physics please HELP !

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Earth Science

20. Contrast point source pollution and nonpoint source pollution. Can someone help me please?!?!?! Asap please?!?!?!?!


The mass of a 10p coin is 6.5g find the mass in kilograms of the coins in a £10 bag of 10p. Answer please:?????????


A uniform ladder of length 20.0m and weight 750 N is propped up against a smooth vertical wall with its lower end on a rough horizontal surface. The coefficient of friction between the ladder and this horizontal surface is 0.40. (b) Work out and add the numerical values of ...

physics help please

Two speakers are driven by a common oscillator at 870 Hz and face each other at a distance of 1.20 m. Locate the points along a line joining the two speakers where relative minima of pressure amplitude would be expected. (Use v = 343 m/s. Choose one speaker as the origin and ...

Physics-Please help

I need a little direction with this question:If someone could provide the correct formula, I think I divide each reistor by 12V but I'm not sure. To find total resistance, do I just add the reciprocals? Three resistors connected in parallel have individual values of 4.0, 6.0 ...

someone please help me. - Precalc

Rewrite the expression tan(90°−θ)sinθ as one of the six trigonometric functions of acute angle thetaθ. Please show work + answer. I have a few of them to do. Thanks.


While visiting Planet Physics, you toss a rock straight up at 15 and catch it 2.4 later. While you visit the surface, your cruise ship orbits at an altitude equal to the planet's radius every 240 min . What is the mass of Planet Physics? Express your answer using two ...

physics please help

Find Beta and Gamma for an electron that has a kinetic energy of 6.00 keV. gamma = KE/MoC^2 + 1 Beta = 1/gamma^2 + 1 gamma = 1.011723381 Beta = 1.9769592 I am getting gamma right but I am getting Beta wrong what I'm I doing wrong??

physics please help!!

In the design of a supermarket, there are to be several ramps connecting different parts of the store. Customers will have to push grocery carts up the ramps and it is obviously desirable that this not be too difficult. The engineer has done a survey and found that almost no ...


Im having severe trouble understanding the concept of Dimensions. And with 300 other students in my physics class the Professor doens't have alot of time for individual students.... The volume of a liquid flowing per second is called the volume flow rate Q and has the ...


A magnetic field has a magnitude of 1.20 10-3 T, and an electric field has a magnitude of 5.50 103 N/C. Both fields point in the same direction. A positive 1.8-µC charge moves at a speed of 2.60 106 m/s in a direction that is perpendicular to both fields. Determine the ...


A spherical surface has a radious of .150 meters. A charge of +85.0 uC is placed on the sphere. A. decribe what happens to the electric potential of a -5.0 pC charge that is moved from a very far distance from the sphere to a point 0.100 meters away from the sphere. B. Decribe...


a hydraulic jack is used to move an 8896 newton car. if the area of the output piston is 8 times that of the input piston, how much input force is required to lift the car. i did Pi * 8 them multiplied that answer * 8896 then divided that answer times 8896. i don't think that ...

Physics please help

A ship mapping the depth of the ocean emits a sound of 37 kHz. The sound travels to the ocean floor and returns 0.65 s later. (a) How deep is the water at that location? m (b) What is the wavelength of the wave in water? cm (c) What is the wavelength of the reflected wave as ...


A cubical block of wood 0.100 m on a side and with a density 550 kg/m^3 of floats in a jar of water. Oil with a density of 750 kg/m^3 is poured on the water until the top of the oil layer is 0.035 m below the top of the block. 1. How deep is the oil layer? Please tell me the ...

Physics please help!

You are the science officer on a visit to a distant solar system. Prior to landing on a planet you measure its diameter to be 2.070E+7 m and its rotation to be 19.8 hours. You have previously determined that the planet orbits 1.590E+11 m from its star with a period of 368.0 ...

Precalculus(Please check and help)

Find the Equation. Please check the answers and help. Thanks! 1.) Ellipse with center (0,0), foci on x-axis; x intercepts; major axis of length 12, minor acis of length 8. I got : x^2/144 + y^2/64 = 1 2.) A parabola with vertex (0, 0) and focus (5, 0). I got : y^2 = 20x 3.) ...


