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  1. science

    I need a really cool unusual idea for my 5th grade science fair project - any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you,
  2. science

    what are the layers of the earth's interior in order??? Please send asap I am making a science study guide for my huge exam!
  3. Science

    Could someone please have a moment to look at my science posts as well; I want Jiskha tutors to help me with them, thank you very much for all the help you could give me:-)
  4. science

    I'm in 5th grade and I need a cool, unusual science fair project. I have 3 days to do this. It has to be a question with a variable, not a demonstration. HELP!
  5. English

    I have to write a Haiku with has to do with Science, please let me know if this is good. Science is great fun you get to use chemicals, but safety is first. Thank you.
  6. Science

    Whats a good name for my science fair project? Im going to put a brick,wood,and chicken bone in vinegar.
  7. Science

    Really need help with my science homework Name and briefly define each of the three energy roles organisms can play in an ecosystem. Thank You
  8. writing

    find information about a hurricane that occurred within the last week? A newspaper science journal science magazine encyclopedia
  9. Science

    What would be better topic for me to choose for my science fair project ? ( Anything except which ones i don't know about and wont get grades
  10. science

    Explain the following statement: "scientific knowledge is the result of a great deal of debate and confirmation within the science community."
  11. Science

    Hello,could somebody help me with my science homework,please.Explain, how a substance will dissolve differently if the temperature changes?..Thank you very much for your help.
  12. Life science,agric science,geography,history,maths

    I'm doing these subjects and my career is to be a dectective,so now I just want to know regarding coarses.
  13. Science

    Which of the following is a way to practice safe science? A. Rewrite directions. B. Taste chemicals. C. Wash your hands. D. Discard your apron.
  14. Physical Science, Science

    The barometric pressure in Breckenridge, Colorado (elevation 9600 feet) is 580 mm Hg. How many atmospheres is this? How do we find the answer for this?
  15. Biology

    Evaluate the difficulties with reintroduction programs using captive-born animals. thanks, Amber I have no idea
  16. biology

    the name given to the idea that life could rise from nonliving matter is called? (Broken Link Removed)
  17. Biology-Meiosis

    How would the gametes be affected if a pair of chromatids failed to separate in the second meiotic division?
  18. Biology

    Where does the influenza or flu virus usually enter the human body Probably through the nose or the mouth.
  19. Biology

    List and describe the rule of three's as it applies to humans. How accurate is it? Be sure to give details and examples.
  20. biology

    i need help with the phases of meiosis with the number of cells present in each phase, and the homologus pairs per cell
  21. Biology 2

    My computer wants me to install something called Shockwave player 10.2 to use to website... are there any others that can help me identify the leaves
  22. Biology...Respiration

    Can any body recommend any websites that don't actually use diagrams to explain glycolysis?? can't seem to find any
  23. biology 110

    using a spectrophotometer what is the relationship between absorbance and the concentration of light absoring substance in a solution.
  24. Biology

    A mutation occurs in the ATP synthase portein and it is inactive; state the effect on cellular respiration. Thanks so much!
  25. biology

    What is the network of canals organelle and the group of sacs that contain digestive material? These are supposed to be a part of a cell.
  26. biology

    My teacher made us learn about the cell and I need three sentences that would be considered data.
  27. biology

    explain why the movement of chlordie ions and water is reduced in a person with cystic fibrosis. please could someone help me! thanks
  28. Biology 20

    with your knowledge of capillary structure and function explain how edema (tissue swelling) occurs with severe burns.
  29. biology

    The diversity of chemical reactions occurring in a cell depends mostly on molecules present in the cells called?
  30. biology

    Mendel did not know of the existence of chromosomes.Had he known, what change might he have made in his principle of independent assortment?
  31. biology

    A couple has four children. What is the probability that there will be 2 boys and 2 girls? Assume that no outside forces influence the births.
  32. Biology

    Explain how the alternate arrangement of leaves in Ivy plant increase photosynthesis? Please help me! I am stuck in this question!!!
  33. Biology

