psy- please revise

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Compute the standard deviation for stress. Determine where participants fall in relation to the mean. (Create a diagram that depicts where students fall in relation to standard deviations around the mean. Participant Group Fights Stress 1 PSY 7 86 2 PSY 3 84 3 PSY 5 92 4 PSY 4...

please revise journ

Ms. Sue, I am trying to post my journal in order for you to revise it , but it will not take it , it says not allowed to post internet addresses, while I do not have any on my paper.

psy 2PSY/210 Psychology and Health Problems10

I need help with an assignment for psy 210 i need to write about PSY/210 Psychology and Health Problems 1400 words any help would be greatly appreciated

PSY 230

Psy 230 Personal Narrative


Can someone give me the checkpoint exam topics that are required for a student to revise Please give us more and clearer context for your question. It is not clear what you want to know. What exam topics? Why do you need to revise them? Please repost with the additional ...

PSY 240

•Post a 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation summarizing the different perspectives on sexual orientation and identity. Here's my problem. I have read the entire chapter regarding this assignment and didn't come across any perspectives on the topic. I asked my...


I need help answering this question please. What is the relationship between genes, cells, and behavior?


Ms. Sue, I found this article can I use it for both the optimism on physical and psychological health. Please let me know. thanks


I need help answering this question please. What is the relationship between genes, cells, and behavior?


how do you say please revise all the verb tenses


hi, i need help on this assigments can you help me please i need to find the following definitions please help me. 1. The danger of overdiagnosis 2. The power of diagnostic labels 3. The confusion of serious mental disorders with normal problems 4.The illusion of objectivity


I need help answering this question please. Discuss the influences of biology and the environment on sexual differentiation.

psy- help

Ms Sue, Where can I find some materials on the five stages of Levinger’s ABC’s of relationships model and relationship. Please let me know. Thanks.


I need help finding this answer please. Why is it said that hypothesis testing involves double negative logic?


I NEED HELP ON THE NEXT WORLDS PLEASE i need the definition also please 1. Performance goals 2. Mastery goals 3. The effect of praise 4. Expectations and self-efficacy


I NEED HELP ON THE NEXT WORLDS PLEASE i need the definition also please 1. Performance goals 2. Mastery goals 3. The effect of praise 4. Expectations and self-efficacy


Need the definition of buttons that is within the central nervous system. Happy new year. rose. I cannot find it anywhere. please help.


Describe how hormones masculinize or feminize sexual development and behavior. Can you please help me find some data that will help me interpret this question. thanks. rose


I need someone to help me answer this question please. What is the five-step process for hypothesis testing, and explain the procedure and logic for each.


I need help finding information on this question please. Discuss the importance of lifelong learning and brain stimulation to longevity and quality of life.


A basic statistics course had a total of 25 students which included 15 female (F) students whose distribution by major was 4 in Bio (B), 6 in COM (C), 3 in ECO (E), and 2 in PSY (P). In addition, the course had 10 male (M) students whose distribution by major was 2 in BIO (B...


Please revise this sentance: That we the Australian people are becoming to excessively like the United States of America Thanks Minerva


Hi, I have to revise for an upcoming test and I was a little bit confused about selective breeding. Please help Jiskha :)


i need to write a question poem with 10 lines and that asks a lot of questions i have no ideas please help! Pick a theme, then the questions, then put them in verse. Example: Theme Love questions.. What is how it began where will it lead how will it end and so on... the verse...


Ms. sue, Can you please help me find a couple of peer review articles on this subject: How social cognition can both positively and negatively impact one's attitudes and behaviors.

PSY/240 Hunger, Eating,

I am confused, please explain what are set points and what are settling points in relation to weight control?

psy - please help

What relationship factors or considerations might be influencing Michael’s problems? Need some informations to help me answer this question. I just send a post which is revision 6, check it out for me. Thanks

psy - revise

match -Psychodynamic Theory -Trait Theory -Learning Theory -Humanistic Theory -Sociocultural g. Social and cultural factors such as ethnicity, gender, culture, discrimination, and socioeconomic status influence one's sense of self and his or her adjustment to societ. Ans: ...

