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  1. Biology

    Please Help Quick,Under Anaerobic Condition,Explain What Happens To Glucose In Yeast And In Humans?
  2. Biology

    What results in the combination of the haploid sets of chromosomes from two individuals into a diploid zygote
  3. Biology

    What results in the combination of the haploid sets of chromosomes from two individuals into a diploid zygote
  4. Biology

    Please Help Quick,Write Out The Balanced Chemical Equation For Respiration In An Athlete In A Race.
  5. biology

    what characteristics appear to show consistent development over the 4 million years of hominid evolution?
  6. Biology

    If the original amount of Carbon-14 is 142 kilograms, how much will the sample weight in 11,400 years?
  7. Biology

    Explain why a plant needs to move food around,particularly from the leaves to other regions:
  8. Biology

    Explain the role of white blood cells in the body's defense against foreign substances.
  9. Biology

    How many daughter cells will one cell have after 3 complete meiosis processes? Answer A) 8 B) 12 C) 16 D) 64
  10. Biology of environment

    I don't get what these words mean can someone please simplify so I understand thank you !! Anthropocentric Biocentric Ecocentric
  11. biology

    Why is it good for plants on the forest floor to have larger leaves but could be harmful to the trees above?
  12. biology

    Enzymes in the human body work in a very wide range of conditions. A. True B. False
  13. biology

    Which of the following is not produced in the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis? A. NADPH B. sugars C. ATP D. oxygen
  14. biology

    Which provides more energy for the cell to perform its functions, cellular respiration or fermentation? Explain.

    Compare the basic principles on which the Darwin’s natural selection and Lamarck’s concepts of evolution are based.
  16. Biology

    1) What is free gibs? 2)What is energy carriers? 3)If the inner membrate of the mitochondria leaks hydrogen what will happen?
  17. biology

    My textbook says human blood is cooled to 0 degree celsius before haemodialysis .I am wondering why?
  18. Biology

    Why do the primitive organisms have lesser number of cells as compared to more advanced forms?
  19. chemistry, biology

    Calculate the pH of a solution obtained by adding 20 mL of .2M KOH to 480 mL to .02M isoelectric glycine
  20. biology

    Why is the term, "evolution" applied to Charles Darwin even today? and Why and how does it apply to a cultural anthropology? -Thank you
  21. Biology

    Why can the identity of a compound not be determined by cutting out the spot on an autoradiogram and subjecting it to chemical analysis?
  22. Biology

    Compare ad contrast indirect versus direct values of biodiversity and provide two examples?
  23. biology

    Various forms of a trait may be more or less ________ under given environmental conditions.
  24. biology

    if a color blind woman marries a man with normal vision,how do you set up punnett square?
  25. Biology

    Discuss the common bacteria pathogens which are the most prevalent in causing disease in these three organs.
  26. biology

    Which phases are exactly the same for both the Cell Cycle and Meiosis? Can someone please help me with this and explain this to me? Thank you :)
  27. biology

    Which phases are exactly the same for both the Cell Cycle and Meiosis? Can someone please help me with this and explain this to me? Thank you :)
  28. Biology

    Monohybrid Cross - crossing one single Trait to _______? Answer: two alleles
  29. biology

    __________ is the neurotransmitter released by the taste receptor cells. A. GABA B. Glycine C. Dopamine D. ATP Is it A?
  30. biology

    the respiratory systems of mammals and birds adapted to maximise the extraction of oxygen from air. How has did this happen.
  31. Biology

    How can i describe how a pierce of bread is digested and assimilated into the cells of a human body thanks in advance
  32. Cell Biology

    If three amino acids are bonded together linearly, how many molecules of water are produced?
  33. ap biology

    why should you not rotate the volume adjuster of a micropipettor above or below the range written on the instrument?
  34. William Pescod High School

    History, tourism, biology and mathematical literacy What can I become with these subjects?
  35. biology

    Which of the following organelles is common to both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells? Cytoskeleton Nucleus Nucleolus
  36. Biology

    Explain the ramifications to the process of transcription if the following occurs: A) The termination sequence of a gene is removed
  37. biology

    What is the different between theory of plate tectonics, continental, drift, and sea- floor spreading?
  38. Biology

    I am doing a project on the lymphatic system. I need ideas as a activity the class can do. I don't want there to be a lot of materials needed. Help?
  39. biology

    How is molecular weight related to the size of a molecule? Genuinely in need of the answer to the following question. Thank you.
  40. biology

    What kind of molecule forms the sodium-potassium pump? Genuinely in need of the answer to the question.
  41. Biology

    Which tissue type forms glands? connective epithelial muscle nervous glandular help? hard
  42. biology

    Cross two plants that are both heterozygous for pod color. What fraction of the offspring will be dominant?
  43. biology

    Give two reasons why the pressure decreases as blood flows along the capillary bed.
  44. Biology

    Explain the following statement: "life is complex on a molecular level. How is your environment different from the biosphere?
  45. biology

    How many possible genotypes and phenotypes are there for a single gene trait that shows dominance in any given population?
  46. Biology

    A life cycle in which organisms switch back and forth between diplid and haplid stages?
  47. biology

    you added 3ml stock solution of 0.05mg/ml of dye and 7ml of water, what will be the final concerntration.
  48. Biology

    number of water molecules produced when 14 amino acids are join to form a polypeptide bond?
  49. biology

    why does the knee jerk reflex still work for people who have spinal cord injuries?
  50. Biology