    Could you please help me with this question? Explain why DNA replication is a necessary step before mitosis or meiosis can occur. Thanks
  34. Biology

    What is a general law that protects the existing safeguard and preserve the Galapagos Island besides preserved areas?
  35. Biology

    What additional measures are being made to insure the preservation of the Galapagos Islands would one purpose?
  36. biology

    Describe the dilemma posed by the taxon representing the protostome to scientists studying systematics in animal kingdom
  37. Biology

    can anyone explain the heterotrophic hypothesis in more detail than the fact that the first organisms arose from the primordial soup? thanks!
  38. biology

    Name the three substances that are produced when water molecules are broken down during the light reactions.
  39. biology

    two or more compounds combined but keep their chemical identity a.solution b.carohydrates cproteins or d.isotope
  40. biology

    I am trying to find three plants that belong to the same species, with both their common and Latin names.
  41. Biology

    How well would a plant grow under pure yellow light? Explain. Really had no ideas on this... Thank You.
  42. Biology

    How do you test the effect of RpoS on oxyR expression? I cannot find information on this topic anywhere... please help me out! Thanks you!
  43. living enviroment

    how do yuh break the the spermatogenesis and get the meaning for example biology bio=life ; logy = study of
  44. Biology

    What effect does cooking have on each of the following: a) starch b) cellulose c) butter d) sunflower oil e) liquid protein.
  45. biology

    examine the intetnet structure of the leaf drawn say how the different layer are suiled for the function of photosynthes
  46. Biology

    The adaptations of land-dwelling organisms forgetting oxygen show a trade-off of two needs. What are they?
  47. Biology

    Devise an experiment, based on sucrose gradient sedimentation, that would demonstrate that proteins are synthesized on polyribosomes.
  48. biology

    What role, if any, do you think people must play in preserving those regions threatened by human encroachment
  49. Biology

    Why was the discovery of microspheres and coacervates an important contribution to the understanding of how life might have originated on Earth?
  50. Biology

    Explain how early RNA molecules might have been able to respond to natural selection?
  51. Biology

    What would happen to a protein in this example if the 9th base in the original DNA strand was changed to thymine ?
  52. biology

    the adaptations of land dwelling organisms for getting oxygen show a trade off of two needs. What are they?
  53. biology

    1) RNA condons and amino acids: valine, proline, alanine a. GCGCGUGUG b. GUGCCUGCG c. GUUCCCACU d. GCUCUUGCU
  54. biology

    how would an enzyme that destroys cytokines affect both the cell-mediated and humoral immune responses?
  55. Biology

    Please describe, in detail, two physiological innovations that enabled animals to effectively colonize land.
  56. biology

    how does caffeine affect the excretory system? I have looked all over, and I can't find an answer. Please help!
  57. biology

    why is the early christian tomb painting important to the history of art, what's it's influence, what is it's sugnuficance, why is it impt to us today?
  58. Biology

    In detail can someone please explain to me how cooking eggs makes them safe to eat in connection with enzymes Thank you
  59. biology

    The structures in bryophytes that penetrate the ground and act like roots are a. xylem b. phloem c. rhizomes d. rhizoids
  60. biology

    which process most likely caused the change in CO2 level in the flask over the lasy 37 minutes?
  61. biology/chem

    How many grams of glucose (MW = 180 g) should we dissolve in one liter of water to get 1 molar solution?
  62. biology

    What effect does limiting fat and cholesterol intake have on the body's ability to produce these hormones and how will these manifest?
  63. Biology

    Can Someone please trace a molecule of O2 in extreme detail from the air to the a muscle cell in the left calf?
  64. Biology

    As scientists tried to discover the nature of genes, what three critical gene functions had they identified?
  65. Biology

    As scientists tried to discover the nature of genes, what three critical gene functions had they identified?
  66. biology

    Melanin pigment can be present in which of the following eye colors? a. hazel b. brown c. blue. d. all of these e. none of these is it d?
  67. Biology: Ecosystems

