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  1. Physics

    Can someone please help me sort out this problem? "A boy standing at the equator jumps vertically into the air. Does he land in the exact same spot after landing?" I'm thinking that when he jumps he is also moving horizontally with the earth and so he will land in the same ...
  2. Physics

    How much heat does a freezer need to remove from 1kg of water at 40°C to make ice at 0°C? (You will need to use the specific heat of water to drop the temperature first, before trying to make the phase change!) Show your work. Please help! Also, this site isn't about giving ...
  3. Physics

    please show me how to work out this problem: A roller coaster moves 85 m horizontally, then travels 45 m at an angle of 30.0 degrees above the horizontal. what is its displacement from its starting point? use graphical techniques. the answer is 126 m at (1.0 * 10^1) above the ...
  4. Physics(Please respond)

    A system does 210 J of work on its environment and gains 80.6 J of heat in the process. Find the change in the internal energy of (a) the system and (b) the environment. Physics(Please respond) - Elena, Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 2:33am ÄU = Q - W Where ÄU is the change in ...
  5. biology

    are van der waals forces and ionic bonds similar ? How ? and are there also any difference beetween them? please please please help my brain is spinning! thank you so much!
  6. algebra

    Help me please I get confused with the positives and negatives. Please be kind to check my work and let me know where am I going wrong -4x + 10 = 58 -4x + 10 -10 = 58 -10 (is it - or +10?) -4x = 48 or 68 (do i add 58&10 or sub?) -4x/-4 = 48/-4 or 68/-4 (is the 4 -or+) x=12 or ...
  7. History Please Please

    Could you please explain to me: how was the structure (Collosus of Rhodes) effective for it's stated purpose? I don't understand the question and I need something for my project. Pleaseee.
  8. Math

    Is this a trick question? I need to write the number 79 in short word form, would it be seventy 10's and one 9 or 10 sevens and 9 ones? Please, please, please help me Thank You
  9. algebra

    Solve by factoring: x^2 + 5x = −6 Please help! I have a test next week and this is one of the practice problems and I do not understand this. I will not graduate unless I get a C. Please, Please!! Thank you
  10. physics 2 HELP PLEASE!!

    Can someone help break this down.. Please tell me if what I identified is so far correct. Also what equations should I use??? x1= 10m x2=? v1= 1.2 m/s v2=? a= -9.8 m/s^2 t= ? 1.) a diver runs horizontally with a speed of 1.2 m/s off a platform that is 10.0 meters above the ...

    Find sin(θ), cos(θ), tan(θ). Assume a = 40, b = 9, and c = 41. (Do not use mixed numbers in your answers.) Okay for some reason I keep getting this problem wrong. For sin(θ) I put 9/41, but it's wrong. Could someone please tell what I did wrong.
  12. physics..HELP??? please

    in physics terms what does vacuum mean?? i thought they meant a vacuum sweeper?? huh? The question is " The same object is dropped in a vacuum and then in air. Whaich of the parameters( distance,velocity,acceleration) vary and which remain constant during succeding seconds of ...
  13. Physics

    A vertical spring with a spring constant of 450 N/m is mounted on the floor. From directly above the spring, which is unstrained, a 0.30 kg block is dropped from rest. It collides with and sticks to the spring, which is compressed by 3.0 cm in bringing the block to a momentary...
  14. Physics

    Please help. Thanks. 1. Volt meter measures the potential between two large parallel plates to be 60 volts. The plates are 3cm apart. Find the magnitude of the electric field between them. 2. What work is done when 5C is raised potential by 12.45 volts? * I really don't have ...
  15. Physics

    Please help. Thanks. 1. Volt meter measures the potential between two large parallel plates to be 60 volts. The plates are 3cm apart. Find the magnitude of the electric field between them. 2. What work is done when 5C is raised potential by 12.45 volts? * I really don't have ...
  16. Physics

    Please help me learn how to do this problem, step by step please. Engineers are developing new types of guns that might someday be used to launch satellites as if they were bullets. One such gun can give a small object a velocity of 4.1 km/s while moving it through a distance ...
  17. Physics, help please!!!

