physics please HELP !

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  2. Physics

    Given an angle of 30 degrees, find the minimum initial speed of a cannon ball that travels in a horizontal distance of 15000 mi.
  3. physics

    what will be the centipetal acceleration on a man whose mass is 80 kg,when resting on a ground at the equator if the radius of the earth'R' is 6.4x10 power 6 meter.
  4. Physics

    How much work did the movers do (horizontally) pushing a 140-kg crate 10.1 m across a rough floor without acceleration, if the effective coefficient of friction was 0.60?
  5. Physics

    There is a flash of lighting that gives out a 25 C of negative charge from cloud to ground. Determine the amount of electrons involved? Do i use the formula F=qE I know one coulomb is 1.6 * 10 ^-19
  6. Physics

    In the rope climb, a 68 kg athlete climbs a vertical distance of 9.0 m in 13 s. What minimum power output was used to accomplish this feat? In Watts
  7. physics

    A block of wood is 8.00cm long, 20.0cm high, and 0.10m wide. its mass is 1.00kg. what is its density in g/cm3?
  8. Physics

    How is it that an electron accelerates towards the protons (nucleus) in a hydrogen atom? I had thought that the electric forces acting on each other is equal so they are in equilibrium.
  9. college physics

    How many revolutions per minute would a 18 m-diameter Ferris wheel need to make for the passengers to feel "weightless" at the topmost point?
  10. Physics

    A roller coaster moves 4.2 m horizontally, then travels 6.9 m at an angle of 30º above the horizontal. What is the resultant displacement from its starting point?
  11. Physics

    A weightlifter raises a barbell of mass 150 kg from the floor to over his head 2.5 meters in 3 seconds. What is his average power input?
  12. Physics

    Three identical charges of 2.0 uC are placed at the vertices of an equilateral triangle, 0.15m on a side. Find the net force acting on each angle.
  13. physics

    Given. a = 25.1 cm and b = 51.2 cm and the forces are F1 = 10.3 N, F2 = 10.6 N and F3 = 14.7 N. The angle between F2 and the horizontal is θ = 27.9 °. Find the magnitude of the net torque on the wheel about the axle through O. Answer in units of N m.
  14. Physics

    Starting from rest, a skier slides 100 m down a 28 degree slope.How much longer does the run take if the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.17 instead of 0?
  15. physics

    how the frequency of the sound produced will change in the case of aluminium sting of length 15cm when the string is tied between two ends
  16. physics

    Explain why it would not make sense to use a full-size glass thermometer to measure the temperature of a thimbleful of hot water?
  17. physics

    Calculate the magnitude of the electric field at one corner of a square 1.48m on a side if the other three corners are occupied by 1.92×10−6 Ccharges.
  18. physics PLEASE HELP!

    The pilot of an airplane traveling 250km/h wants to drop supplies to flood victims isolated on a patch of land 190m below.
  19. physics

    Calculate the work required to lift a 20kg object from the floor to a height of 2 meters. Give your answer in Joules
  20. Physics

    Calculate the electric field at a point 3.12 cm perpendicular to the midpoint of a 2.23 m long thin wire carrying a total charge of 5.45 uC.
  21. Physics

    If you ask a friend to drive a small nail into a piece of wood placed on top of a pile of books on your head. Why doesn't this hurt you?

    How much work did the movers do (horizontally) pushing a 140-kg crate 10.1 m across a rough floor without acceleration, if the effective coefficient of friction was 0.60?
  23. physics

    Two wires run parallel to each other with currents I1 = -60.3 A, and I2 = 44.1 A. If they are a = 0.12 m apart, what is the magnitude of the force (N) per meter of length? I used the formula (f/L)=Uo(I1)(I2)/(2(pi)(r)) I got 4.43810^-2(N/m)but it was wrong..I'm not sure what ...
  24. Physics

    How is it that an electron accelerates towards the protons (nucleus) in a hydrogen atom? I had thought that the electric forces acting on each other is equal so they are in equilibrium.
  25. Physics

    A car that was initially at rest reaches a final speed of +50.0 m/s over a displacement of +55.0 m. What is the magnitude of the acceleration? Find the time it took to travel the first 55 m.
  26. Physics

    If a disk and hoop are released simutaneously 1.0m above the ground at a 30 degree incline which one will reach the bottom faster? Show mathematically.

