physics please HELP !

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  1. Physics

    I need to make a mousetrap car for my physics class. I have to make it so that it can stop, but I won't know at what distance until the testing day. How should I do it?
  2. physics

    A person throws a physics book off of a cliff at an initial speed of 3 m/s at an angle of 20 degrees. The book is in the air for a total of 2.5 seconds.
  3. physics 2B

    physics 2B---- A toy balloon is filled with helium gas ( He}) at 1atm} and 30 degrees Celcius. If the volume of the balloon is 0.025 m^3, how many atoms does it contain?
  4. Physics

    physics You kick a .3kg soccer ball at a 30deg. angle. your toe provides an average force of 50N for .5m. How far does the ball go?
  5. Physics (please help!)

    1000 dust particles are trapped on a surface. There are two energy levels the particles can be in: absorbed on the surface in a zero energy state, or excited with energy E1. At a certain temperature T0, the particles are in thermal equilibrium, and 20 % of the particles are in...
  6. biology

    Can someone please describe what a double helix looks like? I think it looks like fusilli pasta. Is this correct? I'm having a lot of trouble understanding what DNA looks like. Please help, thank you. I am visually impaired by the way.
  7. physics

    Jenny is riding on a bus. She has been unable to find a seat and so she is standing in the aisle. Explain, in physics laws and principles, why it is important that she hold onto something while she is completing her journey.
  8. Quantum Physics

    Suppose you are given an endless supply of qubit pairs in the state 1/sqrt(2)|00> + e^iphi/sqrt(2)|10>. To estimate the phase angle phi, you run Fourier sampling (i.e. Hadamard on each qubit followed by a standard basis measurement) on this state repeatedly. After 100,...
  9. Science

    Can someone please help me with these questions below thank you. 1. What do you think the impact of the earth's climate will be like if everyone enjoyed the same lifestyle? 2. What will it be like for The health of ecosystems and biodiversity? 3. What will the impact be like ...
  10. Algebra

    Can anyone please check the following for me please Expand (5 - 2x) Squared (5 - 2x) (5 - 2x) 5 sqrd + 5 X - 2x + -2x x 5 + -2x X -2x so 5 Sqrd - 10x - 10x + 4X = 5 sqrd + 4x Am I right..thank you :-)
  11. Math please check answer

    Please check my answer thanks :) Add the following and reduce answer to lowest terms. 1/3 +5/6 + and 3/8 ----------------------- 1/3 = 8/24 5/6 = 20/24 5/6 = 9/24 -------------- 37/24 = 1 13/24
  12. Algebra: Help please

    I'm really bad with monomial expressions. Can someone please help? Is 7(m - 2) a monomial expression? yes or no Is 3mnp a monomial expression? yes or no
  13. Algebra-Mathmate or Reiny or Dr. Bob, please check

    I have two short questions which I think I know the answer-could you please check? If I write log(b)x - 2log(b)y as a single logarithm it would be log(b) x/y^2, correct? If not please help and Is the function f(x) = 1/x a exponential function -I think it would be because it ...
  14. Physics please help!!!!!

    A circular plate with a slot in its surface is rotating with angular velocity ω and angular acceleration α with respect to a fixed coordinate system, OXYZ. A ball B moves along the slot in the direction shown with velocity, v, and acceleration, a, both measured ...
  15. Science - physics

    the fence posts around a large pasture are 2.5m apart. a horse starts running west beside the fence. when the horse passes the fifth fence post, your second hand is on the 9.0 mark. when the horse passes the fourteenth fence post, the second hand is on 11.5 seconds. what is ...
  16. Science

    The theory of demographic transition is based on the idea that industrial development causes __________ and ___________ progress that affect population growth rates. Please check your assigned reading and post your answer. We'll be glad to help you when we see your thoughts ...
  17. Psychology

    Can somebody please help with these questions please 1: What are the three stages of Hans Selye's General Adaptation Syndrome, and how does your body respond to each one? 2: What are the generally accepted causes of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? 3: What is the difference ...
  18. Physics

    I don't know what to make for a physics experiment?
  19. physics

    in physics what does the letter G stand for
  20. Math

    A theatre company allows a group of 10 people to buy theatre tickets at a price of $28 per person. For each person in excess of 10, the price is decreased by $2 per person for everyone down to a minimum of $10 per person. What number of people will produce the maximum revenue ...
  21. 1 Out Of 100 Math Trick HELP PLEASE!!!

