. Biology

    Beside parasitism, invertebrates exhibit various other symbiotic relationship explain with examples? Please help me
  29. Biology

    What is a protein that transports ions across the plasma membrane without requiring energy or changing shape?
  30. Biology

    Name and briefly describe two traits that amphibians and reptiles share that are not common to all vertebrates
  31. biology a1

    What substance diffuses across the membrane in osmosis? A>> glucose B>> ions C>> water D>> amino acids I'm thinking A

    1. How many seconds do you spend in school during the week (6.5 hours/day)? 2. How many micrograms are in 12 dekagrams? 3. How many centimeters are in 5 kilometers? 4. 3.25 liters are equal to how many kiloliters? 5. how man meters are in 0.65 hectometers? 6. How many grams ...
  33. math/everything

    do you know any website that can help me with all this 1.Language Arts, Writing, in two parts. •Part 1: Organization, Sentence Structure, Usage, and Mechanics •Part 2: Essay 2.Language Arts, Reading •Poetry •Drama and •Fiction •Non-fiction •Workplace documents 3....
  34. science-biology help

    knowing that as the steepness of a concentration graident increases, the rate of diffusion increases, explain how a single celled organisms would respond in an oxygen rich pond compared to an oxygen poor pond. I'm not really sure but in an oxygen poor pond there is a small ...
  35. Biology helppppppp

    1. Why was communication through books, letters, and lectures such an important factor in the development of the cell theory? What do you think would happen if scientists today were unable to communicate with each other? In science, we build on the works of others. If we know ...

    I'm doing a poster in science and its about radon. Radon is a radioactive gas and it causes lung cancer, but i don't know what to do for the poster and it's due March 16,2012 but i have to turn it in by tomorrow so that the poster can get to the science specalist so the ...
  37. Science

    I would like to know does this statement makes a good hypothesis for my paper(or)can someone give me some type of insight on how to word it correctly. "My paper will prove that homosexuality is a phenomenon that maybe due to biological factors, enviromental infulences or a ...
  38. science

    Can anyone think of a fun experiment to do with blood for a 9th grade science class? Try not to be too flashy-my teacher has a rather limited budget
  39. To: DrBob222

    Can you please check my previous science post. As of right now, you are the only science teacher on this site--which is why I am pleading you to. Thank you very much:-)
  40. science

    what factors affect plant growth, i nkow light, water, and all the stuff but more things please, for my science project!:)
  41. Science

    much force is Mike applying to the 1000 kg car to make it accelerate at a rate of .05 m/s2? I need help understanding this.. I'm really bad at science...>.<
  42. Science

    On the movie, Bill Nye the Science Guy, what was the seventh energy after thermal, elctrical, nuclear, sound, solar, and chemical?
  43. Pre-AP physical science

    What is the best way to set-up my science fair project that is 40% of my 2nd semester grade and credits ?? A little lost
  44. Physical Science,Maths, L.O,Life Science

    What Subject do i need to study at FET Level if i want to become a Social Worker one day
  45. Science

    Hi!I wished you can help me with my science fair project.I don't know what to do or which to pick.Please help me.Any suggestion?I'm a fifth grader by the way.I appreciate it a lot. Endless Thanks, Marie
  46. Science

    When entering science lab, which of the following should be done by science students? Students should start working on their experiment. Students must talk to their lab partner to see what they need to do next. Students must wait for their teacher to give instructions.*
  47. Science Help

    Can someone explain how a mutation in an individual's DNA occurs? I have no idea. And what is the effect it may have on the individual's traits? This is for my study guide of science, and I suck at science, but I am to shy to ask my teacher. Yes, I know sooner or later, I will...
  48. Mathematics

    Of the 82 pupils in grade 9, 73 take mathematics 56 take science, all those who take science take mathematics. Show the information on the venn diagram. How many take neither mathematics nor science?
  49. Science, Nature Science,ence, Nature Science,ence

    How does water help us stay cool?
  50. Science Fair

    My friend told me this science fair at Rockland, Rockland Sit Fair and I'm doing my science fair project on about the human body like junk food vs healthy food. What title I should use it for???? Plus can you give me the right information about this. Please Thank You!!!
  51. heat/science Xtremely important

    Please help! I need a good website for HEAT in science! I'm in 8grade and I need info on heat
  52. Statistics

    Which Professor? Suppose Professor Alpha and Professor Omega each teach Introductory Biology. You need to Decide which professor to take the class from and have just completed your introductory statistics course. Records obtained from the past students indicated that students ...
  53. Biology/Chem

    Can someone please explain how I would write the equation for the hydrolysis of lactose using structural formulae? Thanks.
  54. Biology

    why do some cells burst when exposed to ouabain? (a drug that is used to treat heart failure and affects the Na+/K+ ATPase)

    1) How does an ionic band different 2)What are some example of elements? name the eletrical charged of a proton, neutron and eletron?
  56. Biology

    Describe how a sample of whole chloroplasts could be obtained from leaf tissue please could someone point me in the right direction
  57. biology

    The removal of which of the following would have the biggest impact on marine ecosystems? a. fishes b. whales c. shrimp D. plankton
  58. Biology

    How do u figure out the initial rate of an enzymatic reaction when they only give the time in seconds and the product formed?
  59. biology

    what are the five basic things to survive? I have water, food, shelter, and air but I am stumped on the last one please help!!!!
  60. biology

    will a dialysis tube swell/expand after being immersed in a beaker of water for several hours? if so why has it swelled?
  61. biology

    will a dialysis tube swell/expand after being immersed in a beaker of water for several hours? if so why has it swelled?
  62. biology

    i am looking for proof that oxygen comes from water and not from carbon dioxide. can you send me a link or a brief explanation on this subject? thanks.
  63. Biology: Cells

    Why is it important that ions being transported across a cell membrane be shielded from the interior of the lipid bilayer?
  64. Biology, Please Help!

