physics please HELP !

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calc (confused)

A wedge is cut from a right circular cylinder of radius r by two planes, one perpendicular to the axis of the cylinder and the other making an angle (beta) with the first. Find the volume of the wedge by slicing perpendicular to the y-axis. Please show all steps and ...


A cylinder has a radius of 4x + 2 and a height of 5x — 4. Which polynomial in standard form best describes the total volume of the cylinder? A.80pix^3+144pix^2+84pix+16pi B.20pix^2+26pix+8pi **** C.80pix^3+144pix^2+84pix-16pi D.400pix^4+1040pix^3+996ix^3+416pix+64pi My ...

Math geometry

Please help , I only need the second part of the question Betty picks 4 random marbles from a bag containing 3 white , 4 yellow and 5 blue marbles The probability that exactly 1 of the 4 marbles drawn is blue is (0.3535) . The probability that at least 1 of the 4 marbles drawn...


Please help I don't have any clue on how to solve this problem!!! Please help! Suppose you are tossing an apple up to a friend on a third story balcony. After t seconds, the height of the apple in feet is given by h = -16t^2 + 38.4t + .96. Your friend catches the apple just as...

Language arts (Please help)

What do you think is Bradbury's purpose in contrasting Douglas's real conversation with his father and the thoughts that are going on in Douglas's mind? A. It shows that Douglas has a vivid imagination but also shows the limitations her has with communication. B. It shows that...

Chemistry please help!

What happens to the following reaction at equilibrium if the pressure is decreased? 2H2(g) + O2(g) 2H2O(g) A. The equilibrium shifts left because Q > K. B. The equilibrium shifts right because Q < K. C. The equilibrium shifts left because Q < K. D. The equilibrium ...


A circular plate with a slot in its surface is rotating with angular velocity ω and angular acceleration α with respect to a fixed coordinate system, OXYZ. A ball B moves along the slot in the direction shown with velocity, v, and acceleration, a, both measured ...


Please help with this question. Insulin, antibodies, enzymes and progesterone are four of many molecules found in and around cells. Of these four__________ are/is not a protein. a. antibodies b. insulin and antibodies c. antibodies and progesterone d. progesterone I think the ...


a 200 kg block was moved along an inclined plane to a height of 10m. during this process 3000J of energy was lost due to friction. a. calculate the efficiency of the inclined plane. b. what would the efficiency of the simple machine be if the incline were frictionless? c. how ...


How many bulleted topics must be included in documentation relating to a detailed psychiatic analysis? Please explain your question more clearly. I'm not quite sure what you are asking either. However, psychiatric analyses of patients are usually analyzed in terms of thoughts...


Posted by sandhu on Sunday, November 28, 2010 at 10:03pm. A 7200 lb airplane lands on an aircraft carrier with a speed of 72 ft/s. The plane is caught by an elastic band (k=998 lb/ft) that has an initial stretch of 5.6 feet. What is the maximum distance the band is stretched? ...

Math, help needed

Kate bought 3 CDs and 1 DVD at a store. Her friend Joel bought 2 CDs and 2 DVDs. If Kate spent $20 and Joel spent $22, determine the cost of a CD and DVD. ~Please provide an explanation as well. Please and thanks!

Math (Check 2 answers please)

1. What is the value of b in the equation b + 8 = 13? A. 5**** B. 8 C. 13 D. 21 2. The steps below show the incomplete solution to find the value of x for the equation 7x − 3x − 4 = −1 + 21: Step 1: 7x − 3x − 4 = −1 + 21 Step 2: 7x − 3x − 4 = 20 Step 3: 4x − ...


Two blocks of masses M and 5M are placed on a horizontal, frictionless surface. A light spring is attached to one of them, and the blocks are pushed together with the spring between them, as seen in the figure below: 1) A cord ...


Please help solving this problem. Solve the following word problem: One poll reported that 48% of city residents were against building a new stadium. The polling service stated that the poll was accurate to within 3%. What is the minimum percent of city resident that oppose ...


Andrew factored the expression 28x^3-42x^2+35x as 7x(4x^2+6x-5). But when Melissa applied the distributive law and multiplied out 7x(4x^2+6x-5) , she got 28x^3+42x^2-35x ; thus, Andrew’s solution does not appear to check. Why is that? Please help Andrew to understand this ...


