physics please HELP !

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Algebra Please Help

Can you please give a example so that I can understand it better. 1)How can you tell whether a polynomial is written in factor form. 2)Construct a trinomial whose greatest common factor is 2x^2.


The volleyball court -if it id 80 ft long and 50 ft wide, how would you find the dimensions of the court? Explain please! Remember that I am a 6th grader. Please don't give me a 10-12th grade answer.

7th grade math Pygorean Theroem Ms.Sue please

Explain if a triangle with the given lengths is a right triangle. 1. 18, 24, 30 2. 7, 24, 25 3. 13, 14, 15 I really do not know how to solve these problems! I have no idea how!!!! Please help!

college algebra

Can someone please help me find the x-intercepts and y-intecepts of this equation. I have the radius, and center but I can't seem to get the intercepts. x^2+y^2=16x-18y+145=25 Please show work. Thanks!!


I have two questions That I need help with please!! 1. solve the following exponential equation. what is the exact solution? what is the decimal approximation when rounded three decimal places? 2.


can someone balance this redox please. frustrating because i don't know what else im doing wrong. C2O4^2- + MnO2 --> Mn^2+ + CO2 my answer is 2C2O4^2- + MnO2 + 4H3O^+ --> Mn^2+ + 4CO2 + 6H2O im getting mad please help thanks.

Math-Please help

*Is the statement below true of false? The expression (14x + 7y) + 5x + 9(33y + 11) is the sum of three terms. I think this question is true. please explain this to me.Nobody respone to me.


Why is raising a number to the power of 1/2 the same as finding the square root of the number? Can someone please help. Please provide examples. I would appreciate it if you guys can help as soon as possible.


I really need help on this PLEASE a 5 man baseball team how would I find average? Would it be total hits divided by at bats or add up the 5 averages and divide by 5? Thank You - Please help me!


(t^3)+(t^2)-16t+12 for 0<=t<=8 describe the particles motion when t=2 can u please tell me about it's maximum and its acceleration whether it speeding up, or slowing down, or whether its constant I know that it has a max of -8 but i don't know how they got it please help.


How do you solve this please show with steps I'm very lost, I tried to put it in square root and I tried to multiply my approaches do not add up to the answer which is supposed to be 9/125... (3^1/3 • 5^ -1/2)^6


I need help simplifying the radical (IN RADICAL FORM ONLY) What's the square root of 224? Can you please show how you got the answer so I can learn how to do it myself next time please.


Ok so I am not so bad at physics but I find it hard to understand formular like how to use this one mu *m*g= I know its somewhat related to friction but what is the mu stand for and g too IF someone could plzz translate these symbols to words I would really appreciat it Sorry ...

Physics - The Branches of Physics

Give at least one example of an application of each branch: Motion -cellphone Properties of Materials Sound -Radios Light -Candle Electricity -Calculator Magnetism -VCR's Properties of atoms -Computers Nuclear physics -? Could you check to see if Ive done this right? And I ...


MS. SUE PLEASE HELP ME! SOCIAL STUDIES QUESTION? So I am trying to write two articles and am NOT asking you to write them for me, just for help so I can write them. It's about the French and Indian war. I know that they were fighting and why, but what caused both of them to ...


How many grams silver (Ag) is added to 13 grams gold to produce 85% gold (Au) alloy? Can someone please give me the derived formula to be used? I had managed to solve it though I'm not quite sure if it's correct. i got 73.67g Ag, can someone please correct me if i'm wrong. ...


If instead, the swimmer makes 30.5 laps in the same pool in 3 h, determine the total distance the swimmer traveled, the swimmer's total displacement, the swimmer's average velocity, and the swimmer's average speed. pool is 30 m long please answer in km


If instead, the swimmer makes 30.5 laps in the same pool in 3 h, determine the total distance the swimmer traveled, the swimmer's total displacement, the swimmer's average velocity, and the swimmer's average speed. pool is 30 m long please answer in km

Physics Help

If we witness events taking place on the moon, where gravitation is weaker than on Earth, would we expect to see a gravitational red shift or a gravitational blue shift? and Explain please a)blue shift b)red shift c)no shift


please check: Conductors can be charged by ___, while insulators cannot. a. grounding b. induction c. polarization d. contact D Which of the following is not true for both gravitational and electric forces? a. the inverse square distance law applies b. forces are proportional ...


a projectile is ejected from a 25 m high tower with a velocity of 40 m/s at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizontal first on Earth and then on Mars. What is the ratio of the time taken to hit the ground on Mars compared to Earth? (Assume gravity on mars = .38gEarth) The ...


