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  1. physics

    Two forces 5N &10N are acting at an angle of 120° between them. Find the resultant force in magnitude and direction.
  2. physics

    1) How many seconds does it take a car traveling 40 mph, decelerating at a rate of 7 miles per second, to come to a complete stop? 2) How many feet?
  3. physics

    A 0.150-kg ball, moving in the positive direction at 12 m/s, is acted on by the impulse of 4N*s what is the balls final velocity
  4. physics

    at what angle with respect to the horizontal should the shot put be launched if the starting height is 2.0m to have the greatest range?
  5. physics

    Why do many musicians wear earplugs during their performances even though the intensity of the sounds produced is lower than the threshold of pain?
  6. Physics-Electricity

    Consider three charged particles placed along the x-axis. The particle with q1 = 9.30 nC is at x = 6.87 m and q2 = 4.09 nC is at x = 0.600 m. Where must a positive charge, q3, be placed such that the resultant force on it is zero? x=?m
  7. Physics

    what type of heat transfer does solar hot water heating use? (conduction, convection, radiation)
  8. Physics

    An object is in free fall. At one instant, it is traveling at 41 m/s. Exactly 3.2 s later, what is its speed? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Answer in units of m/s
  9. physics

    I have do a project on graphical methods representing vector quantities with 5 examples and graphs. Please let me know where will I get the required info.
  10. Physics

    Michael Jordan’s vertical leap was measured to be 122 cm. What was his takeoff speed, and how long would he be in the air?
  11. Hurricane Project for Physics Class

    1) Please describe the typical path(s) for hurricanes. Is this part of the pattern of convection?
  12. Physics Dynamics

    An arrow has an initial launch speed of 32 m/s. If it must strike a target 38 m away at the same elevation, what should be the projection angle?
  13. physics

    How fast will a roller coaster, with a mass of 1200 kg, be moving at the bottom of an 18 meter tall hill?
  14. Physics

    What is the change in momentum for a 5,000 kg ship in outer space that experiences no net force over a 1 hr period?
  15. physics

    a man weighing 500N runs up a staircase half a minute he rise up by 4m. a.what work did he do? b.what was his power?
  16. physics

    A body is projected vertically upwards at a speed of 63m/s. if g = 9.8m/ s². Find the maximum height reached?
  17. physics

    If there were no air drag, how fast would drops fall from a cloud 2.4 kilometer above the Earth's surface? answer in m/s.
  18. Physics

    A stone is thrown vertically upward, after't'second it covers a distance of's' metre, where 's'=80t-16t2. It's velocity after 2 second?
  19. physics

    A kangaroo jumps straight up to a vertical height of 1.19m, how long was it in the air before returning on earth
  20. physics

    Electric power is found by multiplying ___ by current. Is voltage or potential difference a better choice to use?
  21. Physics

    A satellite that is 4175 miles from the center of the earth, orbits with a period of 90 minutes. What is its centripetal acceleration?

    Which simple machine has more mechanical advantage a pulley or a inclined plane? PlEASEE HELP SUPER CONFUSED

    Calculate the centripetal force on a 2100 kg carrounding a curve of 175 m radius at a speed of 60 kph.
  24. Physics

    What is the power of an engine that pulls a 1000kg automobile at a steady speed of 10m/s along a level road?
  25. Physics

    How much work did the movers do to push a 49.0 kg crate 10.3 m across a rough floor at a speed of 2.9 m/s with a horizontal pushing force of 48 N ?
  26. physics

    suppose that the two person,each of mass 100kg are 3meter a part in outer space.what is the magnitude of the gravitational
  27. Physics

    A traffic light is hanging from two cables tilted at 37 and 42 degrees. If it has a mass of 2.3 kg find the tension in each cable.
  28. physics

    A speedboat increases in speed from 19 m/s to 31.4 m/s in a distance 193 m. Find the magnitude of its acceleration. Answer in units of m/s
  29. PHYsics 101

    How much heat must be added to 4.00 kg of aluminum to cause its temperature to rise from 22°C to 252°C unit of answer must be Joule
  30. Physics

    The earth has a radius of 6380 km and turns around once every 24 hours. What is the average speed of a person resting at the equator?
  31. Physics

    Repairing a spaceship CJ drops a hammer and it took .68 s to fall .90 m to the ground. What is the magnitude of the gravitational accerleration on mars
  32. Physics

    A laser is aimed at the moon. The spot of light is seen on the lunar surface 2.37 s later. What is the distance from Earth to the mooon
  33. Physics

    From what height would a car weighing 9990 N have to fall to gain the kinetic energy equivalent to what it would have when traveling 64.87 mi/hr?
  34. Physics