At a time when mining asteroids has become feasible, astronauts have connected a line between their 3400 kg space tug and a 6000 kg asteroid. Using their ship's engine, they pull on the asteroid with a force of 490 N. Initially the tug and the asteroid are at rest, 420 m apart...


A car can decelerate at -4.80 m/s^2 without skidding when coming to rest on a level road. What would its deceleration be if the road were inclined at 13 degrees uphill? Assume the same static friction force. Supposively the answer is -7.00 m/s^2 but I keep on getting -2.47 m/s...


An object with a mass of 13 kg slides 5 meters across a horizontal surface with a coefficient of kinetic friction of 0.38. For the duration of the slide an external force, F1, acts on the mass in the positive y direction while another force, F2, has a magnitude of 67 Newtons ...


In the problem, please assume the free-fall acceleration g = 9.80 m/s2 unless a more precise value is given in the problem statement. Ignore air resistance. A stone is thrown vertically downward from the roof of a building. It passes a window 15.0 m below the roof with a speed...


A mass of 4.77 kg of chilled water at 0C is placed in a freezer which is kept at −19.2C. Approximately how much electric energy is needed to operate the compressor to cool this water to −19.2 C if the room temperature is maintained at 24.2C? The freezer works ...

question please help

I've tried to answer this question, but I don't know if its right. Identify cultural influences on foods eaten in the province of P.E.I. Potatoes raised in PEI show the influence of the Irish who settled in the region. ..thats all I got but I need more info on it. please help...

Math please help!

Hi i have the same question as someone else but no one answered. please help me my assignment is do tomorrow! An car was purchased for $47000 and its depreciation value is 22% each year. How long would it take the car to be worth nothing (zero dollars)? Explain.

grade 10 science can anyone help me please

do you any websites that can explain the sesonal varities in cnadaina lakes more better, like when it's like 4 digrees somthing wierd happens, type layers are formed in winter..... i tried looking in the internet but couldn't find it. please help me.

SOC 101

Social settings of the different forms of social structure described by Durkheim, Tonnies, and Lenski is quite interesting. Please tell me the likes and differences of these sociologists. I cannot understand the extrememly complicated jargon while researching. Please help!

Law and Society

I need help with my commerce assignment concerning law. Please outline some possible options of resolving the following issue- recent shooting in Bondi in Sydney's east on 15th April 2011. (e.g. kinds of courts, etc.) PLEASE HELP!!!


Pretty Please help me undderstand ratios and rates. I have been to a buncha other sites trying to figure them out and I just don't get them. I would really apprieciate it if some one could help. Pretty please with whip cream and cherries on top :)


The following rational function describes blood concentration of a certain drug taken via IV over time: f(x)=x+1/x Find: a.the horizontal or oblique asymptote(s), if any, b.the vertical asymptote(s),if any, c. describe their possible meanings. Can somebody please help me solve...

Stress & Strain (Help Please)

A tie bar is made of a material having a tensile strength of 231 MPa and has to carry a load of 255 kN. What id the diameter of the bar if a factor of safety of 7 is applied? ANS = 99.2 mm Cannot figure out how to get the answer. Need help please. Thank you


Please show your work... How do you do this? I do not get how the answer is c(m)=0.9+0.6(5m-1) especially where 5m-1 comes from...please explain. A taxicab charges $.90 for the first 1/5 mile and $.60 for each additional 1/5 mile. If a customer rides in this cab for m miles (m...

Ratios and Rates - Last One!

Please help me with the following problem: Convert each rate using dimensional analysis. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary. 4.5 qt / min = ____ gal / h A. 67.5 B. 33.8 C. 56.3 D. 65 I think the answer is A. Is this correct? Please help me by checking my answer. Any help...

Cultural Anthropology

What are two key differentiators about anthropology compared to psychology and Sociolog. I also need to provide examples, however my textbook is no help, can someone please give me some refrences to read over to answer this question please?