    1. Choose a number between 1 and 100. 2. Multiply the number by 5. 3. Add 15 to the number. 4. Divide the number by 5. 5. Subtract the original number. How does this work, please help!
  22. physics

    For a particular nonlinear spring the relationship between the magnitude of the applied for F and the resultant displacement x from equilibrium is given by the equation F=kx^2. What is the amount of work done by stretching the spring a distance x_0? a)kx_0^2 b) 1/2 kx_0 c)1/2 ...
  23. physics

    The mass of a carbon atom is 2 x 10 ^ -26. What is the kinetic energy of a carbon atom moving with a speed of 500 m/s? I got 2.5 x 10^-21 which is correct. The second question states: Two carbon atoms are joined by a spring-like carbon-carbon bond. The potential energy stored ...
  24. Physics :(( help please TT

    A source of ions at point O produces a slightly diverging beam with half-angle of divergence α0≪1. In order to collimate (re-focus) the beam, one can apply a uniform magnetic field along the z-axis (see the figure below). If all the ions have the same initial ...
  25. Physics

    i'm really lost here. please show me how to solve this A 0.10 kg piece of copper at an initial temperature of 94 degrees C is dropped into 0.20 kg of water contained in a 0.28 kg aluminum calorimeter. The water and calorimeter are initially at 15 degrees C. What is the final ...
  26. Physics. Please!!

    If the force on the tympanic membrane (eardrum) increases by about 1.50 N above the force from atmospheric pressure, the membrane can be damaged. When you go scuba diving in the ocean, below what depth could damage to your eardrum start to occur? The eardrum is typically 8.20 ...
  27. physics help please

    The tub of a washer goes into its spin-dry cycle, starting from rest and reaching an angular speed of 6.0 rev/s in 12.0 s. At this point the person doing the laundry opens the lid, and a safety switch turns off the washer. The tub slows to rest in 11.0 s. Through how many ...
  28. physics @ elena

    can you please help me with this one At serve, a tennis player aims to hit the ball horizontally. part a)What minimum speed is required for the ball to clear the 0.90m--high net about 15.0m from the server if the ball is "launched" from a height of 2.50m ? part b)here (...
  29. Physics. Error equations. Please help!

    These two equations concern a lab on the measurement of E/M by the Brainbridge Method. I need to derive the absolute error for two different equations, the first one is: e/m = 2V/B2R2 treat (e/m) as a SINGLE VARIABLE when doing the derivation. The second is B=8μ0N(I-Io...
  30. physics

    a projectile shot at an angle of 60 degrees above the horizontal strikes a building 80 ft away at a point 48 ft above the point of projection (a) find the velocity of projection. (b) find the magnitude and direction of the velocity of the projectile when it strikes the ...
  31. Physics Help Please!!!!

    1) A high-speed maglev train is traveling with a changing velocity. what can be said about the forces acting on the train? 2) An automated vehicle in a warehouse is traveling at a constant velocity. what can be said about the forces acting on the vehicle?
  32. Physics

    In TV picture, faint, slightly offset ghost images are formed when the signal from the transmitter travels to the receiver both directly and indirectly after reflection from a building or some other large metallic mass. In a 25 inch set, the ghost is about 1 cm to the right of...
  33. Physics-Help, confused!

