physics please HELP !

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  1. HELP WITH MATH PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

    What does 1/2 x 2 x 6 = ?
  2. math

    2 3/5 - 1 5/6 = ? 10 2/9 - 5 3/7 = ? 2 3/5 - 1 1/4 = ? Please help me.
  3. Please Help!!!! Maths

  4. Math

    Please help if you will! (-5)x7-6+8 A. -49 B. -45 C. -33 D. -25 P.s. Thanks for the help!
  5. Algebra 1

    y^3(2y-6)+7y^4 PLEASE HELP!!
  6. Math

    Help please!!! 4x-9=-5x-99???
  7. Algebra1 HELP PLEASE

    (x + 4)(x - 3) = -10?
  8. Algebra

    x-2/3 + x-3/2 Please help. Thank you
  9. Math

    Please help! 1) -6 + 5(-5 - 3m) 2) -3 + 4(x + 2) 3) 3(1 + 5n) - 6n 4) -6b - 6(3 -4b) 5) -6x + (1-3x) x 8 6) (r - 1) x -3 - 3 7) (n - 4) x -7 + 7 8) -4(6 + 4v) + 7 Thanks.
  10. Algebra

    Please help! 1) -6x(1-4x) + 5(3x-8) 2) 8(-4+7n) + 6n(2n-7) 3)4(3v+1) - 8v(1-8v) 4)4x(7+5x) - 8(-x - 7)
  11. math help please

    4 2/5x=12 1/10 A. 7 7/10 B.2 3/4 c.2 1/2 D.4/11
  12. MATH

    HELP PLEASE (ã6+ã2) (ã6-ã2)
  13. Algebra

    6/z-3=8/5 help please.
  14. Please help

    integral (t^3=6t^2+4)dt from 0 to x f''(x)=?
  15. Math please help

  16. Math

    5x^4=5x Can you please help
  17. ALgebra 2

    Please help!!!!! - 1/2 - 3/4 =
  18. Help please Math

    is a(bc)= ( ab) (ac)
  19. Ap calc

    If y= e^x - e^-x / e^x + e^-x , then y'= Please help
  20. math

    (10^2t)-2(10^t)+1=0 let 10^t=y please help
  21. math

    Please help! (X+y)^3+(x-y)^3
  22. math

    e+7=15 22 8<--- 7+8=15 -8 -22 r+18=26 8<--- 18+8=26 6 44 54 a-6=19 25 13<--- 6-13=19 -13 -25 b-3=4 7<--- 3-7=4 1 -1 -7 let me know please
  23. MaTH

    1. -1/2 + 1/3 2. -3 1/5 + (-6 1/2) 3. 5/8 - (-2/8) 4. -9/10 - 2/5 5. 6 3/5 - (2 1/5) Please help thanks
  24. Math

    –14 – ( –16 ) = ? Please help. Thank you!
  25. math help!!

    Please help 25= 2r+3 A 28=2r B 22=2r C 50= r + 3 D 25/2=r3
  26. Please Help

    What is the range of 4(X-5)^2 + 7
  27. math

    Can you please help me. 3/x-1=8
  28. Algebra

    Please help!! x^2+y^2+6y+5=0 x^2+y^2-2x-8=0
  29. math

    Please help 4(2^-3)(1^-2)

    If M 3 = 42°, what is m
  31. Math

    Help Me With This Please.! 1.7 and , 2.4 + 1.27
  32. algebra 2

    p=1/r.s+d for s please help me!!!???
  33. Math

    -2v - 7 =-23 15 8 -8 -15** Please help I do not know how to do these!
  34. physics

    1. You are planning to build a mini hydro power plant. A river near your home is w = 4.0 m wide and h = 1.0 m deep. You measure the water flow to be v = 1.50 m/s over the brink of a waterfall H = 10.0 m high. The company that makes the turbine advertises e = 25% efficiency in ...
  35. Chemistry please help

    Elemental mercury was first discovered when a mercury oxide was decomposed with heat, forming mercury metal and oxygen gas. When a 0.204-g sample of the mercury oxide is heated, 0.189 g of mercury metal remains. a)what is mole ratio of mercury to oxygen in the sample? would it...
  36. Physics

    A pilot of mass 65 kg in a jet aircraft makes a complete vertical circle in mid-air. The vertical circle has a radius of 1.70 km at a constant speed of 215 m/s. Determine the force of the seat on the pilot at (a) the bottom of the loop and (b) the top of the loop. (Note that ...
  37. Physics