Can you please help me I've tried over 30 times on this problem please show me the formula that I need to come up with the answer... Assume and 18 months Ed purchased for 7000 days and APR of 5% compounded monthly. What is the APY? They want me to round the answer to two ...


Can you please help me I've tried over 30 times on this problem please show me the formula that I need to come up with the answer... Assume and 18 months Ed purchased for 7000 days and APR of 5% compounded monthly. What is the APY? They want me to round the answer to two ...

To those who post "life orientation"

Please note that the same questions have been posted for years, but not once has any student replied to a tutor's question or response. Please stop posting these "risk" and "delivery" and other repeated questions.


PLEASE HELPPP! An ice skater hits a patch of rough ice. The rough patch has a kinetic coefficient of friction with her skates of 0.13. The skater's mass is 51 kg. She passes over the rough patch in 0.55 s. What impulse does the rough patch of ice give her?

Chemistry(Please check)

1) The Ka for acetic acid is 1.8e-5. What is the pH of a 3.18M solution of this acid? I did 1.8e-5 = x^2/3.18 x=sqrt 1.8e-5 X 3.18 = 7.56e-3 pH=-log(7.56e-3) = 2.12 The pH is 2.12 2) At 25 degrees celsius, the pH of a 1.75M NaCN solution (the Ka for HCN is 4.0e-10) is ? 4.0e-...


A transformer has 3000 loops in its primary coil and 1500 loops in its secondary coil. What is the voltage in the secondary coil if the voltage in the primary coil is 120 V??? ***PLEASE explain how you get the answer*** thank you:)

Physics(Please respond)

1) Which components remain constant throughout the motion? vx = x component of the velocity vy = y component of the velocity ax = x component of the acceleration ay = y component of the acceleration I know that ax and ay remain constant but I am not sure about vx and vy. Thank...


A physics book slides off a horizontal tabletop with a speed of 1.10m/s{\rm m}/{\rm s} . It strikes the floor in 0.350s{\rm s} . Ignore air resistance.


What physics is involved for a passenger feeling pushed backward into the seat of an airplane when it accelerates along the runway during takeoff?


4.) A 8.0 kilogram physics textbook experiences an applied force of 28.0 Newtons for 2.6 seconds. The resulting acceleration is 3.50 m/s2. Determine the change in the momentum of the book.


How do the laws of physics apply to others sciences such as biology chemistry and earth science? And give an example to show the connection.


solve this physics problem for me a vehicle has a mass of 1200kg and four wheels of area 0.06m2 calculate pressure on one wheel

Please solve it for me!! Please...Maths

Solve for the value of x: 6log(x^2+1)-x=0


X=1/2at^2 Solve for a Solve for t Can you please show me how to do this please Thank u

Algebra 1 Please Help

simplify (2√5+3√7)^2 step by step. please tell me how to do this

Spanish-Check please! I need help

Please check-I'm having a problem interpreting these questions and I have to answer them for homework. Could you please check my translation I'm not sure what these questions mean and I have to answer them for homework ¿Qué necesitas para comer en cereal?does this ask what I...

Math Help (URGENT X10)

This is really urgent so please please please help. The height(H) of an object that has been dropped or thrown in the air is given by: H(t)=-4.9t^2+vt+h t=time in seconds(s) v=initial velocity in meters per second (m/s) h=initial height in meters(m) H=height h=initial height ...


A 0.14 kg baseball is pitched at a speed of 35 m/s. If it is hit straight back at the pitcher with a force of 5400N exerted over a time interval of 1.0 millisecond, find: the distance that the baseball was in contact with the bat (hint, use d = Vave*t) Vave = 1/2(vi + vf) Vave...


A clock has a second hand which rubs against the inside of the glass cover. If the frictional force between the glass cover and the tip of the hand is 0.0020 N and the length of the hand is 8 cm, what minimum torque must be supplied to the hand by the clock mechanism if the ...

