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  1. Physics

    Two blocks of masses 2.9kg and 3.9 kg are held by string upper and lower and given the acceleration 0.2 in upward direction gind tension
  2. Physics

    If a cyclist takes two minutes to complete half revolution on a circular path of 120m radius.what is the average speed?
  3. physics

    Is the equation 344+0.6x(t-20)? I'm not getting this at all? How long does it take for sound to arrive at the back of a big auditorium if the temperature is 33 oC and the stage is 29 m away? answer in seconds
  4. physics

    a ball of 100g is thrown vertically upwards with an initial speed of 150km/h, calculate the time taken to return to the thrower
  5. Physics

    A weightlifter raises a 200 kg barbell over his head from the floor a displacement of 2m in 2.2 seconds. What is the average power he develops during the lift?
  6. Physics

    An echo in Cowboys Stadium is heard after 2 seconds. How far is the person standing from the wall if the speed of sound is 340 m/sec?
  7. Physics

    Given an angle of 30 degrees, find the minimum initial speed of a cannon ball that travels in a horizontal distance of 15000 mi.
  8. Physics

    A train, with an initial velocity of 35ms^-1 along a straight track, deccelerates at a constant 0.25ms^2. Determine how far it travels in 2 minutes.
  9. physics

    Two sinusoidal waves of the same frequency travel in the same direction along a string. If ym1 = 4.2 cm, ym2 = 5.9 cm, ö1 = 0, and ö2 = /5 rad, what is the amplitude (in cm) of the resultant wave?
  10. physics

    If Joe rides south on his bicycle in a straight line for 26 min with an average speed of 11.6 km/h, how far has he ridden? Answer in units of km
  11. physics

    A color television has a power rating of 325 W. How much current does this set draw from a potential difference of 120 V? 1 . A i got 2.92 but its wrong?
  12. physics

    A ball thrown straight up takes 5.80 seconds to go up and come back down to its starting point. Neglecting air resistance, how high (in m) does it go?
  13. physics

    The speed of sound in air is about 330m/sec. If a lighting flash occurs 5.5 seconds before you hear the thunder how far away from you was the strike?
  14. physics

    A color television has a power rating of 325 W. How much current does this set draw from a potential difference of 120 V? 1 . A i got 2.92 but its wrong?
  15. physics

    a person whos mass is 102 kg stands on a beam supported by two ropes , A and B, he is standing on one foot to help you solve this problem.
  16. physics

    An electric iron has a resistance of ohms. How much heat energy is produced in 10 minutes if the current passing through the device is 10 amps?
  17. Physics

    What will be the equilibrium temperature when a 245 g block of copper at 285 oC is placed in a 145 g aluminum calorimeter cup containing 825 g of water at 12.0 oC?
  18. physics

    a projectile is fired at 30 degree above the horizontal with an initial speed of 600 m/s. find the direction and magnitude of the velocity after 2 seconds?
  19. Physics

    i have a line graph with positions 1-10 in the positive direction. if a toy car rolls from +3m to +5m, which of the following statements is true? a. Xf=+3 m b. Xi=+3 m c. delta x=+3 m d. Vavg=3 m/s
  20. physics

    mass = 46 kg, angle 20 degrees, tension 240 newton , coefficient of kinetic friction = 0.5 find acceleration of the object
  21. PHYSICS Help please!!

    The two-mile linear accelerator at Stanford University in California "appears" to be less than a meter long to the electrons that travel in it. Explain.
  22. physics

    A box is sliding down a ramp sloping 25° above the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.15. What is the acceleration? The answer is 2.8 m/s^2. How can this be solved with out mass?
  23. Physics

    What is common to all light sources, including incandescent, fluorescent, neon, halogen, laser, and sodium vapor devices?
  24. physics

    calculate the horizontal force that must be applied to produce an acceleration of 1 g for 1 kg. puck on a horizantal frictiom-free air table.
  25. Physics