Andrew factored the expression 28x^3-42x^2+35x as 7x(4x^2+6x-5). But when Melissa applied the distributive law and multiplied out 7x(4x^2+6x-5) , she got 28x^3+42x^2-35x ; thus, Andrew’s solution does not appear to check. Why is that? Please help Andrew to understand this ...


two functions are defined as follows: f(x)=3/x+1 and g(x)=x-6 a) Write the equations of the vertical and horizonal asymptotes of f. b) Determine the coordinates of the points where f(x) = g(x) Thank you so much for huge help Is ti correct please? answer for a) vertical asympt...


Okay so my teacher has been away and hasent explained anything to us and we have to find the intercepts, critical points, intervals of increase and decrease, points of inflection, intervals of concavity, local maximum or minimum points for each of the following functions Can ...


I need help with this physics problem: A child slides down a playground slide; the coefficient of kinetic friction is uk=0.25, and angle that the slide makes with the horizontal is 28.0 degree. She begins from rest and slides through a vertical height of 3.5 m. With what speed...


Physics force of friction question a shuffle board disk is accelerated to a speed of 5.8m/s and released. if the coefficient of the kinetic friction between the disk and the concrete court is 0.3, how far does the disk go before it comes to a stop?The courts are 15.8meters long

PHYSICS-Help required

My physics questions are not on graphs, this is just a practise quiz I'm doing. All the questions I've done so far were not guessed answers, I did my work on a separate piece of paper, all I really had to do was divide. The other questions above that I need help on, cause I ...


You are the physics expert for a professional stuntman. The stunt you have designed includes a ramp that is angled at 30°. You expect that the stuntman will be traveling at 18.0 m/s when he leaves the ramp. How far must the landing ramp be positioned, and what is the maximum ...

Essay Titlle

I am trying to figure out titles for my essay. I want the essay about family, being brave when things are going down, having faith when things are a blurr, or about being courageous when things are very tough. It's all the same, but please help me pick a title of all this ...


Which statement about the product is true? 5.5 square root of 5 A. The product is rational B.the product is irrational C.the product is neither rational or irrational D.there is not enough information provided to answer the question Which of the following cereals is the Best ...

Physics Final TOMORROW!!!!!!

Tomorrow I have a physics final, and I'm trying to figure out the best, most efficient way to study. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could do this?

Physics please help! check if its correct

A 3.00 kg stone is tied to a thin, light wire wrapped around the outer edge of the uniform 8.00 kg cylindrical pulley. The inner diameter of the pulley is 60.0 cm, while the outer diameter is 1.00 m. The system is released from rest, and there is no friction at the axle of the...

introductory physics concept

I know that a capacitor does not allow charge to flow through it because its two conducting plates are separated by a dielectric (insulating material) but then how does a current flow through a circuit? Is it because at a certain DC voltage (almost like a breaking point), the ...

Gr. 12 Physics

A pilot must fly his plane to a town which is 200km from his starting point in a direction 30degrees N of E. He must make the trip in 1/2 h. An 80km/h wind blows in a direction 30degrees E of S. Find the speed of the plane relative to air. I found the speed of the plane ...


Converting sunlight to electricity with solar cells has an efficiency of 15%. It's possible to achieve a higher efficiency (though currently at higher cost) by using concentrated sunlight as the hot reservoir of a heat engine. Each dish in the figure concentrates sunlight on ...


A grandfather clock uses a physical pendulum to keep time. The pendulum consists of a uniform thin rod of mass M = 2.01 kg and length L = 0.19 m that is pivoted freely about one end, with a solid disk of mass 3M and a radius of L/4 attached to the free end of the rod. a) What ...


There was a 6 square foot piece of wrapping paper for a birthday present. It takes 3 3/8 square feet pg the paper to wrap the present. How many pieces of 6 square foot paper are needed to wrap 3 of these presents? Please help me. I tried dividing. Please anyone!


A 30g bullet with a horizontal velocity of 500m/s comes to a stop 12 cm within a solid wall. a) what is the change in its mechanical energy? b) What is the magnitude of the average force from the wall stopping it? a) what would I use of the equation? Can you please explain ...