English/ please revise

this is my intro for a paper I am writing about ethnic conflict and nationalism. can you please revise and tell me if it sounds ok. thanx. Pakistan is not a single nation state, but a multi-national state composed of five major ethnic groups. Most of the people in Pakistan ...


need help finding two peer reviewed article which discusses the effects of optimism on physical and psychological health. please help me find those two sources. thanks


Could you please revise this sentence? Thank you. 1) By moblity we mean the transer of every single teacher or student to the partners' country within the two years of the project.

psy - revise

match -Psychodynamic Theory -Trait Theory -Learning Theory -Humanistic Theory -Sociocultural k. consists of five major personality factors which are reasonably stable elements of personality. These factors include extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, ...


I urgently need you to revise these sentences. Thank you. 1) You can cheat by conceiling pieces of paper full of information in your pencil case. 2) you can take a picture of your exam questions and email it to a friend 2) you can instant message homework questions or text ...

All Subjects

I've got loads of GCSE exams coming up this month and I don't know the best way to revise for them all. Please help!

psy 202

please help me with writing why is it important to write your goals and formulate it. I started off by saying it is important because it helps you to underline, draw arrows on those important views.

Psy 285

Ice cream melths when heated is this causation or correlation? Money is the rot of all evil is this causation or correlation? Please help have no clue:(

psy - revise please

match -Psychodynamic Theory -Trait Theory -Learning Theory -Humanistic Theory -Sociocultural B. Popular theorist eysenck initiated the five-factor model. Ans:Trait theory C. The healthy personality is found in balancing the sociol self with the individual self. Ans: ...

Grammar - Improving Tone

Revise this paragraph to eliminate negative attitude and focus on postive ideas. "We are sorry to inform you that the Travel-Lite suitcase, Model X4457, you asked about is temporarily out of stock in our warehouse, just as Ms. Cummings of our Hilldale store infromed you. We ...


Ms. Sue are you? I have to do a powerpoint presentation on psychological disorders especially on the following anxiety, dissociative, somatoform mood, schizophrenia and personality. I would like to read more before I do it tomorrow. can you please help me get some information...


Can you please help me get some datas, to help me answer this question. What is the difference between absolute continuity and differential continuity? Do an individual's experiences impact differential continuity? Provide specific examples.


Please explain homework Checkpoint Parenting Styles and Development Appendix F. Describe how three adults, each brought up under a different parenting style as a child might cope differently with one of the changes listed in the table


i need help

psy - please revise

Question? What are some of the characteristics of a Type A personality? How could having a Type A personality affect a person’s reaction to stress? What would you view as some advantages or disadvantages of a Type A personality? Answer! A person with a type A personality ...

psy #6 please revise

In what stage of development is Michael and what factors about this stage might be impacting his perspective of this situation? Michael is at the middle adulthood stage where he needs to establish or take care of things that will outlast him. The factors about this stage that ...


what is ubsystematic observation?


Ms. Sue How are you? Could you please help me find some data that can help me discuss this statement below How do various behaviors of social dominance and courtship display affect the evolutionary process? What other behaviors might have an impact on evolution? Be sure to ...

Social Studies

what was the purpose of the constitutional convention held in philadelphia in 1787? A.To sign the treaty of paris B.To select the nation's new president. C. to revise the Articles of Confederation draft a declaration of independence My answer is c @Ms.Sue can you please ...


I'll revise the sentences and then I'll post them back to you. Can you please suggest a site where all reporting verbs (to be used in indirect speech, especially when giving instructions or advice) are listed? I don't want to use "tell, ask" all the time. Thank you.

help please :)

What is the last thing you should do before turning in your essay? A.Write the secong draft. B.proofread the essay to make it is free from errors. C.Revise and edit,changing and rearranging the content. D.All of the above. i got D what do you think ?


You specialize in prenatal care, and Mary, one of your patients, just discovered she is pregnant. She is very curious about how the sex of her baby will be determined. Discuss with Mary the neuroendocrine system’s involvement in sexual development. Ms. Sue, please help me ...