An incident X-ray photon of wavelength 0.2800nm is scattered from an electron that is initially at rest. The photon is scattered at an angle of 180.0 degrees and has a wavelength of 0.2849nm. Use the conservation of linear momentum to find the momentum gained by the electron. ...

Physics (please help!!!!)

A thin uniform rod (length = 1.3 m, mass = 4.1 kg) is pivoted about a horizontal frictionless pin through one of its ends. The moment of inertia of the rod through this axis is 1/3 m L2. The rod is released when it is 55° below the horizontal. What is the angular acceleration...

Physics please HELP

What is the ratio of the spin angular momentum of the Earth and its orbital angular momentum about the Sun. The mean radius of the earth is R_earth = 6400 km. The radius of the Earth's orbit is r_s = 1.5 * 10^8 km. For simplicity you may assume that the mass of the Earth is ...


A wheel of moment of inertia 0.136 kg · m2 is spinning with an angular speed of 5000 rad/s. A torque is applied about an axis perpendicular to the spin axis. If the applied torque has a magnitude of 67.8 N · m, the angular velocity of precession will be? Please help me solve...


Can someone please name 2 methods of treatment for diabetes, please? Danke!

Math 116 algebra please check

Simplify 6[-73-(-19-83)]=174 Please check

science help please

i don't understant what sexual reproduction is and what asexual reproduction is could please help me understand


evaluate how the age of enligtenment is a response to the age of absolutism. help please. please.


evaluate how the age of enligtenment is a response to the age of absolutism. help please. please.

Spanish-Please check

Please check-Thank you I come from the library. Yo vengo de biblioteca.

integral Calculus

Please help me with this integral problem: ʃ x^2(a^2-x^4)^2dx please help..thanks alot:)




the 8th term of an a.p is 37 and 12th term is 57 .find the a.p please help this questions .please help.


integral (x^2+x-1)/(x+1) dx can you please explain maybe not step by step but not just the answer please thanks


if (4^x)-(4^x-1)=24 what is the value of (2x)^x? please answer and explain step by step how u got it... PLEASE?????


if 4^(x)-4^(x-1)=24 what is the value of (2x)^x? please answer and explain step by step how u got it... PLEASE?????


Can someone please help me? I am having a really hard time with physics. This is not a test question. It is a practice problem from a review website I am supposed to use, but I am having a really hard time. Can someone at least help me to begin setting up the problem? I would ...


An alloy of iron and silver has a total mass of 30 grams and a volume of 20.4 centimetre cube Calculate the mass of iron only and the volume silver only Please help

university physics

It is proposed that future space stations create an artificial gravity by rotating. Suppose a space station in constructed as a 1170.0 m diameter cylinder that rotates about its axis. The inside surface is the deck of the space station. What rotation period (in s) will provide...

Physics- Elena please help!

A 2300. kg car starts from rest and accelerates uniformly to 24.0 m/s in 24.0 s. Assume that air resistance remains constant at 510 N during this time. Find (a) the net force on the car b) the average power developed by the engine? c) the instantaneous power output of the ...

Physics! Please help!!

HELP!! Two blocks of mass m1 = 320 g and m2 = 725 g are pushed by a force. The coefficient of kinetic friction between each block and the ground is 0.4. The blocks move together (with one pushing the other) with an acceleration of 225 cm/s2. What is the value of the applied ...


1.Distinguish between atomic physics and nuclear physics? 2.Briefly describe the Bohr model of the atom. What is Bohr’s key idea (involving matter waves) that makes the Bohr atom have discrete energy levels? I really didn't understand what they were wanting, so many of ...


I am working on a year 10 physics assignment on road science. I am trying to figure out the reaction distance of a car with: Skid marks = 24m Reaction time = 1 sec Decelaration rate = 6m/sec I have many formulas in my book and am unsure of which one to use and what the correct...


Please help me with this problem. The standard source for radiation therapy was radioactive 60Co which decays with a halflife of 5.27y, into an excited nuclear state of 60Ni. That nickel isotope then immediately emits two gamma ray photos wach with energy of 1.2 MeV. How many ...