    What are three groups of organisms that are photosynthetic autotrophs? What are the primary producers of the deep-sea vents?
  68. biology

    how do I draw a food web for a dog and a horse? arent they both primary consumers I have to answer this.
  69. Biology

    What is the 5th characteristic for all living things? I already have: 1. Heredity 2. Metabolism 3. Reproduction 4. Homeostasis
  70. Biology

    What is the difference between an action and absorption spectrum? (We're talking about photosynthesis and the colors absorbed and such)
  71. Biology( HELP PLEASE)

    give the two possible alleles in the eggs produced by a women whose genotype is JjKkLl
  72. Biology

    What is Parkinson's & Alzheimer's disease? Explain each based on their causative agent,means of transsmission,prevention&control.
  73. Biology Concepts

    if tall (D) is dominant to dwarf (d0, and two homozygous varieties DD and dd are crossed, what kind of progeny will be produced?

    what is an hypothesis. a. a prediction b.a collection of data c.a possible explanation tha can be tested d. a controlled experiment. i think is d
  75. Biology

    In my HW, it asked to explain how the salinity of water changes in an estuarine environment.... this is a totally new question for me, please help...
  76. biology

    Help me to understand diverse organism! Pleas also include website that help you become better at taking notes. Thank you..
  77. Biology

    Produce a self portrait showing you carrying out the characteristics of life. Could you explain what exactly is expected of me.
  78. biology

    A water molecule is held together by two single polar covalent bonds true or false?
  79. college biology

    Describe some reasons why a patient might have abnormally low blood cholesterol.
  80. Conservation Biology

    What is the population total at one hundred years if you begin with two animals and they reproduce at 25% annually?
  81. Biology

    Bacteroides and Escherichia are both gram-negative rods found in the large intestine. Why are they in different phyla?
  82. biology

    Calculate the density of a solid cube that measures 5.18 cm on each side and has a mass of 197 g. Answer in units of g/cm3
  83. biology

    Communication between cells,tissues and organs.What Blood component?And mode action? Can someone help me please?
  84. biology

    communication between cells,tissues and organs. IN What Blood component? What is the mode action? Can someone help me please?
  85. Biology

    Should companies that market high-solute beverages be able to say these drinks quench your thirst?
  86. Biology

    The trait that viruses share with living things is the ability to a. adapt. b. use food. c. respond. d. reproduce.
  87. biology

    Which of the following amino acids has a side chain that carries a negative charge in its conjugate base form? A. H B. W C. C D. K E. N
  88. Biology

    What piece of evidence would actually allow us to measure the actual rate at which continental drift is occurring?
  89. biology helppppppppppppppp

    (This homework question has been removed due to a copyright claim submitted by The Open University.)
  90. biology

    Why humans not evolve with one central repository of DNA rather than having it replicated throughout the body?
  91. Biology

    How does the changes in the DNA code from CTT to CAT in the beta chain of haemoglobin affect cell activity?
  92. Biology

    I need help in tying 3 things from: cellular respiration, energy transfer, osmosis, ATP to the water cycle
  93. Biology

    Explain how life on earth is dependent on both polarity of covalent chemical bonds and hydrogen bonding.
  94. Biology

    Calculate the % change in concentration of oxygen when the water temperature rises from 10degree C to 15degree your working?
  95. Biology

    Draw a Punnett square to demonstrate the inheritance of cystic fibrosis with both parents being carriers
  96. Biology

    I am having a really hard time understanding respiration and photosynthesis. Is there a simple explanation for both processes?
  97. Biology

    What would happen if you ran the same sample of DNA as your first experiment but used different primers?
  98. biology

    if DNA replication were conservative, what sort of bands would you expect from the CsCl density gradient centrifugation?
  99. psy/340

    I need help answering this question please. Discuss the influences of biology and the environment on sexual differentiation.
  100. biology

    Is their a relationship between strength and independent mobility? Can a spinal cord injury affect he body permanently?
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