    A pilot of mass 65 kg in a jet aircraft makes a complete vertical circle in mid-air. The vertical circle has a radius of 1.70 km at a constant speed of 215 m/s. Determine the force of the seat on the pilot at (a) the bottom of the loop and (b) the top of the loop. (Note that ...
  38. Physics

    Consider the following four possibilities for two point charges and choose the one(s) that do not change the magnitude of the electrostatic force that each charge exerts on the other: A. Double the magnitude of each charge and double the separation between them. B. Double the ...
  39. US HISTORY - Help please

    Which answer best explains how the Articles of Confederation addressed the question of creating a court system? The Articles established the trial-by-jury system for the first time in history. The Articles created state, regional, and national courts throughout the land.*** ...
  40. Functions

    consider the functions g(x)=(4-x^2)^0.5 and h(x)=(x^2)-5. find the composite functions hog(x) and goh(x), if they exist, and state the domain and range of the composite functions. ------------------------------ ok, i have figured out that hog(x)=-1-X^2, but in my answer ...
  41. essay check please

    This is the introduction of my essay , please check it !!!!!!!!!!!! It would really help “All men are born equally free”-Salmon P. Chase. A very important character that shapes our society is equality, but many people don’t believe in it. Racism and discrimination are ...
  42. Spanish B

    What is one of the main factors attributed to Panama's booming economy? A)The control of Los Estados Unidos over the Panama Canal. B)Panama's sole control over the Panama Canal. C)France's abandonment of the Panama Canal project. D)Joint control of the Panama Canal and Los ...
  43. Vector Calculus

    Can someone help me with this please. A vector field in cylindrical polar co-ordinates is given by V = R Rˆ + R 3 s i n ( φ ) c o s ( φ ) φˆ + 3 z kˆ where Rˆ, φˆ, kˆ are the appropriate unit vectors. Translate this vector field into the Cartesian x, y, z co-ordinate...
  44. Writeacher

    Writeacher, Do you specialize in any particular subject? I've seen you answer to math, english, physics, etc. I'm just curious. I don't believe I've answered to any physics questions -- poor student to depend on me for that!! Mostly I respond to English questions (grammar, ...
  45. AP Physics

    You go to kitchen to boil water. You pour 280 gram of water to a container, and put the container on a 293 W electric heater. Assume that all the heat from the heater is used to heat the water. The specific heat of water is 4.19 J/g ° C. As always, be accurate to 4 ...
  46. Physics (Help Please)

    An astronaut of mass 84.0 kg is taking a space walk to work on the International Space Station. Because of a malfunction with the booster rockets on his spacesuit, he finds himself drifting away from the station with a constant speed of 0.570 m/s. With the booster rockets no ...
  47. maths

    Two cyclists start biking from a trail's start 3 hours apart. The second cyclist travels at 10 miles per hour and starts 3 hours after the first cyclist who is traveling at 6 miles per hour. How much time will pass before the second cyclist catches up with the first from the ...
  48. Statistics

    I am doing a stats study and im stuck on what test to perform. Please look at my subject and advise me.. I am testing to see whether a person that is best in math and science will be able remember more numbers than letters and if a person that is better in language and history...
  49. physics

    a sea saw consist of a uniform bar 4m long and of mass 2kg. a boy of weight 42N sits at end of the sea saw while another boy of weight 38N sits at the end of the season. at what point must the season be pivoted if it is to balance. according to physics
  50. please help :)

    Even though I know what random selection, directional selection, stabilizing selection, disruptive selection and sexual selection are I can not understant what does Starlings producing five eggs in each clutch has to do with it. In my final I got this question and I don't know...
  51. Physics

    A sanding disk with rotational inertia 1.1 x 10^-3 kg*m^2 is attached to an electric drill whose motor delivers a torque of 6 Nm about the central axis of the disk. What are the following values about the central axis at the instant the torque has been applied for 185 ...
  52. science(answer please)

    please answer these 1.what similarities do nuclear energy and chemical energy share?pick all that apply A.both are types of kinetic energy. B.both are types of potential energy C.both involve magnetic energy D.both involve stored energy 3.the energy an object has due to its ...
  53. Physics

    The human brain consumes about 21.3 W of power under normal conditions. (More power may be required during exams...) How long can a candy bar (299 Calories) power the normally functioning brain? Note: The nutritional Calorie is equivalent to 1000 calories, or 1 kcal, as ...
  54. Honors English 10A