    A .20 kg ball is attached to a vertical spring. The spring constant is 28 N/m. The ball is supported initially so that the spring is neither stretched or compressed, is released from rest. How far does the ball fall before brought to a momentary stop by the spring? Our teacher...
  34. physics

    For the next part, you will need to know that the position d of an object attached to a spring that oscillates with period T=1.0s is a sinusoidal function of time: d=kcos(2πt)d=kcos(2πt) for some constant k. Assume that the initial position of the object is d0=2.0cm...
  35. chem HELP PLEASE its physics side of chem

    given E, = l^2 h^2 / 2 m r^2 calculate energies for an electron localised to a circle of radius 2 x 10^-9 m for l = 0,1,2, draw pictures of three levels and calculate the relative populations of these levels at 300K i did the first bit but came out with, 0, 6.0249 x 10-6 J mol...
  36. Physics doppler effect

    A radar device emits microwaves with a frequency of 4.73E+9 Hz. When the waves are reflected from a van moving directly away from the emitter, the beat frequency between the source wave and the reflected wave is 751 beats per second. What is the speed of the van? (Note: ...
  37. Physics

    3. What happens to the speed of ocean waves as they come close to shore? How can this be explained from what you've learned so far? (this the teacher means what do the lessons have to do with this question) 4. Sound travels faster through wood than through air. Sound also ...
  38. Physics

    3. What happens to the speed of ocean waves as they come close to shore? How can this be explained from what you've learned so far? (this the teacher means what do the lessons have to do with this question) 4. Sound travels faster through wood than through air. Sound also ...
  39. math

    a dollar bill has an area of 15.86 square inches. If a dollar bill is 2.6 inches long, how wide is it? Please explain how you got please!!!
  40. Math-truth table, please check my work!

    p -> ~q , p -> q Are these Equivalent statements? This is my try. Please let me know if these truth tables are correct. p -> ~q p q p -> ~q p q p -> q T T T T T T T F T T F F F T F F T F F F T F F T The statements are not equivalent.
  41. science... PLEASE HELP!

    Is Archaebacteria autotrophic or heterotrophic? Also, is it unicellular or multicellular? I believe it is both autotrophic and heterotrophic and it is multicellular, but I am not sure. Please help!
  42. Finite Math Help Please!!!

    Finite Math Help Please!!! Can someone help me ? I am confused about this Problem? Median Quartile 1 (Q1) Quartile 3 (Q3) for boxplot 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Data
  43. Physics

    Would someone please check my work ands let me know if I am right? (We are going to do this as a group but I'd like to attempt it on my own first.) Thank you! Suppose a soccer player kicks the ball from a distance 30 m toward the goal. Find the initial speed of the ball if it ...
  44. Physics, Elena Please Help If u can.

    A circular plate with a slot in its surface is rotating with angular velocity ω and angular acceleration α with respect to a fixed coordinate system, OXYZ. A ball B moves along the slot in the direction shown with velocity, v, and acceleration, a, both measured ...
  45. physics

    In a television picture tube, electrons strike the screen after being accelerated from rest through a potential difference of 25000V. The speeds of the electrons are quite large, and for accurate calculations of the speeds, the effects of special relativity must be taken into ...
  46. physics

    We know how to calculate the total resistance of the cylindrical conductor given its length, radius, and resistivity. But how do we calculate the equivalent resistance when the resistivity is not constant? For example, say the resistivity at a particular point at a distance x ...
  47. physics

    In a mall, a shopper rides up an escalator between floors. at the top of the escalator, the shopper turns right and walks 9.00m to store. the magnitude of the shopper's displacement from the bottom of the escalator is 16.0m. the vertical distance between the floors is 6.00m. ...
  48. Physics

    Would someone please check my answers? thanks During a lie detector test, a voltage of 6 V is impressed across two fingers. When a certain question is asked, the resistance between the fingers drops from 400,000 ohms to 200,000 ohms. What is the current (a)initially through ...
  49. college physics

    Two blocks of masses m1 = 4.00 kg and m2 = 3.00 kg are placed in contact with each other on a frictionless horizontal surface. A constant force F = 9.00 N is applied to the block of mass m1. a) Determine the magnitude of the acceleration of the two-block system. b) Determine ...
  50. Physics Help Please

    A solenoid 20 cm long is constructed from 500 loops of wire and carries a current of 5 A as seen the diagram below. A tiny hole is drilled through the diameter of the solenoid in such a way that the current through the solenoid is not disrupted. If an electron flies through ...
  51. Physics Help Please

    archaeologist digging at the site of an ancient settlement discover the remains of a wooden structure. carbon 14 dating of the wood from the structure finds a decay rate of 180 decays/min. Knowing that the decay rate for living wood is 600 decays/min and the decay constant for...