    A tank is fillwed with 0.7m of water, a hole at the bottum of the tank with a radius of 0.001m is opened. At the same time, water is added to the tank at the same rate as it exits, calculate the speed at which water flows out from the hole. I am using P=Po+pgh which gives me ...
  18. Physics

    A golf club contacts a ball for 0.15 s at angle to horizontal and the ball strikes ground distance from fairway. Initaila speed 25 m/s and angle of projection is 15 degrees Calculate time between ball leaving club and when it first touches ground range of ball down fairway ...
  19. Physics

    A golf club contacts a ball for 0.15 s at angle to horizontal and the ball strikes ground distance from fairway. Initial speed 25 m/s and angle of projection is 15 degrees Calculate time between 1.ball leaving club and when it first touches ground 2.range of ball down fairway ...
  20. physics ..PLEASE HELP ASSIGN DUE SOON :(

    Forces of 11.1N north, 19.9N east, and 14.0N south are simultaneously applied to a 3.62kg mass as it rests on an air table. What is the magnitude of its acceleration? I already did this part and i got 5.56 m/s^2 BUT PLEASE HELP ME WITH part b!! b)What is the direction of the ...
  21. Math (PLEASE ANSWER!)

    Hi everyone! May anyone please tell me how to tell how many zeroe's are required in your answer when moving the decimal points in converting metric units? Thank you very much! Please help soon, if possible, as I have a big test coming up! For example, 5.17 kl= 51,700 Liters. ...
  22. Physics- drwls please check

    Good morning. This is a repost. The system is telling me my calculations is incorrect. I thought a fresh pair of eyes would help. Suppose a monatomic ideal gas is contained within a vertical cylinder that is fitted with a movable piston. The piston is frictionless and has a ...
  23. Physics

    Heyy is anybdy good at physics I am stuck on this question ... ... A camper van with a mass of 2500 kg has a maximum driving force of 2650 N. The camper van drives along a straight road at a constant speed of 90 kilomatres per hour. At this speed, air resistance is 2000 N and ...

  25. Please help

    can you please look at Tevon Pitts's Biology Question please
  26. Emergency chemistry

  27. help PLEASE! URGENT!

    ok, i need help w/ this problem. (4x^3 + x^2 + 3) + (x^3 + 2x^2 +1) can u please explain how to do this please? i'm very lost. Thanx! -Ally whoops, sorry i didn't mean to post twice! gather like terms.. (4x^3 + x^3)+(x^2 + 2x^2) +(3+1)....
  28. Poetry

    I need a seven long line iambic pentameter poem describing something. It can be anything. PLEASE HELP...I have no idea how to do this and my teacher will fail me. please please help
  29. Math

    Please help me! I know I am not showing my work but I don't even know how to solve these! Please help me! Tell whether the given equation has the ordered pair as a solution. 1. y = 6x; (3,16) 2. y = -4x; (-2,8) 3. y = x - 3/4; (2,1 1/4) PLease help me understand how to do ...
  30. physics

    A ship mapping the depth of the ocean emits a sound of 37 kHz. The sound travels to the ocean floor and returns 0.65 s later. (a) How deep is the water at that location? m (b) What is the wavelength of the wave in water? cm (c) What is the wavelength of the reflected wave as ...
  31. Physics (Checking answe)

    Sorry for re-posting but I need to know if I did it right, please help, I worked out the problem I just want to know if I did it right. A shopper in a supermarket pushes a cart with a force of 35 N directed at an angle of 52(angle sign here) downward from the horizontal. Find ...
  32. Science check my answer please

    In a famous letter to Robert Hooke, Isaac Newton wrote, "If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants." Which of the following does this quote best demonstrate? (Points : 1) the cumulative nature of modern knowledge of physics how physicists form ...
  33. Physics- Repost Please Help

    Posted by Amanda E. on Saturday, February 19, 2011 at 10:10pm. Two positive charges of magnitude q are each a distance d from the origin A of a coordinate system as shown above. ( Figure: h t t p : / / At which of the following points is the electric field ...
  34. Physics

    How long does it take a 19 kW steam engine to do 6.8x10^7 of work? I have no idea how to solve this... Would someone please help?
  35. Physics

    What angle should you rotate a mirror so that a reflected ray rotates through 28 degrees. I got 20, but i am not sure, please help
  36. AP Physics PLEASE respond immediately pleasethanku

    THANK YOU!! What is a combination of h (plancks constant), c(speed of light) and G (6.67x10^-11 Nm^2 / kg^2) that has units of length?
  37. physics

