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A spring is compressed a distance of x. When the spring is released, it shoots a marble of mass m vertically upward from ground level. The maximum height reached by the marble is h. The magnitude of the marble’s momentum at the highest point of the marble’s trajectory is ...


After performing a trick above the rim of a skateboard ramp, a 56 kg skateboarder lands on the ramp 3.5 m above ground level with a downward velocity of 4.0 m/s. Ep = 0.0 J Ground level. Friction in the wheels of the skateboard and air resistance cause a loss of 9.0 × 10^2 J ...


Changing Momentum The illustrations show two ways of providing impulse to change the momentum of a vehicle. In the top illustration, the vehicle collides with a massive concrete barrier. In the bottom illustration, the vehicle collides with water-filled barrels. *two ...


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