A trough is 2 feet long and 1 foot high. The vertical cross-section of the trough parallel to an end is shaped like the graph of y=x10 from x=−1 to x=1. The trough is full of water. Find the amount of work required to empty the trough by pumping the water over the top. ...

Ms. Sue please

Please don't get mad, but I have no where else to turn to. This doesn't deal with school at all.. My eyes have gotten worse. I have to wait for my new glasses with a new prescription lens. What's your opinion? Do you think it Will help at all wearing my current glasses? The ...


Can someone tell me how to get the answer to this question? Just a formula would be great. It's on my physics study guide for my unit test. Sound waves with a wavelength of 2.5 m are traveling 7.5 m/s. How many waves will pass a microphone in 10.0 s? (Answer 30 waves)

Health 8R help!!!!!!!!! (please read!)

Dear Abby: Marijuana Dear Abby, I am very concerned about my friend Sue. She told me that she smoked weed with her older brother. First of all, what is weed? Is it legal? What are the effects? What should I do if she asks me to try it with her? I am very upset. Please tell me ...

AP World History Please help

What social structure did Confucianism imply? What were the key social classes, and how did they differ? Why did Confucianism have such a deep impact on Chinese and East Asian history? What groups and institutions could benefit from it? What does the document tell us about ...


Question: If A= 29 degrees and a= 4.6, find c. There is a diagram shown in the textbook. b is adjacent, c is the hypotenuse, and a is opposite. I know I'm suppose to use SOH CAH TOA, and i tried using tan, but Im not getting the correct answer. i looked in the back of the ...

Algebra-please check my work

check my answers please. Use the Intermediate Value Theorem to determine whether the polynomial function has a real zero between the given integers. f(x) = 2x3 + 10x2 - 8x - 5; between 1 and 2 -I got: f(1)=1 and f(2)=35;no Determine the maximum possible number of turning ...


Give four examples of social movements, current or past, and describe the key features of each movement. I am not sure what I am looking for but see If I am on the right track please Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement is to help gain civil right for people that want to take same ...


A 705 N man stands in the middle of a frozen pond of radius 4.0 m. He is unable to get to the other side because of a lack of friction between his shoes and the ice. To overcome this difficulty, he throws his 1.2 kg physics textbook horizontally toward the north shore at a ...


A 770 N man stands in the middle of a frozen pond of radius 9.0 m. He is unable to get to the other side because of a lack of friction between his shoes and the ice. To overcome this difficulty, he throws his 1.2 kg physics textbook horizontally toward the north shore at a ...

please check my answer

Please check my answer thanks :) What is the simple interest on $14,500 loan at 9% interest for 5 years Interest = $14,500 x 0.9% = 1305 x 5 = 6525


Please Help!!!! Find the current in the 10.0 ohm resistor in the drawing (V1 = 21.0 V and R1 = 27.0 ohms). The drawing is in the shape of a rectangle that has one straight line down the center. On the left top line is R1; on the right top line is 5.0 ohm; on the line in the ...


A cylindrically shaped space station is rotating about the axis of the cylinder to create artificial gravity. The radius of the cylinder is 159 m. The moment of inertia of the station without people is 4.23 x 109 kg·m2. Suppose 299 people, with an average mass of 67.0 kg each...

physics- please help

World-class sprinters can accelerate out of the starting blocks with an acceleration that is nearly horizontal and has magnitude 15m/s^2 . Part a)How much horizontal force F must a sprinter of mass 60kg exert on the starting blocks to produce this acceleration? express your ...


Hi...i asked a question about 45 minuets ago, and i have been working at it still. I still havn't gotten an anwser! Could somebody please help me! The question is, "this staircase has 3 steps (their are 6 blocks lined up as a staircase) How many blocks would you need for a 2-...


A 66 kg human sprinter can accelerate from rest to 11 m/s in 3.4s. During the same interval, a 35 kg greyhound can accelerate from rest to 20 m/s. Compute (a) the change in kinetic energy of the sprinter. (b) the change in kinetic energy of the greyhound. (c) the average power...

Physics Help Urgent Please!!!

A crane is used to lift air conditioning units to the top of a 5-story building. Each story is 3.5 m high. The crane accelerates the units while lifting the units past the first story and then lifts them at a constant velocity past the second through fourth stories. it hen ...

