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  1. Physics

    What is the difference in blood pressure (mm−Hg) between the top of the head and bottom of the feet of a 1.82m tall person standing vertically?
  2. Physics

    A rocket moves upward, starting from rest with an acceleration of 35.0 m/s2 for 5.63 s. It runs out of fuel at the end of the 5.63 s but does not stop. How high does it rise above the ground?
  3. Physics

    Calculate the components parallel and perpendicular to the plane of 150N gravitational force acting on an object on a slope at 20 degrees to the horizontal ?
  4. physics

    A typical jogger burns up food energy at the rate of about 43 kJ per minute. How long would it take to run off a piece of cake if it contains 435 Calories?
  5. Physics

    A tungsten target is struck by electrons that have been accelerated from rest through a 38.9-kV potential difference. Find the shortest wavelength of the radiation emitted.
  6. Physics

    What is the kinetic and potential energy of a Boeing 747 airliner weighing 2.48 106 N, flying at 268 m/s (i.e., 600 mi/h) at an altitude of 6.2 km (i.e., 20 103 ft)?
  7. physics

    A 2 kg metal plate slides down a 14-meter high slope. At the bottom its speed is 11.1 m/s. To the nearest Joule, what was the magnitude of the work done by friction?
  8. physics

    A person with a mass of 60kg climbs up to a diving board 4 meters above a swimming pool. what is the divers speed when entering the water? A 8.9m/s b 6.2m/s c 4.4m/s d 3.3m/s e 2.1 m/s
  9. Physics

    I have a spring on a horizontal frictionless surface. Initially it is un-stretched and at x = 0 cm. I then pull it back 10 cm and release it. What is the amplitude of the oscillations (the object has mass m)?
  10. College Physics

    Two 72.0-kg hockey players skating at 7.00 m/s collide and stick together. If the angle between their initial directions was 130 degrees , what is their speed after the collision?
  11. physics

    A rocket moves upward, starting from rest with an acceleration of 28.8 m/s2 for 4.13 s. It runs out of fuel at the end of the 4.13 s but does not stop. How high does it rise above the ground?
  12. physics

    When a 1150 kg space rocket lifts off of ground. How many joules of energy has been provided by its engine during the time in which it achieves a speed of 180 m/s.
  13. physics

    Determine the minimum size of a mirror that a lady 1.2m tall will buy to be able to see her full height if her eyes are placed 6cm from the top of her head
  14. physics

    electricity is measured in kilowatts-hours, kW*h. this quantity can be converted to which other unit that measures energy? a.Pascals b.Joules c.Newtons d. Watts
  15. physics

    M1 and M2 are two masses connected as shown. The pulley is light (massless) and frictionless. Find the mass M1, given that M2 (7.0 kg) accelerates downwards at 3.39 m/s2, θ is 30o, and μk is 0.45.
  16. Physics

    write an equation that relates to frequency(f) applied to the string to the length(L) between the two fixed end points. This was from lab of standing waves.
  17. physics

    a converging lens has a focal length of 15cm. Find two positions where a real object can produce images four times its size.
  18. Physics

    What is the angular momentum of a 2.4 kg uniform cylindrical grinding wheel of radius 12 cm when rotating at 1800 rpm? How much torque is required to stop it in 4.0 s?
  19. Physics

    A 200-Ù resistor, 40.0-mH inductor and a 2.00-ìF capacitor are connected in series with a 120-V rms source at 1000 Hz. What is the phase angle of this circuit?
  20. physics

    What is the critical angle of light traveling from benzene (n=1.501) into air? Choose one answer. a. 40.05o b. 48.22o c. 41.78o d. 62.63o
  21. Physics

    2 spheres of radii 10cm and 20cm contains charges 10microcoulomb and 20 micro coulomb respectively.they are separated by a distance 100cm.Where will the electric field be zero?
  22. physics

    imagine that you are a fish underwater. when you look up to the surface of the water you can see the sky and also the bottom of the pool. Try to explain this unsual view. A ray diagram might help
  23. physics

    An automobile manufacturer claims that its product will travel 1.2 km in 27 s, starting from rest. What is the magnitude of the constant ac- celeration required to do this? Answer in units of m/s2.
  24. Physics