    Why do we rationalize a denominator? The only reason I can think of and can find in a search is to reduce it because it makes it simpler but is not necessary. Help! I have to write a paper on it.
  35. physics

    How many times will the incident beam shown in Figure P25.3 (x = 1.10 m, y = 1.80 m) be reflected by each of the parallel mirrors? mirror on the right
  36. Physics

    Eight books, each 4.1 cm thick with mass 1.8 kg, lie flat on a table. How much work is required to stack them one on top of another?
  37. physics

    If a person does 80 J of work in moving a 30 \rm{kg} box over a 13 m distance on a horizontal surface, what is the minimum force required?
  38. physics

    What amount of energy is used if 800 C of charge passing through a load with a potential difference of 120 v? answer is 9.6e+4
  39. Physics

    How much work is needed to move a -8.00 uC charge from the ground to a point whose potential is +75.0V ? I know -8.00 uc = -0.8 x 10^-6 then I used W = Fd but I can't seems to get right answer any hint is appreciated.
  40. physics

    an object undergoes an acceleration of 10m/s2 starting from rest. find the distance travelled by it in seconds
  41. physics

    a50g ball is hit to roll by a force of rolls over 20m.what was its initial speed
  42. physics

    An object sits 29m above the ground and has a mass of 47 kg. How much potential Energy does it posses 1.5 seconds after falling?
  43. physics

    car doing 60 mph and skids for 52.3 meters what is the speed at end of skid co/friction is 0.693 urgent help please
  44. physics

    power applied to a particle varies with times as p=3t^2-2t+1 Watt where t is in second. And the change in its kinetic energy b/w time t=2s t=4s
  45. Physics

    What is the acceleration of a skateboard down a ramp inclined at 19.5 degrees to the horizontal? 3.271 is the answer. This shouldn't be too tough, but I can't get it. Thanks!
  46. Physics

    I don't understand what formula to use for this question: Points A and B each have an electric potential of +9 V. How much work is required to take 1 mC of charge from A to B? Thank you
  47. physics

    you slide down a pole at a mass of 80kg with an acceleration of 4m/s^2, How do you show that the friction force that acts on you is 480N?
  48. Science Physics

    How many Btu of heat must be added to 1200 lb of copper to raise its temperature from 100°F to 450°F
  49. Physics

    A race car moving at 35 m/s is uniformly slowed to a stop in 50 s. Find 1) acceleration, and 2) stopping distance.
  50. physics

    1. At what distance above the Earth (mass of 5.97 x 1024 kg and radius of 6.38 x 106 m) would a satellite have a period of 125 min?
  51. physics

    While running a race, Abigail’s heart was beating at 170 beats per minute. What was the period of her heartbeat?
  52. Physics

    Calculate the earth's orbital angular speed in radians/sec due to its motion around th sun.
  53. Physics

    Since friction is a force, how do you determine its magnitude and direction? Use a box sliding across a carpet to illustrate your answer
  54. hi

    Find the book's acceleration (positive for up, negative for down). .... physics An object with mass m = 20 kg is released from a height h = 60 m above the ground.
  55. physics

    you chop 50 g of ice at 0 degrees celsius into 200g of water at 40 degress celcius. What is the final temperature?
  56. physics

    a skater holds her arms outstretched as she spins at 140 rpm. What is the speed of her hands if they are 125 cm apart?
  57. physics.

    Describe constructive and destructive interference in terms of the combining of crests and troughs and the reesulting amplitude.
  58. Physics

    a 10-kg bos slides down a frictionless ramp with acceleration 3.6 m/s calculate the weight....the angle and normal force
  59. Physics

    a 10-kg bos slides down a frictionless ramp with acceleration 3.6 m/s calculate the weight....the angle and normal force
  60. physics

    How close must two 1.0 C charged objects be for their mutual force to exceed 1.0 N? Compare that distance to something in your everyday life.
  61. physics

    What is the magnitude of force required to accelerate a car of mass 1.7 × 10³ kilograms by 4.75 meters/secondÆ?
  62. physics

    Find the first two harmonics of a linear mass density .002 kg/m and length 0.60m when it is subjected to tension of 50 N.
  63. Physics

    The length of wire is 25.5cm and it's radius is 1.02mm. Calculate the percentage error in mesurement of its volume
  64. physics-heat transfer-urgent pls

    Calculate the energy absorbed when 8.5g of ice is melted at 0 Celsius. thank you
  65. AP Physics

    How fast (in rpm) must a centrifuge rotate if a particle 6.0 cm from the axis of rotation is to experience an acceleration of 130000 g's
  66. Physics

    A ball starts 1.175 meters off the ground and shot at an angle of 40 degrees with a velocity of 3.2 m/s. Where does it land?
  67. physics