    There is no need to post questions more than once. Please keep in mind that all teachers here are volunteers and are not online all the time. Please have patience and wait for a science teacher to help you.
  53. Social Studies

    Please tell some information on Indiana's economy? Just get some information about the state' natural resources and the state's most important way to make money like farming. Please answer my question. Thanks!
  54. psychology

    I am feeling really frustrated. Can you please guide me in answering those questions. How might religious, cultural, or personal beliefs influence how an event is interpreted? How might a person's mood, personality, or situation influence how he or she interprets this event? ...
  55. language

    can you please correct my personifitcation poem? please? for any mistakes?? thank you! The Wild River The river breaths heavily It is fast and mean The river is strong And swallows all the leaves. The river is a stealer As it snatches the pebbles Then gobbles them up In their ...
  56. spanish

    please help "Desde cuando _____ tu y Marta?" "Desde que ella fue a Costa Rica." a. se dan la mano b. se dicen "Hola!" c. se escriben d. se encuentran since when ...... you and Marta? since that...? i don't understand athe question or the answers please help
  57. Math

    Solve the equation. (the 6s are supposed to be sub-scripted, but I can't type subscripts) Problem: log6 7 - log6 x = 4 Choose one answer. a. 7/24 b. 7/1296 c. 7/4 d. 1296/7 I am so lost, can you please help me understand this? I need to know how to do this, so please don't ...
  58. Math

    Can someone please help with this problem? Solve by the elimination method. 7r-9s= -58 9r+7s=74 I know that I need to multiply the first equation by 9 and the second equation by 7. The equations look like this: 63r-81s= -522 63r+49s=518 After this I get confused. Could someone...
  59. statistics

    please help me to calculate this. I have gotten everything else right but I am confused on calculation. r=6(1853)-(21)(516)I can do. It is the denominator that I am having a problem with. Square root[6(79)-(21)squared][6(44582)-(516)squared] I have worked with this for over to...
  60. statistics please help deadline 12am

    find the normal approximation for the binomial probability that x=5,where n=12, and p=0.7compare probability to table b of normal distributions of table 2. The only thing that i know so far is that p(x=5) is equivalent to 0.29. how would i complete this question? please ...
  61. CHEMISTRY..please help..thanks

    Calculate the new molarity if each of the following dilutions is made. Assume the volumes are additive. (a) 52.3 mL of water is added to 27.1 mL of 0.124 M KOH solution (b) 110. mL of water is added to 54.2 mL of 0.808 M NaCl solution ((please show work, thank u so much)
  62. Phi103

    construct three different arguments that display distinict fallacies. Give qan explanation of why each makes a mistake in drawing the conclusion it does. Please can you give me a very good answer to the question for a very important discussion question. Please
  63. art appreciation

    I have to do this essay and I can't find anything on this topic. I don't know if I'm looking in the wrong places or what but I would like some help if you can. This is the topic that I have to write on please help. How does symbolism expand the meaning of an art work? 1-3 ...
  64. Math please help! Im so confused!

    it is estimated that at the turn of the 20th century, one farmer in the U.S could feed 25 people, whereas today, the ratio is about 1 to 130. How many farmers would it take today to feed 2600 people? Please help i don't even know how to do this problem!
  65. Unit Conversion. Help Please.

    Hi, I having trouble with unit conversions. I don't really get the concept of what I have to do. Please, if anyone could help and explain step by step on how to approach an equation like this, it would much appreciated. Thanks. 55miles per hour to ?yards per ?minute
  66. MATH

    PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE I REALLY NEED HELP!!!!!!!! :-( Complete the table below.Draw the next few squares as needed.Write all ratios in simplest form. Shaded Blocks: 1 | 4 | 9 | 16 | 25 | | ----------------------------------------------------- Total Blocks: 4 | 16 | 36 | | | 144...
  67. algebra

    Find the equation of a line that passes through the points (1/3, 2/5) and (–4/5, 1/2). Please put your final answer in standard form (Ax + By = C) and please make sure that there are NO fractions (or decimals) in this answer and that the “x” term is positive. Make sure ...
  68. mathematics-need help urgently please