Physics Honors

Consider planet mass of 4.98 E 21 kilograms with a satellite orbitting it at distance of 3.11 E 6 meters from planet's center. Satellite has mass of 369 kilograms. How long (inseconds) does it take the satellite to make one complete orbit around planet. I just can't seem to ...


A dragster and a driver together have mass of 942.2 kg. the dragster starting from rest attains a speed of 25.5m/s in 0.56 s. 1. find the average acceleration of the dragster during this time interval? I really need the formula 2. What horizontal force does the seat exert on ...

Physics(Please help)

1)A 1180-kg van, stopped at a traffic light, is hit directly in the rear by a 753-kg car traveling with a velocity of +1.81 m/s. Assume that the transmission of the van is in neutral, the brakes are not being applied, and the collision is elastic. What is the final velocity of...


please please please help me balance these two equations... 1. K2Cr2O7+H2C2O4.2H2O--> K[Cr(H20)2(C2O4)2].2H2O+CO2 2. K2Cr2O7+H2C2O4.2H2O--> K[Cr(H20)2(C2O4)2].3H2O+CO2


A 24 kg beam is attached to a wall with a hinge and its far end is supported by a cable. The angle between the beam and the cable is 90 degrees and the beam is inclined at an angle of 13.6 degrees with respect to the horizontal. What is the magnitude of the force that the beam...

Physics please help!!!!!!!

A ball is thrown vertically upward (assumed to be the positive direction) with a speed of 21.0 m/s from a height of 9.0 m. (a) How high does the ball rise from its original position? (b) How long does it take to reach its highest point? (c) How long does the ball take to hit ...

Physics(please help, I'm stuck)

A particle with a charge of -1.4 μC and a mass of 2.9 x 10-6 kg is released from rest at point A and accelerates toward point B, arriving there with a speed of 22 m/s. The only force acting on the particle is the electric force. What is the potential difference VB - VA ...


I read the Earth/Moon Barycentre is located 74/100ths from the centre of the earth towards the earths surface. As the moons orbit varies from Perigee to Apogee by more than 30,000 miles I would have thought the Barycentre would move around according to the moons position in ...


1. How much work is necessary to accelerate a bullet having a mass of 5.0 g to a velocity of 1000. m/sec? This was on a chemistry problem set of mine, and it seems like a very physics-oriented question [I have not taken physics.] Could someone point me in the right direction ...


The circumference of a sphere was measured to be 76 cm with a possible error of 0.2cm. 1. Use differentials to estimate the maximum error in the calculated surface area. Please round the answer to the nearest tenth. 2. What is the relative error in the calculated surface area...


Three arrows are shot at different angles. A red arrow is shot at 30degrees, a blue arrow is shot at 45degrees, and a yellow arrow is shot at 60degrees. A) Which arrow goes the farthest? B) Which arrow goes the highest? C) Which arrows go the same horizontal distance? D) Which...


1. A 0.200kg ball moves with a velocity of 0.3m/s. It collides with a second ball that is at rest and has a mass of 0.1kg. After the collision, the velocity of 0.1kg ball is 0.26m/s. What is the new velocity of the first ball. Please indicate which equation you use, what ...


A particle moved along the x axis with a constant acceleration of -85.0 meters per second squared. The initial position of the particle was at the origin and its initial velocity was +325 meters per second. Find the position of the particle at T=4.0 seconds. Please walk ...


A camera falls from a blimp that is 399 m above the ground and rising at a speed of 9.75 m/s. Find the maximum height reached by the camera with respect to the ground. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2.Answer in units of m. b)Find the speed at which it hits the ground....

math....please help

Define what it mean when two angles are complimentary. I'm not sure what it means...please help me. Thank you! (Broken Link Removed) complementary (not complimentary) <~~ comes from the word "complete" =) We can't have angles complimenting each other, can we?


the unknown citizen. Please clarify your three words and ask it as a question. what is the situation [speaker, setting, audience and occasion] in the poem the unknown citizen by w.h. auden. Please tell us your thoughts and we'll be glad to critique it for you. 2.