    Can you please help me with a few more Ms. Sue? Read lines 5-9 from "The Olympic Swimmer." Swimmers swivel, splash, and kick Back and forth in a clear, blue pool; Like fish at play in Neptune's sea. Swimming relaxed, and calm, and free. These stars, like sharks, cut the waves...
  55. physics

    I do not understand the answer that was given to me on a post dated Nov. 23. Please help explain my questions that appear at the end of this post. Bart ------------------- Posted by Bart on Wednesday, November 23, 2011 at 6:52am. A baseball is hit with a speed of 27 meters per...
  56. Physics

    A 855 N crate rests on the floor. a) How much work is required to move it at constant speed 7.7 m along the floor against a friction force of 180 N? b) How much work is required to move it at constant speed 7.7 m vertically? I really NEED help I am very lost with physics!!!!
  57. Quadratic Relations, Algebra, Math

    URGENT!! PLEASE HELP In a volleyball match. Jenny serves the volleyball at 14m/s, from a height of 2.5m above the court. The height o the ball in flight can be estimated using the equation h=-4.9t^2+14t+2.5, where h is the height, in meters, and t is the time, in seconds, ...
  58. MATH!

    PLEASE HELP! Okay I'm DESPERATE. Can somebody please tell me what n^3-64 divided by n-4 is? And for x/x+2 - 4/x-2 - 1 is the answer 2(-3x+2)/(x-2)(x+2 n^3-64 is a difference of cubes: you should have an equation to factor it. No...
  59. Early Child Ed.

    Would you check these questions and my answers,please? 1. Stories such as "The Three Little Pigs,""The Billy Goats Gruff," or Dr. Seuss books,promote children's cognitive and linguistic skills through the _____________ strategy. A. repetition B. eventcasts C. referential ...
  60. chemistry HELP PLEASE !

    A solution consisting of isobutyl bromide and isobutyl chloride is found to have a refractive index of 1.3931 at 20oC. The refractive indices at 20oC of isobutyl bromide and isobutyl chloride are 1.4368 and 1.3785, respectively. Determine the molar composition (in percent) of ...
  61. please!

    A body of mass m moves in the +x direction, subject only to drag force: Fx= (-1/2)(CD*rhoair*S*vx^2) With drag coefficient CD, air density rho air, cross sectional area S, and velocity component vx. At time t=0 the body is at postion x=0 and has velocity of vx=v0 where v0 is ...
  62. please!

    A body of mass m moves in the +x direction, subject only to drag force: Fx= (-1/2)(CD*rhoair*S*vx^2) With drag coefficient CD, air density rho air, cross sectional area S, and velocity component vx. At time t=0 the body is at postion x=0 and has velocity of vx=v0 where v0 is ...
  63. Simplify

    Simplify the following number. ∛729 I think it is ∛9, but I do not know. Please help, and check my answer. I will appreciate it if you guys can answer this as soon as possible. It is part of a RATIONAL EXPONENTS question. The original equation was 9^(1/3)∙&#...
  64. Physics

    Speed of a satellite orbit (physics problem)? What is the speed of a satellite in a geosynchronous orbit about Earth? _________m/s Compare it with the speed of the Earth as it orbits the Sun. _________m/s
  65. Physics- Elena please help! I'm so confused!!

    A luggage carousel at an airport has the form of a section of a large cone, steadily rotating about its vertical axis. Its metallic surface slopes downward toward the outside, making an angle of 21.0° with the horizontal. A 37.0 kg piece of luggage is placed on the carousel, ...
  66. Physics

    A block is attached to a spring and set in motion on a horizontal frictionless surface by pulling the block back a distance 10cm from equilibrium. Now, replace the block with one double the mass and set the block into motion again by pulling the block a distance 10cm from ...
  67. Geometry help

    Points EC bisects points AD at C. For each of the following, find the value of 'x' and the measure of the indicated segment. Please correct me if I'm wrong! 1. AC= 3x+6 and CD=2x+14 x=_______ AC=______ Answer: x=8 AC= 30 2. AC= 5x-8 and CD=16-3x x=______ AD=_____ Answer: x=3 ...
  68. physics PLEASE HELP

    I know its hard me explaining: In a problem I have it shows a picture of wave and shows the horizontal displacement from the halfway point of one peak of one wave to the halfway point of the trough right next to it. The choices are A: wavelength/2 B: wavelength C: 2 X ...
  69. Physics- drwls please help