    A tank with a square base of side x has a capacity of 1000m^3. If the total area is pm^3, show that p=2x^2+4000/x. Hence find the least area of the flat sheet that may be used to build the tank. Please show workings #thanks
  69. algebra 1

    Which type of function best models the data in each table? Write an equation to model the data. Table: x | y 0 | 5 1 | 2 2 | 0.8 3 | 0.32 4 | 0.128 Please help me with this I'm really bad at graphs and functions..I know its either quadratic or exponential because I graphed it ...
  70. Physics

    I have posted the same questions over and over and received no help. Will someone please help me? A horizontal spring with a spring constant of 200.0 N/m is compressed 25.0 cm and used to launch a 3.00 kg block across a frictionless surface. After the block travels some ...

    A catapult launches a rocket at an angle of 56.9° above the horizontal with an initial speed of 100 m/s. The rocket engine immediately starts a burn, and for 3.25 s the rocket moves along its initial line of motion with an acceleration of 28.1 m/s2. Then its engine fails, and...
  72. math

    22and9/10's - 18and2/5=? You need to get the same denominator in the fractions. 2/5 = ? / 10 Then subtract the fractions and the whole numbers. If you post your answer, we'll be glad to check it for you. Raven: Please don't post your entire name on any website, or reveal ...

    PLEASE FINISH HELPING ME.. I asked experts to answer you. I am not a person who is a expert on writing format. The issue of cover sheet, etc has to be clarified by the teacher. Generally, teachers specify a style guide and format issues. There is no right answer to these ...
  74. French

    Could you please explain why it is: "j'ai descendu les escaliers deux fois" when "descendre" is an "être verb"? Also could you please translate the following sentence? "vous êtes-vous écrit tout les jours?" Does it mean: "have you written yourself(each other) every day?" ...
  75. math

    Please help solve the below problem Show work please! Thanks. On Dec 28,2007,you could buy a 10-year U.S.Treasury note(a kind of bond)for $10,000 that pays 4.21% simple interet every year through Dec 28,2017.How much total interest would it earn by then?
  76. Chemistry

    Taking into account the "Second Law of thermodynaics", what is the maximum percentage of heat at 700 C that can be converted into electricity if the waste heat was produced as steam at 100 C? Please Give as much detail as possible instructor will not help cause I missed this ...
  77. 8th grade math

    please help me write an inequality for this paragraph. Brandon and Rayna have $40 to spent at the concert and would like to purchase some souvenir programs for friends who cannot attend. They are able to buy pr0grams at $8 each, but want to keep $10 for food. How many programs...
  78. Math Check Answers Quickly Please

    1. How many 2-digit numbers can be formed using only the digits 2, 3, 5, and 6, if the digits are not to be repeated within a number? 11 12** 10 2 2. How many different ways are there to rearrange the letters of the word EXAM if you don't care if the result is a recognizable ...
  79. Math

    Find an equation for the tangent to the curve y=1+ (sqrt2)(csc(X)) + cot(X). I just learned, though my teacher wasn't super good with explaining, derivatives for trig functions but they still aren't making too much sense. Could you please give me a step by step solution for ...
  80. English

    In the Night The Bed Fell, what is the father's reaction to the scene he discovers when he opens the attic door? He is ready to chase a burglar He's worried someone's been hurt He wants to know what's happened He's glad that everyone's all right My answer is c. Please let me ...
  81. Physics

    Would someone check this please? A circular loop of wire of radius 0.10 m and of resistance 2.0 x 10^−3 ohms is in a region where there is a uniform magnetic field B. The field is at 30deg to the normal to the plane of the wire loop as shown in Figure 3. The magnitude of...
  82. Physics

    Would someone check this please? A circular loop of wire of radius 0.10 m and of resistance 2.0 x 10^−3 ohms is in a region where there is a uniform magnetic field B. The field is at 30deg to the normal to the plane of the wire loop as shown in Figure 3. The magnitude of...
  83. Physics

    I need help with this question please. A solid cylinder of mass m and radius R has a string wound around it. A person holding the string pulls it vertically upward such that the cylinder is suspended in midair for a brief time interval ¡ãt and its center of mass does not ...
  84. Physics- Elena please help!

