physics please HELP !

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  1. language arts(CHECK ANSWERS)

    please check these answers there really quick. 11.the zoo has recently acquired pandas,giraffes and lions. were does a comma belong? A. After and B. After zoo C. After giraffes(I PICK THIS) D. After acquired 12.Hector would you please relax? where does a comma belong? A. After...
  2. math

    in a big right triangle with a small right triangle inside of it. C is the length of the whole thing., R is the adjacent of the small tri. H is the oopisite of the small tri. B is the adjacent of the big tri. as well as the hypotenuse of the small tri. S is the oppisite of the...
  3. Chemistry (Regents level)

    1- In the reaction Fe2O3 + 3 CO = 2 Fe + 3 CO2, what is the total number of moles of CO used to produce 112 grams of iron? a) 1.0 b)2.0 c)3.0 d)4.0 2- Given the reaction: 4Al + 3O2 = 2Al2O3 How many moles of Al2O3 will be formed when 27 grams of Al reacts completely with O2? a...
  4. Early Childhood Education

    Which of these is a form of unintentional socialization a)requesting that children say please and thank you b)calculating the answer to a homework problem for a child with a learning disability c)teaching children to used a computer d)being kind to a slow moving elderly ...
  5. Physics (please help!!!!)

    Blood pressure is usually reported in millimeters of mercury (mmHg) or the height of a column of mercury producing the same pressure value. Typical values for an adult human are 130/80; the first value is the systolic pressure, during the contraction of the ventricles of the ...
  6. 7th grade math help Ms. Sue quick please

    HELLPPP ME PLEASE I ONLY KNOW THE LAST QUESTION! I need to have more than three steps! Please help! B. A discount of 20% is applied to the doll’s original price of $12.99. What is the price of the dolls with the discount applied to $12.99 + 5% tax? Show all of your work! ...
  7. Physics ~ Please help

    The index of refraction of a transparent liquid (similar to water but with a different index of refraction) is 1.39. A flashlight held under the transparent liquid shines out of the transparent liquid in a swimming pool. This beam of light exiting the surface of the ...
  8. Physics

    After school you have been working on your slingshotmanship. Interested in the physics of the slingshot, you take data that compares the force of the extended slingshot versus the displacement from equilibrium. You think this graph is very similar to that of a spring so you ...
  9. Religion, correction,edit

    can someone correct this for me please. on buddhism the questions are: Country of origin: my answer: north east indian Historical figures and events: My answer: the founder of buddhism -Siddhartha Gautana(the buddha) Central Believes: my answer: *Buddha *the three jewels(...
  10. Englis

    Dear teachers ,Please read this paragraph and fix the errors.please !!! Shahrazad is main character of the one thousand and one nights. She is a good story teller, a Psychiatrist, and a guru. She is a fearless woman, determined to safe her female gender from madness of the ...
  11. English

    Can you please check these sentences please? Thank you. 1) Along the wall in front of the left window there is a book closet (correction: book shelf) 2)What distance do you walk to school every day? OR How far do you walk to school every day? 3) They have a 15-minute break. So...
  12. Chemistry-please help

    What is the purpose of adding zinc chloride in the preparation of starch iodide paste? Please refer to the procedure below: - Starch Iodide Paste- Heat 100mL of water in a 250mL beaker to boiling, add a solution of 0.75g of potassium iodide in 5mL of water, then add 2g of zinc...
  13. math (algerba 1) Please help!

    In basketball you score 2 points for a field goal and 1 point for a free throw. Suppose that you have scored at least 3 points in every game this season, and have a season high score of 15 points in one game. How many field goals and free throws could you have made in any one ...
  14. biology

    What processes in the transparency release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere? Please check your question. It makes no sense. Please read: what processes in the transparency release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
  15. English