    A stone popelled from a catalpult with the speed of 50m/s attained a height of 100m. Calculate the time of flight and angle of projection.
  25. physics

    a converging lens has a focal length of 15cm. Find two positions where a real object can produce images four times its size.
  26. physics

    the 3 lb block A rests on a surface for which the coefficient of kinetic is Mk=.30 determine the distance the 8-lb cylinder B must descend so that A has a speed of Va = 5ft/s starting from rest.
  27. Physics

    A point on a wheel rotating at 5revs/s is located 0.20m away from the axis. What is the centripetal acceleration? a. 198m/s^2 b. .05m/s^2 c. 48m/s^2 d. 1.35m/s^2
  28. Physics

    A train moving with constant speed of 54kmph moves eastwards for 30min then north for 40min find avg velocity
  29. physics

    if you wished to warm 100 kg of water by 15 degrees celsius for your bath, how much heat would be required? (give your answer in calories and joules)
  30. Physics- Start off good?

    Estimate the moment of inertia of a bicycle wheel 67 cm in diameter. The rim of the tire have a combination mass of 1.1kg. (1.1)(67) = 73.3
  31. physics

    If a burning log is a black object with a surface area of 0.35 m2 and a temperature of 800 ˚C, how much power does it emit as thermal radiation?
  32. physics

    a particle a of mass makes perfectly elastic collision with b which is at rest and fly apart in opp directions with same velocity then relation between their masses is
  33. Physics

    Calculate the tension in the string if a single pulley of velocity ratio 5 is used to raise a body of mass 200g through a distance of 4cm.
  34. Physics

    A 120-V rms voltage at 1000 Hz is applied to a resistor and an inductor in series. If the impedance of this circuit is 110 Ù, what is the maximum value of the current?
  35. physics

    The relative humidity is 55% on a day when the temperature is 30.0°C. Using the graph below, determine the number of moles of water vapor per cubic meter of air
  36. physics

    A 1000 Kgs Vehicle moving with a sppeed of 20 meter per sec. is brought to rest in a distance of 50 metres. find the acceleration
  37. physics

    From the graph made, compute for the instantaneous acceleration of the rider for each inclination at any chosen time by computing for the slop of the tangent line?
  38. Physics

    What is the greatest safe speed, without skidding, that a 1700 kg car can have on a level curve of radius 215 meters if Mk=0.4 and Ms=.85? Answer=42.3 I tried using the equation mv^2/r=mg+Mk.
  39. Physics

    The fastest helicopter, the Westland Lynx, has a mass of 3.343 x 103 kg and a maximum momentum of 3.723 x 105 kg.m/s. What is its top speed?
  40. physics

    What net force would actually be necessary to stop an automobile of mass 880 traveling initially at a speed of 52.0 in a distance equal to the diameter of a dime, which is 1.8 ?
  41. Physics

    A sled is initially given a shove up a frictionless 24.0° incline. It reaches a maximum vertical height 1.10 m higher than where it started. What was its initial speed?
  42. physics

    A car weighing 1200kg was moving at a speed of 15m/s.breaks were applied and it stopped 6s latter.draw a graph showing the results
  43. physics

    How much force is the air exerting on the front surface of the book with dimensions 19 x 27 cm. Assume atmospheric pressure equal to 100,000 Pa.
  44. physics

    What is the critical angle of light traveling from benzene (n=1.501) into air? Choose one answer. a. 40.05o b. 48.22o c. 41.78o d. 62.63o
  45. Please help with Physics

    I don't understand these questions. Give two examples of common force fields? How is the magnitude of an electric field defined? -I got that it is its strength
  46. physics

    what are the merits and drawbacks of using a person's foot as a standard? keep in mind that it is advantagous that fundamental standards be accessible, invariable, indestructible, and reproducible.
  47. physics

    calculate the work done on a 1550kg elevator car by its cable to lift it 40 m at constant speed assuming friction average 125 n
  48. physics

    A 2.2kg bowling ball with a velocity of 2m/s rolls along a level floor for 30m before coming to a halt. What is the coefficient of rolling friction?
  49. physics

    using a sketchs, show the type of directions of forces acting on the following farm hand tools i) a hoe ii) a rake for land clearing 0
  50. Physics

    A 600kg car is moving on a level road at 30m/ large is a retarding force is required to stop it in a distance of 70m
  51. physics

    What is the smallest radius of an unbanked (flat) track around which a bicyclist can travel if her speed is 31 km/h and the coefficient of static friction between the tires and the road is 0.29?
  52. Physics