    A helium balloon is tied to a brick and dropped into the lake. As the balloo sinks the buoyant force acting on decrease.
  26. Physics

    Carbon dioxide forms into a solid (dry ice) at approximately -157°F. What temperature in degrees Celsius does this correspond to?
  27. physics

    a gazelle attempts to leap a 2.1m fence. assuming a 45 degree takeoff angle, whats the min speed for the jump
  28. AP physics

    Two locomotives approach each other on parallel tracks. Each has and average spend of 150 km/h with respect to the ground. If they are initialy 8.5 km apart, how Long will it be before they reach each other?
  29. Physics

    A pendulum has a mass of 3-kg, a length of 3 meters and swings through a (half)arc of .47 radians. To the tenth of a Joule, what is its Total Energy?
  30. Help- Physics

    How much work did the movers do (horizontally) pushing a 130kg crate 10.1 m across a rough floor without acceleration, if the effective coefficient of friction was 0.50?
  31. physics

  32. physics

    When you look through a 3.7 mm thick window comprised of a material whose refractive index is 1.59, by what time interval is the light you see delayed by having to go through glass instead of air?
  33. physics

  34. physics

    When you look through a 3.7 mm thick window comprised of a material whose refractive index is 1.59, by what time interval is the light you see delayed by having to go through glass instead of air?
  35. Physics

    Determine the initial acceleration of a 1 kg solid aluminum chunk (density = 2,700 kg/m3) released from rest by a diver 10 m under the ocean.
  36. physics

    A satellite orbits at an average altitude of h = 423 km. How long does it need to complete one full orbit? Use REarth = 6370 km and mEarth = 5.98 x 10^24 kg
  37. physics

    Two identical balls A and B are released from the positions .They collide elastically on horizontal position MN. The ratio of the heights attained by A and B after collision will be ?
  38. Physics- Lenses

    A planoconvex lens is to have a focal length of 28.5 cm. If made from fused quartz, what must be the radius of curvature of the convex surface?
  39. Physics

    A roller coaster moves 4.2 m horizontally, then travels 6.9 m at an angle of 30º above the horizontal. What is the resultant displacement from its starting point?
  40. physics

    Four 6.0 spheres are located at the corners of square of side 0.7m. calculate the magnitude and the direction of the total force exerted on one sphere by the other three.
  41. Physics

    What is the electric field midway between an electron and a proton separated by 0.8 nm. Don't know what formula to use. Nothing on line is helping me get to the correct answer. Appreciate anyone's help. Thanks
  42. Physics

    a roller coaster moves 85m horizontally, then travels 45m at an angle of 30.0 above the horizontal. What is displacement from its starting point?
  43. Physics

    A body's temperature is increased from 900K to 1900K. By what factor does the total power radiated per unit area increase?
  44. physics

    A light-rail commuter train blows its 200 Hz horn as it approaches a crossing. The speed of sound is 330 m/s.

    Two 75 kg hockey players skating at 5.50 m per s collide and stick together. if the angle between their initial directions was 120 degress, what is their velocity after the collision?
  46. physics

    A block of wood is 8.00cm long, 20.0cm high, and 0.10m wide. its mass is 1.00kg. what is its density in g/cm3?
  47. physics

    one car moving on a straight road covers 1/3 of the distance with 20kmph and the rest with 60kmph find th average speed
  48. physics

    An electric guitar’s amplifier is at a distance of 4.6 m. Find the intensity of its sound waves when its power output is 0.18 W. Answer in units of W/m2
  49. physics

    A small rocket is fired directly upwards with an initial velocity of 100m/s, How many seconds will it take to reach its maximum height?
  50. physics

    find the equilibrium of two is N forces acting upon a body,when the angle betweenthem is a)90degrees b)120degrees c)180degrees d)10degrees e)45degrees
  51. physics

    carbon dioxide forms into solid (dry ice)at approximately -150 F. What temperature in degree celsuis does this correspond to?
  52. Physics