  28. physics

    a stone dropped from the top of a cliff received ground in 4 second and burries itself at 0.8 meter into mud.calculate height and retardation.
  29. Physics

    Two pans of a balance are 50cm apart. If the fulcrum is displaced by 1cm what percentage is the true weight marked up? the answer i got was 1.3%, please help if wrong (which it probably is).
  30. Maths/Physics

    Is it possible to share a four fingered Kit Kat equally between 5 people if you can only break any one piece in half? Prove whether it is possible or impossible.
  31. physics

    A car starts from rest and accelerates uniformly to a velocity of 8ft/s after traveling 250 ft. Find its acceleretaion. Help me with this pleeaase. Thank you.
  32. physics

    While rearranging a dorm room, a student does 307 J of work in moving a desk 1.1 m. What was the magnitude of the applied horizontal force?
  33. Physics

    what is the equation describing the motion of mass on the end of a spring which is streached 8.8 cm from equlibrium and then released from rest and whose period is .66 s ? what will be its displacement after 1.8 s
  34. physics

    Two loudspeakers are 2.54 m apart. A person stands 3.04 m from one speaker and 3.50 m from the other. What is the lowest frequency at which destructive interference (sound cancellation) will occur at this point?
  35. physics

    If a professional jumper jumps in a running trainn and remains in air (say,4 ~5 sec),does he returns back his original position?
  36. Physics

    A point light source is kept in front of a convex mirror at a distance of 40cm.find the position of image by drawing
  37. Physics

    Two uncharged metal spheres, spaced 20.0 cm apart, have a capacitance of 28.0 pF. How much work would it take to move 14.0 nC of charge from one sphere to the other? *Please report answer in Joules.
  38. Physics

    A = 145 rock is hoisted upward with an acceleration of 1.46 by a vertical chain of negligible weight. What is the free body diagram?
  39. physics

    A 4.5 kg object is accelerated from rest to a speed of 39.2 m/s in 76 s. What average force was exerted on the ob- ject during this period of acceleration? Answer in units of N
  40. physics

    Two particles with Q1 = 40 µC and Q2 = 87 µC are initially separated by a distance of 2.6 m and then brought closer together so that the final separation is 1.7 m. What is the change in the electric potential energy?
  41. Physics

    An object is dropped from a platform 100 feet high. Ignoring wind resistance, what will its speed be when it reaches the ground?
  42. Physics

    1. A 2,000 kilogram truck traveling at 60km/h strikes a tree and stops in 0.75 seconds. How large is the force that causes this to occur?
  43. AP Physics

    A ball has an initial velocity of 3 m/s. If there is no friction, what is the highest it could roll? What would the qualitative bar graphs and energy flow diagram look like?
  44. physics

    An aeroplane taking off from a field has a run of 500 meters. What is the acceleration and take off velocity if it leaves the ground 10 seconds after the start ?
  45. Physics

    A crane lifts a Load of 50000g very slowly through a distance of 150cm vertically, calculate the work done against gravity if g=10.mls2
  46. AP physics

    Two locomotives approach each other on parallel tracks. Each has and average spend of 150 km/h with respect to the ground. If they are initialy 8.5 km apart, how Long will it be before they reach each other?
  47. Physics

    A man was lost in the woods. He wanders 3 km north, then 7 km east, then 7 km south, then 4 km west. What is the magnitude and direction of his resultant displacement?
  48. physics

    suppose a car travels at a constant 10m/s how far would it move in 1hr? in 1min? 1ms? could you please explain how i would solve this equation
  49. physics

    A car traveling at 91.0 km/h approaches the turnoff for a restaurant 30.0 m ahead. If the driver slams on the brakes with an acceleration of -6.40 m/s^2, what will her stopping distance be?
  50. Physics

    A weightlifter raises a 200 kg barbell over his head from the floor a displacement of 2m in 2.2 seconds. What is the average power he develops during the lift?
  51. physics