To Cheryl

I removed your post about tooth whitening because it doesn't have anything to do with school work. Please see a doctor about your symptoms. can u help me Please click Post a New Question and explain how you'd like us to help you.


I desperatly need help, i need to know everything there is to know about the recovery of ALUMINIUM that is recovered from BAUXITE ORE, the process, the cost, everything. Please, if you have any knowledge or know of any GOOD webpages, please post them here. thanks:)

social studies(World Geogrophy)

a straight is a narrow body of water connecting two larger bodies of water. Find an example of a strait on a map, and write the example...... PS.I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!!


please correct these for me 18. the number of quarts you use to paint your room (are whole numbers or integer or rational number the most reasonable for this situation) A. yes 24. us <=> to compare 2/4 1/6 is it = 36. find the absolute value -4/14 is it -0.64 please ...

Match, Calculus

help Please... Differential Equations Problems... please give the complete solution, so that i can understand how it is derived... tnx in advance, god Bless... Here are the problems : 1.) y dx + (2x+3y)dy = 0 2.) (2xy + y^(2) ) dx - 2x^(2) dy = 0 ;y = e, x = e 3.) y( x^(2) + ...


i need to find any sources (articles) dealing with factory orders, employment levels, foreign companies, and factory closures... because I need to write a page of each one of them and what it means also...please help me on it

social studies

It says in my textbook that I have to predict what might have happened if the Maya civilization had continued into the present day and then it says to explain. Ms.Sue please, please help me! I need help!!!!!!!!

inverse trig HELP PLEASE!!

Write the general solution to y = arcsin (0.6428). 40°±360°k 140°±360°k 220°±360°k 320°±360°k How do I find the right answer? I am like seriously stuck. I need help please.

Chem help-please

At o degrees celcius, a 1.0-L flask contains 5.0 x 10^-2 mol N2, 1.5 x 10^2 mg O2 and 5.0 x 10^21 molecules of NH3. What is the p00artial pressure of each gasnand what is the total pressure in the flask? I need to understand how to calculate it, formula and how to get the ...

Algebra 1B

Please help I am so confused... Question: supposed that y is directly proportional to x. a) use the given info to find constant of proportionally k. b) then use y=kx to find y for x=6 y= -62 when x=5 Please help.. thank you this is all I have so far. not sure if I am correct. ...

aig math

the sum of 2 numbers is 77. one number is 2 1/2 times as big as the other number.find the difference between the 2 addends.please show how you got your answer. my answer is 72.6, am i right if not please tell me why and how.

Computer (Programming Logic and Design)

How do i Create a program that determine the shipping cost for an order based on the following table: From To Price  $0.00 $19.00 $2.95  $20.00 $49.99 $3.95  $50.00 $74.99 $4.95  $75.00 $1000.00 $Free I don't understand how to do this...Would anyone please help create a ...


I have two questions please 1.for the given equation list the intercepts and test for symmetry 49x^2+y^22=49 2. for the midpoint of the line segment from p_1 to P_2 is (-5,4). if P_1=(-2,2) what is P_2? Please show work

math- please help

a copy machine makes c copies in m minutes according to the equation c=60m. what is the unit rate of copies per minute? I think it is m but not sure, can you help me understand how to figure out this equation. Please help! Thanks


Can you please help me factor these expressions? Completely factor the following expressions. Please show work. 4x^2 - 8x - 12 + 6x 144 - 9p^2 5c^2 - 24cd - 5d^2 w^2 - 17w + 42 256z^2 - 4 - 192z^2 + 3 2a^2 c^3 - 14bc^3 + 32c^3 d^2 35g^2 + 6g - 9 3j^3 - 51j^2 + 210j Thank you ...


PLEASE HELP WITH MATH ANY HELP OR ANSWER IS APPRECIATED! 1. If the hands on a round clock moved counter-clockwise, to what number would the minute hand point 20 minutes before the hour hand pointed to the 3?