Classical Mechanics Physics - Urgent help please

A ruler stands vertically against a wall. It is given a tiny impulse at θ=0∘ such that it starts falling down under the influence of gravity. You can consider that the initial angular velocity is very small so that ω(θ=0∘)=0. The ruler has mass m= ...


I need help with these questions please. Could someone please check them for me? Thank You. 1. Jane Hilman went to her bank. She had a balance of $1,009.88 in her savings account. She withdrew $130.00 and the teller credited her account with $6.19 What is her new balance. is ...


Here is the graph for the question: Year|Average Gas Price 2005|$2.25 2006|$2.25 2007|$3.05 2008|$2.78 2009|$2.25 2010|$2.52 2011|$3.40 2012|$3.51 2013|$3.40 2014|$2.96 2015|$2.34 What equation models the data? What are the domain and range of the equation? Do you think your ...

7th grade math correct 2 and help 1

6. The bill at a restaurant is $58.50, and Mrs. Johnson wants to leave a 15% tip. Approximately how much money should she leave? (1 point) about $15.00 about $9.00 about $6.00 about $11.00 8. What percent of 50 is 12.5? (1 point) 4% 25% 40% 15% 9. 50 is 6.25% of what number? (...

As physics

Describe how the vertical component of the velocity of the water varies form point X to point Z? Image with a flat horizontal line with a curve on top (beg curve: X, top middle curve: Y, End bottom curve: Z) Mark scheme Answer: decreases from x to y DON’T GET I thought it ...


I need help with this question. Would you be able to explain it please? Double slit interference patterns exhibit mλ path difference for constructive interference. Single slit diffraction patterns exhibit (m+1/2)λ path difference for constructive interference. With ...


Please Help The human outer ear contains a more-or-less cylindrical cavity called the auditory canal that behaves like a resonant tube to aid in the hearing process. One end terminates at the eardrum (tympanic membrane), while the other opens to the outside. (See the figure (...


Which type of energy in the bungee chord prevents the bungee jumper from hitting the ground after a jump? A. kinetic energy B. elastic potential energy *** C. magnetic potential energy D. thermal energy -- Side note: Please help. I am not asking for the answer, I'm simply ...


a bag of fruit contains 3 apples, 2 oranges, 1 banana, and 4 pears. Gerald will randomly select 2 fruit at a time from the bag and not put them back. what is the probability that the first piece of fruit jared selects will be a banana and the second piece of fruit will be of ...


I am interested in doing a science project on the math and science of different snowboarding tricks and techniques. Does anyone have advice and suggestions about how to do a project like this?? Please help! Very Urgent! Well you could do a nu,ber of different things. You could...


Jeffrey wants to swim his girlfriend who is straight across from him, on the other side of a river bank. The river has a current velocity of 4km/h [W]. The width of the river is 300m. If it takes Jeffrey 15 minutes to reach her, a) how fast should the boy swim to cross the ...


A survey of 100 students produced the following statics: 32 study mathematics, 20 study physics, 45 study Biology, 15 study mathematics and biology, 7 study mathematics and physics, 10 study physics and Biology, 30 do not study any of the three subjects 1, Present the ...


A treasure map you uncovered while vacationing on the Spanish Coast reads as follows: "If me treasure ye wants, me hoard ye'll have, just follow thee directions these. Step to the south from Brisbain's Mouth, 6 paces through the trees. Then to the west, 10 paces ye'll quest, ...

Physics Class

A 0.140-kg baseball is pitched horizontally at 36.7 m/s. When a player hits the ball, it moves at the same speed, but in the opposite direction. If the bat and the ball are in contact for 0.450 ms, calculate the average force the bat exerts on the ball. Work Shown: F/\t0.450ms...


Relate the classification of an organism to its phylogeny Please read the following page: (Broken Link Removed) Thanks for the website Lance. However, i cant really find the answer to my question in there. can you help please? a quote from that site: "In the case of organisms...


Find the surface area and the lateral area of a regular square pyramid with base edge 6 and a lateral edge √34. PLEASE PLEASE HUHU Teach me how and what is lateral edge


Which of the following is a convention that Chinese artists used in paintings? They sketched pencil outlines and then painted over them with black ink. They used one type of brushstroke to give their paintings unity and balance. They painted humans much smaller than the ...