    A piano tuner hears one beat every 2.8 s when trying to adjust two strings, one of which is sounding 440 Hz, so that they sound the same tone. How far off in frequency is the other string?
  52. physics

    1 A steel wire, 150 m long at 10¢XC, has a coefficient of linear expansion of 11 „e 10ƒ{6/C¢X. Give its change in length as the temperature changes from 10„aC to 45„aC. 5.8 cm
  53. physics

    How much work did the movers do (horizontally) pushing a 180- crate 10.6 across a rough floor without acceleration, if the effective coefficient of friction was 0.50?
  54. physics

    An electric iron has a resistance of ohms. How much heat energy is produced in 10 minutes if the current passing through the device is 10 amps?
  55. Physics

    A wire length 2m and radius 1mm is stretched by 25mm on application of a force of 1000N.Calculate the young modulus
  56. Physics

    A 1200 N force is exerted on a 700 kg crate to move it across a loading dock. If the coefficient of friction is .50 what is the crates acceleration?
  57. physics

    a baseball is released at rest from the top of a hits the ground after falling for 6seconds . what was the height from which the ball was dropped
  58. Physics

    A block weighing 6.2 N requires a force of 2.2 N to push it along at constant velocity. What is the cooefficient of friction for the surface? Plsssss help asap..
  59. physics

    A satellite orbits at an average altitude of h = 423 km. How long does it need to complete one full orbit? Use REarth = 6370 km and mEarth = 5.98 x 10^24 kg
  60. physics help

    A flywheel turns through 32 rev as it slows from an angular speed of 2.1 rad/s to a stop. How much time is required for it to complete the first 16 of the 32 revolutions?
  61. physics

    Find the pottential energy of a boy of mass 10kg standing on a building floor 10 meters above the ground level p.e?
  62. Physics

    What is the magnitude of the electric field at a point midway between a −8.3μC and a +5.4μC charge 10cm apart? Assume no other charges are nearby.
  63. physics

    In order to clearly read a book 16 cm away, a farsighted girl needs an image to be 36 cm from her eyes. What focal length is needed for the lens in her eyeglasses?
  64. physics

    a d'arsonval meter movement deflects to 0.8mA. what is the peak value of the alternating current if the instrument uses full-wave rectification?
  65. physics

    Question part Points Submissions 1 0/1 1/5 Total 0/1 ...If a truck traveling 38.0 km/h uniformly accelerates up to 55.0 km/h, what's its average speed in the process?
  66. physics

    How strong an electric field is needed to accelerate electrons in a TV tube from rest to one-tenth the speed of light in a distance of 4.9 cm ?
  67. physics

    What's kinetic energy in electron volt of a triply ion iron which has been accelerated from rest through a potential difference of 100v?
  68. physics

    A ball has a diameter of 3.86 cm and average density of 0.0836 g/cm3. What force is required to hold it completely submerged under water?
  69. Physics

    If a tank is standing up i.e 1.200 dia x 1.100 high with 650 kg inside, How much water pressure to lift it Cheers
  70. Physics

    An object is dropped from a cliff thatis 256 m above the sea. just prior to splashing into the water, how fast is it going? How long did it take to fall?
  71. physics

    When a 80kg block of mass is pushed by 400 Newton at an angle of 37 degrees above the horizontal to accelerate from 20 m/s what will be the final velocity after 6 second
  72. science/physics

    just trying to find out what temperature the water in my celcius heating system needs to be to achieve an air tempature of 68 degrees ferinheidt
  73. physics

    a person whos mass is 102 kg stands on a beam supported by two ropes , A and B, he is standing on one foot to help you solve this problem.
  74. physics

    Fruity Florida farmers fecklessly fling flying fountains of water on the fruit during cold snaps. Explain why they do this
  75. Physics

    A racing car has a mass of 1540 kg. What is its kinetic energy if it has a speed of 110 km/h? Assume that air resistance is negligible.
  76. physics