    A crate with mass 26.0kg initially at rest on a warehouse floor is acted on by a net horizontal force of 160N .
  53. Physics

    I am driving to Atlanta on the I-85 in my G35 Coupe at 40.0 m/s and I pass a cop. Will I get a ticket? The speed limit is 70.0 mi/h, 1 mile= 1.609 km = 1609 m.
  54. physics

    A bullet was fired horizontally from the top of a 1.5x10^2 m tall tower at 2.8x10^2 m/s. Determine its speed on impact with the ground below.
  55. physics

    a car traveling initially at +7.0 m/s accelerates uniformly at the rate of +0.80m/s2 for a distance of 245 m. what is its velocity at the end of the acceleration?
  56. Physics

    A light-rail commuter train blows its 200 Hz horn as it approaches a crossing. The speed of sound is 332 m/s.
  57. physics

    Show that the critical velocity of body revolving in cercular orbit very close to the surface of a planet of radiuis R and meandencity.
  58. Physics

    A triply ionized beryllium atom (Be3+) has only one electron in orbit about the nucleus. What is the radius of the ion when it is in the n = 9 excited state?
  59. physics

    A ball thrown with a speed of 100m/s,attains a height of 150m (g is 9.8m/s2.Calculate (i) time of flight (ii)angle of projection
  60. physics

    While rearranging a dorm room, a student does 307 J of work in moving a desk 1.1 m. What was the magnitude of the applied horizontal force?
  61. Physics

    What is the ratio of the wavelength of visible light of wavelength600 nm to that of an FM radio wave of frequency 100 MHz? c = 2.998x 108 m/s
  62. Physics

    Two people pushing a stalled car from rest generate a net force of +840N for 5.0s. What is the cars final velocity?
  63. physics

    Two stars, a binary star system, with a mass of m1 = 5.88E29 and m2 = 2.27E30 kg are separated by a distance of 2.55E11 m. What is the gravitational force between them?
  64. physics

    list any two properties for each of the following case of metals which make them suitable to be used as: (1)utensils for cooking food (2)wires for electrical connection
  65. Physics

    A block weighing 6.2 N requires a force of 2.2 N to push it along at constant velocity. What is the cooefficient of friction for the surface? Plsssss help asap..
  66. Physics

    A plane has an airspeed of 200 m/s due north and is subject to a westerly wind of 50 m/s. What is the planes speed relative to the ground?
  67. physics

    whaat happens to the potential energy lost by hammer of pile driver when it falls through a distance and drives a piling into the ground?
  68. physics

    If two wires P and O each of the same length and same material,are connected in parallel to a battery. The diameter of P is half that of Q. What fraction of the total current passes through P?(a)0.2(b)0.25(c)0.33(d)0.5
  69. Physics

    A 5.0cm tall object is placed 16cm from a convex lens with a focal length of 8.4cm. What are the image height and orientation?
  70. physics

    can someone please help me with this question quick... Which of the following equations expresses Newton's law of universal gravitation? a. Fc=MVt^2/r b. Fg=M1M2/r c. g=Gme/r^2 d. Fg=Gmme/r^2 i really need help..thanks:-)
  71. physics

    A uniform chain 10m long and weighing 6 kg permetre hangs vertically.calculate the work required to wind it up
  72. Physics

    The condensing pressure is 260psig and the metering device inlet temperature is 100 degrees for R-22 what is the total subcooling in the system?
  73. Physics

    Calculate the energy released when 235 U fissions resulting in two lighter stable nuclei with mass numbers 140 and 93.Please help!
  74. physics

    water 20 degrees celsius flows through a 25 mm diameter pipe at a rate of 50 liters per minute. is this laminar or turbulant flow or both?
  75. physics

    How much energy expressed in units of food Calories (that is, kilocalories) is required to operate a 100 W light bulb for 14.70 hours?
  76. AP Physics B

    An object of mass 3.2 kg is allowed to fall from rest under the force of gravity for 3.5 s. What is the change in its momentum? Ignore air resistance.
  77. physics