    When is greatness is a bad thing. Please don't say when it is misused. I need a good answers please. Thanks in advamce. Greatness is a bad thing when it's misused. Greatness that is used correctly is good. Think of the great leaders -- such as Jesus, Muhammad, Gandhi. The were...
  16. math

    a rectangle is to be inscribed under the arch of the curve y = 2cosx from x=-pi to x=pi. What is the length of the base of the rectangle with maximum area? can someone help me with this....i have a lot of problems to do just like this but i don't understand them. can someone ...
  17. physics

    a car of mass 1200 kg starts from rest, accelerates uniformly to a speed 4ms-1 in 2 seconds and continues moving at this constant speed in a horizontal straight line for additional 10s. the brakes are then applied and the car is brought to rest in 4s. a constant resistance ...
  18. physics

    i'm not very good at physics and i have an exam tomorrow!! for the first one do i use the formula F=-Kx to make the answer -4500 ? and for the second i really have no idea what formula to use what is the value for k if a spring stretches 0.4m when submitted to a 1800N force? ...
  19. English

    3. Which of the following is the best revision for strong verbs in the sentence below? Mrs. Benoit is the events organizer for a nonprofit organization. a. Mrs. Benoit does events for a nonprofit organization. b. Mrs. Benoit organizes events for a nonprofit organization. c. ...
  20. Environmental Science

    Design an exhibit focusing on the importance of biodiversity. Congratulations! You have been hired by the largest natural history museum in the world (Miller, 2005). Your first responsibility will be to design an exhibit that emphasizes the importance of biodiversity. The ...
  21. C programming

    Please name your submission of this problem as b.1.c (20 pts) and b.2.c (20 pts) You are the official score keeper for the "C" Bowling Association (CBA). You should write a program that will:  a. Input date of game (three integers yyyy/mm/dd).  b. Input bowler'...
  22. Algebra

    Find the next three terms in the sequence? -6,5,16,17 A 38,49,60*** B 37,47,57 C 36,45,54 D 36,46,57 3 What are the first four terms of the sequence represented by the expression n(n-1)-5? A -7,-5,-3,1 B -5,-10,-15,-20 C 0,2,6,12 D -5,-3,1,7*** 6.Given the function rule f(x)=x...
  23. physics

    please check this: Which sentence best describes electrical conductors? a. electrical conductors have low mass density b. electrical conductors have high tensile strength c. electrical conductors have electric charges that move freely d. electrical conductors are poor heat ...
  24. language arts

    abc order for geology geography geologist graphite autograph photograph biopsy biology biosphere transact enact actor react import transport portable export When you get them in ABC (alphabetical) order, please re-post and we'll let you know how you did. A good dictionary ...
  25. Spanish-Please check

    Could some one please check these-I had to answer them in the past tense which is still confusing me-I think most of them are correct-Thank you 1.¿Comó te sentiste ayer? Yo sentí muy bien. 2. ¿Adonde fuiste ayer? Yo fui al cine. 3. ¿Adonde fue tu mama ayer? Mi mama fue a ...
  26. Physics (Stress & Stain)

    The ultimate strength of a steel rod is 600.000MPa. if the factor of safety 3.000 is required, what is the maximum permissible load for the rod if it has a diameter of 6.000cm? ANS = kN (Round to 3 decimal place) Ultimate strength = 600.000MPa = 600000000Pa = 600 * 10^6 Factor...
  27. Chemistry. Please help!!

    Calculate the final temperature when a 18.7 gram sample of ice at 0 degrees C is placed into a styrofoam cup containing 113 grams of water at 71.6 degrees C. Assume that there is no loss or gain of heat from the surroundings. Heat of fusion of ice = 333 Jg^-1 Specific heat of ...
  28. math

    since 120/500 is equal to 100 that means ...............i still don't get it......... please..... i need help.can you at least give me the answer please tbhis is hohnors math and for me its hard........ Tom,Ted,Tony,Terry worked together on a job.The job paid $500.Each boy was...
  29. english

    we are reading the scarlet letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. can you please tell me why Arthur Dimmesdale is the greatest sinner in the book and give examples and quotes (for quotes include what chapter it was found in) thanks! You should go to and read the...
  30. I need help