    The position of a particle moving along the x-axis is given by x = (13 + 11t − 1.5t2), where t is in seconds and x is in meters. What is the average velocity during the time interval from t = 1s to t = 4 s?
  77. physics

    what average force is needed to accelerate a 7.00-gram pellet from rest to 125m/s over distance of a .800m along the barrel of a rifle.
  78. Physics

    A wire length 2m and radius 1mm is stretched by 25mm on application of a force of 1000N.Calculate the young modulus
  79. physics

    A 2.0 kg mass is sliding on a flat surface, with an initial speed of 20 m/s, and a coefficient of friction of 0.2. what is the magnitude of its acceleration? I know the answer is 2.0 m/s^2, but can someone show me how ?
  80. physics

    If you drop an object, it will accelerate down- ward at a rate of g = 9.8 m/s2. If you throw it downward instead, its accel- eration (in the absence of air resistance) will be
  81. Physics

    1) Please describe the structure of a hurricane,and how they work. Include a discussion of how energy is transferred from the warm ocean water up to the sky.
  82. Physics

    How much work is done pushing a wheel barrow full of cement 5.3m forward if a force of 500N is applied 20 degrees from the vertical?
  83. physics

    The potential difference applied to an X-ray tube is 5 kV and the current through it is 3.2 mA. Then the number of electrons striking the target per second and speed at which they strike?
  84. Physics

    A motorcycle with a mass of 350 kg is accelerated from rest to a velocity of 30 m/s by a force of 4000 N. calculate the distance over which this acceleration occurred.
  85. physics

    how does mass energy relate to the hydrogen bomb? i can't find anything that simply explains this to me and i need6 it for a powerpoint presentation tomorrow please help.
  86. Physics

    compute for the power while pushing an object by a 200N force making 18 degrees above the horizontal covering a distance of 7.5m in 0.5 minute?
  87. Physics

    Ajuggler throws a ball from height of 0.950 m with an overall velocity of =4.25 m/s, 67 degrees above horizontal and misses it on the way down. What is the overall speed when it hits the ground?
  88. Physics

    Temperature of a diatomic gas is 300k. If the moment of inertia of its molecules is 8.28*10^-38 gm-cm^2. Calculate their root mean square angular velocity.
  89. physics

  90. physics

    an object weighs 10N on earth .what is the objects weight on a planet one tenth the earths mass and one half its radius?
  91. physics

    A 750 kg rocket accelerates straight upward from the ground at 60 m/s2. What is the force (thrust) provided by the engine? with a gravitational pull of 10 m/s2 down
  92. Physics

    What is the total kinetic energy if a 0.30 kg block is sliding on a smooth horizontal surface at 2.5 m/s, heading towards a light spring that is in equilibrium?
  93. Physics

    Two loudspeakers are 2.42 m apart. A person stands 3.42 m from one speaker and 2.82 m from the other. What is the lowest frequency at which destructive interference (sound cancellation) will occur at this point?
  94. physics

    A certain centrifuge produces a centripetal acceleration of magnitude exactly 1090g at a point 12.3 cm from the axis of rotation. Find the number of revolutions per second.
  95. Physics(Please help)

    Determine the final speed assuming that the time elapsed since t=0 is 2.4s. Initial velocity is +12m/s acceleration is +3.4m/s^2 I tryed doing 12/2.4 and then 12/3.4 but both of these were incorrect? I am not sure what to do. Thank you.
  96. Physics

    How fast (in rpm) must a centrifuge rotate if a particle 69-cm from the axis of rotation is to experience an acceleration of 200438 g's? (can you show me how you get the answer) be thorough
  97. Physics

    Calculate the energy released when 235 U fissions resulting in two lighter stable nuclei with mass numbers 140 and 93.Please help!
  98. Physics - please, I really need this

    Show mathematically that a diverging lens will alway produce an upright image. [i.e. prove that hi is positive if f is negative] I'm not even sure how to start this. Can someone please help me?
  99. Physics

    Why does the blood of deep sea divers look greenish-black in underwater photographs taken with natural light, but red when flashbulbs are used?
  100. physics

    a motorboat travels 25.0 km/h in still water. what will be the magnitude and direction of the velocity of the boat if it is directed upstream on a river that flows at the rate of 4.00 km/h?
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