Math (Ms. Sue! Someone help)

Hi I really need help. I don't know even how to figure these two questions out so if you could help me, please. Is (–4, 10) a solution to the equation 10 – 5x = y? Explain your answer. Describe the pattern in the table using an equation. x|y 1|15 2|25 3|35 4|45 Please help...

chemistry----please help

calculate the molar hydroxide ion concentration of each of the following solutions given the pH 4.53. Answer should be for OH-. Please show me how to do this in step by step I tried putting in 10 xy-4.53= 0.000029512 which is 3.0 * 10^-5 It says that the answer is wrong.


Please explain this to me because im really stumped here!!: The probability of winning a game is 20%. If you play 20 times, how many times should you expect to win? A.4 times B.10 times C.16 times PLEASE HELP!!!!

History Please Help

What type of resource were enslaved people in the plantation economy? A.Capital Resource B.Human Resource C.Natural Resource D.Financial Resource I thinks it's D. Can someone help please.


A tennis ball is thrown horizontally from an elevation of 20.60 m above the ground with a speed of 21.0 m/s? Where is the ball after 2.00 s? vertical m from the ground? If the ball is still in the air, how long before it hits the ground? (If the ball is not in the air, enter 0...


Sense I'm not taking Physics C but Physics B I guess I'm not expected to find the value of the drag force sense that would involve soem calculus. I just have a question though. If we performed a lab outside wouldn't the drag force vary from time to time sense the wind could ...

Physics Please help3

A point charge with charge q1 = 3.10μC is held stationary at the origin. A second point charge with charge q2 = -4.60μC moves from the point ( 0.160m , 0) to the point ( 0.270m , 0.255m ). How much work W is done by the electric force on the moving point charge? ...

Grade 11th Physics

A bus starts from rest and accelerates uniformly for 20 seconds to a speed of 18 km/h. It then moves with a uniform velocity and it is finally brought to rest in 100 meteres with a constant retardation. If the total distance travelled is 0.5km. Find the accelration, ...

projectile physics

im a bit puzzled, please help me gain the sanity required for this confusion... suppose a ball is thrown from the top of a cliff, and i am supposed to get its final velocity; since when the ball reaches it maximum height, the vf which becomes the vi or initial velocity upon ...

Physics help please!!!

The angular speed of digital video discs (DVDs) varies with whether the inner or outer part of the disc is being read. (CDs function in the same way.) Over a 133 min playing time, the angular speed varies from 570 rpm to 1600 rpm. Assuming it to be constant, what is the ...


When a metal pipe is cut into two pieces, the lowest resonance frequency in one piece is 244Hz and that for the other is 454Hz. What resonant frequency would have been produced by the original length of pipe? (Assume the speed of sound in air is 345 m/s) ^ I already got the ...


A small block slides along the inside of a hemispherical bowl of radius r = 41.4 cm. When the block is at an angle of θ = 62.3° above the lowest point, it is sliding down with a speed of v = 3.02 m/s and speeding up at a rate of 3.54 m/s2. Find the coefficient of kinetic...

physics help

A ski gondola is connected to the top of a hill by a steel cable of length 680 m and diameter 1.7 cm. As the gondola comes to the end of its run, it bumps into the terminal and sends a wave pulse along the cable. It is observed that it took 15 s for the pulse to return. What ...

physics-momentum HELP PLEASE tesst in two days

A student flings a 2.3g ball of putty at a 225g cart sitting on a slanted air track that is 1.5m long. The track is slanted at an angle of 25 degrees with the horizontal. If the putty is travelling at 4.2 m/s when it hits the cart, will the cart reach the end of the track ...

physics! please help

A long distance swimmer is able to swim through still water at 4km/hr. She wishes to swim from Port Angeles, WA due north to Victoria, B.C., a distance of 50km. An ocean current flows through the Strait of Juan de Fuca from west to east at 3km/hr. In what direction should she ...

physics PLEASE helpp

Suppose 0.0210 kg of steam (at 100.00°C) is added to 0.210 kg of water (initially at 19.5°C.). The water is inside a copper cup of mass 48.9 g. The cup is inside a perfectly insulated calorimetry container that prevents heat flow with the outside environment. Find the final ...


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