    Why is it important that ions being transported across a cell membrane be shielded from the interior of the lipid bilayer?
  65. AP Biology

    Why is it that the Calvin cycle is able to occur in the dark, but indirectly relies on sunlight? -Can someone give me a brief description?
  66. Biology

    What evidence did Watson and Crick use to determine that DNA is a helix? Is there another cellular macromolecule that can assume a helical shape?
  67. Biology/Health 12

    Explain why only one corpus luteum may be found in the ovaries of a woman who has given birth to triplets. THANKS!
  68. biology

    Oh my! I have absolutly no Idea what Caudal Prehension is, or short defecation time, or pulmonary vusculature! Can anyone help please? Thanks Minnie
  69. micro biology

    which of these would you expect to be used in food preservation? A. iodine b. isopropanol c. organic acids d. heavy metals
  70. biology

    Scientists do their experimental tests more than once so they can reduce the effects of chance errors. This is called conducting ____________?
  71. Biology

    What is the role of lysosome in the cell? I have searched the web also tried google but there is no appropriate answer. Plz... help
  72. AP biology

    question 5 asks how did the KOH affect the water movement in the respirometer. Does anyone know the answer cuz i drew a blank on that one.
  73. biology

    h ttp://i726.photobucket. com/albums/ww263/fornss/b iology2.jpg?t=1234820797 (remove spaces)
  74. biology test

    CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME with a definition for my study guide of DNA polymerases. I have found many on the internet but not quite getting it.
  75. Biology

    how can traits determine the characteristics of an organism? and what would happen if a base [i'm assuming in the dna sequence] is out of order?
  76. Biology

    explain clearly the difference between independently assorting genes and those that are linked, and the influence this has on gamete production
  77. biology

    im kind suck on this one can anyone help me out: explain four ways through which your body natually deals with microbes.
  78. biology

    What is the impact of physical activity on cellular respiration? Why do we need to cool our bodies by sweating when exercising? What is homeostasis?
  79. biology

    How did the primordial atmosphere, photosynthesis, oxygen, the ozone layer, and the endosymbiotic theory influence the origin of living organisms?
  80. biology

    why has surprisingly little use been made of distillation of seawater as a source of driking water in arid areas?
  81. Biology

    What are the genus and species of Dragonfly, Water Boatman and Caddisfly??? I've looked all over the internet and i cant find the answer!!!!
  82. biology

    how do van der Wheels forces hold molecules together? please help i tried but i still cant understand it. thank you so much.
  83. biology

    why do plants produce far more sugar than they need? why do they not stop photosynthesis once immedaite needs are met?
  84. biology

    nitorgen has an atomic number of 7. which of the following elementshave similair chemical proteries? carbon, neon, phosphorus, or sulfer?
  85. biology

    Name an adaptation of acoelomate or pseudoceelomates explain how it developed and why. discuss the role DNA played in the development of this trait
  86. Biology

    In what kind of food is each of the following substances found: a)lactose b)sucrose c)cellulose d)sunflower oil e)liquid protein.
  87. biology

    4. Which of the following species is extinct? 1 American bald eagle 2 bison (buffalo) 3 passenger pigeon 4 giant panda
  88. Advanced Biology

    In a cross of two individuals hereozygous for a single trait, what genotype and phenotype ratios would be obtained?
  89. Biology

    Where do tertiary base pair interactions largely map onto the three-dimensional structure of tRNA? What is their purpose?
  90. biology

    what are three ways for an animal to lose water; what are other sources of carbon dioxide[besides animals exhaling]?
  91. biology

    what are three ways for an animal to lose water; what are other sources of carbon dioxide[besides animals exhaling]?
  92. biology

    what are three ways for an animal to lose water; what are other sources of carbon dioxide[besides animals exhaling]?
  93. Biology

    Explain how the half-life of a radioactive isotope affects the usefulness of that isotpe in dating specific types of rock?
  94. Biology

    Why was it so important to keep all cellular fractions at or near 0 degree C throughout the entire isolation/purification procedure?
  95. Biology / Biochemistry

    How will the conformation of an Enzyme (a protease) be affected when the amino acid residue is substituted with glutamate instead of glutamine?
  96. Biology

    What is the habitat and # of living species of: 1.single celled protozoa 2.joint legged arthopods 3.back bone chordates
  97. biology

    How many Calories are found in a food sample if burned in a calorimeter is raises the temperature of 1000 grams of water 58 degrees?
  98. biology

    a) Explain why the knee-jerk reflex still functions in a person with a severed spinal cord. b) Why is there no sensation of the stimulus?
  99. Gr.11 BIOLOGY

    Indicate whether you agree or disagree with the following statement: “Cola drinks do not qualify as food.” Explain you answer.
  100. biology

    two members of the same ___ would be most clostly related. a. order b. group c. genus d. species
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