    I have do a project on graphical methods representing vector quantities with 5 examples and graphs. Please let me know where will I get the required info.
  38. Physics

    r vector=(340m, 39 degrees below positive x-axis) What is rx and ry? I have no idea how to do or approach this problem, anyone please help and explain how to do this? Thank you!
  39. Physics

    A radio set at a sound level of 20 dB is suddenly increased to 80 dB. how many more time greater is the pressure amplitude at 80 dB? I do not know what to do please help
  40. Physics

    Which object has a greater momentum, a stationary tractor-trailer or a tossed tennis ball? Explain your answer please.
  41. Physics

    Why is the voltage of the electricity produced by power stations is increased before its transmitted through the national grid? Please help Thanks
  42. physics

    D=m/V=m/ð•R^2•h Find the density of a 4.2- kg solid cylinder that is 13 cm tall with a radius of 5.0 cm. I am lost on the numbers to plug into this one please help
  43. Physics please help!

    Using the Bohr model, estimate the wavelength ë of the Ká characteristic X-ray for a metal an atom of which contains Z = 50 protons.

    wally holds a pillow over his head for an hour does he do any work ? if not y? what energey changes is accouring?
  45. physics

    please give a me a nice topic for my investigatory project. hope the materials also are easy to gather. thanks alot
  46. physics PLEASE HELP!

    what are three possible thicknesses that a soap film should be to transmit yellow light ? (Lambda=590nm)
  47. physics

    Calculate the time required for an astronaut to free-fall 50 m on the Moon. Please show and explain steps answer is 7.9s
  48. physics please help

    Forces of 4.57 N and 4.74 N act at right angles on a reddish-green block of mass 5.76 kg. How much acceleration occurs?
  49. physics

    distance a cannonball travels when shot horizontally with a velocity of 28.3 at 30 degrees? I'm not sure what formula I need to use. Please help.
  50. physics

    Please Help!! How much power is developed by a jumbo jet that cruises at 250 m/s. When the trust of its engine is 100,000 N? Thanks!!!
  51. physics please help

    An astronaut stands at a position on the Moon such that Earth is directly overhead and releases a Moon rock that was in her hand. (c) What is the gravitational force exerted by the Earth on the same 2.7-kg rock resting on the surface of the Moon? answer in mN I keep ...
  52. HELP!

    The problem using elimination/substitution methods what is the solution set to 3x -2y =-4 and 5x=2y the choices a)(2,-5) b)(-2,-5) c)(2,5) d)(-2,5) Please, Please, Please, HELP! 3x-2y=-4 -5x +2y=0 add the equations, solve for x. That makes it a or c. Put that answer in the ...
  53. Math

    Please this one is kind of tricky here's the question which digit in 12,345 has the same place value as the 6 in 67.89? please my daddy and mommy are gone now and i don't know what to do please help me Ms.Sue ]-;
  54. physics please help!

    A car driving along a straight road increases its velocity from 2.8 m/s to 9.7 m/s in 3 seconds. Calculate its acceleration in m/s^2 A skier in the Giant Slalom will accelerate at a constant 5.0 m/s^2 If she starts from rest, how fast is she going after 5 seconds? A skier at ...
  55. Physics PLEASE HELP

    Nitrogen gas molecules, which have mass 4.65×10−26 kg, are striking a vertical container wall at a horizontal velocity of positive 440 m/s. 5.00×1021 molecules strike the wall each second. Assume the collisions are perfectly elastic, so each particle rebounds off the ...
  56. Physics please help

    TIgers pitcher justin throws a basketball staright upward 29.0m/s. Calculate A) the height to which the ball will rise b) the time it takes to reach the highest point c) the speed with which it will return to the same height which it was thrown d) the speed of the ball 2.50s ...
  57. Physics repost

    Posted by Mary on Saturday, October 6, 2007 at 5:13pm. Suppose you wish to make a solenoid whose self-inductance is 1.2 mH. The inductor is to have a cross-sectional area of 1.2 10-3 m2 and a length of 0.048 m. How many turns of wire are needed? For Further Reading Physics ...
  58. Math, Please help :/

    I cant do this !! PLease help !! -y+12 divided by 4 > 8 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!! (:
  59. physics

    please help If a 120 volt line to a socket is limited to 15 amperes by a fuse, will it operate a 1200 watt hair dryer? yes????
  60. Physics HELP!!!

