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Physicssss elastc collisions

what are 2 examples of elastic collisions not discussed in class


At six flags great adventure amusment park in new jersy, a popular ride known as "free fall" carries passangers up to a height of 33.5 m and drops them to the ground inside a small cage. How fast are the passengers going at the bottom of this eshilirating journey?


a uniquw type of baskettball is played on the planet zarth. During the game a plyer flies above the basket and drops the ball in from a height of 10m. IF the ball takes 5.0 s to fall find the acceleration due to gravity on zarth.

Please Helppp Quickly PHYSICSSSS

A crow sits on a clothesline midway between two poles as shown. Each end of the rope makes an angle of θ = 28° below the horizontal where it connects to the pole. If the combined weight of the crow and the rope is 11.1 N, what is the tension in the rope?


Ball is thrown vertically upward with a speed of 25.0 m/s. What is it's velocity when it returns to the level from which it had started ? After computations: The ball reaches its highest pt at 32.4 meters. It takes the ball 2.55sec to reach its highest pt. It take the ball 2....


Six grams of water changes from liquid to vapor at a pressure of one atmosphere. In the process, the volume changes from 1.3 cm3 to 2393 cm3. The latent heat of vaporization of water is 2.26 × 106 J/kg. Find the work done. Answer in units of J Find the increase in internal ...


A train engine pulls out of a station along a straight horizontal track with five identical freight cars behind it, each of which weighs 88.0 kN. The train reaches a speed of 13.0 m/s within 6.50 min of starting out. Assuming the engine pulls with a constant force during this ...

Physicssss please help

A helicopter is lifting two crates simultaneously. One crate with a mass of 151 kg is attached to the helicopter by cable A. The second crate with a mass of 79 kg is hanging below the first crate and attached to the first crate by cable B. As the helicopter accelerates upward ...


A 0.69 kg mass is observed to accelerate at 8.16 m/s2 in a direction 30.5° north of east. There is a force directed north acting on the object and a force directed east acting on the object. What is the magnitude of the force acting east on the object?


A mass m = 73 kg slides on a frictionless track that has a drop, followed by a loop-the-loop with radius R = 17.9 m and finally a flat straight section at the same height as the center of the loop (17.9 m off the ground). Since the mass would not make it around the loop if ...


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