A block of weight 3.8N is launched up a 30 degree inclined plane of length 2.25m by a spring with spring constant 2.35kN/m and maximum compression 0.10m. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.50. How much kinetic energy does it have at the top of the incline? I get 2.4J am ...


our class was given an extra credit assignment where we have to design a mobile that has both the net forces and torques = 0. i have all of the masses know i just don't know how to find radii. no two masses can be in the same position nor can they be at the center of mass...i;...


A proton initially moves left to right long the x‑axis at a speed of 2 ´ 103 m/s. It moves into an electric field, which points in the negative x direction, and travels a distance of 0.2 m before coming to rest. What acceleration magnitude does the proton experience? a...


You tie a battery powered, fixed-frequency buzzer to the end of a string and swing it around in a large horizontal circle. Your friend stands well off to the right and listens to the tone. At which of the labeled locations will the buzzer be when your friend hears the highest ...

Physics (Wave Force)

An archer must exert a force of 445 N on the bowstring shown in Figure (a) such that the string makes an angle of è = 34.0° with the vertical. (a) Determine the tension in the bowstring. _____________________________________ My answer was 420.525, but it is within 10% of the...

physics what am i doing wrong?

Three masses are arranged in the (x, y) plane. 3kg (0,0) 7kg (10,0) 6kg (0,3) What is the magnitude of the resulting force on the 3 kg mass at the origin? The value of the universal gravitational constant is 6.6726 × 10^−11 N · m^2/kg^2. Answer in units of N what ive ...


A tire placed on a balancing machine in a service station starts from rest and turns through 4.93 revolutions in 1.47 s before reaching its final angular speed. Calculate its angular acceleration. It must be in units of radians. Please help. I have 20 attempts to do this and I...

As physics

The drag force acting on a car travelling at a speed v is given by the equation F=kAv^2 Where A is the area of the front of the car. Show that a suitable unit for the quantity k is kgm-3. Mark scheme answer: F= kgms-2 or A=m2 V=ms-1 Which is K=kgm-3 I am confused could someone...

As physics

The drag force acting on a car travelling at a speed v is given by the equation F=kAv^2 Where A is the area of the front of the car. Show that a suitable unit for the quantity k is kgm-3. Mark scheme answer: F= kgms-2 or A=m2 V=ms-1 Which is K=kgm-3 I am confused could someone...


So... The task is to evaluate the design of three types of car tires, and explain how each type differs to maximize performance. Physics terminology is to be included in our report. -------- I just need a starting point. What types of tires do you recommend I research and what...


You push a 67 kg box across a floor where the coefficient of kinetic friction is uk = .55. The force you exert is horizontal. (a) How much power is needed to push the box at a speed of .50 m/s? (b) How much work do you do if you push the box for 35 s? *please list the steps to...


A simple harmonic oscillator consists of a 1.1 kg block attached to a spring (k = 180 N/m). The block slides on a horizontal frictionless surface about the equilibrium point x = 0 with a total mechanical energy of 3.0 J. (a) What is the amplitude of the oscillation? (b) How ...

Physics(Please help, thank you)

I had to do an experiment where a tiny steel ball was measured using a micrometer. There was then a series of calculations that needed to be completed and then a percent error had to be calculated. I think that my data may be incorrect or maybe I am just not doing the ...


A house is being renovated for $50,000. Right now the HST is 12% and is charged on all renovations. After April the HST will be gone and be replaced with PST of 7% and the GST of 6%. Renovations will only have to charge GST. How much money will the homeowner save if they wait ...

Language Arts - Please Check Answer

Please help me with the following question: A paradox is a literary device often used to A. emphasize or make readers think about important ideas. B. provide hints or clues about events that occur later in a story. C. explain a character’s reason for doing or saying ...


You have been asked to keep a 35.1 kilogram crate from sliding down a 50.03° incline. The coefficient of friction between the crate and the incline is 0.26, and it's on the surface of Mars (gravitational acceleration at the surface of Mars is 3.75 m/s^2). How much force must ...

college physics

An airport worker needs to make it across a luggage belt in order to retrieve a stuck suitcase. The belt is moving with 1.6 m/s, and the worker can run with v=1.7 m/s. If he wants to make it straight across the d=2.3 m wide belt, how long will it take for him to reach the ...


A bullet of mass 3.3 10-3 kg moving at 750 m/s impacts with a large fixed block of wood and travels 5 cm before coming to rest. Assuming that the deceleration of the bullet is constant, find the force exerted by the wood on the bullet? I am confused on how to do this last ...