A 0.0160-kg bullet traveling horizontally at 396 m/s strikes a 3.95-kg block of wood sitting at the edge of a table. The bullet is lodged into the wood. If the table height is 1.06 m, how far from the table does the block hit the floor? -- First I used momentum to find ...

physics asap

Two fan carts with different fan speeds and different accelerations are started from rest some distance from one another. Cart A begins at position 0 with a velocity of zero and an acceleration of aA to the right. Cart B begins at position xB with a velocity of zero and an ...

physics (Newton's Laws)

Please help, A cat is stuck in a tree. You are designated with the job to get it out, yet you do not want to climb the tree, because you may get stuck as well. Instead you set up a pulley system. A rope (consider it massless) runs from the seat you sit on over an ideal pulley ...


A soccer player kicks the ball toward a goal that is 28.0 m in front of him. The ball leaves his foot at a speed of 19.5 m/s and an angle of 30.6° above the ground. Find the speed of the ball when the goalie catches it in front of the net. (Note: The answer is not 19.5 m/s.) ...


Of Mice and Men. 1. The beginning of the novel includes lots of ladscape info. Describe the setting. (I answered that w/ no problem) Name of place. (I answered this also w/ no problem) What does this place look like? (I don't understand this question-please help) Time in ...


Can someone please help me with this question Write out an equation which summarizes cellular respiration as a complete oxidation of glucose and explain when in the process each reactant or procuct is consumed or produced. is at least this equation right? c6h1206+6o2-->6co2...


If you earn the grades of 81, 84, 78, 80 in four tests what should your final test’s score be in order to have an average of 81%? .81x400=324 Need a total of 324 pts Test grades so far 81,84,78,80 = 323 324-323=1 You need at least one more point to get an 81 Can someone ...

biology /check please

1-What phase are daughter cells in as a result of mitosis? -Anaphase 2- During what phase of mitosis do centromeres divide and the chromosone-mes move toward their respective poles? -prophase 3- Wchich phase of mitosis is the last phase that chromatids are together? -anaphase ...

please help

In cell D21, type the formula to calculate the % change from January to February. That formula is: =(J18-E18)/ABS(E18). Format the result in the Percentage style and decrease the decimal places if necessary to round the result to the nearest whole percent (569.46-521.07)/abs(...

Pre-Calculus/Trig Check please and help

Could someone please check the first one and help me with the second one. I'm stuck-Thank you 1.What are theroots of the following polynomial equation? (x+2i)(x-5)(x-2i)(x+8) = 0 I think the roots are -2i,5,2i,-8-you take out the roots as opposites of what are in the equaion ...


Please help me answer the question below and also show equations and steps of how you came to your answer. Thank you 1. The electron in a hydrogen tom is in the first excited state, when the electron acquires an additional 2.86eV of energy. What is the quantum number n of the ...


Please help me answer the question below and also show equations and steps of how you came to your answer. Thank you 1. The electron in a hydrogen tom is in the first excited state, when the electron acquires an additional 2.86eV of energy. What is the quantum number n of the ...

Physics Please Help ASAP

Suppose the space shuttle is in orbit 390 km from the Earth's surface, and circles the Earth about once every 92.4 minutes. Find the centripetal acceleration of the space shuttle in its orbit. Express your answer in terms of g, the gravitational acceleration at the Earth's ...


1.) A 10,000 kg railroad car traveling at a speed of 24.0 m/s strikes an identical car at rest. If the cars lock together as a result of the collision, what is their common speed afterward? 2.) A 3.0 kg ball at 3 m/s and strikes a 1.5 kg ball moving at -2 m/s. After the ...

Analytic Geometry

Please help. I've been trying to solve these for more than an hour now but I can't seem to get it. 1) The segment joining (-4,7), (5,-2) is divided into two segments, one of which is 5 times as long as the other. Find the point of division. 2) The segment joining (4,0), (3, -2...


A physics major is working to pay his college tuition by performing in a traveling carnival. He rides a motorcycle inside a hollow transparent plastic sphere. After gaining sufficient speed, he travels in a vertical circle with a radius of 11.8 m . The physics major has a mass...