    A certain CD has a playing time of 80 minutes. When the music starts, the CD is rotating at an angular speed of 4.8 x 10^2 revolutions per minute (rpm). At the end of the music, the CD is rotating at 2.1 x 10^2 rpm. Find the magnitude of the average angular acceleration of the...
  70. poetry, please comment

    The Abuse Ends Now by: Kathy A I wasn't enough So he became rough I'm just not that tough As he was handcuffed I saw his face I hoped he knew he was a disgrace After all this time of looking into those deceiving blue eyes I just sit and cry Because of every single lie The last...
  71. Some Please Help me - PreCalc

    Verify that the point ( square root(31)/7, -3square root(2)/7 ) lies on the graph of the unit circle. If it does, use symmetry to find three other points that also lie on the graph of the unit circle. (direction - Type ordered pairs). PS: The -3 is outside the square root ( ...
  72. English Please Help

    Please I need some help. I'm struggling really bad with my paper for english. Paper is on "War as a social disease". We cant use no physical characteristics or traits. Or use the word people or children. How does fear relate to war as a social disease? We can't use no examples...
  73. physics

    As a contrast between the old and the modern and between the large and the small, consider the following: In old rural England 1 hide (110 acres) was the area of land needed to sustain one family with a single plough for one year. (An area of 1 acre is equal to 4047 m2.) Also...
  74. english

    Hi I have some questions and I would really if you answer my questions! I want to be Nurse Practitioner and I am very passion about it. But I have a lot of problems. First English is not my native language, second I am not good at math, third I am kind intimidated by the ...
  75. Physics

    Please help me! 1)1. Two charged point bodies are placed into the opposite on diagonal vertices of a rectangular with sides of 6 and 8 cm in vacuum – Q1=3.2x10-11 C; Q2=-4.267x10-11 C. Calculate the electric field intensity at two other vertices of the rectangular and the ...
  76. Physics, please help today!

    0.0100kg particles have been glued to a rod of Length L=6.00cm and negligible mass and can rotate around a perpendicular axis through point O at one end. How much work is required to change the rotational rate (a) from 0-20.0 rad/s, (b) from 20.0 rad/s to 40.0 rad/s, and (c) ...
  77. Science please help

    Draw Bohr diagrams of a magnesium atom bonding with fluorine atoms. Draw atoms then electron transfer and finally the ions that form. What type of bonding occurs? Draw Bohr diagrams of 2 hyrdogen atoms bonding with an oxygen atom by sharing electrons to form a water molecule. ...
  78. Comprehensive science ADV

    Overview: Enviromental problems, Endangered animals are becoming endangered one of the examples are the panamian godlen frog. And when i posted the first question it was the wrong one!! The real one is... Question: Describe What is being done to save endagered frogs. for ...
  79. Physics

    For a question in physics... I was told to draw a graph of vertical displacement, y, versus time, t, in 2sec increments from 0 to 1.8. What was given to me was: v_yo_= +10m/s v_xo_= +5m/s a_y_ = -10m/s^2 So I used the formula: y=vo+1/2at^2 I drew the graph, and got a parabala...
  80. English

    Can you please check this short letter of enquiry, please? 1) My husband and I are looking for a double room plus an extra bed for my six-year-old child for 14 nights from 4 July to 18 July. 2) In particular, we would like to know your rates in half board (breakfast/dinner) ...
  81. grammar punctuation

    Fine the error in punctuation or capitalization 1. "After you've rested," Frank said, "please help me move these boxes." "Can we wait until later?" asked Emily. "I have a lot of homework." "It won't take very long." replied Frank. (my choice) Emily told him that she would be ...

    I read this section, still don't get it. Respond to the following questions from Duiker p. 186. Please be sure that you respond to each question fully for full credit. Please note: in order to respond to the following questions you should have read the chapter and have an ...
  83. Algebra--to Bob (Please)

    Bob, thank you for the info. You always make everything sound so easy. Yu are so smart! And, I am not! If you will, please answer further. For example the first number is 1415926535, when it says make a graph fo the frequency of each digit. I look through the other 99 numbers ...
  84. Chemistry(Please check)

    . Ksp for Fe(IO3)3 is 10-14. Two solutions, one being iron(III) nitrate and the other being sodium iodate, were mixed. At the instant of mixing, [Fe3+] = 10-4M and [IO3-] = 10-5M. What happens? My answer is that a precipitate forms because Qsp > Ksp. Would you agree? ...
  85. Math Please check

    The electricity meter on Donna's house read 71,236.4 kwh at the beginning of March and 73,196.2 kwh at the end of March. She pays 7.4 per kwh. What is the amount of her electricity bill for March? Round to the nearest cent. I came up with $145.03 Would you please check to make...
  86. Math (Please help!!)