An electron is accelerated from rest to a velocity of 2.0x10^7 m/s. a) if the electron travelled 0.10m while it was being accelerated, what was its acceleration? b)How long did the electron take to attain its final velocity? Please correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the ...


A 220-kg log is pulled up a ramp by means of a rope that is parallel to the surface of the ramp. The ramp is inclined at 26.6° with respect to the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the log and the ramp is 0.863, and the log has an acceleration of 0.856 m...


In an Atwood machine m1 = 2.00 kg and m2 = 6.50 kg. The masses of the pulley and string are negligible by comparison. The pulley turns without friction and the string does not stretch. The lighter object is released with a sharp push that sets it into motion at vi = 2.20 m/s ...

physics Important please

A metal wire has a resistance of 8.00Ω at a temperature of 20C. If the same wire has a resistance of 8.40Ω at 70C, what is the resistance of this wire in ohms when its temperature is −10C?


How can I get help with my homework. Please remember these things: 1. This is a homework help website; please put your subject (math, science, English, or ??) in the subject line to make it faster for each teacher to find those questions in his/her areas. An even better ...


A road perpendicular to a highway leads to a farmhouse located 6 mile away. An automobile traveling on the highway passes through this intersection at a speed of 55mph. How fast is the distance between the automobile and the farmhouse increasing when the automobile is 2 miles ...


Can I please, please get some websites that will show me the local government structure of dekalb county (atlanta, georgia), and, political issues concerning dekalb county. This is stuff I need for my paper, I've been searching google all day, but nothing sticks out. Please ...


-Suppose that a person is standing on the edge of a cliff 50 m high, so that the ball in his/her hand can fall to the base of the cliff. Questions (a)-How long does it take to reach the base of the cliff? (b)- What is the total distance traveled by the ball? Attempted Answers...


A 13 kg bucket of water is attached toa rope that is wound around a cylinder whose radius is 10.3 cm. A crank with a turning radius of 44.6 cm is attached to the cylinder. If the bucket accelerates upwards at a rate of 1.21 m/s^2, then how much tension is on the rope? Again, ...

college physics help please...

The location of the center of mass of the partially eaten, 11 inch diameter pizza (r = 5.5) shown in Figure 9-20 is Xcm = -1.1 in. and Ycm = -1.1 in. Assuming each quadrant of the pizza to be the same, find the center of mass of the uneaten pizza above the x axis (that is, the...


please check this: When a glass rod is rubbed with silk and becomes positively charged, a. electrons are removed from the rod b. protons are removed from the silk c. protons are added to the silk d. the silk remains neutral A Charge is most easily transferred in a. ...

physics :thinking check please

I think that: psi= A sin kx; is a solution to Schrodinger's time independent eqn for a particle confined: a) within an infinite pot well, and b) within the walls of a finite well;but psi= B exp(-kx) would only be a solution for outside the walls of a finite well. Am I close? ...

Physics ang. momentum

A diver can reduce her moment of inertia by a factor of about 3.5 when changing from the straight position to the tuck position. If she makes 2.0 rotations in 1.5s when in the tuck position, what is the percent change in her kinetic energy as she changes to the straight ...


Help me with this problem i do not get it? A light wave can travel the earth to the moon in 1.3 s. the distance to the moon is 384,790 km. how long would it take a sound wave to travel the same distance at 343 m/s? state you answer in days. I got 2 days but i really think its ...

True & False explanations Physics

When a projectile is fired at 45 deg. angle and is in free fall, the only point along the path that the acceleration of the object is zero is the instant when the object is at the highest point of its path. Answer: False Can someone explain how? 2.) An object with acceleration...

Social Studies 7R (Please Read!)

Please check my homework I have to read each statement and determine if it's federalist or Democratic Republican 1. F - The role of government should be limited 2. DR - The economy should focus on farming 3. F - No one person should have too much power 4. F - There should be a...


The human eye is sensitive to electromagenetic waves that have wavelengths in the range from 400nm to 700nm (1nm=10^-9m). What range of the frequencies of electromagentic radiation can the eye detect? Can you please show me the steps and work because i don't understand what i ...

Physics - check my work

A cannon is fired from a cliff 190 m high downward at an angle of 38o with respect to the horizontal. If the muzzle velocity is 41 m/s, what is its speed (in m/s) when it hits the ground? Please check my work. I think it’s wrong, but I don’t know where I’m messing up… ...