    A diver leaves the board traveling at 3.5 m/s at an angle of 75º with respect to the horizontal. What is her speed when she hits the water, 3 meters below?
  78. Physics

    What is the difference in blood pressure (mm-Hg) between the top of the head and bottom of the feet of a 1.008 m-tall person standing vertically?
  79. physics

    How far to the nearest tenth of a meter can a runner running at 10 m/s run in the time it takes a rock to fall from rest 91 meters
  80. Physics

    A vector has a magnitude of 3.50m and points in a direction that is 145 degree counter wise from the x-axis. find the x and y components
  81. physics

    show a car that travels 5 km due east and makes a u-turn to travel another 3 km find distance covered and its displacement
  82. physics

    from point A, a boy walks 4 m to the east,2 m to the sout, 4 m to the west , and finally, 2 m to the north , find the distance he travelled and his displacement
  83. physics

    Calculate the magnitude of the electric field at one corner of a square 1.48m on a side if the other three corners are occupied by 1.92×10−6 Ccharges.
  84. help! Physics

    I've been getting this question wrong so many times! What is the relationship between the coefficient of friction and the time that it takes the object to reach the bottom of the ramp?
  85. physics

    What will be the equilibrium temperature when a 245-g block of copper at 285„aC is placed in a 145-g aluminum calorimeter cup containing 825g of water at 12.0„aC?
  86. physics

    For an object travelling at a constant velocity, how does the dispalcement change over equal time intervals? I do not understand this question pls help.
  87. physics

    The coefficient of kinetic friction for a 22 kg bobsled on a track is 0.20. What force is required to push it down a 6.0° incline and achieve a speed of 70 km/h at the end of 75 m?
  88. Physics

    What will happen to the time of collision if you add weight to a cart but keeps its speed the same and send it rolling down a incline towards a force sensor?
  89. Physics

    An airplane lands and starts down the runway at a southwest velocity of 46 m/s. What constant acceleration allows it to come to a stop in 1.1 km? PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS QUESTION AND PROVIDE AN EXPLANATION IF POSSIBLE!!!! THANK YOU!
  90. College Physics

    After 2.5 time constants, what percentage of the final voltage, emf, is on an initially uncharged capacitor C, charged through a resistance R?
  91. physics

    determine the static coefficient of friction if a box will be rasied at rest, right up until the point that the board on which it is sitting gets raised to 53 degrees.
  92. physics

    A commuter backs her car out of her garage with an acceleration of 1.40 m/s2. (a) How long does it take her to reach a speed of 2.00 m/s? (b) If she then brakes to a stop in 0.800 s, what is her deceleration?
  93. physics

    a stone dropped from the top of a cliff received ground in 4 second and burries itself at 0.8 meter into mud.calculate height and retardation.
  94. physics

    When 1.60 multiplied by 105 J of heat enters a cherry pie initially at 20.0°C, its entropy increases by 470 J/K. What is its final temperature (C)?
  95. Physics

    Calculate the skid to stop distance of a car traveling on a road at 100 kilometers per hour with a coefficient of friction of 0.68.....
  96. college physics

    a block of ice initially sliding at 15m/s on a frozenpond comes to rest after traveling 90 meters. What is the coefficient friction?
  97. Physics

    A 92 kg disk, with a radius of 0.97 meters, is rotating at 562 rpm. What is its angular momentum, to the nearest tenth of a Joule*sec?
  98. Physics

    An elevator is moving upward 1.17 m/s when it experiences an acceleration of 0.33 m/s2 downward, over a distance of 0.75 m. What will its final speed be? Answer in units of m/s
  99. Physics

    The moon is 384,000 km from the earth and makes 1 revolution in 27.3 days. Find its angular and linear speeds in its orbit.
  100. physics

    Fruity Florida farmers fecklessly fling flying fountains of water on the fruit during cold snaps. Explain why they do this
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