    A sled loaded with bricks has a total mass of 18.0 kg and is pulled at constant speed by a rope inclined at 40.0o above the horizontal. The sledge moves a distance of 16.0 m on a horizontal surface. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the sledge and surface is 0.510...
  85. Physics- Elena please help!

    A sled loaded with bricks has a total mass of 18.0 kg and is pulled at constant speed by a rope inclined at 40.0o above the horizontal. The sledge moves a distance of 16.0 m on a horizontal surface. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the sledge and surface is 0.510...
  86. GS 104 Physics (Physical Science)

    Trucks often have signs on their backs that say, "If you can't see my mirrors, I can't see you." Explain the physics here.
  87. Physics

    i was woundering if you could point in the right direction i'm looking for very easy physics topics that makes use of the law of sines or the law of cosines Thanks
  88. phySICS

    PHYSICS when a positive charge moves under the influence of an electric field's electrostatice force, what happens to the electrical potential energy of that charge?
  89. Physics

    Physics Help... Applying Newtons Laws Grade 11? On the surface of the earth a geological hammer has a mass of 1500g. Determine its mass and weight on Mars where g=3.6 m/s^2.
  90. Physics

    When catching a ball, your cricket coach advises you to move your hands backwards with the ball. Explain the physics behind this 'follow through' technique.
  91. physics

    Place a coin on top of a sheet of paper on a desk or table. Pull the paper horizontally with a quick snap. What concept of physics does this illustrate?
  92. Physics

    Alright in my class we are learning about free fall and crap. I've wasted tons of time on thins one problem and it's now past midnight and I still haven't gotten it yet. ok Maria throws an apple vertically upward from a height of 1.3m with an initial velocity of +2.4m/s If the...
  93. Physics

    A particle of mass m = 27 g slides inside a bowl whose cross section has circular arcs at each side and a flat horizontal central portion between points a and b of length 30 cm (Fig. 7-23). The curved sides of the bowl are frictionless, and for the flat bottom the coefficient ...
  94. Physics...please help

    A beam of light passes from air to ethanol, with index of refraction of 1.36. If the angle of incidence ( 1) is 30.0 degrees, then calculate the angle of refraction, after light passes through ethanol and enters into air. A. 15.3 degrees B. 21.6 degrees C. 30.0 degrees D. 39.8...
  95. Physics help 2 please **

    A garden hose is attached to a water faucet on one end and a spray nozzle on the other end. The water faucet is turned on, but the nozzle is turned off so that no water flows through the hose. The hose lies horizontally on the ground, and a stream of water sprays vertically ...
  96. Physics

    1. A car starts from rest and accelerates uniformly at 3.0 m/s2. A second car starts from rest 6.0 s later at the same point and accelerates uniformly at 5.0 m/s2. How long does it take the second car to overtake the first car? 2. A ball is thrown downward from the top of a ...
  97. Physics

    Two sound waves are traveling through a container of unknown gas. Wave A has a wavelength of 1.2 m. Wave B has a wavelength of 3.6 m. The frequency of wave B must be __________ the frequency of wave A. a. one-ninth b. one-third c. the same as d. three times larger than the ...

    PLEASE SEE ADDITIONAL QUESTION AT BOTTOM. A pendulum was set up and measurements were made to enable the mechanical energy to be calculated at the start position S and the lowest point of the pendulums swing L. The mass of the pendulum bob was determined on an electronic scale...
  99. physics PLEASE I NEED HELP

    Roy has a bowling ball in the trunk of his car when he goes around corners the ball rolls across the truck and A) if roy turns to the right which wall of the trunk will the ball hit? b) Once the ball hit the wall of the trunk the wall exerts a force on the ball. what type of ...
  100. Physics please check repost

    The pressure and volume of a gas are changed along a path ABCA in the figure. The vertical divisions on the graph represent 4.0 x 10^5 Pa, and the horizontal divisions represent 4.5 x 10^-3 m3. The diagram is a upright rectangle divided into small squares (8 up and 6 across). ...
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