    A bicycle wheel is accelerating at the constant rate of 1.4 rev/s2 (a) If it starts from rest, what is the rotational velocity after 4.7s? (b) Through how many revolutions does it turn in this time?
  53. Physics 11

    An airplane flies at 500km/hr, there is a wind kf 50.0km/h(N).if the pilot wants to fly due east, calculate the direction that the plane is heading. Thanks.
  54. physics

    A Martian rover is moving up a hill sloped at 30.0° with the horizontal. If it has a constant velocity of 1.50 meters/second, calculate its vertical displacement after 21.0 seconds
  55. Physics

    For a single movable pulley with a mechanical advantage of 2, how much rope must be pulled to lift a 150 neuton load 2 meters above the ground?
  56. Physics HELP

    A bug on a picnic table travels 10 cm east, then 18 cm northward, and finally 20 cm westward. What is the bugs displacement relative to its original position?
  57. physics

    activity to demonstrate the fact that for a metallic wire of uniform material density and thickness, the resistance increases directly with its length.
  58. physics

    A production line inspector wants a mirror that produces an image that is upright with a magnification of 7.1 when it is located 10.0 mm from a machine part. What is its radius of curvature?
  59. physics

    in ydse, two parallel slits are made 1mm apart and a screen is placed 1m away. what is the fringe seperation when blue green light of wavelength 500 nm is used?
  60. physics

    A bird is sitting on a wire 22m long. The wind makes it move, creating a standing wave with 8 loops. What is the wavelength?
  61. Physics

    I need to explain and demonstrate mathematically why it is easier to pull a wheelbarrow than it is to push it. Also, what effect does the component of force parallel to a bicycle crank have?
  62. physics

    Calculate the individual torques produced by the weights of the girl and boy on the see-saw in the figure above, given that Wgirl = 310 N and Wboy = 620 N and the length of the see-saw being 6m.
  63. physics

    (a) What linear speed must an Earth satellite have to be in a circular orbit at an altitude of 153 km? m/s (b) What is the period of revolution? min Read the eBook
  64. Physics

    A bullet shot horizontally strikes the ground with a velocity of 150.0km/h (10 degrees below the horizontal), determine the height from which it was fired.
  65. physics

    A body of mass 2 kg is dropped from the top of a tower of height 100m. If the acceleration due to gravity is 10 m/s2 calculate the K.E at the end of 5 seconds
  66. Physics

    A point (labelled P in the figure) is attached to the rim of a disk of radius 0.2 m, which can turn around an axis through its center. It is rotating counterclockwise with a speed of 2.5 m/s.
  67. Physics

    A fighter jet is traveling at 200 m/s following the arc of a vertical circle of radius R. At the top of its path, the pilot experiences “weightlessness.” What is the value of R?
  68. physics

    a cannonball is fired horizontally straight up at a modest speed of 9.8. Compute its maximum altitude and the time it takes to reach that height
  69. Physics

    A 0.55 kg block slides across a tabletop with initial velocity of 3 m/s and it comes to rest in a distance of 0.53 m. Find the average friction force that retarded its motion.
  70. Physics - studying for finals

    (a) Write the expression for y as a function of x and t in SI units for a sinusoidal wave traveling along a rope in the negative x direction with the following characteristics: A = 5.00 cm, λ = 75.0 cm, f = 5.00 Hz, and y(0, t) = 0 at t = 0. (Use the following as necessary: x...
  71. Physics

    Calculate the pressure on the top lid of a chest buried under 4.30 meters of mud with density 1.75 103 kg/m3 at the bottom of a 12.5-m-deep lake
  72. Physics

    An object of mass 10kg is placed on an inclined plane at 30 degree to the horizontal. Calculate the reaction between two surface and what is the coefficient of static friction.
  73. Physics or Science?

    Why liquid soap dispensed through a small spout by pressing on it, solidifies interfering with its smooth ejection? thanks so much for an answer! Pietra
  74. physics

    A referee tosses a coin straight up with a velocity of 5.25 m/s, how high does it go above its point of release? (Hint: How fast is it moving at the maximum height?)
  75. physics

    A bullet is fired straight up from a gun with a muzzle velocity of 208 m/s. Neglecting air resistance, what will be its displacement after 2.6 s? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 .
  76. Physics!