    Given A(-4,-2), B(44), and C(18,-8, answer the following questions Write the equations of the line containing the altitude the passes through B in standard form. Write the equation of the line containing the median that passes through point C in slope-intercept form Write the ...
  87. Physics

    Archimedes principle. The weight of the bouy is given, so the weight of water displaced by the submerged part of the bouy equals that. Figure the volume that weight of water displaces, then figure the height of a .33m diameter column of water will have of that volume. A large ...
  88. Pre ALGEBRA

    Someone please help 2. You toss a coin 15 times. P(heads) 2/5 = • experimental; the result is found by repeating an experiment. **** • experimental; the result is based on the number of possible outcomes. • theoretical; the result is found by repeating theoretical; the ...
  89. Math

    I don't if I'm right for these two questions i just need a check if I'm right,if I'm wrong please show me how to get that answer. Rewrite the following exponential functions as logarithmic functions a)f(x)=9^x ans:f(x) Log^-1(xlog(9)) b)f(x)=(7/8)^x ans:log^-1(x(log 7 - log 8...
  90. chemistry

    A proposed mechanism for a reaction is: (i) A + B2 = AB2 Ea1 = 12 kJ/mol ƒ´H1 = 3 kJ/mol (ii) AB2 + C2 = ABC + BC Ea2 = 30 kJ/mol ƒ´H2 = 5.2 kJ/mol (iii) ABC + B2 = AB2 + BC Ea3 = 10 kJ/mol ƒ´H3 = -7.8 kJ/mol a) Which is the rate determining step? Explain why. (ii) It ...
  91. physics

    A man pushing a crate of mass m = 92.0 kg at a speed of v = 0.845 m/s encounters a rough horizontal surface of length scripted l = 0.65 m as in the figure below. If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the crate and rough surface is 0.357 and he exerts a constant ...
  92. Physics

    To determine the location of his center of mass, a physics student lies on a lightweight plank supported by two scales L = 2.40 m apart If the left scale reads 278 N, and the right scale reads 116 N, calculate the student's mass. Calculate the distance from the student's head ...
  93. physics

    To determine the location of his center of mass, a physics student lies on a lightweight plank supported by two scales L = 2.44 m apart. If the left scale reads 309 N, and the right scale reads 125 N, calculate the student's mass. Calculate the distance from the student's head...
  94. Physics

    Could someone please tell me what equations i am suppose to use to work out these problems. A capacitor in RC circuit has two overlapping plates of width 3.40 m and length 8.90 m separated by 2.60 cm. A dielectric of dielectric constant being 73.0 fills the space between the ...
  95. chemistry

    for the equilibrium H2+CO2<-->H2O+CO Kc=3.18 at 1106K. if each of the four species was initially present at 3.000M calculate the equilibrium concentration of the CO at this temperature..... OK I can get as far as equilibrium (final) H2O=3.000-x CO=3.000-xx H2=3.000+x CO2...
  96. math, PLEASE HELP!

    Point E(0, -2) is a vertex of square DEFG. After a 90* clockwise rotation of the square about the origin, which of the following is the location of E? A. (-2,0) B. (2,0) C. (2,2) D. (0,2) Point D(-3,5) is a vertex of triangle DEF. After rotation of the triangle about the ...
  97. Physics

    I need immediate help on these questions:. 2.a small plastic ball with a mass of 0.005kg is suspended from a thread and hangs in equilibrium as shown in the drawing below when a small rod with a 2 uC charge is brought to within 3mm of the ball a)find the tension force in the ...
  98. Physics

    Could you please check my answers and help me out with the last two? Thanxs! 1.Carefully define the following words: distance, displacement, speed, velocity, acceleration. Does it make a difference if we designate distance as "x" or "d"? (I don't understand this question) 2....
  99. Paul Martin

    Who knows what website I can go to for some baby pictures of Paul Martin? It is for my social studies project. Thankz:P I did an internet check and found only pictures of the Prime Minister as an adult. I suggest you try finding a biography in your library. There is also a ...
  100. physics

    A 1.00 kg hollow ball with a radius of 2.2^10^-1 m, filled with air, is released from rest at the bottom of a 1.50 m deep pool of water. How high above the water does the ball shoot upward if the upward force exerted by the fluid on the ball 40 N? Neglect all frictional ...
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