    Chemicals which control the growth and function of organs are ____ A. chromosomes B. hormones C. glucose D. endocrines
  51. Biology

    How many NADH and FADH2 Molecules are produced in the Krebs cycle for each glucose molecule? My answer: 2 This is correct ?
  52. Biology matriculation

    What is the expected frequency for a person having tongue rolling ability and attached earlobe???
  53. Biology

    Is this the correct order for what appears on earth first? Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Dinosaurs, Birds.
  54. biology

    Describe the correlation between functional groups and the reversible processes of Dehydration Synthesis and Hydrolysis.
  55. biology

    Some antifungal medications can damage the patient’s own tissues. Why doesn’t this problem occur with antibiotics? Thanks!
  56. Biology

    Describe the various shapes of bacteria HELLPP I NEED ANSWER QUICK ENGLISH BAD
  57. Global science

    Exponential growth is stopped when______equals. there are no choices and I don't hve an answer. I am learning about Growth and population.My science book is called Global science Earth/ environmental systems science by Kendall Hunt publishing company. It is the seventh edition...
  58. science, biology

    what are features of food chain? The food chain tells what creatures eat other creatures. I searched Google under the key words "food chain" to get these possible sources:
  59. Science

    hi i have a science exam on tuesday and i don't understand this question and really need some help. Define: reactant and product
  60. science

    HELP! I need to cite an example of how science knowledge can affect government decision making. I don't even know where to look on the internet.
  61. Science

    Im doing a science fair project and need to write a paper. Part of it is on vestibular nystagmus. I am looking for somethinig that i can understand! Thanks!
  62. science

    name the five models in science museum,pragati maidan,delhi,based on force and laws of maotion
  63. science

    could you please help me find a site that shows different types of science beakers with its name and a picture of the beaker? ur help is appreciated:)
  64. science

    we know that people need more oxygen when they are active. draw conclusins on why it is so. Thursday, January 14, 2010 at 7:28pm science
  65. science

    How do you make a model of a reproductive system, this is my daughters' year 7 science homework? Any suggestions for what to use to represent each part?
  66. science

    I want to do a science fair project on which skin moisturizer works best. How can I find some ideas on ways to test this? Thank you!
  67. Science

    how is it possible to figure out a science problem like this EXAMPLE:s=2m*6Hz=2m*6(1/s)=12m/s if they don't tell you what the letters mean?

    Two 2.6 kg physical science textbooks on a bookshelf are spaced 0.22 m apart. What is the magnitude of the gravitational attraction between the books?
  69. Science

    What is the boiling point of ethanol when the atmospheric pressure is 60kPa? I decided to repost this ? under Science instead of Chemistry. Thanks.
  70. Science

    How does Science impact you? I said that it prepares you for a career in the medical field,gains knowledge... can you help me find 3 better reasons???
  71. Maths,Physics,Life Science, Agricultural science

    list three factors to consider when choosing subject in grade 10
  72. Science

    How has the study of cells affected science today?
  73. science

    Systems in space are called blank science?
  74. earth science

    What does -morph stand for in science terms?
  75. science

    i need help on my science fair project. i'm doing it on fabric. can you help me?
  76. science

    How does science work together to forecast hurricanes ?
  77. science

    i need to find 26 science words and there definition
  78. science

    pls. give me an acrostic for the word " "science"
  79. physical science

    Does technology always follow science?
  80. 7th grade science

    A Majory Theory in Science
  81. Science

    Why is water used as a contant in many science experiments?
  82. science

    what science project can i create in the category of space?
  83. science

    What does in science the 'cross' mean in the warning sounds?
  84. science

    How does the portuguese man of war contribute to science?
  85. science

    what should i wrt about the science center
  86. science

    Does anyone have BC science 10 workbook answers (assessments)?
  87. science

    what have you learned in elementary science with meaning?
  88. science

    How to properly format a science procedure paper
  89. science

    In science wwhy is that when they say what is the meaning of friction?
  90. science

    i still don't know what to do for my science fair please help thank you justin
  91. science help

    where are the science helpers is this a connection for math help only
  92. science

    what are examples of science in your everyday life please help
  93. science

    Why it is important to know the history of science in 300 words?
  94. Science

    what the definition of age range in earth science?
  95. Science

    What science field is Vantablack considered to be part of?
  96. Science

    Is there anyone that has done the physical science b virtual momentum lab that can help me with it?
  97. Science 7R

    Tomorrow I have a science test on circulatory system and is there a practice test THAT IS ON 7TH GRADE SCIENCE REGENTS LEVEL!?!? please i really want to do well on the test if take a pre-test thanks ;) btw --- i'm going over my notes for the test just that i want to take a pre...
  98. Math

    In a class of 550 students, students may take all, none, or a combination of courses as follows.? Draw a Venn diagram to find how many students are not in any of these courses. Mathematics-280 Science-200 Technology-230 Mathematics and Technology-110 Science and Technology-100...
  99. science help

    A scientist plans to find out the percent of teenagers who like science. She interviews 500 teenagers leaving a science museum and finds that 450 of them like science. The scientist concludes that 90 percent of teenagers like science. Why is the scientist's conclusion most ...
  100. science

    i really need to know the table for science like, H2O and the rest to know what they mean be more specific what does C6H12O6+6C02+6H2O?
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