    A ball is kicked at an angle of 50 with a velocity of 14m/s. a. how long is it in the air? b. how high does it rise? can someone please explain to me how to solve this???
  61. physics

    please HELP!!! What is the magnitude of the momentum of a baseball (m = 1.450 kg) traveling at a speed of 102 mi/h? Express your answer in SI units. I am unsure where to start
  62. please help with physics

    a gun tilted upward at 30 degrees fires a bullet with a speed of 215 m/s. what is the bullets velocity parallel to the ground
  63. Physics-Please help

    Could someone provide me with a simple explanation of how the Doppler Effect is used to determine the speed and direction of moving object
  64. physics

    If the breakers at a beach are separated by 5m and hit shore with frequency of 0.3Hz, at what speed are they travelling? Please show all work, Thank you
  65. physics help please

    An airplane that can fly at 300 km/hr is flying at 210 when it is hit by a wind of 125 km/hr at 110. What is the new velocity of the plan?
  66. physics

    need help can someone please tell me Electricity is often converted into other forms of energy. List 3 examples.
  67. Physics

    How much force is needed to bring a 3200 lb car from rest to a velocity of 44 ft/s in 8 seconds? Please indicate the formula used.
  68. Physics

    What is the free-fall acceleration in a location where the period of a 0.594 m long pendulum is 1.55 s s? Answer in units of m/s^2 Show equation too please.

    How much does it cost to operate a 100 W lamp continuously for 1 week if the power utility rate is 8/kWh? answer in $
  70. physics

    A ball droppred from a tall building find the balls velocity after 7 seconds show all works please
  71. physics PLEASE I NEED HELP

    Wally now lift the box of the floor and put it on a shelf. Does he doing any work? If not why? If so .what energy change is accurring?
  72. physics

    how can we collect sound energy from outside? then it can be converted into electricity with the help of transducer. Have to prepare a model on this. Please earlier.

    Two nitrogen atoms are separated by 4 cm. Each atom has 2 extra electrons. What is the force between them? is it attractive or repulsive? Explain.
  74. physics PLEASE HELP ME

    a rubber ball is thrown downwards off a balcony. after it travels 55m it has a speed of 46.5m/s. what is the initial velocity
  75. physics

    A carton of juice remains intact even after you have sucked out all the drink from it. please explain
  76. physics...damon please help

    Thirty microcoulombs of NEGATIVE charge experiences an electrostatic force of 27. mN. What is the magnitude and direction of the electric field?
  77. Physics

    1) Please describe the structure of a hurricane,and how they work. Include a discussion of how energy is transferred from the warm ocean water up to the sky.
  78. physics

    How much thrust is required to launch a 5 kg bottle rocket with an upward acceleration of 6.4 m/s2? I've gotten 32 because F=MA but I don't understand how to account for gravity. Please help!
  79. Physics

    Find x and y components of a vector which is 10 units in length and 40 degrees below the +x axis. I honestly don't even know how to begin this problem .. Please help me !
  80. physics/algebra

    82.35 m = (0)t + 1/2(-9.8)t^2 t = 4.1 s is correct Could someone please walk me through this? I could not get an answer because of the negative (maybe my order of operations is wrong) I have no idea!
  81. Physics Help Please!!!!

    Human reaction times are worsened by alcohol. How much farther would a drunk driver's car travel before he hits the brakes than a sober driver's car? Assume both cars are initially traveling at 47.0 mi/h, the sober driver takes .33 s and the drunk driver takes 1.0 s to hit the...
  82. Physics - bobpursely

    State the number of significant figures. 1) 809 Answer : 3 2) 0.0060 Answer : 5? 3) 0.00000095 Answer : 9? 4) 5.60 Answer : 3 5) 5.743 Answer : 4 6) 0.010 Answer : 4? Physics Help - bobpursley, Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 4:59pm 2, 3, 6 are wrong: Zeroes to the left of ...
  83. History-PLEASE HELP

    I am stuck on a homework assignment and am having a hard time finding information on this topic. Can someone please please help!! Why is Kenneth Clark’s interpretation of the African mask ethnocentric?
  84. statistics help please!

    please help!! pretty please!! i need to know how to this problem ASAP! suppose you pay $1.00 to roll a fair die with the understanding that you will get back $3.00 for rolling a 5 or a 1, nothing otherwise. what is your expected value?
  85. writing or literature