Psy 20

Effects of Stress CheckPoint


what is causal observation ?


Creative thinking tends to be

Psy 210

what is Sternberg's Theory of Love

psy 202

what are the five maps in writeing?


what is a theory and how do you write one


need psy 302 help anybody out there?


What specifically is the acronym CUPID?


How does CUPID help normal Aging?

psy - revise please

By the time people reach young adulthood, they have an idea of what causes them stress. The text discusses several sources of stress. What sources of stress did the text identify of which you were previously unaware? Has your reading helped you identify any new sources of ...

business english

If you were to revise a document three times, which of the following is something you would NOT be looking for in the final revision? You-attitude Positive emphasis Style and tone (*) Layout can you please review my answer i put (*) next to the correct answer


I need helping finding information for my homework assignment please. Create a 2- to 3-page brochure including graphics, on traditional psychodynamic theories. Describe personality. Discuss the main tenets of each theory, how they apply to personality and behavior, and the ...

psy- revise please

Question: By the time people reach young adulthood, they have an idea of what causes them stress. The text discusses several sources of stress. What sources of stress did the text identify of which you were previously unaware? Has your reading helped you identify any new ...

psy 230

what influence does culture have on personality?


how does sensation and perception affect learning?


How does sensation and perception affect learning?


Describing CPT Catergories Check Point

psy 202



What could be a good theory to use explaining child abuse

psy 210

how might michael's situation illustrate adjustments


what things can a LEADER do to help prevent or "break through" groupthink?


What is casual observation and why is it different from scientific disipline?

psy 202

what is the comparison between positive and negative reinforcement?


What is the comparison distribution and why is it important in hypothesis testing?


What effect does the environment have on intellectual differences in humans?  


I need help finding information to this question please. I found some information on Modern Psychology but not Abnormal Psychology. Thanks in advance. Create a timeline that displays the development of abnormal psychology. Include at least five to seven main milestones.

Language arts

What is the infinitive phrase in this sentence? To revise your writing carefully will improve your presentation and provide you with success. A. To revise you writing carefully B. Will improve C. Your presentation D. And provide you with success Matt hiked the trail yesterday...

PSY 150

How can i do a refance page in Apa formatinig with web info.

PSY 202

Identify the benefits of life experiences for the adult student? Help!!

PSY 202

why is it important to considereach domain in the study of adult development?


Is a coefficient of variation a better measure of dispersion than variance?

psy Stats.

how do you Calculate percentage when given standard deviation and mean


what is the differnce between set points versus settleing point


What is the difference between scientific disipline and casual observation?

psy 240

are neurons there throughout your entire body or just in the brain?


Compare mechanistic and reciprocal interactionism I don;t understand can someone help me?


what should one do order to increase self esteem experts

psy 410

Which of the following is NOT usually one of the effects of abuse on a child?


help please.... What attributes make someone attractive? How does proximity influence attractiveness? Are people with similar interests more or less attractive than people with different interests? Why? What factors create lasting sustainability in relationships? What factors ...

social PSY

I need some help with this assignment. I really don't understand this class. Can someone please help me understand it better...thanks! Discuss how confirmation bias can influence perceptions and how some beliefs can actually generate their own confirmation in 200 to 300 words...


I need help finding information on the topic Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for the Treatment of Chronic Tinnitus After Traumatic Brain Injury please. I have to discuss the deficits experienced by the individual to one or more of the five senses and how these ...

psy - Ms. Sue

what are some of the ways that psychologists attempt to explain human behavior?

psy info - help

Ms. Sue, Could you tell me where I can get this information: Sternberg, eight general types of love. Thanks.

PSY 210

Why is it that children raised in the same family can be so different personality wise?


How can masculine and feminine traits be described using the contimuum masculinity-femininity?


How do you believe an individual’s attachment style can affect the types of love relationships he or she has

basic psy

example of classical conditioning acquisition, extinction, spontaneous recovery


Explain the biological, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral components of postpartum depression


⦁ What do researchers mean by ‘subjective well-being’? How is this construct measured?

A.P. Lit

Anyone want to revise? Brains vs. Brawn


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