A plumb bob does not hang exactly along a line directed to the center of the Earth's rotation. How much does the plumb bob deviate from a radial line at 38.5° north latitude? I got my answer to be 0.122288439 deg but it was incorrect. I used theta= a(sin 38.5)/g (which ...

PHYSICS - please check my work

a spectator at a hockey game is sitting in a seat situated 10.4m above ground leve. if the spectator has a mass of 52.6 kg, calculate her gravitational potential energy relative to: a)ground level Eg=mgh =52.6X9.8X10.4 =5360.99J b)the ice surface Eg=mgh =52.6X9.8X13.2 =6804J


Two Diamonds begin a free fall from rest from the same height, 1.0 s apart. How long after the first diamond begins to fall will the two diamonds be 10m apart? Please help, I am very confused with this question, I have completed all other but I am unsure about how to answer ...

Physics, Please Help

A 5.7 cm thick layer of oil (n=1.46) is sandwiched between a 1.1cm-thick sheet of glass and a 2.5cm -thick sheet of polystyrene plastic (n=1.59). How long (in nm) does it take light incident perpendicular to the glass to pass through this 9.3cm -thick sandwich? I cant seem to ...

Physics-can someone please check this

John is fired horizontally from a cannon with the speed of 24.5 m/s. In 3.0 seconds he strikes the earth down range. A net will be located on the ground to catch him. a) what is his initial position above the ground? b) What is the horizontal range to put the net? a)+ upward ...


Five moles of an ideal gas are compressed isothermally from A to B, What is the work involved if the temperature of the gas is 332 K? Be sure to include the correct algebraic sign. GRAPH: wvw.webassign.n3t/cj8/15-fc-009.gif wvw and n3t need to be retyped in their proper form ...

Physics HELP!!

A tire of radius 34.3 cm turns at 575 rpm. a) What arc length does a point on the tread of the tire travel in 1.00 minute (answer in radians)? b) What is the angular speed of the tire in rad/sec? c) There is a valve-stem located 23.5 cm from the center axis of the tire. What ...

criminal law

What impact do the media have on public opinion? On the roles and responsibilities of the attorneys in a trial? Does this media viewpoint accurately portray these professionals? Why or why not? Please what are your opinions on this please explain???


On the crossword, it says, Which 5 are letters out of these words: Corinthians, Galatians, Philippians, Revelation, Romans and Timothy. Please help and theres another two questions, How many are in the Old Testmant and New Testmant. Please help! Thanks

Social Studies

Could you please give me a link to facts on how to increase state jobs and money, and if you have any facts of your own you may write them also. Thanks please hurry because I'm going to go to sleep soon!


How did progressivism affect the role of the federal government in the early 1900s? please, please give me some good information to answer this qusetions..because i havne't found any good sites

To Ms. Sue

Ms. Sue could you please take a look at my previous post On English-Poetry. I'm supposed to make a list of 20 everday pleasures, which I did. Could you please see if they're good. Thank you very much for all your help:-)

chem can u check answer please

the solubility of silver sulfate in water is 0.223%(w/v) at 35 degrees celsius.calculate the solubility product of this salt at this temp. I got 1.46 X 10^-6 M is this right please thanks Andy

Math algebra honours

Can someone please answer my question it is the other one named algbra honurs i am kinda new to this website so i don't know if you postt it twice or not can someone please help thankyou


Sorry for asking the same question twice,I will go through it and provide a good answer.Please let me post though.Please give me the permission to post.I am the person who asked about the STI's.

Spanish-7th grade-Please help

I'm not sure what this is asking or how to answer it- ¿Qué prefiere llevar tu mamá? Is it asking what I prefer to take my mom? And how do I answer it? I'm really confused on the transalation Please give advice


please correct my grammar. thank you very much to you and your is willing to employ me. I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. please I need your advise or advice

Chemistry PLEASE HELP!

• A compound is known to contain only C, H, and N. • On combustion of a sample of 12.5 mg, 22.3 mg of CO2 and 15.2 mg of H2O were produced. •Use this data to find the empirical formula for the compound. (Please show working out)

calculus--please help!!

Solve the inequality. x^3+9x^2-108 less than or equal to 0. Then write in interval noation. Please can you show me step by step on how you got the answer. I have tries and I am very confused.


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