    My teacher writes this prob. on the board but i don't get it!!_self-satisfaction _don't leave her at the alter _sea water _the very edge brick What is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please please please help me!!!!!!!!!!
  86. Physics I for College

    a rope that makes an angle of 30 degrees with the horizontal drags a crate along the floor. what must be the tension in the rope if a horizontal force of 40N is needed to drag the crate? please help me. i really didn't understand what my professor told me. he speak so fast. ...
  87. Physics-Dr. Bob cannyou look at my work-I'm still

    had this question last night for Dr. Bob-A fox sees a piece of carrion thrown from a nest 14 m high and goes to get it. Carrion is thrown 1.5 horizontal velocity. Fox is 7. m from base of tree. What is mgnitude of fox's average velocity if it grabscarrion just as it touches ...
  88. physics

    my physics teacher said that in simple harmonic motion of simple pendulum the direction of torque acting is opposite to angular displacement now i am wondering how ?as angular displacement is either anticlockwise or clockwise and torque direction is outward or inward to the ...
  89. Physics - urgent ; test Monday

    Divers entertain tourists in Punta Cana by diving froma cliff 36 meters above water. Determine the landing speed; ignore air resistance and assume the object starts from rest. I'm supposed to be using kinematics formulas. I tried using d=V(i)t+1/2at^2 and then plussing the ...

    Hey just wanna to check this out that I'm pretty studying on Physics and Biology. Process Information is mos definitely I'm succeeding aight and it ain't that hard n'mean? I still all the stuff I gotta need to study. Send me a few ?'s on Process Information and most on Biology...
  91. Physics Check My Work Please

    A mass is attached to a spring is 0.2 kg. The spring's constant is 40 N/m. The mass is stretched to a position of 0.3 m and released. The final position is 0.1 m. #1) Find the change in potential energy of the system. #2) What is the work done by the spring? #1) Change in P.E...
  92. Physics Check my work please

    A mass is attached to a spring is 0.2 kg. The spring's constant is 40 N/m. The mass is stretched to a position of 0.3 m and released. The final position is 0.1 m. #1) Find the change in potential energy of the system. #2) What is the work done by the spring? #1) Change in P.E...
  93. Physics repost

    A magnetic field has a magnitude of 1.2 10-3 T, and an electric field has a magnitude of 5.9 103 N/C. Both fields point in the same direction. A positive 1.8 µC charge moves at a speed of 2.9 106 m/s in a direction that is perpendicular to both fields. Determine the magnitude...
  94. PHYSICS - please help!!!

    In the product F = qv · B , take q = 4, v = 2.0i + 4.0j + 6.0k and F= 136i -176j + 72k. What then is in unit-vector notation if Bx = By? I still can't get the right answer though... I am stuck here: 136i-176j+72k=(8i+16j+24k)x(Bxi+Byj+bzk) How do I solve for Bxi + Byj + Bzk...
  95. Physics-Please check

    I'm trying to find the gravitational force of an electron at earth's surface. I know I say Fg = mass electron * gravity Gravity in this case is 6.673*10-11 m^2/kg^2 correct, not 8.93 * 10^-30N that we used for force of acceleration, right. I use the universal constant of ...
  96. Physics

    A fuzzy die (m = 0.2 kg) hangs from the ceiling of a car. When the car accelerates forward along a horizontal road, the die swings backward so the the string supporting it makes an angle of 4 degree with the vertical. What is the acceleration of the car? HINT: We're not ...
  97. Journalism

    Please im begging you were going to submit the last articles tomorrow, help me make a feature article ... the topic is about unity for what happened in the philippines, the super typhoon yolanda please pleasple please
  98. Social Studies

    PLEASE EXPLAIN IN YOUR OWN WORDS PLEASE PLEASE HELP IN YOUR OWN WORDS PLEASE. :( :( I REALLY NEED HELP PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE :( :( 1) Explain the similarities and differences between corporate farms and mixed-crop farms. 2) Identify two problems resulting from urban sprawl in ...
  99. Math, Please Help!!!

    how to divide x^3 - x^2 - 22x + 13 by x^2 + 4x - 2. Please Help!!! Please Hurry!!!!
  100. Math (PLEASE HELP)

    2x-3y=-2 -2y+3x=12 ~Explanation too, please! I really need help! Please and thanks!
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