    Suppose that you are standing on a train accelerating at 0.39g. What minimum coefficient of static friction must exist between your feet and the floor if you are not to slide?
  77. Physics

    A man pulls a 50 kg box with an acceleration of 2m/s^2 across the floor. He applies a 200 N force at an angle of 30 degrees what is the coefficient of the kinetic friction?
  78. physics

    Two railroad cars, each of mass 1800 kg and traveling 70.0 km/hr, collide head-on and come to rest. How much thermal energy in joules is produced in this collision?
  79. physics

    A rocket moves upward, starting from rest with an acceleration of 28.1 m/s2 for 4.76 s. It runs out of fuel at the end of the 4.76 s but does not stop. How high does it rise above the ground?
  80. physics

    Bob heads out into a lake at an angle of 34 with respect to the shore. If his boat is capable of a speed of 2.5 m/s, how far from land will he be in 7 min and 31 s ? Answer in units of m
  81. physics

    Tarzan swings on a 27.0 m long vine initially inclined at an angle of 35.0° with the vertical.(a) What is his speed at the bottom of the swing if he starts from rest?
  82. Physics

    A ball having a weight of 1.5 N is dropped from a height of 4 meters. (Neglect air friction.) How much mechanical energy is "lost" just before it hits the ground?
  83. physics

    top-fuel drag racers are able to uniformly accelerate at 12.9 m/s from rest 97 m/s before crossing the finish line . How much time elapses during the run ?
  84. Physics

    Find the approximate gravitational red shift in 500 nm light emitted by a compact star whose mass is that of sun but whose radius is 10 km.
  85. Physics

    Circular motion: Not sure if I did this right. I need to find the speed that a spaceship needs to rotate to create an artificial gravity of 9.8m/s^2 (at feet) r=10m a=V^2/r 9.8=v^2/r root of(9.8*10)=v v=9.9m/s is this close?
  86. physics

    A football player is running at a speed of 9m/s hits the goalpost and comes to a stop in 0.050 sec. Calculate his acceleration and compare it with that of gravity.
  87. Physics

    An arrow of mass 1000kg was fired from rest with a velocity of 15m/secs for a period of 0.5secs.calculate the applied force.
  88. physics

    an object of mass 1kg falls a distance 5m on a horizontal surface and bounce to a vertical height of 2m.calculate the change in momentum
  89. physics

    What is the angular momentum of a 2.43 kg uniform cylindrical grinding wheel of radius 12.5 cm when rotating at 1600 rpm? (b) How much torque is required to stop it in 8.00 s?

    Calculate the pressure on the top lid of a chest buried under 4.30 meters of mud with density 1.75X 10^3 kg/m^3 at the bottom of a 12.5 m deep lake
  91. physics

    a roller coaster moves 85m horizonally, then travels 45m at an angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal. what is its displacement from its starting point?
  92. Physics

    Hello can some one show and exlpain to me the derivation of this formula? V = (Ft(mL^-1)^-1)^(2^-1) or simply V = sqrt (F/(m/L)) were V = the veloctiy of a piece of string Ft = the force of tension m = mass L = length Thank you!
  93. Physics

    William Tell fired an arrow with a velocity of 100 m/s at an angle of 30˚. How long will it take to reach its highest point? Please show work
  94. Physics

    Five forces act on an object. (1) 60 N at 90° (2) 40 N at 0° (3) 80 N at 270° (4) 40 N at 180° (5) 50 N at 60° What are the magnitude and direction of a sixth force that would produce equilibrium? Thanks for the help im confused on setting up the f(x) and f(y)
  95. Physics

    A baseball is thrown at an angle of 20◦ relative to the ground at a speed of 25.8 m/s. The ball is caught 43.6152 m from the thrower. The acceleration due to gravity is 9.81 m/s2 .
  96. physics

    Find the approximate gravitational red shift in 500 nm light emitted by a compact star whose mass is that of sun but whose radius is 10 km.
  97. Physics

    Forces of 10.3N north, 19.5N east, and 15.2N south are simultaneously applied to a 4.06kg mass as it rests on an air table. What is the magnitude of its acceleration?

    How does the magnitude of the electrical force between two charged objects depend on the distance between the charges? I really frustrated right now, and I can't figure out the answer too this question. Help pleeease :)
  99. Physics

    Find The Potential Energy Of A Boy Mass 10kg Standing On A Building Floor Of 10 Metres Above Ground Level. 10*10*10 =1000
  100. Physics

    A proton and an electron have the same kinetic energy upon entering a region of constant magnetic field. What is the ratio of the radii of their circular path?
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