Physics instructor grew up with a 3 second rule for lightning bolts to allow estimation of the distance of thunderstorms. Why is that? Explain the difference between the “3 second rule” and the “5 second rule”.


I have to design a procedure which will allow me to calculate the applied force(thrust) of a stomp rocket. We are allowed to use tools to find measurements. So far, I have calculated the height that the rocket reached (22.5) m using trig. (right angle triangle where one angle ...


A purple beam is hinged to a wall to hold up a blue sign. The beam has a mass of mb = 6.1 kg and the sign has a mass of ms = 16.4 kg. The length of the beam is L = 2.83 m. The sign is attached at the very end of the beam, but the horizontal wire holding up the beam is attached...

Physics Questions Help Please!

1) The lowest tone to resonate in an open pipe of length L is 1600 Hz. What is the frequency of the lowest tone that will resonate in a closed pipe of length 2L? a) 100 Hz b) 1.60 Hz c) 200 Hz d) 0.800 kHz 2) Which of the following does not increase as a sound becomes louder? ...


A physics teacher (mass = 84.5 kg) is jogging through the woods and runs straight into a large oak tree at 3.5 m/s. Rebound speed is measured at 2.3 m/s in the opposite direction. If the time of contact with the tree is 45 milliseconds, what is the magnitude of the force that ...

Pre-Cal(Please Help)

1) For a person at rest, the velocity v (in liters per second) of air flow during a respiratory cycle is V = 0.85 sin pi(t)/ 3 where t is the time in seconds. (Inhalation occurs when v > 0 and exhalation occurs when v < 0) A) Find the time for one full respiratory cycle ...


.divide AED 1380 among Ahmed John and Babita so that the amount Ahmed receives is 5 times as much as babita's share and its 3 times as much as John's share dear reiny i tried your way of doing it but i am unable to find it please help and my father gave me a different ...

college physics

My previous question was marked science, but it's specifically a college physics question. Thanks.


A mass of 8 kg lies on a horizontal, frictionless floor. A force of 72 Newtons pushes to the left (negative x direction) with a force of 72 Newtons. Another force of unknown magnitude pushes the mass in a direction of 21.4 degrees above the positive x axis. The mass is ...


Write a proposal suggesting ways for the Odyssey to be made into a movie that's set in the present. Imagine that the readers of the proposal will be the producers of the movie. Explain how you would modernize the epic.' The only things I can't seem to modernize are: He meets ...


Could you please check these three sentences, please? 1) Describe the kind of technique adopted by 20-century writers to represent the unspoken activity of the mind. Provide an example of its use from the readings done in class. 2) I had to authenticate all the students' tests...

Math, Please Help! I don't understand!

Hi guys, please help me!1 I am having a tough time understanding this equation. Best answer goes to the person who shows there work. So... here is the equation... At the half time show, a marching band marched in formation. The lead drummer started at the point, (-2,-5) and ...


The drawing shows a circus clown who weighs 750 N. The coefficient of static friction between the clown’s feet and the ground is 0.630. He pulls vertically downward on a rope that passes around three pulleys and is tied around his feet. What is the minimum pulling force that...

Math please check answer

please check my answer thanks :) A Pet supply store recorded net sales of $423,400 for the year. The store's beginning inventory at retail was $105,850 and it's ending inventory at retial was $127,020. What would be the inventory turnover at retail, rounded to the nearset ...

math ms sue please help, PLEASE!!!!

tori had 20 gumballs in a bag. there were 2 red gum balls, 3 blue gum balls, 5 yellow gum balls, and 10 purple gum balls. what was the ratio of blue gum balls to total number of gum balls?


Kate bought 3 CDs and 1 DVD at a store. Her friend Joel bought 2 CDs and 2 DVDs. If Kate spent $20 and Joel spent $22, determine the cost of a CD and DVD. ~Please provide an explanation as well. Please and thanks!

Math help please ASAP

15. Do the data in the table represent a linear function? If so, write a rule for the function. x –3 –2 –1 0 1 y 1 –2 –5 –8 –11 (1 point) yes; y = –3x – 8 yes; y = 1/3x – 8 yes; y = 1/3x + 8 yes; y = 3x + 8 16. Write a quadratic rule for the data in the ...


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