    Answer the following questions: i.Which factors are important in multitasking for thread initialization? ii.What is the use of program segment prefix and where is located. iiiWhat is the difference between the interrupt routine and the strategy routine? iv.Which bit of modem ...
  31. Physics

    three rotating, uniform disks that are coupled by belts. One belt runs around the rims of disks A and C. Another belt runs around a central hub on disk A and the rim of disk B. The belts move smoothly without slippage on the rims and hub. Disk A has radius R; its hub has ...
  32. Math ms sue help

    please help me with these defintions of math terms please: a number that can be expressed as the product of 3 equal factors? a number that can be expressed as the product of 2 equal factors product of 1 and a radical product of a rational number and a radical
  33. algebra

    simplify. 3 - 2(4 - 7) ÷ 9 i don't know what to do after i subtract 4 and 7 which is -3 then multiply 2 which is -6 then i don't know what to do afterwards, i know pemdas so -6 divided by 9 cannot be so please help on that. the integers from -3 to +3 can be used in the blanks...
  34. Physics

    Station Math Two station astronauts will each perform two 8-hour EVAs within 13 days to repair a damaged solar panel that was impacted by a micrometeoroid on the space station. What is the total amount of oxygen needed by the two astronauts to accomplish this? Please put your ...
  35. physics

    a 65kg person dives into the water from the 10m platform. she comes to a stop 2m below the surface of the water. what net force did the water exert on the swimmer? so for the net force i got -2548N i know: vf^2=vi^2 + 2ad vf^2 = 0 + 2(9.8)(10) vf^2 = 196 vf=14m/s therefore to ...
  36. math(check answers please)

    hi please check my math answers i only have 2 for now i just wanted to make sure i had the right idea. sarah is making her own halloween costume.The costume requires 2 5/8 yards of materials.Write the number of yards needed for sarahs halloween costume as an improper fraction...
  37. Algebra

    I have about 3 homework problem that I am stuck on! please help me. #1: The area of a rectangle is 16, and its diagonal is \sqrt{68}. Find its dimensions and perimeter. (x^2)+(y^2)=\sqrt{68} (x^2)+(y^2)=8.246 xy=16 y=16/x (x^2)+(16/x)^2=8.246 (x^4)+(96/x)=8.246 Then I got ...
  38. Physics

    Please check my answers: The voltage across a 10-ohm resistor carrying 3 amps must be? I got 30 volts-v=?, I=3 amps, R= 16 ohm. v= 30 amps * 10 ohm=30 volts A 4-ohm resistor is connected in parallel with a 6 ohm resistor. What is the total resistance of this pair of resistors...
  39. physics

    An athlete at the gym holds a 4.33 kg steel ball in his hand. His arm is 75.0 cm long and has a mass of 5.28 kg. What is the magnitude of the torque about his shoulder if he holds his arm straight out to his side, parallel to the floor? Responses Physics - bobpursley, Saturday...
  40. physics

    Your physics teacher assigned a thermometer-building project. He gave you a glass tube with an inside diameter of 1.15 mm and a receptacle at one end. He also gave you 8.97 cm^3 of mercury to pour into the tube, which filled the receptacle and some of the tube. You are to add ...
  41. Engineering

    A physics major is working to pay his college tuition by performing in a traveling carnival. He rides a motorcycle inside a hollow transparent plastic sphere. After gaining sufficient speed, he travels in a vertical circle with a radius of 13.4 . The physics major has a mass ...
  42. physics

    you push a physics book 1.50m along a horizontal tabletop with a horizontal push of 2.40 N while the opposing force of friction is 0.600 N. How much work does each of the follwing forces do on the book? A) you 2.40N push. B) the friction force. C) the normal force from the ...
  43. Trigonometry

    Someone please help me!!! I think I've found the correct formula for this but I don't understand exactly why this is a sine function and how to find the days of the year when Portland has 11 and 15 hours of daylight. PLEASE HELP!! The equation I got was: D = 4 sin(2π t / 365...
  44. Science - Please Check

    I know I am posting this again, and I don't mean to be annoying, but nobody responded. Can someone please check my answer? If you swung a bucket of water quickly in an upside down circular path, the water would not fall out of the bucket. Which of the following best describes ...
  45. Algebra

    Can someone help me on these questions, please.
  46. math

    x2-x-20?please explain new to me
  47. 1st grade math please help!!!