    If you use a horizontal force of 30.0 N to slide a 12.0 kg wooden crate across a floor at a constant velocity, calculate the acceleration.
  68. physics

    Explain the statement: the saturation vapour pressure of water at 60 degree Celsius is 149.4 mm of Mercury. Thanks
  69. Physics

    A magnifying glass (a positive lens) with a focal length of +6 cm is placed 2 cm above a page of print. What is the magnification of this image?
  70. physics

    How would you determine the value of the specific latent heat of steam in the laboratory? What precautions are necessary to obtain an accurate results
  71. Physics

    Two forces whose resultants is 100N are perpendicular to each other. If one of them makes an angle of 60 degree with the horinzontal. Calculate its magnitude
  72. physics

    What is the longest wavelength for standing sound waves in a 102.0 cm long tube that is open at both ends?
  73. physics

    Charge polarization is normally produced by: nuclear interactions. contact. induction. friction. electrostatic means.
  74. Physics-Could someone please help me?

    Could someone provide me with a simple explanation of how the Doppler Effect is used to determine the speed and direction of moving object
  75. Physics

    a 10-kg bos slides down a frictionless ramp with acceleration 3.6 m/s calculate the weight....the angle and normal force
  76. physics

    a 200N sign is held by two wires that have 150 degree angle between them. find the tension in each wire.
  77. physics

    A large boulder is ejected vertically upward from a volcano with an initial speed of 41.0 . Air resistance may be ignored.
  78. physics

    I'm trying to find the pressure exerted by an object that has a force of 180 newtons on an area of 10 square centimeters
  79. Physics

    A block weighing 9.7 N requires a force of 2.6 N to push it along at constant velocity. What is the coefficient of friction for the surface?
  80. physics

    a particle moving on a circlehas a velocity of m/s and normal acceleration of 10m/s2.determine the radius of the circle.
  81. physics

    The two sets of magnetic-field coils,used to form the pictures on the screen, are _______ to each other. Parallel or perpendicular
  82. Physics/ Chem

    Find the entropy change when 51g of steam condenses to water at 100 ∘C.
  83. Physics

    A body is thrown up with a velocity of 78.4m/s.find how height will with rise and how much time if it take to return its point of rejection?
  84. Physics help

    how would you investigate if the half life of water dripping from a burette is constant? I know the method but what equation and principle would ya'll use?
  85. physics

    A motorcycle of mass 350kg has an acceleration of 3m/s when the resistance against motion is 200N.Calculate the force required
  86. Physics

    The voltage across a lamp is (6.0 +_ 0.1) V and the current flowing through it is (4.0 +_ 0.2) A. Find the power consumed with maximum permissible error in it?
  87. Physics

    How many calories are absorbed by a copper spoon with a mass of 200 grams as it changes from 28°C to 33°C? A) 0.00027 B) 3 C) 90 D) 13,000 And this one. How do i solve this one?
  88. Physics

    How much heat must be transferred to each kilogram of aluminum to bring it to its melting point, 660°C, from room temperature, 20°C?
  89. physics

    harry takes a space voyage and returns to find his twin sister has aged more than he has. This is evidence that they have been in different?
  90. physics

    With an average acceleration of -.56 m/s2, how long will it take a cyclist to bring a bicycle with an initial speed of 13.3 m/s to a complete stop?
  91. Physics

    Given a free falling object that is initially at rest, what are the objects displacement, velocity, and acceleration after 9 seconds?
  92. Physics

    if the body describes a vertical circle then the minimum velocity at angle theta from lowest position is
  93. Physics

    If the rate of continental drift were to abruptly slow from 1.0 cm/y to 0.5 cm/y over the time interval of a year, what would be the average acceleration?
  94. physics

    A bicycl rider starts from rest and moves with uniform acceration of 1.5m\s^2 it is velocity reachs 7.5m\s of a distance .......
  95. physics

    A square conducting slab with 7 m sides carries a net charge of 89 mu or micro CC. what is the electric field?
  96. physics

    Why do many musicians wear earplugs during their performances even though the intensity of the sounds produced is lower than the threshold of pain?
  97. physics

    What is the maximum acceleration a car can undergo if the coefficient of static friction between the tires and the ground is 0.24? a_{max} =
  98. Physics

    How high will you be when you stop rising if you jump upward with an initial vertical speed of 2 m/s? Answer to the nearest 0.1 m, and use g = 9.80 m/s2.
  99. Physics

    How much work does spike do when he pulls a 50 kg sled with a force of 200 N with a rope at an angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal, 20 m?
  100. Physics

    A certain radioactive element has a half liv of 20days, how long does it take 3/2 of the atom originally present to disintegrate
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