  48. Math

    Please help me How to draw the graph.
  49. algebra 2

    could someone please help me with this... Solve for F: C=5/9(F-32)
  50. algebra 2

    please help with this... x-2xy=1 Solve for y
  51. algebra1

    solve the equation 3(x-2)+4=4(x-2)+1 please help me....
  52. Math

    How to multiply decimals ex: please
  53. Math

    Please help me solve this problem. (-7)e-3
  54. math

    what is partial factoring and how do you do it? Please help
  55. Health

    diet info please
  56. math

    d/9=-10 d=? please go through the steps.
  57. Math

    I can't find the LCM of 30 and 48. Help please!!
  58. MATH

    7 - 6 -- ----- y^2-49 y^2-2y-35 with work if possible please
  59. Algebra 1

    SOLVE FOR y. x+5y=15 can you please show me how do this
  60. Algebra

    s+(s-$0.45)+(s-$0.45)=$9.65 Please show me how to do this problem.
  61. Substitution Method

    Please help me solve: y-x=5 2x-2y=10 & 5X+6y=14 -3y+x=7
  62. English

    What is a homonym ? Please explian thanks :)
  63. algebra

    please how can you solve this problem....... 2(y-6)=3y+12-y
  64. math

    6(3x-2)-3(2x-4)=5(3x+8)-7(2x-3) show the work please.
  65. Math

    6 - w = 1 4/5 need help on this one please
  66. Math

    Please help - 9/x-5-1=8/x+5 (x+5)(x-5)9/x-5-1(x+5)(x-5)=(x+5)(x-5)8/x+5 9(x+5)=8(x-5) 9x+45=8x-40 And I'm not sure where to go from here.
  67. math calculus

    Please explain how it is (ln 4) ¡Ò^8 2 x^-1 dx= (ln 8) ¨C (ln 2) =(ln 4)
  68. math help please

    2% of 55 and 14is 70% of what number
  69. Math...

    solve the porportion: 9/12=15/? please help.
  70. Math

    Can i please get your help on fractions and i am in the 7 th grade
  71. Math

    Help on this problem , please! 2x^3 - 3x^2 + 7x - 3 _____________________ 2x - 1
  72. HELP

    Can you help me create a theme for my poems please?
  73. algebra 2

    Could you help me on solving these please? thanks -135 = -5b^-3 and -9.6=-.3b^x
  74. algebra help please

    Factor 72-17v=v^2
  75. mATH

    please Help D=22mi. R=55 perHr T=?
  76. Math

    Could you please help me factor the trinomial. s^2-7s+12
  77. science

    unscramble please aiocfnrst

    solve:p+4/p=-5 Please I need help
  79. Math Help PLEASE

    Divide and Check 4x^9-6x^4+6x^2/2x^2
  80. alg 2

    sovle for x: 4log33x=28. how do i do this....please help:(
  81. latin

    please translate GAVI
  82. please check

    (2x)^5 (3x)^2 Answer: 288x^7
  83. english

    please help us unscramble sbsolapekpo
  84. math

    Please Check x - 1/4 > 5/8 answer x > 7/8
  85. math

    Please check x + 1/3 > 5/4 answer x > 19/12
  86. math

    please check -2x + 7 < 10 answer x < -3/2
  87. math

    Can someone PLEASE HELP ME on my question?
  88. MATH

  89. Math

    Can you help me with Ratios and Rates please
  90. math (Ms. Sue)

    Ms. can you help me please! on my question.
  91. algebra

    -4x - 5/3 = 43/3 please show work

    can you please help me with this are these 2 expression equal? 2(m^2+1) and 3(m^2+1)-(m^2+1)
  93. algebra

    How do I figure out 6(x+4)=3x-2? please help!
  94. puzzle

    please help me to unscramble - agklbrea
  95. Albegra

    How can I solve this problem -2x-5>13 Please Help
  96. College Algebra

    4x^2=8x-5 Please someone help
  97. algebra

    10-5=3y 2x-3y=1 i am totally lost help please
  98. algebra 2

    solve the equation: 1/3x^2+4=8 please help:)
  99. language

    please help unscramble graphtooph
  100. fractions math please help

    2 1/4 divided by 1 1/7
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